A One-Armed Teenager Managed to Bicycle Around the Island in Her Journey, Cried Out of Joy as She Finished This Incredible Journey

Inspiring, isn’t it???  From the Newspapers, translated…

The Mennuo’s Hualien Center and Taoyuan’s Rotary Club yesterday hosted the “2017 Miracle Ride Around the Island”, yesterday morning, thirteen adolescent girls who were placed in the systems finished riding that final mile, a lot of the girls cried, especially for the one-armed adolescent girl, “Fatty”, she’d cried in the press conferences, her becoming emotional had, spread through the news conference.

The adolescent girl with only her left arm, “Fatty” as she was riding out, she’d often, lost her balance, and started wiggling left and right, and because she’d needed to find her balance, she’d almost relied on her lower extremities to keep herself going.  The primary sponsor, Chuang said, he rode behind “Fatty”, and saw her wobbling from left to right, and so, by the seventh day, the inside of her thighs suffered serious abrasions, the leader of the troupe of riders, after evaluating her conditions, told her to rest up in the chaperon car, but she’d refused, and started doing her squatting jumps, to show that she was still with enough energy.

獨臂少女胖胖(左)接受花蓮善牧中心棕樹學園主任黃順妹(右)頒發完騎證書,激動得說...being awarded the certificate of completion and a red envelope for their feat, photo from UDN.com…

In the insistence of the team leader, Fatty finally gone into the car to rest, with tears in her eyes, after she’d rested for a bit, she’d still, insisted on, continue riding, to work hard, to catch up to her teammates.  Chuang said, seeing her like this, it’d, made him cry.  At yesterday’s press conference, he’d cried too, and, Fatty was so worked up she kept wiping her tears away.  The manager of the Palms Learning Center, Huang stated, in the thirteen-day challenge, the girl with one arm, “Fatty”, was the clown of the group, at age eight, because of a car accident, “Fatty” lost her right arm, after she managed to pull herself out of depression, she’d, decided, to live each and every day happily, worked hard, to learn to ride a bicycle, to swim, she’s also, a good singer too.

The thirteen girls set out on the 2nd from Hualien, challenged themselves in the 13-day, 657 kilometers bicycle ride around the island, yesterday, they’d ridden from their last station of a local elementary school, and, returned back to the Palms Learning Center.  The C.E.O. of the nonprofit organization, Chu said, the girls in the program were mostly from broken homes, and required professional company, and so, in this bicycle campout, the girls saw themselves for who they are, learned to express their thoughts, emotions, and, sought out the values of their own lives, and, she believed, that they will be able to, find the ways to solve whatever problems come their way in the future.

So, this, is a challenge that these young women embarked on, to test themselves, to prove that they can, conquer the odds, and they had, and, this, serves, as an inspiration to all, that although they didn’t have homing advantages, with their positive attitudes, their hardworking mannerisms, they are still, able to, beat all the odds on the trip.

Not a Mama’s Boy, a Young Man Out of Difficult Environment Started Part-Timing, Worked His Way into a Manager

How these individuals became successes with their hardworking mannerisms, their stories are truly, inspiring!  From the Newspapers, translated…

Tien is a person who’s family was impacted by the huge earthquake on September 21, 1999, that night, his father died, being buried beneath the rubbles, back then, he was studying in the business high school, he’d injured his left foot in the quakes; he’d part-timed through school, from being on assistance provided by the government, to now, he’s a manager at a storage company, and married, he’d said, “keep living under the protections of the government, I won’t be able to make something of myself.”

Tien said, that after the quakes his family was under economic duress, his mother needed dialysis, his younger sister was in school, he’d transferred from the day programs to the night programs, worked at the Social Services unit of the government, and provided the manual labors, to pay off the debts, and he was paid, a thousand dollars than the minimum wage, but it was enough, to carry his whole family through.

After he managed to get into the night school department of Feng-Jia University, he was pressured by life, schoolwork, plus the social services provided an assortment of needed services, he’d put in the extra hours on the weekends voluntarily, because he didn’t want to fall behind on his workload.  After university, the social services department changed his status to a temp employee, but he’d decided, to “strike out on his own”, started working at the storage company at Nangang Industrial District.

Tien was excellent in computer, and worked diligently, three years later, he was promoted to a managerial position, two years ago when he’d set up his own company and got married, as he’d delivered the invitations to the Social Services Department where he used to work, the manager of the office, Lin said, “a young man like Tien, is truly amazing in that he wasn’t beaten by the circumstances, and made a name for himself.”

“Chun” who is currently a junior in college was raised by her grandparents, her mother left home, her father died early, she’d been receiving assistance from the Taiwan Fund for Children & Families.  She said, that her grandmother worked in janitorial jobs to raise up her and her younger brother, and after she got into college, she’d started, part-timing, worked at gas stations, convenience stores, and now, she’s working at a restaurant, back in high school, she’d envied how her classmates changed cell phones so often, how their parents would come and pick them up, drop them off, but as she saw her grandmother in her sixties going out to work, she’d sworn that she was going to make something of herself.  She said now she’s part-timing through college, and expected there to be no waiting period after she graduated, she’d planned to enter into the workforce, and become an office manager in five years, so her grandmother can work less.

The young woman, Hsu lost her father when she was just nine, her family lost the economic supports suddenly, she saw how hard it was as her mother got out early in the morning to work in the bakery, she’d vowed to get excellent in the finance.  She’d majored in the designs proposals, and after graduation, she’d partnered up with her mother, her boyfriend, and put together a total of $700,000N.T., went to the local areas closer to the university in Taichung, to set up a board game restaurant.

So, these are stories of how people from hard environments worked really hard, to break away from the poverty stricken backgrounds they grew up in, made something of themselves, and, they were successful, because they kept working hard toward a goal that they’d set for themselves, and this still showed, how working hard, is what gets you places!

Erased Those Dreams

You took that eraser, and went across, all those dreams we’d, ever shared from before, and in less than an instant’s time, they’re, all gone!

Erased those dreams, and now, I can’t even recall, what any single one of them entailed, it’s like, I’d gotten, amnesia or something, odd, really, ‘cuz those dreams meant so very much, to me from before, and now………nothing remained.

like that!  Not my photo…

Erased those dreams, like how you and I, never even, existed at all, despite how hard we’d both worked, to salvage this love, you’d still decided, to pull the plug at the end!  Erased those dreams, and now, there’s, not any of us to live in.

Erased those dreams, so, dream up new ones!  It’s not that easy, after all, you’d, lost the trust you’d placed in that someone special, as s/he’d, betrayed your trust, and, made you, lost that important faith you have in your selves, and it’ll take, a very, very, very long time, for you, to find back that lost trust you’d originally had, in your selves from before!

Erased those dreams, let there be, no traces of them left, in my life, I’m, moving on, without the ball and chains these dreams have, holding me back now………

notmy photo still…


The Principal of Liugui Elementary Worked in the Distant Region Schools for Forty-Five Years, Had Slept with Nothing More than a Straw Mat for a Whole Year in the Classrooms

This just showed, the dedication of school officials here, from the Newspapers, translated…

The principal of Liugui Elementary School worked as a classroom instructor for forty-five years, and turned to work as principal for Liugui and Taoyuan, these two distant region schools, the first school was located in Tengji, Taoyuan, back then, there was NO busses, he’d had to walk for five hours uphill to work, he’d stayed in that school for sixteen years before he came back down slopes.  Long-Chuang Huang qualified for the retiring age at the end of this month, he said, he will keep working in the disaster prevention centers, to give all he can, that he wasn’t going to leave his educational post that easily.

Huang was born under the fires of Kinmen, graduated from Teacher’s College back in 1972, was sent to the tallest and farthest Baoshan Elementary’s Tengji Branch to teach, back then, the mountain regions of Tengji was still under construction, there were NO busses, he’d needed to walk, or hitch a ride from the forestry cargo trucks.

“With the steep slopes on one side, a sharp drop on the other, it’d, left a deep impression on me”, Huang told, that back then, it would take him a total of five whole hours, to walk into the Liugui city district, that if he’d hitched a ride from the trucks, it would save him half the time, but, heading downhill was what scared him, the passengers needed to hold on to the wood, to steady themselves, and there were incidence where the natives were crushed to death by the logs; and, being trapped in the mountains by typhoons for months on end became norm, and, the letters he wrote to his families took one whole month to get to them, and vice versa.

六龜國小校長黃龍泉將畢生歲月貢獻在偏鄉學校,手上拿的「多功能防災頭套」是他所發明...the phto of the man, with the disaster prevention device he’d invented, photo courtesy of UDN.com…

Back when he’d started teaching, not only was the traffic quite inconvenient, there weren’t any dormitories for the school instructors, Huang had taken a straw mat, and just camped out in the classroom floors for an entire month, it wasn’t until he got transferred back to the Baoshan Elementary School’s main campus, did his career of camping out on the floor end.  Three, four decades ago, there were a lot of school teachers from the cities who couldn’t adapt to this way of life, but Huang stayed on teaching for sixteen years totally, he’d started teaching closer to the cities back in 1987 at Liugui Elementary School.

As he’d started working as a school principal, Huang had worked in schools in Taoyuan’s Zhangshan, Jienshan, as well as Liugui, and part-timed as the elementary school principal for Baoshan Elementary, and, he’d had a total of twenty-four years spent in Baoshan Elementary.  In his teaching career, he’d worked as the principal of Liugui Elementary twice, the second time he’d returned, was because of how nobody wanted to return back to the school after the Morakot Typhoons that nobody wanted to go to the distant region of Liugui to work.

Because his mother is elderly, three years ago, Huang wanted to retire, back then, the city government had twice attempted to have him stay on, even the close by school’s officials came to ask him to work a bit longer.  Huang said, that there’s a high transferring rate for the instructors teaching in the distant region schools, that children in these areas should have their fair chance at a good education too, that only when the newcomers hold on to this belief, will they last long enough there, that after he retires, he’d intended to work as a committee member of the disaster preventions unit set up by the Department of Education.

This, would be how dedicated this man is to what he does, he’d started out as a school instructor in a place that needed his services the most, and became a principal, worked in the distant region schools, and weathered through a lot of dangers going to and from work, but that still didn’t ruin his passion about offering the services he was offering to the locals.  And that, is the dedications of school officials we all want to have, in the schools all around, isn’t it?





Tiffany Blue Sandals

The dream she was having, reflected her desires that are quite different from her reality, translated…

The duet between the peach girl and the ferryman was very fun, through the public announcer systems by the temples, it was, like another unexpected firework show.  The traditional Taiwanese opera is playing again.  She’d felt stunned a bit, then, her original confused looks, went away, as she’d, strutted toward the front of the temples, where the show was playing.

Other than the corgi, Whitey, the Taiwanese opera was her favorite.  Everybody would make fun of her, that she’d loved the shows so very much, and who knows, maybe, one day, she just, might run off with a member of the troupes!  This joke had made her uncomfortable, but at this time, the mirages seemed, to have become real, and, the jokes became, like a prediction of her futures now.

on every young girl’s wish-list…photo from online…

Actually, she didn’t feel comfortable, headed to the temples to see the performances alone, she’d always had her families with her to go, especially now, she’d worn her new sandals, the color of, Tiffany blue!  All the way, she’d caught the gazes of how the passersby gawked at her sandals, she’d felt that rush!  Yeah, it would be fine enough, wearing those regular flip-flops to see the performances, why did she need to wear the famous maker sandals, it’s not like she’s shopping at the malls!  But, the calls of the shows exceeded her anxieties, plus, she’d wanted to, show them off, she’d quickly, walked to beneath the stages, and found herself a seat.

Her mother and her older sister loved that game of hide-and-seek, as they’d agreed to head out together, she’d put on her shoes in a hurry, but as she ran to the doors, she’d not seen them.  Nobody can run that fast, it’s not like they’d, entered into that magical doorway.  She’d ran into that small alleyway to the left that’s scary, in the darkness, made her way past the smelly slump buckets, until the end of the lane, where the German shepherd started barking, did she, turn around to look.  Carefully, she’d passed the intersections, and, looked into the hair salon, the hairdresser smiled at her.  Passing Huei and Dou’s houses, the originally overflowing street corner was, all too quiet today.  She’d walked, and walked, to the sand boxes, and wanted to play there until she’s covered in dirt, but, she’d, looked down at her new sandals, better not!

Her mother and older sister must be hiding in some corner, waiting for her, then, they’ll, surely, jump out and surprise her, but, she’d already, gone around the areas she’d been daring enough to venture out into already.  The world became too big so suddenly, she’d not known where to turn, and it was, too small, for her, to fit into it.  Until the songs played into her ears, it’d, rescued her out.  That familiar funny tune became, like a river, which she’d found herself to be in, she’d swum endlessly, and, that sense of solitariness, went away, slowly.

The stage is a small wonderful world in itself, the bun of the male lead, and the sideburns of the female lead, it’d made her intrigued.  Loving to draw, she could easily, sketch them into life-life drawings.

spending our childhoods like this…not my artwork…

As the show was over, she’d, gone backstage.  The male lead who’s still in makeup sat cross-legged in her shorts, with the toenails painted bright red, puffed out the smokes.  The male lead who was played by a woman gave her sandals a sideway look, with that look of joking about it, crawling up her lips.  She’d lowered her head, saw that glow, from her Tiffany sandals, illuminating in the setting of the sun.  She’d taken off her sandals, with the courage of god-knows-where-it’d-come, tiptoed into the pickup truck, and hid along the costumes, and the props.

Although, it’s not hard at all, to learn the dramas, she’d been told, but the hardships, were, unspeakable to the outside world.  The times passed, and she’d finally gone on stage, and took the male leading role, and, she’d gone on stage and immediately, took up her role.  The aunty who’d played the male lead told her, that the audience was there, to watch her perform, her entrance always brought about the whispers, “So young, so young………”

The climax of the show was about to happen now, the main character’s coming down the streets got out.  That very day, there was, a warm welcome, the unreal version of herself on stage that day, portrayed the segments, of her long and distant memories.  Passing through the walls of the familiar, the strange, the admiring, the demeaning looks, she’d finally remembered, what it was, she was, searching for all these years.  The virtual and the reality impacted and broke, and the hole enlarged quickly.  The cracks became a blackhole, sucking in all the times that had passed, stirred up the parallel universes, she’d fallen, into that whirlpool without end now………

Clink, clink, the steel gates of her yard opened and closed.  Her mother and older sister are back.  She’d opened up her eyes, and, the dog was, chewing the Tiffany colored sandals that were fallen to the sides.  Actually, she’d not gone anywhere, she’d just, dozed off, on the steps, but she’d, waken up tired, like she’d gone through, a lifetime’s worth of experiences already.

The remains of the sandals still illuminated the twisted glows, she’d picked them up, put them into the trash, like she was, throwing away the broken pieces, chipped off, from her own childhood.

So, it’s actually a dream that this young child’s had, but, she’d passed through an entire lifetime’s worth of things in her dreams.  The line between reality and dreams is blurred here, because the dream was so very real to this child, she’d mistaken that she was a character that she’d portrayed in the dreams.

She Didn’t Let Her Paralysis Defeat Her, Instead, She’d Worked Hard at a Skill and Became a Lecturer, “I Can’t Give Up”

Look at the amazing strength of this woman here, she NEVER gave up, just kept working hard, toward her own dreams, from the Newspapers, translated…

A slip and fall, Jing-Hsiang Tsai became a quadriplegic, the tracks of her life became, completely, a mess, and yet, she was able to use her own strong will, to help her stand back up again.

The fifty-four-year-old Tsai originally worked for a special eds school in Taipei, three years ago, as she was making the deliveries of the meals for the students, she’d taken the trays from the first floor to the fourth, because the light was too dimly lit, she’d missed a step, hit her head on the doors, became a quadriplegic.

蔡錦香擺脫癱瘓,站了起來,努力學麵包花。 記者施鴻基/攝影photo from UDN.com…

Tsai recalled that back then, the doctors told her that there was only fifty-percent chance she will survive, she refused to become a quadriplegic for the rest of her life, chosen to have the surgical procedures, because “I want to live”.  Back then, before her anesthesia wore off, she thought that the operations wasn’t successful, and although after the surgeries, she was able to move her arms and legs, she’d needed to relearn everything like an infant.

She recalled, the very first year of her physical therapy, each and every time was like getting her skin peeled off of her body, the second year, the same feelings happened again, and to this day, she’d still suffered from the aftermaths of having sensitive nerves, as the weather grew hotter, she can’t have any air-conditioning, not even the electric fans, instead, she’d needed to have the covers up, and wore two layers of pants.

But, the trials of her life had, just begun, her husband’s divorcing her didn’t beat her down, the nightmares came, the insomnia, anxieties, and pains, she’d gotten used to them all, and, the older brother who’d looked after her passed away around this time.  She’d sobbed, without her older brother, she’d told herself, to never give up, because if she had, then, there would be, NO hope in her life.

蔡錦香憑意志力,擺脫癱瘓,站了起來。 記者施鴻基/攝影here she is, after she’d regained the muscle strengths in her legs, photo from UDN.com still…

After her left hand regained thirty-percent of strength, she’d started clay sculpting at Tsai-Wei Chu’s Arts & Crafts, she’d held back her pains from the pains, slowly, molded the clays, and, made the life-life sculptures.

Sometimes, as she’d worked for eight to ten hours on end, she’d felt satisfied, and now, with her right finger, she could hold the small petals still, without them falling from her hands, she’d gotten into the advanced levels, and now, she just needed to wait for the approvals then, she would’ve, gained her lecturing certification.  As she’d become troubled with the economics, the Labor Department of Hsinbei City provided the monetary support for her physical disabilities, to support her path on the arts, in the future, she hoped to have her own exhibition, and she wanted to return to lecturing at the workplaces as she’d become more mobile in the futures, to inspire others using her own life’s experiences.

So, this woman had, overcome the difficulties with her persistence, and, despite this curve ball life threw at her, she’d still, worked hard, to overcome, and she had, that just shows, how if you work hard, and not give up as life got tougher, your life will find a way, to work itself out.





Gifts, on Filial Relations


Before, we’d celebrated Mother’s Day early with mom, but, through the entire meal, mom clearly, became quieter; I’d planned to take her on a trip, but she’d told me she wasn’t, up to it, and it was, all because, the house didn’t get rented out yet.

It was, a suite, located in Taipei, when everything wasn’t built up yet, she’d, saved everything to buy.  The rents my mother earned helped her with getting the money needed, for raising us, and now, it’s also, a source of retirement fund for her.  From in the past, we’d relied on the red paper postings to rent out the place, to now, posting the ads online for her, and to keep her from stressing herself out, I’d worked as a realtor, showing the comers the place.

an apartment for rent, like in the article, however, the place would be, much older in the article than in this photograph…photo from online…

Sometimes, those who are interested in the property would come in the afternoons, mostly, in the evenings.  Some would make an appointment, but never showed up, and as I’d called their cell, I got redirected, straight into the voicemails; some who’d come see the place were, apparent, drug addicts, after they saw the property, they’d, started, harassing us, to get the funding for something.  As for those desired tenants, they’d often thought that the place wasn’t new enough, after all, the house ages with my mother, and even AS we’d, replastered the walls, it was, still, very hard, to cover up the years, and so, for many nights, my running to and fro were for, naught.

Before the next set of renters came, I sat in the couch in the bedroom to rest a bit, and, the secondhand tick-tocked in the house, and, all of my fatigue, my sacrifice, and being threatened, it’d all reminded me of mom.

a place like this, maybe???  Photo from online…

I’d just, put up some time, and yet, she’d, given herself to her family her whole life, we are like my mother’s suite, locked her youth up, her freedom, and all other possibilities of her life, and what we’d returned back to her was, her hunched over back, and her increased worries over us, and so, I’d not, given up on any chance, to give my mother, a gift that she’d wanted for a long, long time.

I’d taken photos from various angles, wrote out the passages, and finally, met someone who knew how to appreciate my mother’s property, someone who was able to, look beyond the grayish yellow walls, and saw its square and straight angles, along with that lighted lanai.  No matter how old the properties, something good can be found about them, and deserved to get treated well.  After it was over, I’d called my mother up, asked her to come out for a while, this time, she’d gladly took my offer.  

I’d also wanted to let her know, that she’d finally waited until I’d grown up, and can give her a gift she wanted, and if I could, I hope, to give her more in the futures.

So, this, is how the offspring worked so very hard, to help her/his mother get her place rented out, and, the property was a metaphor for the aging elderly, no matter how old the place is, there is, always something wonderful about it, if only, you look harder to find it, just like how as we age, although we’d lost our youth, we’d, gained, wisdoms in return…