Once, Inside a Reflection, a Poem

a painting of Narcissus from online…

On falling in love, and the timing was, WRONG!!! Translated…

I Once Saw You in a Reflection

The Skies Then Were, Bluer, than Blue

The Flowers, More Aromatic than Ever Before

And, You Appeared, So Breathtaking

For My Sake

And Those Sorrowful Tunes, Became Like the Funeral’s March

The Marches Became, Like the Whitened Towns

With Each Sunset, Imprinting Those

Elongated Shadows, into the Rivers

You’d, Stepped in the Innocence of Unknown

And I, Was Merely, Passing by, as the Sun Sets, a Careless

Piece of the Puzzle, and Just so Happened

I Caught a Gaze of Your Fiery-Red Hair

Back then, Life Was Multi-Dimensional

And Life Became, Geometric Shapes

Made by the Strokes of Picasso

They’re, All Blue

Not Collecting the Bitterness

Without Any Laws

Just, Taking Over the Heart, that Multi-Colored Arch

Poured the Birds, All Over the Skies

Not Knowing What Sorrow is

Or what Happiness Entailed

Those Heavy Days, the Sorrows

Were All, Separated, by a Thin Film

Why Had I, Seen You

In a, Reflection

The Spring Learned to Be Lonely

The Clouds of Worries, Rose Up to Your Brows

Time Became a Heavy Chain

And Since, I’d, Learned to Look Out

From the Vents

Why is it, that I’d

Met You Inside

A Reflection

So, there’s, that sense of regret, perhaps??? Because, had the narrator not met this other person the way that s/he had, then, maybe, there’s, a chance, for love to keep going, but, because, the narrator had met that person in a reflection, that, is why, the relationship was, doomed, because, unless you want to DROWN like Narcissus, you should KNOW better, than, to fall in love, with a reflection, because it’s NOT real!!!

These Leftover Dreams…

These, leftover dreams, they’d, no longer tasted fresh, and yet, we’re still, keeping them, why?

These, leftover dreams, from god KNOWS how long ago, look at all those age spots, all those wrinkles on them?  Why are we, bothering, keeping up with them, huh?  They’re, so outdated, and useless now!

like these???  not my photograph.

These, leftover dreams, like those takeout boxes you have from your leftovers at the restaurants, you take them home, stick it into the fridge and, forget about their existences, until one day, as you, rummage through the fridge, came that STENCH, then, you start, digging into the DEPTH of those slots inside the fridge, and find it…………

These, leftover dreams, we should probably just, throw them out, they’re, NOT fresh anymore, I mean, we can, always, make them up again, can’t we?  After all, they all came out of, our minds, didn’t they?  And, so long as our minds are still, functional, then, making more of them dreams should be, a cinch, isn’t that right???

So, just, throw these, leftover dreams away, they’re, taking up too much space, cramping MY style (as I KNOW I HATE clutters!!!), and, there’s just, NO more extra room here, for them, and, I refuse, to take out a storage unit for all of their sakes!  (Costs money, energy to maintain the storage, etc., etc., etc., etc., you know how the drill goes!)

like leftover foods, it all, goes into the TRASH!!!  Not my photo still…

Away, from the Civilized World…

We had, ventured, away, from the civilized world, because we want an alternative experience of life, is that correct?  But instead, what we received, was that more than harsh dose of cruel, cold reality!

Away, from the civilized world, that, is NO easy way to live, especially when you’d been raised to rely on modern day invention such as the internet, the light bulb, electricity, a working TOILET????  Imagine, how difficult it will be, once you got really, used to these good ol’ modern day comfort inventions that makes our lives, that much easier, and all of a sudden, you’d, taken yourselves, to this part of the world that’s so desolate, so, without ANYBODY else…

like this…not my photograph…

Away, from the civilized world, there’s, always that unchartered territory within each and every one of us, that’s, locked up, and we don’t know where the key is, we’re just, thumbing around, rummaging through this huge pile of CRAP that we found ourselves in, to find that needed key, to unlock this door, so we can, go somewhere, and only when we’d found that long-lost key, and put it into the keyhole, turn it, opening up that door, we’d become, disappointed, because what’s inside that “secret door #1”, is exactly what is outside of it, god DAMN it!!!

Away, from the civilized world, means that you’re, returning to the most primitive ways of living, relying on what the land has to offer, planting your own food, hunting, fishing, living off the land, and, without the proper life skills we’d needed (as a necessity, for survival’s sake???), we’re all bound to get brutally, MURDERED by the wilderness……………

or, like this…not my photograph still…




The Rehearsals on Set, a Poem


Meditate X-Ray Vision

Measure & Weigh that Gigantic, Gorgeous


rehearsals on set 的圖片結果what it’d looked like, before the show starts…photo from online…

I Already, Relieved Myself of the Quality of

the Internal Flames.  The Moment I Touched

the Plot with the Extension of My Hands

Instinct Suddenly, Shoved Me Outside the Doors

And, I Was, Faced with

Everything that Happens On the Set at the Moment

Waiting Until the Rice Grew Past My Knees

That Sensation that Compelled Me to Pull Them Up

Sounded off the Alarms of Joy

getting ready for the show 的圖片結果in makeup, and running that last rehearsal of lines, to make sure that we are, more than prepared…photo from online…

Asking that Sky from Outside My Windows

Are You Too, Afraid of Noises?

So, this, is all someone’s mind, making a scene, so to speak, the narrator is having an introspective moment, and, this is leading the narrator somewhere…

Time, a Poem

So many, metaphors here, translated…

Time is, with the Back of the Hand, Closing in on a Cat

As the Hand Approached that Light Pink Nostrils

that, is how time sneaks up on us…not my comic!


It’d Started, Inhaling the Air So Coldly

So, this, is how this poet interprets time, there’s how greedy the cat become, in consuming the air, which I believe, is a metaphor of how some of us greedily, tried too hard, to keep time from running out………

Save Some Face, for One’s Daughter-in-Law

If you want to do it, then, don’t complaint, and if you want to complain, then, don’t do it, simple as that!  Translated…

“My bad fortune came in the elderly years, I’m already eighty, and still had to cook for my daughter-in-law!”, Auntie Man started complaining to Auntie Rong again.  Auntie Man’s husband died when she was younger, leaving behind, a pair of young children, and she’d worked as a maid, to raise them up into adulthood years.

Since her son married, Auntie Man started carrying the household chores upon herself, so her son, her daughter-in-law can go to work, and, after her grandchild was born, she’d helped out in raising him up too.  Many years later, she’s still responsible, for cooking for her family of five.  She said, that she was, cooking for the sake of her grandson, because her daughter-in-law wouldn’t set foot into the kitchens.  And, Auntie Man would complain to ALL who will listen to her, and in the end, the words got back to the daughter-in-law’s ears, and, she’d treated her mother-in-law even more coldly, the two of them don’t interact at all.

“So, why don’t you just, stop cooking, and let the family take care of their own meals; if you still want to cook, then, don’t complain.  You must think, of how your daughter-in-law would feel, as she’d heard these gossips about her too, that would, make her lose face, right?  You need to be glad, that you’re still, very able-bodied, how many friends of yours had, passed away and died?  You’re more than blessed, to be able to, take care of your own daily living, you are, very blessed!”

After Auntie Rong got through to her, Auntie Man’s moods finally, lifted up, and no longer complained to the neighbors about, how she was, taking care of all the meals of her family, and, the relationship of her and her daughter-in-law improved as well.

So, in this case, the problem rests in the mother-in-law, she doesn’t want to cook for her entire family, and yet, she still did it, and complained about it, and, her complaints got into her own daughter-in-law’s ears, and that, was why her daughter-in-law got on bad terms with her, but, since the friend/neighbor helped the woman see things a different way, she’d stopped complaining, and, as she’d stopped complaining, her relationship with her daughter-in-law improve, and, what do you think that showed?  Exactly!

Bombed by the Rain…

It was, rainin’, really hard as I set out…

Bombed by the rain, everywhere I looked, there were these, thin needles, that pricked up the road, torn it up, like how if you’d, stuck needles into a piece of dough? Yup, it’d, looked like that, only, that the holes wouldn’t be, permanent at all!

Bombed by the rain, the rain was so fucking (and your point being???) hard today, and, it’d, rained like this for about a week or so, and, there’s still NO signs of this season of rain, ending, anytime soon…

like this, only, that the water came from up high, photo from online…

Bombed by the rain, I don’t know, how long this roof over my head will hold, in fact, the last time it’d rained just as hard, those prickly needle-like rain had, fallen, straight into the bucket I’d placed on the floors (yes, this place leaked too!!!). Bombed by the rain, I now have an idea, how those soldiers, dodging the bombs from their enemies felt, only, that this rain “bomb” gets absorbed by my cloth, unlike how the bombs of war can, kill the soldiers, blow them up to pieces!

Bombed by the rain, it’d, felt harsh now, never had this sort of experiences before, I mean, rain was just rain, was just and ONLY rain, don’t know why I’d felt so sentimental about it now? Or perhaps, this is, the very first time it’d rained, after, you’d, walked away from this home we’d built up???

saying goodbye in the downpour…not my art…