The Hesitant Autumn Heat

The heat doesn’t seem to subside, does it, although it’s, already the autumn now, translated…

He’d Taken the Large Strides Step by Step, Walked Along Ren-Ai Road

Recalling Everything that’s Happened in the Summertime

Like the Jungles of Africa

With that Scent of Busyness of Life

查看來源圖片like this???  Photo from online…

He’d Returned by Accident

And, Felt Compelled to Go on a Hunt Now

But Toward the Sudden Return of Summer Past

People Felt Displeased, and that’d Made Him Hesitant

He’d Found a Hiding Place Behind the Trees

Watched the Passing by Lovebirds Fought Because of the Temperatures Rising Back Up

He’d Felt, a Bit, Ashamed Now

Perhaps, He Shouldn’t Have, Returned?

with the sun, still quite fierce in the autumn season, not my photograph…

But, His Bones are Still Quite Strong and Agile

Mind, Clearer than Ever Before———

And Yet He’d Become, the Heated Days of Autumn

A Handsome, But Unwelcomed Guest

He’d Still Followed Ren-Ai Road and Kept on His Way

Recalling the Endless Wonders of the Summertime

Along with the Endless Parties

And, that Unspoken Blood in Trace Amounts

查看來源圖片the autumn sun, firece like the tiger, not my cartoon…

He’d Felt, Perhaps, He’d Gone, Sentimental?

That He’d Become, Too Keen on the Memories

And Became So Doubtful on His Hunt Now

Without Knowing

That that Street He’d Trekked Down Had, Fallen into a Deep Sleep

So, this is on how suddenly, the seasons changed, and although the seasons changed, the heat was still there, and, that is how it’ll be now, the summer gets too hot, and, the autumn that follows it, won’t get cooled too much either!






Reunion (and Play-Pretend)

As the trains start moving, slowly, then, gaining momentum, then, speeding off, a poem translated…

The Night, Spread Out, the Leather

with the Granule Salts Rubbed in

A Sort of a Smoke, Unwilling to Get Put Out

Still Lived Inside it

I’d Once See that Frosted Smile

on Your Face, Like the Birth of the First Sunlight at the Crack of Dawn

Touching the Hands, Readied to Become Softened

I’d Once Heard, the Iron Plates

Grown Out of Your Palms

Slicing Through Me, Coming from an Opposite Direction

Those Scales Slowly, Mystically, Expanding

At This Moment, Cautious, and Estranged

Surrounded Others

now we’re going somewhere here…not my photograph…

Passing Those Whispers, and Wine Glasses Too

Electricity is Silent

The Air, Mildly Numbed

Add in a Bit More Logs for Fuel

The Small Hell Had, Casted All the Ghosts to Flee

As the Smokes Flowed Freely Out

My Heart Became, Cramped Tight Like Cloves of Garlic

So, this, is how the train operates, from that first sound of the whistle, then you see the smoke coming from the top of the train, then, the train slowly starts off………

A Long Alley, a Poem

As the days come to an end, translated…

After the Raucous of the Party of the Century

A Single String Illuminated

In the Chest Cavity of the Island

See the source imagelike this???  Photo from online…

———That Single String Couldn’t Play a Tune Right

The Millions of Thousands of Troops & Steeds Rushed

Like a Warning Bell

Predicting the Desolations

The Skies of the Late Spring

It’s a Thin-Layered Tissue

Couldn’t Reflect the Cruelties of War Truthfully

The Pelicans Glided Low in the Skies

Not Knowing the Sorrows of the World of Morrow

Time Suddenly Got Bent

a place like this???  Photo from online…

Into a Philosophical Shape

The Strings Snapped, Just Before the Apex of the Century

With Those Unwavered Rocks, Crushed

into Dusts

And All that’s Left of Them, Was, this Single, Song at Sundown

And so, there’s, that sense of despair of the world ending, with everything out of its places, things stopped working the way it’s, supposed to, but, the sun still rises and sets on yet, another day…

The Two People Underneath a Tree, by: Kotaro Katamura

Translated from Chinese by me…

That was Mt. Adatara

That Glowing One is the Abukuma

Like this, They Sat, Almost without the Exchanges of Words

In the Drowsy Minds

There was, only the Wind through the Pines in a Distant World, Blowing Past the Light Greens

In this Wilderness of the Mountains of the Winter Begun

I Quietly, Took Your Hands, that Joy We Shared

No Longer Would We Need to, Hide it from the Passing Clouds!

Your Unimaginable Pills Was Filled with the Souls of Keg

Ahh!  How Amazing, How Enticing, that Deep Sea of Love Truly is?

The Two of Us Walked Through the Decade Long Seasonal Changes

It’d Allowed Me to See the Limitlessness of Women

This Thing that Caused the Smokes in the Midst of Nothingness

How it’d, Rejuvenated Me, with that Fresh Springs of Youth

Like the Magical Beings, So Hard to Get a Hold of

How It’d, Changed, Constantly

That was Adatara

That Glowing River Was the Abukumakawa

Your Place of Birth

The Dots on that Small White Wall were the Wine Storage of Your Household

Then Just, Extend Those Legs,

and, Breathe in the Aromas of the Tree Filled, Northern World then

Why Don’t You, Cleanse Your Skin, in this Soft, Genteel, and Flexible Atmosphere!

I Shall be Gone by Morn of Morrow

Toward that City of Good-for-Nothing, Getting Back, into that Vortex of Love & Hate Again

Toward What I Feared, into, the Dead Center, of the Comedies of the World I’m Already, Too Deep into

This is the Place of Your Birth

It’s Another Totally Different Place Than I’ll Ever Know

The Breeze Still Travels Betwixt the Pines

Do Tell Me Once More, This Geography of the Winter Seasons

That was, Adatara,

That Glowing line was the Abukumakawa

There’s that scent of the drifter, away from her/his hometown, gazing into the distance, toward “home”, and there’s, that scent of nostalgia of missing home here.

Gazing, a Poem

From my Chinese subscriptions, translated by me…

I’d Stored Some Time into My Watch

Filled Up the Fish Tank, with the Morning Light

I’d Put up Ten Clouds Up in the Skies, Leaving Only Five

Plucked Up All the No Entry Signs

like this???  Photo found online…like

I’d Adjusted the Temperature of the Wind to Warm

Painted My House the Colors of the Rainbow

Okay, it’s, all Ready Now!

I’d Planned This Singlehandedly, Some Better Days

At This Time, the Vast Universe, the Universe is Slowly, Navigating

The Fields of My Serene Heart, There Seemed to Be Music Playing

I Want, This Sort of a Life

that moment of intimacy…photo from online still…

Looking, Deep, into Your Life

So, all of that is a set up, to be with someone, to include someone in your life, and this, is pretty dumb, living your own life, according to how it makes another feel!








Pineapple, a Poem

See what this love gets you???  Hurt, that’s what it got you!  Translated…

The Tartness of Pineapples

are Like the Pebbles in the Wind

Passing Through the Spaces Between the Teeth

Stinging Your Sweetened Love for It

at the Base of Your Tongues

So, this is how the love you have for something (or someone) can end up, hurting yourselves, because, you’d realized the qualities of that love of yours, knowing it’s possible that you may be hurt by it, and yet, you still can’t help, but go, HEAD first, into it…

Poems for Autum, the Dual Rhymes


If the Summers Didn’t Hurry Off so Quickly

The Leaves Wouldn’t Have Fallen, so Sparingly

If the Western Winds Didn’t Rush

like this???  Photo from online…

The Drifting Clouds wouldn’t Have Drifted so Far Off…so Very…Far Off

If the Sails Were Already, Opened Up

How Come the Oceans Still Felt So Lonesome

It seems, as if, Someone, is Standing, in Front of, These Steps………

But the Doorknob Remained Silent

Who was the Candlelight Holding Out for Inside

If the Shadows are Still Here, the Lamplight Didn’t Get Put Out

How Come the Table’s Worth of Nostalgia Feels So Frigid

where the ship’s headed, nobody really knows…not my photograph…

If the Night is Deep Enough, the Stars Gone to Bed

Where did that Gentle Sigh on the Lanai Come From

If it Weren’t for You, then, How Would This Poem be

Written, the Stopped, Repeatedly, and I Just, Can’t Bring Myself to, Finish………

So in this, the poet is finding a reason, for why things happen, but, s/he will, keep on wondering, because these sorts of contemplations usually, leads to a DEAD-END!

Because that Island is Always There

So the Ideals Never Drifted Far Off

The Mountains, the Bodies of Water, Need Not Speak a Word

The Seasons Still, Took Their Turns on the Stages

The Years Always, Bit Down Hard onto My Shadow

The Roads, Hurried off, into the Unknown

a candle flickering animation 的圖片結果not my animation…

All I Know is, You’re Gone, and Had

Arrived, and I Shall, Keep Chasing My Own Thoughts Like This

That was, What, Paved My Path in the Distances

And so, there’s, that scent of, being caught up in something, wanting to move on, but for some unknown reasons, you’re, stuck, and, all around you, things are seemingly, changing, but somehow, it all, stays, the exactly the same as it always had been………