Compromises, a Short Prose

Learning from his past mistakes in love, and now, hopefully, this new love won’t end in break-up too!  Translated…

He and she shared a bowl of shaved ice, and can choose four toppings, he and she both selected two.  Although, they’d not talked about it first, they would avoid selecting the items that one another hated.

Later on, they’d, moved in together, and this sort of a knowing, vanished; he’d always done things that made her angry repeatedly, and she’d kept, mentioning the old memories he had no intentions of remember over and over again.

And, as the result of not being able to agree, they’d, brorken up.

On this day, he’d taken his new girlfriend into that same shaved ice shop, he’d told her, “Let’s order separately, because what I enjoy, you don’t like.”

So, this, is what this man learned from his last love, and, because the result of his last relationship ended bad, because he and she both compromised too much, for love’s sake, and, that was why it’d not worked out, and so, this time, he’d not compromised on the smaller matters with his new love.


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