You Like it? I’ll Buy it for You

The siblings who are so close, without the rivalry here, translated…

The two kids are two years apart, the older sister is about 5’2, the younger 1brother is 5’9, standing together, it’s hard to believe they’re older sister and younger brother, and, as we went out, we’d gotten used to calling my son “the eldest”.  But the name of “eldest”, is not for everybody, this name was, rightfully, earned by him.

One summer it was too hard, with nowhere to go, the whole family went shopping at the malls.  None of us loved the name brands, and so, nothing held our gaze, and yet, for my daughter who collected the Gundam robots, she saw the high-end collectible, and couldn’t take her eyes off of it.

like how these children are playing togehter, sharing the toys???  Not my photo.

At which time, my son who’s right next to her stated, “You like it?  I’ll buy it for you.”, which shocked us, my daughter called out to me, “eldest brother!”

My son was excellent in school since he was growing up, he’d often received scholarships from his school, but he’d saved up every last dollar from his scholarship moneys, and wouldn’t spend it carelessly.  That day, he’d pulled out the money so generously, this shows how close the older sister younger brother were toward each other.

And, my son’s reputation of being the “eldest”, tagged along behind him since that day.

So, this, is how close the siblings were, the younger brother, because of his height, was called the eldest brother by the family, and surely enough, he had, lived up to the name, taking care of his “younger” sister, giving her what she’d wanted, because that, is how an older brother should love his baby sister.

something like this, for his older sister, photo from online…


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