A Cage, that Set You Free

You were placed, in a cage, kept, behind these, steel bars, and, it’d, set you free surprisingly.  Being locked up, it helped set your life BACK into perspective, you’d done, so many evil things, to hurt some unknown strangers, as those who loved you, and cared for you too, for a very long time.

A cage, that set you free, you’d waited, a long, long time, for the day, that a hand from the outside to come, to reach toward that latch, that’ll, unlock, and set you free, but, as the day grew longer, longer, and longer, you’d felt, more, and more, AND more despair, ‘cuz the hand, it’d, never come.

not my photograph…in love's cage 的圖片結果

A cage, that set you free, how can you be set free, locked, inside this cage of your mind, huh?  A cage, that set you free, how?  Cages are supposed to, keep you bound, right?  So, how come now, you’d locked me up with this love of yours, and, I still feel, so free???

A cage, that set you free, that, is what love became, you’re, willing to, let love lock you up, and yet, as you’re, bound by these, handcuffs of love, shackles and chains too, you feel, so free that you could, fly, high as an eagle!  How’s that possible, huh???

with the key, out of your grasp…not my artwork…





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