A Dusty Reminder, of His Shiny Moments…

That championship trophy he’d won for his team became nothing more than a dusty reminder, of his shiny moments, and, now??? He’d gotten, that fat belly, from drinkin’ too much, and as a COUCH potato.

It’s hard to imagine, from the way he’d looked right now, that he was once, so hot, so handsome, so fit, but hey, we ALL had our moments, don’t we? A dusty reminder, of his shiny moments, that, is what his whole life’s been about, he’d, gone by his parents’ wishes, gone to state on a full sports scholarship, he would’ve gone pro too, had he not, sustained a serious injury, that took him OUT of the sports ring!

查看來源圖片like these, somewhere, stashed, in an unknown attic, tarnished…not my photo…

And, after that STAR had, lost its, shine, he’d become, less than mediocre, he only found work in that factory, slaving his life away, for less than minimum pay, with NO sure retirement pension either!

And yet, whenever he’d started at the trophy that was placed, at the mantle, it’s like, he’d gotten, turned back, into the KING of the world, and yup, in a sense, he is, a king, a king of his, double-wide!!!

A dusty reminder, of his shiny moments, that, is all that he has now, as he sat on that couch with the BUTT imprint, scratching himself, in unsightly places, with the T.V. blasting loud, to drown out the memories of all of those, could’ve been, should’ve been, and would’ve’s………


My Son’s Chasing His Dreams of Becoming a Professional Gamer

Despite how many obstructions there were, in the path that took him to see his own dreams come true, translated…

It’d been a year since my son’s last return home, and during this period of time, I’d met up with him several times, opened up my mind, and put down the prejudices I’d held of him in the past, and just, listened to him sharing his plans of competing in computer games. Seeing how he’d talked of how hard he’d worked, I’d felt that warmth from within me, and although he’d only seen the sprouts of his own labor, but, he’d kept going on strong, I’m more than certain that he will, achieve what he’d set out to.

I’d asked him when he’d started wanting to go in the directions of online gaming competitions? Turns out, the conflicts we’d engaged in when he turned fifteen, was when his dreams first started, sprouting. Back then, he’d, ignored his school work completely, and didn’t care if he was going to graduate or not, after school, he’d, hugged tightly, onto his laptop. I’d often received calls of concerns from his homeroom instructor, but my son in his teenage rebellion couldn’t hear a word I say, and we’d often, fought like crazy.

on the path, to become a professional gamer, photo from online…on the path to become a professional gamer 的圖片結果

Because of my divorce, my son lived with me in my parents’ house since he was three; my parents felt bad, and, started, loving their grandson too much, and I’d often wondered, if my parents were, spoiling him, so I’d often, acted as the disciplinarian. And so, we’d fought in the wars when he was a teen, and, as I was on the verge of breaking down, my son’s second eldest uncle from his father’s side took him to live in the countryside.

With that distance between us, we’d slowly, sorted, through our own emotions. And, I’d contemplated, that as we’d lived together under the same roof, I’d never, given him the time of day, to hear his dreams out. I’d not tried to understand him, just kept preventing him. He saw me with a frown all day, like a porcupine, he’d not, wanted to come home anymore. Everything in his behavior, was caused by my neglect of him, and I’d, felt awful and ashamed, for not being there for him emotionally.

After he was away from my field of vision, he’d received a ton of bad words about him in the countryside, but he’d persisted in his own dreams, and even as he’d had a job that everybody felt pleased about, to chase his dreams, he’d, quit, and, he’d become, the subject of everybody else’s gossips, and they’d called him, “up to no good”.

And now, my son loved sharing with us his work, and, although his grandparents still couldn’t quite understand what exactly is gaming competition, but, they’d felt their grandson shone of that confidence and light. And, this child, in the voices that spoke against his dreams, still walked out his own path, and I wish him the best.

to this…photo from online…competing in online games 的圖片結果

And so, despite ALL those voices that spoke against his dreams, this young man still pursued what made him happy endlessly, and that takes courage, because, not a lot of people can withstand the noises from outside, and most would normally just, give up on the dreams, and do something that’s, more accepted by the families, but NOT this particular young man, and because he had the courage to go after his dreams, he’s already, a success, no matter how he’d turned out.

A Love Letter to My Social Worker, Ms. Liu

Working as a social worker, she comes into contact with, ALL the bad things that happen to people’s lives, and so, it’s, very important, to have a supportive and understanding “better half” who will, help her through the toughness she’d encountered from her work daily, translated…

Recalling How When I First Met You, What Attracted Me to You, was Your Occupation Column that Had “Social Worker”………

Recalling how the very first time I met you, what attracted me to you, was your occupation of “social worker”.

圖/Tankthat hand, was excatly, what he’d, needed, and she’d, shown that to him, illustration from the papers onlilne…

Before you, the stereotypes I had of social workers are those instances on the news where the social workers didn’t get there in time, to stop the tragedies, how the society judged them, over critically for it; or, as my mother was hospitalized, and I couldn’t afford to pay for her care, an social worker entered into the ward, and said to us, “There are the assistance programs offered for the poverty-stricken families without the interests, just pay up the medical charges as you can slowly.” In the past, I’d not quite, understood the risk, and the hardships of a social worker, until, I’d, met up with you.

Those Talks Late at Night

The love we’d found, was sparked over the late night conversations we’d shared.

Before I knew you, I was originally, someone who’d, VOWED to leave the heartfelt stories behind in this world, a novelist, but, the four years of cutting off ALL contacts with the outside world, and focusing on my writing had, taken me, into, the deep end, I’d become someone who would have, this splitting headache, as I’d, started focusing, for an hour, or two at a time. I’d suddenly, lost the motivations of my own life, and the goals, and, what was left for me in life, was nothing but the barrenness and the emptiness of it all.

Right at the moment, that, I’d, wanted it to be over completely, your profile from an online dating site registered into my eyes, I’d decided, to work up my courage, and left a message for you, “I’m truly in awe of your courage, willing, to be someone who helps others. The love of man can bring fatigue, but, the love of God will always be there for you when you need.”, and you’d, replied back to me, genuinely, and it’d, sparked that opening of many conversation topics we’d, come to share: I’d disclosed to you how my mother’s suicide attempts in my middle school years had, affected me, and the joys I’d had, telling my students all the stories; and you’d, started telling me of a case you have, on how a mother had, refused, to show ANY love, along with a daughter who got raped, by the man her mother was, cohabiting with, and, how she’d, said she’d, wanted to go home, after being, placed in emergent custody.

With the increase in our conversations, I’d started feeling awe of your work: there was a case with the special callings, that can see “things that others can’t when s/he was younger, walking around”; there was a case whose home was, filled with recycled junk, and had, taken the rancid fish, and cooked it for lunch; and there was one who’d, abused drugs and started, hallucinating, and picked up a knife, and, jabbed it into his heart…………all of these tales, were, shocking to me, and my dear, you’d gotten involved in these stories, for a decade. I’d finally understood, how your department received the bonusses in pay, along with the pepper spray.

That evening, after you’d logged off, I’d written down: a woman’s job, is to sort through the many problems of the families, ringing their bells, knocking on their doors, say to them, “hi, I’m a social worker, here, to help you.” Suddenly, it’d, dawned on me, how you are able to, work so long, at your job, because what you’re doing, was exactly like what your beloved Father had done—giving yourself, wholeheartedly, not only saving those in need, you’d also, helped, pulled those who are, slowly sinking in the world, back up.

Meeting Up After We’d Experienced Our Separate Shares of Traumas

After I’d met you, the migraines that were, troubling me for a long time, suddenly, got cured, as if, by magic, and, in its place, was the respect, and love I’d felt for you, doing what you did. You’d, performed a miracle on me, it’d, made me believed, that you are, a god that, soothed my pains. And so, you can’t imagine how much heart ache I’d felt for you, after I’d, read through your diary postings and your FB pages.

I shall never forget, that photo which was, buried, among the endless photos, with just, you in it—you, sitting still, staring at the stone-paved floor ahead, lacking that focus in your eyes, there was, that silent scent of loss, that got, saved, in the still frame, which was, captured, by your best friend with whom you’d taken the trip with, and it’d, become, branded, into my heart too.

I’d read from your online journal, that that scent of loss came from your witnessing too much sorrows from work; although, you’d, worked hard, and used your faith, to help you handle all of this, you’d also found, that other than your faith, you had, nobody else you can, rely on, and, he who’d, left you long ago, already found, someone new.

You’d asked yourself, “Why isn’t there a man to love me? And hold me tightly, when I’m in need?” sitting at my end of the computer screen, I started crying, I’d wanted to ask: how can God, be so cruel, making an already, too brave woman, face all of this, on her own?

Perhaps, we can choose to believe, that God had, arranged for our two beautiful souls to meet, after all the pains we’d weathered through, so we can, realize, just how, precious and hard-to-come-by this love is, that what we found in one another, was worth, the promises of forever for.

After you said “I do”, I can finally, take care of you, as I’d, always hoped to, hold you in my arms every day, and hear you tell me of the various cases you’d encountered.

That day, you’d told me, that an unwed mother was in the birthing room, and hadn’t, called you back yet, and finally, you’d gotten the answer, then, you’d, carried in the lunches for two in, to visit her. “Are you her first visitor after she gave birth?” I’d inquired. “Yup, because she didn’t DARE tell her father, that she had, another child”, you’d answered. I’d smiled, and continued listening, and what you didn’t know was, I felt, so very, proud of you from deep down, because my wife is, an angel who’d, brought the hopes to the unfortunate in the world. Your name is: social worker.

And, it takes, a lot of strengths, to work in this specific area, because you are going to encounter a TON of bad things, and, everything that gets sent to the social workers’ stations are, always the awful things in the societies, and, you need to have a strong heart, that blind optimism about life, in order, to last long in this field of work that you’re in.


Saved from a Puppy Mill, He Became a Learning Support Service Dog

Here’s something, inspirational, from the Newspapers, translated…

Helping the Special Needs Student Improve Their Reading Abilities

To help the special education students get more focused into reading, the Pingdong Technical University recently set up a service dog training program, to help the students increase their reading abilities, to increase their levels of self-confidence. “Beans” yesterday went on duty at the Department of Education, his trainer disclosed, that two years ago, he was rescued from a puppy mill, and since he’d entered into the reading help programs, he’d, already, helped a ton of students.

The children are innately curious toward cute critters, through the company of the service dogs, the students were, more willing to calm themselves down to read. The assistant professor of animal medicine and pet beauty, Chih, back in 2007, started getting involved with the Pingdong Technical University’s “Service Dogs Training program” sponsored by the government, he’d now, become the primary person behind the reading service dogs program now.

here’s our canine hero, from hinet.net…從繁殖場逃過死劫,學習輔助犬「小豆豆」伴特教生讀繪本。記者吳佩旻/攝影

After Chih started working with Pingdong Technical University, he’d gone to the U.S. to study, and earned multiple service animal training certificates, and was qualified as a trainer, he’d gone to take up guide dog trainer program in Japan too, and he’d trained the service dogs to date after his return back to Taiwan. In 2015, he and the president of Pingdong Technical University, Dr. Gu started discussing the service dog training program, and they’d taken example from the U.S.’s “R.E.A.D. Dog” experiences, and started, introducing the service dogs into “reading”, and worked hand-in-hand with the special educations department of the university, and set the program into action in seventeen middle and elementary school in the areas of Pingdong and Kaohsiung.

Chih said, as the reading starts, the trainer, the dog, and the reader needed to sit in a triangle, with the dog in between the trainer and the reader, in the safe environments, with the children’s curiosities for the animals, making the students willing to tell the stories to the dogs. As children diagnosed with Asperger’s, A.D.H.D. read the illustrated books, the dogs looked very relaxed, and their only duties were, to lay next to the kids, and listen with focus, and sometimes, they’re, trained to turn the pages of the book with their front paws, or, putting their paws on the readers’ shoulders. The more focused the dogs, the more children get into the reading, and, slowly, they’d, fallen in love with the act of reading books.

He’d shared, that there were students, who, with the help from the service dogs, became more confident about their reading abilities; and there were originally those students who were, uninterested in reading books, but, in order to read to the dogs, the words they’d, mispronounced, after practice, they’d, read through the entire texts without any errors, and there were students who’d, set up the goal of becoming a service dog trainer one day, and the grades improved suddenly.

Chi said, different than the guide dogs, these reading service dogs don’t have any breed specifications, genders, or age, the most important thing is they needed to be emotionally stable, otherwise, when they are working, they would show their teeth, and, it may scare, even hurt the children they are trying to help. The reading companion dogs usually need to undergo six months’ training, and, in their trainings, they’d needed to, socialize themselves with the other animals, their surrounding environments, and parents too, including being able to accept children screaming, and all the noises, and, as the children suddenly touched them, they can still maintain their stability in moods, that would be passing the trainings.

Beans is already two years old, before he’d become a learning service dog, he had, an awful past. His trainer, Cheng told, that two years ago, Beans was rescued from a puppy mill in Sinchuang, back then, twenty, thirty puppies were caged up together, the living conditions were, unsanitary, and, every one of those puppies looked, almost dead, thankfully, he’d made, a complete recovery, and his talents for working as a reading dog was, discovered, he’d already, helped a lot of children already. Recently, the team is opening up the household pets to join in the training programs, hoping to include the household pets too.

And so, this, is an amazing program, to help children to learn, because animals have that soothing effect on children, and, the dogs are, rescued too, so, it’s a win-win for both!


My Husband’s Lifelong Dreams

Battling with herself, in whether or not to stand behind her husband’s dreams of owning a heavyset motorcycle, after all, it is, his, lifelong dream, and he’d, given everything he had, to his loved ones, translated…

After reading “Giving it a Shot” on January 21st, the writer in order to take one regret off her husband’s bucket list, she’d chosen to let go, to let him live his dreams, and stood behind him in his entrepreneurship in midlife, it’d, touched me.

My husband’s dreams consisted of owning a heavyset motorcycle, to feel the wind in his face. A decade ago, he’d passed his motorist license test, he was, a step closer to this dream of his, there was, a long time, that during the weekends or holidays, we’d, gone touring to the heavyset motorcycle shops.

to do this…photo from online…

But, the cost of one motorcycle runs in the million dollar range, it wasn’t, a normal family with regular wages can afford, plus, there were, the news of how people were killed and injured seriously in these, motorist accidents, and so, I wasn’t, supportive of him owning a heavyset motorcycle. Besides, my husband is not tall, and after he’d gained weight in midlife, he’d looked more like a “potato, with four toothpicks” after he’d fitted himself in the leather attire for riding, too far from “handsome”. The pressures from the household economics, his wife’s worries, plus not looking as thrifty as he thought he would after getting equipped up, he’d decided, to temporarily, drop this dream of owning a heavy motorcycle, to save up the money, and lose some weight first.

At the end of last year, he’d come to me, timidly, said, that there was a heavy set motorcycle made in Taiwan, that’s, a bit cheaper, and fitted to his height. “I’m getting older now, I won’t ride too fast, you shouldn’t worry, plus, I’m 55 next year, if I don’t buy it now, I won’t have another chance to see my dreams come true!” And, seeing how sorrowful and pitiful he’d looked, I’d, bitten down hard, closed my eyes, then, nodded at him.

He’d gladly told all his friends and families, but, the voices stacked up against him. All who knew him, tried deterring him due to reasons of safety, and how he’s, older, and blamed me for not putting an end to his nonsense, and he’d, become, hesitant.

Not long thereafter, he’d tossed out the cherished photographs of those heavyset motorcycle that he’d gone to look at three times a day, and decided to give it all up. I’d asked him, out of shock, repeatedly, are you sure? Don’t you think it’ll be a shame? He said, that his hobby had, caused so many that he’d cared about to worry over him, that it wasn’t, worth it.

Of course, I was very happy, that this, was the end of that, but, as I’d, thought about how hard he’d, saved every last penny he’d earned to give to this family, and only had this “small” dreams that’s his own, that he’d dreamed of his whole life, and couldn’t see come true, I’d felt, a bit, bad for him. And after reading, “Rolling that die”, I’d thought, that maybe, I should be like the writer, and just, support my husband, in his dreams too.

And so, after her husband finally gave up the thought of owning a heavyset motorcycle, this woman should be hooraying, but she wasn’t, because she’d realized, that it was her husband’s lifelong dream to own a heavyset motorcycle, and, that if she doesn’t support him, then, who will?


The Unspoken Secret

A lie, to make their mother feel blessed, the only time that lying is, good, translated…

“I’m in my eighties, and had, just won my very FIRST receipt prize of $200, I’m truly, happy~”, my mother couldn’t hold back her joy, and I’d, held back my smiles, and felt, more than glad for her.

That was, the secret that’s been hidden, inside us sisters five’s minds. My mother who’s very old-schooled, rarely went out to shop, and, many years, my third youngest coaxed her to shop at the supermarkets, and, she’d bought a bag of toilet paper, received a very first receipt in her life, she’d, taken the receipt home gleefully.

圖/Dofaillustration from the papers online…

Because of her simple mind, my mother always believed everything we’d, told her, on the day the numbers were posted, my third youngest sister asked my mother to bring the receipt over, because she’d, won a prize. “Wow, mom, you’d, won! Congrats!”, my third youngest turned over to us, and squinted her eyes, and hollered aloud. And my mother didn’t know, that the prize was my third youngest sister, pleasing my mother, she’d, made it up.

Because our father died young, and there’s, no money he’d, left behind, my mother became a widow at a very young age, other than taking care of five young children she’d needed to, take care of her mother-in-law who was, elderly, and had a stroke, and bedridden too. The neighbors who’d lived in the common dorms, couldn’t bear that she’d had to, face so many hardships in her life, they’d once, tried to convince my mother, who was very beautiful, to remarry again, but she’d, said no, and raised us all up into adults, and, the hardships is unimaginable to anybody else.

Since I’d started my own business, my mother who was educated by the Japanese ways, would follow me to and from work, and helped answered the calls at my firm. When she has the spare times, she’d picked up the newspaper, and learned to read. She’d often made fun of herself, “I’m reading whatever comes to me.” but, the progresses she’d made was, incredible. Awhile ago, she’d read the articles on the papers word for word, and, felt, that a lot of the stories that were written, had coincided with her life experiences, then at the very end, she’d finally realized, that the article had been, written by her own daughter, and started smiling right away.

She’d started using a computer lately too, to have webcam conferences with my youngest sister and her granddaughter. On the weekends, she’d taught herself to play the piano in the top floor of our home, and used her Japanese phonetics, and taught herself the twenty-six alphabets in English too; my mother’s love of learning, had passed through forty years’ time, and now, every Tuesday afternoon, my third youngest sister would accompany her to her art classes.

Everything my mother does, became something all of us modeled after. I think, now, without the strains or the lacking of the resources, the only thing that’s pressing right now, is to make my mother happier. That, was why my third youngest sister had, made up the lies of how my mother had, won the receipt drawings back then.

And, for all the years, as the winning numbers were, posted on the newspapers, and seeing how we were, disappointed that we didn’t, win, she’d always, consoled us, and recalled, how blessed she was, of winning that time. And, that childish smile that, expanded across her face, was what we’d enjoyed seeing, the most. And, this secret that we’d kept for so very long, the five of us, sisters, will, continue to keep.

And so, this mother is satisfied with so very little, probably because of the environment she was, raised in, and, these five sisters had, made up a tiny lie, to make their mother feel she was, blessed, and, it’s a good lie, to make their mother happy.


Aunty Who Loves to Paint

How this woman was, able to overcome the trials of her life by taking up a hobby, the features of a woman, translated…

As the children became independent, the aunty who’s already past fifty thought that she could, finally, graduate from her roles of a “good mother” and a “good wife”, but, my uncle fell ill suddenly, it’d, messed everything up. For the futures they’re to have after retirement, my aunt knew she couldn’t leave the workforce yet, but this didn’t stop her from mapping out her dreams.

She’d loved dancing and singing, and has a talent in art too. I’d seen her, so focused as she sketched things onto the papers, and her work consisted of classics and modern, she’d even had an exhibit with her friends who shared the same love for art. Seeing how my aunt stood in front of her canvas, in smiles, I’d felt, she looked, so radiant.

Is it because she’s not willing to lose the passions she has for her life? I’m truly in awe, of her energies, every time I’d visited or called her, I couldn’t help but ask her, when she will be showing her new work, or at least, to post them on FB so her friends and families can look at the works. And, perhaps the road to help my uncle recover is long, but I give my best wishes to my aunt, hoping, that as she gets older, her life will, be colorful as ever.

This is very important, as this article had shown, to have something you’re, really into doing, like for this woman, she has her art, and, if she didn’t have it, she will become resentful toward the things that’s happened in her life, and she’s going to have a very difficult time as she gets older, but gladly, she has a hobby, to keep her going.