A Toy Gun, a Short Prose

How much someone’s life can change, with a switch of a thought here???  Or maybe, she’s just, refusing to see the truth, so she won’t hurt at all…translated…

She went to a wholesales mart, saw a young boy running excitedly with a toy gun.  She’d thought, he has NO idea what’s in store for him for the futures, that was why he’s so, excited.   Perhaps, if we knew a little less, then, we can be, happy.  As she got home, she’d stopped using her cell phone, and found a job that doesn’t involve her using a computer.  She’d taken up gardening with an elderly man, spending her days as a green thumb, she’d felt peaceful and happy.  Because she doesn’t know, that he’s found a new love, and is about to get married soon.

like this???  Not my photo…

So, this, is how this woman deals, with the fact, that the man she loved had found someone new, she’d used distractions, and pretended that nothing’s happened, by forcing that scent of childish innocence on herself, and that little boy with a toy gun, running happily is a sort of a threshold guardian to her life, for the child had, led her into this naïve, this innocence way of living, and, we just don’t know, how long her state of mind will last…


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