Saved Your Lies, for a Worse Day…

Still not in my nature, to THROW anything away, fearing, that I may one day, need what I have no use for right now…

So, I’d, saved your lies, for a worse day, but, I’m having better days now, and so, your lies stopped, making their treks across my mind. Saved your lies, for a worse day, I shouldn’t have, I know, because on my worse days, I’d be desperate, for that cheer-me-up, and your lies, just don’t, do the “trick” at all, but, I’d, saved them, for a worse day.

I suppose, it’s how I want to, remind myself, how your lies are, FAR worse than the worse days that I’d currently be, experiencing? Like measuring down, and feeling good ‘bout myself, maybe?

Saved your lies, for a worse day, until, all I got, were your lies, manifesting, into my life, and, every day gets worse than the ones that came previously. This won’t do!

So, I’d, stopped saving your lies, for ANY day, besides, been living with your lies, for too long, it’s time, I’d, cleared them all away, and, the moment I got rid of that latest and last lie of yours, I see the sun, shining on my face…

I will NEVER be, saving your lies again, learned THAT lesson, the HARD way too, don’t you know???







Forgotten How Sweet Your Lie Tasted

I had, forgotten, just how sweet your lies tasted, until, I’d had, another bite of it again, and, one bite, it was, never, quite enough for me, for I’d, become, so, totally, addicted to what you’re, telling me, those poisons you’d, poured, deep, into my ears.

Forgotten how sweet your lies tasted, and, I know I shouldn’t, but, I can’t help it, I’d, craved, those sweetened lies of yours, even if they weren’t, the least bit true, it’s okay, just, let me, get fooled, a little bit, longer…

Love Poison 的圖片結果and yet, we still, can’t help ourselves, can we???  Nope!  Not my picture…

Forgotten how sweet your lies tasted, and, I just, can’t get enough, and yet, my heart knows, deep down, that you don’t, really love me, that you were just, keeping me, on that leash, see if, I’ll, keep on, comin’ back to your side.

And, the effects of your bad love finally, wore off, completely, and now, I’d, completely, forgotten, just how sweet your lies tasted, and I have, NO more cravings of that sort anymore. Guess your lies finally, became, so, totally, FUCKING worn out for me. Well, it’s taken, LONG enough all right!







Melted Lies…

Like that piece of melted chocolate, creating a WHOLE lot of unnecessary mess???

Melted lies, they’d dissolved, in the face of cold hard truths of what had happened, and you’re left with this, sticky situation you’re struggling, to get out of.

like this???  Not my photograph…melted popsicke 的圖片結果

Melted lies, they’re, meant to cause a huge mess, as lies will always dissolve, in the face of truth, and, it doesn’t just, go away that easily, oh no! The effects of those, melted lies will, stay with you your whole life, you little boy who cried W-O-L-F!

Melted lies, what can I do with them? They’re not strong enough, for me, to weld them BACK into ironclad. Nor are they, useful to me, so yeah, I’d, put those melted lies, inside that box with all the broken dreams you handed me, and along with you, I’d, thrown it ALL outside, by the C-U-R-B.

Melted lies, no matter what, the lies will always end up, dissolving, you can’t, keep it stabilized, as lies aren’t meant to be stable……………


Remember the Lies…

Remember the lies, seeping through those yellow, tobacco stained teeth of his, don’t you EVER forget that! How awful you’d felt, as he stood there, with his arms folded, making you, swallow them all down (without enough water to wash it all down too!).

Remember the lies, how can you forget them, huh? He’d hurt you, repeatedly, using them, and you’d, allowed him to, ‘cuz you didn’t know how to make them stop!

Remember the lies, of course you do, feel that betrayal of your heart, of your trust, hear that heart of yours, aching in progression, until the pain became, unbearable, and, you will, hurt even more, and for even longer still.

Remember the lies, let them take over your life completely, and, you will forever, be trapped by them, never finding that exit sign ever! He’d had you trapped all right.







Sick & Tired, of ALL the What-If’s…

I’m sick, sick and tired, of ALL the what-if’s, what if, we’d met earlier, than, I would NOT be STUCK in this state of mind, this way of life I’m currently in, and you, I really don’t know, nor would I, wish to give a SHIT, what happens to you!

Sick and tired, of all the what-if’s, and yet, they’d, built up, like those dust that’s, covered up the mantle, and, I’m allergic to DUST ahhhhhhhhhhchoooooooooooo!!!  Sick and tired, of all the what-if’s, what are the purposes of, those annoying, what-if’s anyway, huh?  Sick and tired, of All the what-if’s, had we met earlier, had we not allowed life to get in the way of our love, then, it may all have turned on, differently, and yet, we’d, gone down, separate paths in life (hopefully, our paths will, NEVER come near to intersecting again!!!).

Sick and tired of ALL the what-if’s, they’re, absolutely, USELESS and pointless, and, the purpose of those god DAMN annoying what-if’s is merely to, keep me bound, to my past, and I’d, decided, I want to, break free, and now, all that’s, left for me to do, is to figure out an effective way, to get myself, from those piled-on what-if’s on top of me right now………

Sick and tired of ALL the what-if’s, if there are, no what-if’s, this world would be, perfect (well more like LESS defective!!!) to live in, wouldn’t it???  And yet, count up, how many what-if’s are in your lives???






One Day, I Will See Us…

yup, it’s, EXACTLY like this!!!  Photo from online…

One day, I will see us, for who we truly are, without ALL the flashes, the thrills, and the spotlights, just plain you and I…

One day, I will see us, after the love had, faded, after so many washes it’d, endured, we will finally, show our selves to each other, but until then, I guess, we’ll simply just, live blindly, with the façades of love, hovering over us both.

One day, I will see us, without the hi-def colors, when everything became black and white, AND shades of gray too, and maybe then, I’ll realize, that this ain’t love at all, but until the day comes, I’ll always be, that girl with stars in her eyes, dreaming of you, as her Prince Charming (more like a TOAD if you ask me!!!).

One day I will see us, but, I can’t, because, the realities of this god DAMN life of mine, hadn’t quite, set in yet, and, don’t know when, it’ll, set in, but, I got a feelin’, that, it’ll be, sometime soon, ‘cuz lately, I’d been, feelin’, kinda awful, with you around………

One day, I will see us, but, I still can’t, because I’m still, BLINDED, by these HUGE headlights of L-O-V-E, you do realize, how driving to someone else’s headlights CAN blind you, right???




Hearing about Your Lost Love

From a blog in Chinese I’m a subscriber to, translated by me…

I kept hearing you talk

About her

You kept ranting incessantly on

how good she was

pouring her heart out 的圖片結果exposing the most vulnerable parts of ourselves here…not my photograph…

You Kept Telling Me About Him

How He’s Still, Taking Up Her Whole Heart

I Kept Listening to You

Telling Me about Your Ex-Girlfriend’s Him & Her

With the Beginning, and the End, How Regrettable it Was that the Two of You Met Up Too Late

You Kept Ranting Incessantly

like this, except it’s with her current boyfriend instead of a girlfriend…not my photograph…

On the Second Person Pronouns in Your Life

Belonging to You, Him, and Her

Existed, in My First-Person Regrets

My & My Loneliness

We Keep, Hearing that Rain Falling on the Lakes of My Heart

So, this is on the sorrows of dating someone who hadn’t readied her/himself for you yet, and, maybe, you think that if you wait a little longer, than, the individual will wholeheartedly, give her/himself to you, but, that’s a FAT chance, because people usually don’t get over their broken hearts, especially with the emotional attachments still intact that easily!