Playing Coy with My Husband, the Way We Interacted with Each Other

You’re, barking UP the wrong trees, ‘cuz, he ain’t, buyin’ it!!!  Translated…

If there’s competition on the sweetest lips, I’d surely be in the top spots.

I’d found the opportunities, and, readied myself, for the acts, it’s just, that the person I’d tried sweetened myself up to, hated the sweetness, and always, he’d, managed, to turn me back into my original form, although there’d be many things that went wrong, as I’d, played coy with my husband, regardless, it was, still fun.

On that day, as my husband was folding up the laundry, he’d told me, “I’m in for an overtime tomorrow again!”

The firecrackers started sounding off inside my mind, I’d started, planning my itinerary for the following evening, but as a wife, my conscience reminded me, to play that role of a wife who’d, be, missing him so, and so, I’d, rushed up to him, hugged tightly on him, lifted my head toward him, made sure he maintained eye contact, then, I’d, started, frowning, showed that look of unwillingness, and told him, “if you’re working overtime, what’ll happen to me then?”

AT this time, he’d not changed his expressions one bit, told me, “Are you serious?  I’d not worked overtime last night, and you’d gone out with your coworkers to dine, and didn’t come home until ten in the evening.”, suddenly, a flock of crows flew by overhead, those of us with lips like sugar, we never mean what we say, and I can only, laugh dryly.

like this, perhaps???  Photo from online…查看來源圖片the way a cat does it…

Later on, one day, I’d gone out to a gathering with my coworkers, and I’d, stayed out too late, as I’d stepped in, he, who’d, watched the house asked, “hey honey, why are you so late tonight?”

I’d felt ashamed, but didn’t want to admit, and told him, “Do you know where I ate my supper tonight?”  He’d stared at me, as if, he was waiting to watch a good show, I’d continued, “it was the restaurant where you and I ate our first meal together, because there were so many wonderful memories there, I’d, suddenly, got caught up, and then, I’d, come home late”.  I’d, minced my lips, to make myself seemed even more innocent.

He’d used his natural way, walked toward me, took my elbow in his hands, smiled and told me, “We’re, quite all right now!”, meant, that my sweet talk didn’t work on him, that it was, more important, to enjoy the moments we are sharing right now, than to, reminisce the past.

查看來源圖片between a man and a woman…photo from online…

I’d suddenly felt my heart skipping beats, and, became flustered, then, I’d, suddenly, stood up straight, like a soldier, reporting, “Yes sir!  Everything my husband said is, always right!”, then, he’d, let down his defenses, I thought.

But, living in the real world, he’d not acted humble when he was supposed to, and now, he’d, laughed aloud, “You’re, too cunning, how can you say that?  A husband is wrong at times too!”, I’d felt, that if one day, I’m his manager, I’d needed, to show him some colors!

And so, the way they’d, interacted, surely, put some fun into their ordinary lives, don’t you think?  And, because this husband doesn’t buy into what his wife is selling, therefore, his wife can’t get under his skins.  But you gotta admit, it’s, kinda fun, watching this interaction happening, in their marriage.


Growing Old Together

The couples growing older, holding hands together, ‘til the end of their lives, translated…

I’d gone to the community center to exercise, as we were halfway through the routines, it’d started, raining out.  At the end of the exercises, the rain got huge, and, the group of us, elderly women were now, trapped in.

At this time, there were, three elderly gentlemen, with hairs all white, stumbling in, to deliver their wives the umbrellas, they must’ve been married for over sixty years, and their children must’ve, left home too, and having their husbands to share their lives with, it must be, so amazing!

My neighbor, Uncle Chang had always stayed away from the kitchens, as he turned eighty, because Mrs. Chang’s healthy deteriorated, he’d started learning to cook from the beginning, the washing of the rice, of the vegetables, and making the sunny side ups, and now, the thing he’d done on schedule in the morn, was heading over to the marketplaces, to pick up some pork.  Mr. Chang would always gloat to us, “After my wife had my soup, she’d looked, better, more energetic.”  Mrs. Chang, of course, said good things about her husband to everybody she met too, that her life after age eighty, was given back to her by Mr. Chang.

I’d always seen this elderly man, pushing his wife out on a wheelchair, as they got to the alleyways without much traffic, he’d always encouraged her to get up to walk around, he’d first, whispered to her about the benefits of walking around, and as his wife was willing, he’d become a steady support for her, encouraging her as she walked, and this scene always, gets me.

The life partners are like a good wine, gets better with time; they’re also like the good teas, although no longer hot, but still aromatic and smooth to drink down.

This, is something we all want, to have someone we love, accompanying us as we age, and, these are the good examples of what married couples, as they marched into their elderly years should look like, they’d, become one another’s steady support, stuck to each other’s side, in sickness and in health, ‘til death!

The Two of Us, Aging, Visiting Places Together

Going to places locally, to make more memories of us, something we can do, after we’re, retired, and living off easy!  Translated…

“Honey, let’s travel for the summer!”, he’d made fun of me.  “I just got my retirement pension slashed, how will we find the money to go?”, I’d smiled and told him, we can’t just, squat at home, we can walk over to the Bagua Mountain trails, or go visit the scenic areas close by.  He’d nodded, told me it was, a great idea.  And so, we’d started, these travels together.

like this???  Except they’d, gone into the city together…photo from online…查看來源圖片

“It’d been a long time since I was last here, there’s actually a trail for us to hike on, it’s, so amazing!”, my husband became like a wide-eyed child with wonder, strolled on the trails, it’d made me laugh, and, the other hikers started looking at us.  As we walked, we’d thought, hey, why not head into the city of Taichung too, and, we’d, alighted the bus, and, twenty minutes, we’re, in the metropolis of Taichung.  Hey, the train station that resembled the freeway systems was so new to us, we were, like first-time visitors, looked around here, and there; we’d, alighted the bus again, to the malls to stroll, the assortments of new products on display, caught our attentions, he’d found a red and white checkerboard shirt, and bought it, I’d made fun, “You are, fashionable, aren’t you?  You’d not talked until you were five, everybody called you the fool, but, being a fool as a young child doesn’t make you a fool as an adult, does it?” he’d laughed so hard he couldn’t, stand up straight.

We’d found a fast food shop and took care of supper, and passed through this, wonderful day.  In two more days, we’d, planned to go to Chiayi to have their famous turkey drizzled over rice, and buy a box of eggroll that Chiayi was known for too!

And so, this, is a great idea for retirement, after the two of you retired, you two can drive out to places you’d already gone to, to see if having a brand new outlook, that’s different from before when you’d visited can give you something new, it will, add the flavors, to your ordinary lives that’s for certain.

Why We Don’t Go to Each Other’s Reunions

How they’d, interacted in marriage, when it comes to the reunions, translated…

The motto from back when was, “So long as I like it”, “Youth is never leaving anything blank”, holding on too tightly, to this bird of my youth—never turning back, everybody in my class called me—the bad girl!

Although I went to an all-girls’ school, there was no boy to look at us, I’d still needed to shorten the length of my skirt, to make my shirt fit to my body too tight, and wore those socks that weren’t allowed by the school.  Although, there weren’t any good looking boys in my school, there were, however, a ton outside, karaoke, dances, socials, riding out at night………I’d, never missed anything that young people enjoyed.

Getting called into the principal’s office, getting screamed at by the disciplinary officials at school, given warning, being written up, it’d still, not changed me, I’d still, skipped school to see the movies with my backpack on, although I’d, played real hard, I’d understood, that I’d needed to, keep my grades in the top three, that way, my dad would only, yap at me, and wouldn’t, ground me, I still, followed the rules, mostly.

My temperament took a huge turn as I’d started working, “gentle, kind, courteous” became my protective coloration, and I was known for my flair, and, my high school classmates jokingly called me a member of the “scam artist rings”, that I’d, tricked my handsome husband to marry me.

My husband who was twelve years older than I am, was also, quite a player when he was younger too.  He’d fallen in love with an older schoolmate back in high school, but she’d, cheated on him, his girlfriend from college started dating someone while when he went away to serve in the armed service, the girlfriend he’d found at work, married the second generation of his company, he always fell in love with the wrong women, kept someone else’s wife, but thankfully, I knew that he was something special, gave him a warm home.

You’d not taken part in my past, and, there’s, no need, for you, to understand that much about my past, and, there’s, no need, for me, to brag about my wild days, but, there would be, those gossipers that yapped at the reunions, and it can easily, cause a revolution.  Besides, I’m, very calculating, I couldn’t, hear my husband tell me of his exes, or his former lovers either, and besides, the sources told me, that all his exes were, very beautiful, and, there’s no way I was ever going to, tolerate that, why would I make troubles for myself?  So, naturally, we’d, gone to our separate class reunions, singly!

And so, because they knew of one another’s ways, how they both had a colorful history of romances, that, is why, to prevent each other from getting angry, they’d, kept all of their past loves, to themselves.

Experiencing the World, Holding Hands, with the One I Love

Lessons, in getting along better with each other, NOT forcing one another, to go along with what each other enjoys doing, allowing time apart, that, is what makes the relationships, worked out, even better, translated…

I’d, always, envied those couple, traveling together, holding hands, experiencing, the world together.  The newlyweds and the freshly in love couples, originally interacted very intimately with one another but, as the two of you got to a certain age, and can still travel together, then, that means, that you two are, perfectly, matched in every way with each other.

From before when I’d gone to the Tower of Pizza, I saw an elderly couple from England, they were already, elderly, with hair all white, the wife stumbled, but her husband still held her hands tightly, smiling.  I’d walked over ot them, said I can help them take their photo, on one hand, I’d wanted to, help them make the memories, on the other, I’d, selfishly, wanted to, keep this beautiful sight longer for myself.  They were very happy, that I’d, asked, I’d, thanked them, for allowing me to bear witness, of their, beautiful love.  They’d told me, that they’d been, traveling together since they were, younger, now too, that, was a sort of bliss I’d, envied.

I’d also, encountered a couple in my travels, no matter where they go, they always, held hands, and, they’d, talked, and laughed together, and, just, stayed together with one another, the wife placed her hand on the husband’s laps, as the husband, looked out the window at the scenes that passed by, or, fell asleep, it was, oh, so natural.  And now the trip had been, long over, but, how close that couple was with each other, still, stayed in my mind, like I was there, just yesterday.

C called himself a geek, and I’d, enjoyed heading out.  And, we’d, argued on smaller matters like these a lot from before, it seemed, that we had, nothing in common, but, slowly, we’d, come up with ways to interact with one another.  The location, and the itinerary of the trips, I’ll plan, while he’s in charge, to taking me to the locations I’d wanted to go.  I know he’d hated walking too long, I’d, always, find a small café where we can, just sit and drink some coffees together, and, it’s best, that that café, gives him an unobstructed view to where I’m going.  Then, I’d, picked up my camera, and go crazy in taking the pictures, walked for as much as I enjoyed, and, as the time came, after I’d, had my trip, I’d, gone back to find him, and, chitter chattered with him about what I saw, we’d, used our comfortable modes of interactions, to give each other what we’d needed, from the relationship.

No matter how long you knew each other, love needs the work, especially, after being grinded down by the nitty-gritty of day-to-day.  There’s, NO need, to insist on a specific way of interaction, just do what fits you two the best!

So, the two of you had, figured out how to interact with each other, considering one another’s interests, not forcing what you love to do, onto each other, and that, is one of the most vital things in a good relationship: you two can do things apart, or together, just don’t FORCE each other to do something that only one of you enjoys doing…

The Lovebirds Trekking the Alleys Together

Enjoying one another’s company, discovering the hidden treasures of the neighborhood together, translated…

Seven years ago after we’d moved in, because there was no court close by, and the kids all went up north to study, my husband and I started our slow-living exercise routines of cycling together.

In order to dodge the worrisome traffic, we’d often ridden through the smaller streets and alleyways.  I’d enjoyed looking at the plants in front of each and every house we come to cross, there were the greens, and there were also, the vibrancy of colors from the flowers too!  Even the steel windows and gates are never the same.  My husband, he’d loved discovering the gems in these places, he’d found the old house that’s, undergoing construction, the traditional grocery shops, the toy stores, etc., etc., etc.

In the turns in these alleys, there would be, surprises waiting for us, some of the alleys were too narrow that cars can’t get in, the old neighbors would sit out front, and hold conversations.  There were kids, playing ball on the streets too, and, we’d, ring our bicycle bells, to remind them we’re coming through, then, we’d, slowly, ridden around them.

let’s discover the world together, photo from online…查看來源圖片

Once, we’d even discovered a litter of kitten that were still being fed, that’s, caused us to worry over them for days on end, and, a week later, as we revisited, the kittens all left the nest, it’d, left us, with that strong scent of nostalgia then.  And once, we’d discovered a toy shop, most of the toys were only ten dollars, my husband bought a top, and played with it a long time, to recall the fun he had as a young child.  I’d once seen a middle aged man, taking care of the small potted plants, trimming the leaves off, and, his focus was comparable, to that of a barber, cutting someone’s hair.  And, we’d also, discovered the small eateries from time to time, and, we’d gone into the ones that seemed nice, and, carried on in casual conversations with the owners.

Because of all these hidden gems, it’d filled our weekends with a ton of joys.  The neighbors made fun and called us a pair of lovebirds, seeing the back of my husband as he rode on his bicycle, I’d felt, such comfort.  I do hope, we can, keep on, riding together, because I want to, discover the world, hidden within these alleys!

And so, this is something you two shared, a common activity both of you enjoyed doing, and, with this shared interest, you two are only, going to get closer to one another as you grow older together…

No Longer Barking Out Orders

This woman thought up of a way, to MAKE her husband take his share of responsibilities around the house, because she’d had it, being the maid, keeping everything in the house in check, translated…

After working in a managerial position in the factory for years, my habits of ordering others around started settling in.  That day after work, I’d lain down on the couch, like an emperor, reading the papers, then, the phone rang, the phone is right next to me, but, I’d, hollered aloud, “Honey!  The phone’s ringing!  Come answer it!”, my wife was busying about in the kitchen making supper, she’d felt annoyed, shouted back, “Can’t you answer it!  Do you NOT see me working right now?”

After supper, my wife was left, alone in the kitchens, picking up the pots, the pans, the bowls, the plates, and, it’s like, it wasn’t, related to me anymore, I’d, skipped into the living room to watch television.圖/黃鼻子illustration from the papers online…

“Bang-bang-bang…”, came the hurried knocking on our door.  I’d, stayed on the couch, watched the T.V., didn’t answer it, and called out to my wife, “honey, someone’s at the front door!  Go see who it is!” not long thereafter, the kettle whistled on the stove, and I, “the water’s boiling!”, like it wasn’t, any of my business, still, watched my favorite sports news.

My wife’s rage started showing now, but she’d thought about it, what good, would getting angered do?  She’d, contemplated on, how she couldn’t, just keep on, spoiling me, rather than letting me rot away, she made up a plan, to reform me.  The following evening, she’d, started softly, took the chance of skipping out of the house, while there’s, no water for drinking, said to me, “I’m going to buy something from the store, the water’s out, broil some for yourself.”

My wife thought, that this softer method will somehow, activate my motivation to turn off the power on the electric kettle.  But, as she’d come home, the kettle was, not filled still.  Because I’d felt it bothersome, to have to cook up the water, so, I’d gone downstairs, to buy me a bottled water instead.  My wife believed, that my “immobilization illness” had, progressed into the “laziness syndromes”.  And seeing how, it’s already become who I am, but she couldn’t, do nothing about it, if she doesn’t treat me, this horrid habit may turn into something harder to get rid of.

For the sake of harmony and happiness in our lives, she’d had to, given it one last shot.  She’d, thought for three whole days, and come up with a plan.  It’s, actually, quite easy, to treat my “disease”, we’d found an amicable café, sat down, and discussed the splitting up of the household chores.  A piece of plain paper, spread onto the tables, written down, nobody can deny.

She’d first written down the name of the medicines, “Woman, in charge of inside the house, man, in charge of outside”.  I’d allowed that smile, curled up my lips.  Then, she’d written down the methods of applications, and the dosages, “Slow by progression, adding the doses by the day”, I really can’t tell, what she’s, planning.

Seeing how I’d become, a bit, confused, she’d smiled cunningly then, used red pen, and marked down the keywords, then, exaggerated, lifting her write high, then, wrote down the dosage: “Everything that came before the sounds are ‘in’, everything afterwards, ‘out’”.

For instance, on the water being broiled, it’s the “in” and after the whistle goes off, it’s “out”.  By the same token, putting the laundry into the wash, was the wife’s duties, after the load is done, and the beeper goes off, it’s the husband’s job, to hang it up to dry, to take the load in, and to fold the clothes too.

With the added post scripts: knocking on the door, phone ringing, cat purring, dog barking, are all considered, “out”.  After I’d read all of that, I started frowning.  But, to prove, that I love my wife, as well as, my family too, I’d, lifted up the pen, to sign it into contract.

Three months after I’d started taking this “prescription”, we’d, finally seen the results, there’s, no more sounds of us, hollering out to each other anymore.

So, this woman is wise, instead of getting mad at her husband, because getting mad doesn’t do her any good???  She’d, thought up of this way, to MAKE him shoulder HIS share of household duties, and, the husband had to agree, or, his marriage may be, over, and so, he’d, started, doing HIS fair share.