Waiting, on a Dream…

Waiting, on a dream, that, is where you’d, left me, high and dry, way back when, and I’d, waited, blindly, believed that this dream, which turned out to be, a L-I-E, was, NEVER going to make.

Waiting, on a dream, that, is what it’d, felt like, being in love, never knowing, when this love will turn, upward, or downward, or if, it’s going to do that tilt-a-whirl thing that’ll make me, throw up like crazy at any time!

waiting on a dream 的圖片結果like climbing up these never-ending stairs, not my illustration.

Waiting on a dream, but why?  I’m not stupid you know!  Waiting on a dream, that’s something, only the young AND the naïve (yes, you must possess both of these “qualities”…) can have the luxuries of, for the rest of us, we simply, can’t afford it.

Waiting on a dream, for so long now, and, knowing it’s nowhere NEAR, comin’ true, became a part of my everyday life, and yet, I’d wondered at times, late at night, why, I’m still, waiting on………you???  Just can’t, quite figure it all out is the thing.

an empty park bench 的圖片結果

like this, perhaps???  Not my photograph…

Waiting on a dream, no more, I won’t, wait again, been waiting, my whole life, for that train (or that ship???) that’s already, left where I was, and now, perhaps, it’s, my time, to march onward, with the rest of my life, instead of, getting, trapped by these moments, in my past………


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