A Worn-Out Welcome…

I have, nothing to offer you now, but a worn-out welcome, so, scoot already, huh!

A worn-out welcome, that, is all that you will EVER get, from me, I’d done, suffering the assortments of loss from loving you already, and frankly, I just, am, UP to here of it!

something that looks liek this???  Photo from online…

A worn-out welcome, that, will be all there is, between us, you’d, worn out my welcome completely, there’s, NO way ‘round it.  A worn-out welcome, how’s that possible, huh?  How, can a welcome get so worn out, so easily, have you, ever wondered ‘bout that?

A worn-out welcome, that, is all that remained, between us, nothing more, and, there will be, nothing MORE, from here on out again.  A worn-out welcome, consider it, a “gift” I’d, given to you, and, DO take care, as we’re not at all likely, to bump into one another again, on this journey called L-I-F-E again………

A worn-out welcome, this, is what we’d become, to one another, yeah, we surely, had a great time before, but now, it’s, all over, there’s simply, NOTHING left between us, so, why not, why not just, SEVER ALL the ties, and be done with it, huh?  There’s, NO need, to keep holding on, to this, love that’s already been dead, AND gone, for god KNOWS how long!

nobody wants to be in this position, NOT my picture…





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