Thoughts on Poetry

How poems had lost their meanings, due to the developments, the invention of, the INTERNET, translated…

It’d never crossed my mind, to NOT post out the poems I’d written.

I’d instinctively believed, that for a poem to become finished, I’d needed to, post it.

Why?  I’d thought about it, it’s related to the nature and belief of poetry.  Although, as I’d written the poems, I’d not had specific readers in mind, but, the poet and his collective unconscious became as one, closely related.  The hearts of the poems, and this collective connectedness pathway, was “poetry”, from the pens and paper.  Where the poems came from, will be where they will end up, the poets were merely, a medium, in this cycle, like a shaman.

And so, like how Kafka told in his final will, to BURN everything he’d written, I can’t imagine this.  After Emily Dickinson died, her poetry became known, but, as she was still alive, she’d submitted the poems in, but not received any recognitions for them, and, she’d stopped focusing on getting her poetry published.

And, in the modern day online world, there were an assortment of means of how the poems can get published, and, everybody is performing one’s own Narcisstic songs, without the mind or the heart, to listen to what was being stated.

The poet, Rumi stated, “Every poem is finding its way home”

And the modern day poems are still lost, tramping, not yet home.

So, this, is the problems, caused by the internet, as everybody publishes her/his opinions online, without ANY facts, to back up the claims, and although the internet had made life more convenient, we’re able to connect to people who are not in the same geographic region as we are, etc., etc., etc., there’s, that lacking of truth in the things posted online.

The poet Rumi said, every poem is finding its way back home again.


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