My Finger, without Your Ring on it…

I look down at my hand, where your ring used to be, and, although, I’d, taken that thing off a long, long, long, long, long (5 long’s, that outta be long enough???) ago, there’s, still that whitened strip, where your ring used to be.

My finger, without your ring on it, I gotta admit, it was, a bit, difficult, more or less, for me to adapt to it, gotten, so used to, having your love, wrapped around my fingers, and suddenly, you’d, taken it away, how was I, supposed to, deal with that, huh?

like, hmmmmmmmmm, this???  Photo from online…查看來源圖片

But I’d, forced myself, to keep up with my normal routines, got up in the morn, dressed, went to work, sat at the office, doing what I ought to be doing, then, clock out, sat in that god DAMN afternoon traffic, came back home, cook that supper for one, instead of for two now!

Just going through the motions, like I’m, not really here, living this life of mine…

My finger, without your ring on it, well, it’s time, I guess, to finally, take my wedding band off!  After all, you’d, taken it off, long ago, even, BEFORE we’d, divorced, hadn’t you???







Maybe, It’s Time, We Said, “Goodbye”…

I’d, given it, a lot of thought, that maybe, it’s time, we said, “goodbye”…’cuz, we are, NOT good for each other, but, knowing that, is till can’t help but feel, that strong attraction toward you, and I don’t know, how to, turn it off!

Maybe, it’s time, we said, “goodbye”…before either one of us gets damaged completely, beyond repair? But, we can’t, we’re, too entangled, in body, mind, soul, and heart, to part, and as you, draw me in, I felt, very good, but at the same time, that sense of panic, arose!

Maybe it’s time, we said, “goodbye”…yeah, it’s, for the best, we weren’t, quite right for one another anyhow, and, staying together will only, cause more damage to both of us, and so, I have to be, the stronger one, to PULL the plugs while I still can.

Maybe, it’s time, we said, “goodbye”…staying together won’t do us any good! After all, I already, SAW into the future, and it ain’t, pretty one bit!!!


Kisses, Packed Away…

Kisses, packed away, inside that, torn up, old cardboard box, just like those, old, worn out clothes we don’t need, can’t fit in, anymore…

Kisses, packed away, but why? I got NO need, to keep ‘em ‘round my life! Guess, it’s, to serve as a reminder, of this love we once to care for so very much, but now that’s all gone, so, where, does that leave me, and, what am I supposed to do, with all these kisses, packed away?

查看來源圖片all those, bitter sweet memories…photo from online…

Kisses, packed away, just toss them out for good this time, and, let’s not, go over that again, shall we? I don’t want to talk anymore, been talking to the WALLS, for so many years, and finally, I’m, tired of hearing NOTHING more than just, the echoes of my own voice!

Kisses, packed away, and I’m done, packing up, ALL these memories, the good, the bad, AS well as the U-G-L-Y! They’re all, part of my long-gone past now, and I got me, a brand new, a brighter future up ahead, and so, I’m gone, for good this time…

查看來源圖片yeah, just take all of these, and, SHOVE ’em all, into taht cardboard box…picture from online…

Kisses, packed away, I’d, left you that small box, of all those, hot-lipped kisses you’d given to me, that’s, burned up my skin, and now, you will be, savoring them, wondering, where did I go wrong? And, how can I live without you? Not my problem, ‘cuz I’d, already, WORKED those TWO problems out on my own, with MY self!!!

Forgotten, in Three

How goodbye, gets, “finalized”, bit by bit, and eventually, you will, let go! Translated…


Like a Fallen Teardrop

Wandering Between the Distance of Longings

查看來源圖片like this???  Photo found online…


Being Used to the Pains

Counting Down the Moments I’d Missed You on the Path Toward Goodbye


All that’s Left, is the Shadows of Your Nonexistence

Pretending to be Loud

or this???查看來源圖片photo also found online…

And so, despite how much you don’t want it to end, it still had, because, it just, wasn’t mean to be, and now, you just, have to wait for your hearts to know that too, so you can, move on, with the rest of your lives…

Forget It, Just, Let It Go…

The sound of, letting go, in stanzas, a poem, translated, by me…


She’d, Forgotten Me, and I, Him Too

Suddenly, Inside This Space of Time, Some People, Some Things, are Just Gone

Like Getting Trapped in a Fog, without Knowing Why, Some Things, Some People Just, Went, Missing

breaking up 的圖片結果left behind…photo from online…

Forgotten the Processes, without the Struggles

Everything Settled, in its, Rightful Place Allowing Things to Flow as They’re Supposed to

Or Maybe, She, or He, Never Found a Place in My Mind, and so Naturally, I’d, Forgotten…

Let it Go

I’d, Let Him Go, and She’d, Set Me Free

in the Space of Time, Some People are, Locked Up in Frames

Like Being, Paralyzed in the Mud, Struggling, to Break Free but Couldn’t

People Breaking Up 的圖片結果parting ways now, but, still, lingering on…photo from online…

Some Things, Some People, we’re, Just Never, Meant to Forget

From Waiting for that Day to Finally, Let Go, it’d Been, Quite Trying

But After Getting Through it, You’d Felt, Relieved, and Free

Or Perhaps, She or He Had, Helped You, Grow

Helped You Gain Wisdom, and Her/His Mission was, Completed

Forgotten Let it Go

are the Two Locks We Have Inside of Us

Dissolved, Opened, the Heart Became, Freed

Forgetting and Letting Go

are Pit Stops in the Journeys of Our Lives

Station After Station, the Show of Leaving Those We Love Behind, Parting in Such Sweet Sorrow, a Tragic-Comedy

No Matter How Much You’d, Put in

Everything Will Eventually Be

Let Go, Forgotten

Lost, it’s, Over

So, that’s taken, long enough, isn’t it? For you, to finally, let go in your mind, and to not, think about that lost love again, because you had, grieved fully and properly, for what’s lost, parts of your self you’d, given to that particular person, and yeah, it hurt like hell, sure, but, you’d, grown up from losing that love, so, you’d, still, won out!

As the Two Hearts, Drifted Too Far Apart…

As the two hearts, drifted too far apart, there’s, nothing that anybody can do, to pull the two separated hearts back together again, it’s just, nowhere near, possible.

like this???  Not my animation…

hearts, drifting apart 的圖片結果

And, the next step that these two separated hearts will take would be, dropping, five-thousand feet downward, with NO mattress, or trampoline, to catch, or to break their falls.

As the two hearts, drifted too far apart, just, let them separate completely, severing ALL the ties, stop trying to, recombine them back as one, because there’s no way, that that crack that’d come between the two hearts will, EVER be fixed to invisible again.

or this, even???two hearts, separating 的圖片結果not my photograph…

As the two hearts, drifted, too far apart, let’s just, let nature take its course, see where they both end up, ‘cuz it may not be a bad thing, after all, we’d all, bore witness to how those two hearts were at war with one another, making this “home” a total mess, and now that they’d, drifted too far apart, maybe, it’s, a brand new opportunity, for both of these two hearts that were, no longer, connected, to find a brand new life on their own.

As the two hearts, drifted too far apart, we’d all, wanted to save them from falling apart, but, we mustn’t, because, it’s only right, that fate takes its course with those two hearts that had, drifted too far apart, and besides, nothing good ever comes, of messing with F-A-T-E, you should know that by now!!!


If You Don’t Love Me…

If you don’t love me, then, don’t hold me, set me free, it wouldn’t be fair, to me, or you, to keep me, hangin’ ‘round! If you don’t love me, just say it already!!!

If you don’t love me, why you still, lettin’ me hang ‘round you, huh? And, shouldn’t we, just break it off, for once, and for all, instead, of, getting comfortable with each other’s bodies? If you don’t love me, just say the word, and I’ll see, where I go from here. But you can’t, you’re, too addicted, to this feeling of ecstasy that you feel when you get into my body, aren’t you???

If you don’t love me, and love’s been, dead, AND gone, buried, TEN-FEET under (‘cuz six feet ain’t deep enough???) many, many, many years ago. If you don’t love me, then, why you still come back ‘round, whenever life beats you down? Because I’m that safe place for you, that you feel, warm and taken care of in? And what makes you believe, that I am, always, going to be, the door that stays open, 24/7, just in case you needed to come and score some, huh???

If you don’t love me, just cut the ties already, oh wait, because you can’t, cut the ties, therefore, I MUST, because that, is how much respect I have, for me, and loving you, would not, be respecting ME enough, and I got, too much SELF-RESPECT, to love anybody like Y-O-U!!!