A Dusty Reminder, of His Shiny Moments…

That championship trophy he’d won for his team became nothing more than a dusty reminder, of his shiny moments, and, now??? He’d gotten, that fat belly, from drinkin’ too much, and as a COUCH potato.

It’s hard to imagine, from the way he’d looked right now, that he was once, so hot, so handsome, so fit, but hey, we ALL had our moments, don’t we? A dusty reminder, of his shiny moments, that, is what his whole life’s been about, he’d, gone by his parents’ wishes, gone to state on a full sports scholarship, he would’ve gone pro too, had he not, sustained a serious injury, that took him OUT of the sports ring!

查看來源圖片like these, somewhere, stashed, in an unknown attic, tarnished…not my photo…

And, after that STAR had, lost its, shine, he’d become, less than mediocre, he only found work in that factory, slaving his life away, for less than minimum pay, with NO sure retirement pension either!

And yet, whenever he’d started at the trophy that was placed, at the mantle, it’s like, he’d gotten, turned back, into the KING of the world, and yup, in a sense, he is, a king, a king of his, double-wide!!!

A dusty reminder, of his shiny moments, that, is all that he has now, as he sat on that couch with the BUTT imprint, scratching himself, in unsightly places, with the T.V. blasting loud, to drown out the memories of all of those, could’ve been, should’ve been, and would’ve’s………



The man in the mirror looked, changed, no longer the same, as before, but, he still, moves, as I do…

Changed, but, I don’t feel any different from before, how’s that, even possible, huh? Changed, nothing will ever be, the same again, with this, loss that’s, become, so etched, into me now!

Changed, it will, NEVER be, the same again, but I don’t, want things to change between us, I’m, comfortable the way we’d always been, but I’m not! Changed, there’s, that inevitable thing of life, that’s, NEVER stable, constantly, changing, and, nothing will, EVER be the same like it once was, or, always, had been…

Changed, but W-H-Y, what we got, was good enough, wasn’t it? So, why did it happen, the change? Why did things, have to, progress this way or that, why can’t things just, stay, JUST the way that they’d always been, to create that, stability, that’s, comforting???

Changed, nothing will, EVER be returned, nothing will ever be, the same again…………






Your Promise, on My Right Hand…

Your promise, on my right hand, the gold on the band had, lost, its lusters, day by day, through the, wear and tear of this marriage already…

Your promise, on my right hand, does it, still, stand? I mean, do you love me, like you used to, like how we were, at the very start? For some reasons, I don’t, feel as much of the passions you used to hold for me anymore for some reasons.

like this???  Photo from online…taking off her wedding band 的圖片結果

Your promise, on my right hand, why do I still keep your promise on my right hand? You’d, already, ABANDONED my promise on your left hand, so maybe, it’s time, I’d, set myself free too??? Your promise, on my right hand, I shouldn’t, allow it, to weigh me or tie me down, but, I do………

Your promise, on my right hand, I don’t want it, and, slowly, that promise you’d, broken, became, nothing BUT a piece of DECORATION, a piece, of COLD jewelry on my right hand, and I’m slowly, realizing, that I shouldn’t, throw away a piece of GOLD jewelry (you DO realize, how much gold are going for these days, right???), just because the promises you made to love me eternally, broke!

and here’s, that long-awaited, DIVORCE ceremony…photo from online still…

divorce ceremony 的圖片結果and in, 3, 2, 1…


Rain, What Did She Say

How that WALL was, set up, ERECT, between us, men AND women, translated…

There Were, More than One Kind of Emotions

Flowing Through Rains Mind When She Came Down

All Through the Night, She’d, Talked, Incessantly

Until the Morning Light, I Still

Couldn’t, Quite Understand What She was, Talking about………

Yeah uh, I don’t think that this one is actually, about rain, I’m thinking, that it’s about, a woman getting angry at a man, and the man has absolutely NO clue what she was mad about, as that, is how it usually is, because men can’t get a C-L-U-E!!!


Stanzas on Rocks, a Poem

Doing things, that are, of no importance to us in life, how long, did we, spend, living like this again??? Too god DAMN long, is my guess!!! And yet, we still, can’t stop it, why is that, do you know??? Translated…


Look into the Open & Move Out

All the Pieces Inside Your Chest

The Oceans Will Take Over from Afar Now

like this, video from Youtube…

All of These Balls from the World

The Beaches of the World

Had Become, so Filled, with

Those, Looking Hard

for Their, Destinies

And so, you can see, how blindly, people are, searching for things, right? We’re all, picking up these, useless “rocks” thinking, that they’re, something important to us, that we’d, needed them, in our lives, in the end, these rocks that we’d, carried only, weighed us down, and we still don’t have a clue, that we’re the ones, who can, stop carrying, ALL these, rocks!


Message in a Bottle, from Outerspace

Testing, to see, if the love she found in her man, is true, translated…

She’d stood, by my bed tonight, quietly stated, “I’m a message in a bottle”.

“What message?”

“I’m a message in a bottle, drifted from the civilizations in outerspace to Earth.”


like this???  Ohoto from online…

Rewind please. I’m an independent international reporter, my job is, getting the news, as it’d, happened in the present tense. And she, the woman I’d loved so deeply, for the past, twenty years.

“What’s that you say? I can’t understand it.”

She’d smiled like she always had, slowly stated, “You should know, that this earth we reside on right now, kept sending messages to outerspace, and, some of these messages included the human greetings, the sounds of nature, and even, the funny recordings of the presidents of the bigger nations in the U.N. too……………so, they’re, probably, wanting to, communicate with living beings outerspace.”

She said, “We’d, received all the messages. And you’d all, collected the electromagnetic waves, and analyzed our signals, to seek out possible living beings in outerspace, and all the moves you made, we’re, very much aware of, although, we’d felt, that your actions aren’t, useful or fruitful, but, we’d, commended you all, for trying as hard.”

“You, you are, from outerspace, an ALIEN!………and so?”

“So, I have to admit, our union, was for, a purpose.”


“My maker from outerspace, made me into a ‘message in a bottle’, sent me to outerspace You all thought: there are, many aliens living on earth already, nope, only me, I’m, the one, and only, there are, messages of civilization from outerspace inside of my body, but, since the beginning of man, I’d been set, adrift on the seas, no humans ever, discovered me, read me, how many centuries had it been, how old am I now? And, it’s, pointless, for you, to guess that, I’d looked the same in the past, and in the present, the one you’d, loved.”

“I…love…you”, I’d, stated, timidly.

“Since humans can’t find me, I’d, come and found you. I love you too, this, is the truth, but there’s, another more important reason—you are, an independent reporter of international news, needed to travel around the globe, to interview and to write out your reports, and you’d, needed to be doing it, LIVE!”

like this???  Photo from online…

“What does it have to do with doing it LIVE?”

“Just be patient and hear me out. Every time we were together, for short periods of time, I’d, saved some messages onto you, I’d not dared put too much on, fearing, that you couldn’t, handle it, little by little, do you know how many messages I’d, saved on you already? You can imagine me as, the digital binary codes that kept coming, the history of all civilizations in the universe, is all on me.”

“So, to be clear~~~there’s that digital letter from the universe inside of you then, and your body is, like the bottle (a vessel) then.”

I’d continued, “No wonder I’m growing more and more interested by the astronomy no matter where I go, when I’d gazed up at the stars, I’d, found the comfort I’d, longed for, no longer was I in fear, even if I was in the midst of a war with myself or with the outside world, I’d not, feared.”

“You said, that you can’t write the news unless you’re, right there in the actions. I’d arrived to the scenes through you, and, passed the codes in my body through you, to all corners of the world. You’d asked me, why don’t I, do it myself? It’s simple, because the messages needed to have the help from the compassions and the love to be able to get sent. I know, that being a reporter, you can’t just, go on your curiosity, you’d, loved your job so much, because of your compassion toward others, and how much you’d, cared for the world, isn’t it?”

“I’m not so sure.”

“In these twenty years, you’d become, a middle-aged man, you’d once smiled and told me how amazing it was, I could, keep looking young, I’m sure, that being a journalist like you, you would’ve, already, figured it out. And, as I’m telling you this tonight, you may believe it, or don’t, it’s the truth. As a ‘message in a bottle’, drifted to earth from outerspace, my mission is, expired now, the order I’d received was, to persuade you, to become, another ‘message in a bottle’, you now have, all the codes of the civilizations from outerspace, I just need to, kiss you, then, you’d, get activated. If you’d not accept, then, everything will become, digitized, and become, an oracle (to prevent your contact with another human being, and spilling out the secrets I’d, shared with you).”

“What I care about right now is…are you……leaving me?”

“Dearly, if your body becomes a message in a bottle, then, I’m, inside of you.”

“Can I still, work as a reporter?”

“You can still, work as an independent reporter for international news.”

“But, after hearing you out, I’d wanted to become, an ‘universal independent reporter’, I wanted to, interview the ‘higher being’ that’s, turned you, into a message in a bottle………”

“Ahhh, I’d, forgotten, about your occupational hazard!”

“I wanted to take you along, to love, to care about, this entire universe.”

“Uhhh, I’d been, joking with you tonight, there’s, NO truth in what I’d told you tonight.”

“You know what, reason why I’d become, an international independent news reporter, is because I’m in search of that ‘message in a bottle’ from outerspace all over the world.”

So, do you think this woman is playing with this man? I don’t think so, she’d, shared, that most intimate part of herself, to test if he’ll, still love her, and, he does, and, from her mini-“experiment”, she knew, she’d, found herself, a good man, who’d, cared about the rest of the outside world.


The Air, My Friend

The column by Jimi Liao, ‘cuz it’s, another MONDAY!!! Translated, by me…image from UDN.com…

There’s Nothing We Can Do Now

But, Just Keep the Beautiful & Passion-Filled Summer in Our Minds

And so, all you’re left with, is the memories, of those, good ol’ days, and yet, sometimes, you can’t even have that……but hey, that’s L-I-F-E, isn’t it???