Tear Drops on That Note…

Teardrops on that note, smearing it all out, everything became a total blur…

Teardrops on that note, that note’s been, damaged with water, just look at the washed-off ink stains from the writing. You’d cried your tears, repeatedly, onto those hard-on-your-heart words of his, hadn’t you? So, why don’t you, throw out that ruined note, huh? Because you enjoy a good, old-fashioned torture, is that it???

Teardrops on that note, stop looking at it, it’d become, that awful reminder, of how love could’ve been, but it wasn’t, was it? And, by keeping that note close to your heart, you’re, allowing it, to tear you up inside.

like this???  From online…

Teardrops on that note, dried, and cried, again, again, again, again, again (you get the picture, don’t you???), and it’s still not quite near end yet. Teardrops on that note, and still, you can’t bring yourself, to toss that broken heart out, ‘cuz you wanted to remember, how he’d, hurt you, how you were, betrayed by love, so, you won’t, get betrayed by love again!

Teardrops on that note, that hard goodbye that came too soon, but, if it didn’t come when it had, would you be where you currently are? No you won’t! So, you still won, you grew up, out of that broken state already, hadn’t you, and now, those tear smeared markings serve as a reminder………

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