Happy Graduation

Seeing her child come of age, the thoughts of a mother, translated…

It’s, as if in a daze, the roads turned bumpy, I’d focused my eyes, and, those originally familiar looking streets, became, so unfamiliar, and I’d raised up my left hand to ring the bell, with my right arm, slung my backpack on my shoulders, rushed off the bus, the bus sped off behind me, I’d focused, and, hollered aloud, “Ahhhhhhhhh, my temperature bag………”, leaving this defeated “hen” standing all alone, on the busy streets of Taipei.

I’d still had this sort of dreams every now and then.

That was the summer, many, many, many years ago, as I’d just become a mother. This feeling was like being late for a major exam I’d had when I was younger, and after I woke in cold sweat, I’d realized, that I was, already, out of school.

My son, in his infancy, as he heard my version of “Little Kitty Cat” for mealtime, “Mimi, darling/Mimi, my baby/come drink the milk, come drink the milk/here’s, that yummy milk for you………”, he’d wiggled his body with excitement, and get himself closer to my breasts, and worked hard to suckle. Being taken in with his motions, I was, enjoying being a mother then, without realizing, that more trials were coming my way.

這天,我憶起過往,細數這段上課「食光」,許多美好的回憶取代曾經的跌跌撞撞,耳畔迴...the trials this woman faced, raising her son up…illustrations from the papers online…

At first, my son didn’t quite understand how to suckle, and used his gums, and bit down hard, and, my loud “OUCH!” thrilled him, it’d made me start crying. The nurses’ care and concerns got turned into the barking dogs in the late of night, and I can, only run scatter into the dark streets. As my baby couldn’t get enough sustenance, and cried like hell, it’d, forced me to choose my mother-in-law’s breastmilk production recipes of: peanuts stewed with pork’s feet, the sea bass soups, the assortments of Chinese herbal remedies, along with the milking teas out there………

And as the neighbors discussed, “Is her son having enough to drink?” “Breastmilk only works for the first few weeks of life! Breastfeeding this long will only tax your energies!”, my mother said, “Before bedtime, he needs the formulas! He will get hungry fast, and you’d have to stay awake through the night, to feed him!” And, even though there’s care and concern hidden there, behind her words, it’d felt hurtful to me.

Many years ago, the breastfeeding places in public and in the offices aren’t that prevalent, I’d had to work in the daytime, and I’d needed to go and breastfeed my son in the smelly restrooms; as I’d gone on business trips, I’d had to send my bagged up breast milk home by service. I’d had a childrearing volume in my left, the tools in my right hand, worked hard at it, and finally, I’d become, good at it. But, how much of these earliest memories of feeding would my child ever actually recall? I really can’t tell, and still, this would be a special memory that’s shared by me and him alone.

On this day, I’d recalled the past, and, counted out the memories, and, the nursery rhyme “Kitty Cat” came accompanying the fast-beat graduation tunes.

So, this is, tracking the milestones of your child’s growth, as you’d become a mother, you’d gone through some hardships in life, and yet, now, your son is an adult now, and, it made you realize, that all the hardships in your life previously had been, more than worth it.


Kidnapped by the Tours

Following the storyline of a famous story here, translated…

Sitting in a café in Edinburgh, I’d looked around at all the customers looking so very, excited, there were, many Asian faces, either smiling and talking to one another, or sliding on their cell phones, there was also, a very long line outside, for the same purpose: to witness the magical café in Rowling’s “Harry Potter”.

As my striped cappuccino was served, I’d asked about where Rowling had sat. “She’d sat and written in every table here, but the seat she’d sat in the most was this one, next to the windows.” Looking at the tall castle outside the windows, I took out my pen and my writing paper, pretended to write something, recalling how twenty years ago, Rowling was living off of government assistance, what sort of a mindset did she carry, to create this work that’s become a frenzy globally.

the book shop in London where the students got tehir textbooks of magic, in REAL time!!!  Photo from online…

The very first time I’d heard of “Harry Potter” was the radios in Taiwan talked about how children in England were standing guard outside the bookstores, for the sakes, of buying that sequel of the book. I was curious, and borrowed the volume from someone to read, and I was, enthralled. At the start of the year, I’d started reading the English version of “Harry Potter”, after only a few pages, my husband bought a roundtrip airfare to Edinburgh, and, it’s as, if a magical force was pulling on me to go.

At first, the trip didn’t start up well. On the day we’re supposed to fly out, as we just finished getting checked by the security, the flight got canceled, the next day we’d gone to the airports, it’d, taken us to Edinburgh then; it’d shown me, that the magical flying bus does NOT apply to real-life. And, as we arrived, the cheaper stays hotels in Edinburg was fully booked, and so, we’d, rerouted to Glasgow for the night, and, that very night, we’d caught the ending of the fourth of Harry Potter, when Voldemort had been reborn.

We’d driven northbound from Glasgow, passed through the mountains of the middle region, circled around the western coastline, the old castle, the lakes, and the campsites, and utilized everything, like we’d, entered into the hiding place of the three main characters of the seventh volume. There were signs “Wild Deer Crossing” by the sides of the roads, it’d reminded me of the guardians that Harry Potter and Snape had, the male and female deer; and as we left the island by ferry, it’d made me feel like I was in the sixth book, as Dumbledor took Harry on the search of the horcras.

On our way to Mallaig, we say the steam engine trains, and we’d learned, that it was a famous steam engine from England, that it’d become more famous due to Harry Potter. On the way back we’d gone to Edinburgh, and the marching band of the military was performing. It was like in the sixth movie, after we’d drunk the potions that brought us luck, we’d gotten the tickets, and, we stayed, for a little over an hour and a half outside the Edinburg walls, watching the shows.

查看來源圖片another place that’s shown up in the movie…photo from online…

Until I’d sat there, in the café where Rowling wrote the stories, it’d connected me to the Scottish origins of “Harry Potter”; could it be, the purpose of me, getting kidnapped by the storyline of “Harry Potter”, the purpose of this trip abroad? Other than seeing how Rowling’s managed to transcribe the scenes in Scotland into her novels, I was also in awe, of how as she reached fame from writing in the small café, had asked the tourists, to help with the funding of children living in poverty.

So, the books had taken you on a trip, and, by following the storyline of Harry Potter, you’d gotten more into the story, and, it’d made you connect more to the writer’s state of mind, as you trekked the streets of Great Britain.

A Long Alley, a Poem

As the days come to an end, translated…

After the Raucous of the Party of the Century

A Single String Illuminated

In the Chest Cavity of the Island

See the source imagelike this???  Photo from online…

———That Single String Couldn’t Play a Tune Right

The Millions of Thousands of Troops & Steeds Rushed

Like a Warning Bell

Predicting the Desolations

The Skies of the Late Spring

It’s a Thin-Layered Tissue

Couldn’t Reflect the Cruelties of War Truthfully

The Pelicans Glided Low in the Skies

Not Knowing the Sorrows of the World of Morrow

Time Suddenly Got Bent

a place like this???  Photo from online…

Into a Philosophical Shape

The Strings Snapped, Just Before the Apex of the Century

With Those Unwavered Rocks, Crushed

into Dusts

And All that’s Left of Them, Was, this Single, Song at Sundown

And so, there’s, that sense of despair of the world ending, with everything out of its places, things stopped working the way it’s, supposed to, but, the sun still rises and sets on yet, another day…

The Engineer Turned Farmer, Teaching the Younger Generations to Plant the Crops

How a man was inspired by farming, and now, he hopes, to pass the joys he’d found to others as well, from the Newspapers, translated…

The young man, Liao from Taidong returned to his hometown and started farming, and used the environmentally friendly methods, to plant the tomatoes, the cucumbers, and other produces in his hometown.  Other than enjoying his new life as a farmer, he’d also, worked hard, to transmit the knowledge from his own experiences as a farmer, helping the younger generations who were interested in farming, hoping, to inspire them, to make them realize, that life on a farm, is, quite interesting.

The thirty-seven-year-old Liao came from a farming family he originally worked as an engineer in a well-known electronics company, but because of his intense interest in farming, in 2010, he quit his job, returned to his hometown, and started planting tomatoes.

He said, as he picked up the till, he’d realized, that farming wasn’t, as easy as he thought it was to pick up, because it’s easy to plant, but, in order to plant the high quality and easily sold produces, that, was what’s difficult.  In the process of him becoming a farmer, he’d met a ton of hardships, and, with the help of many others, he was slowly, able, to resolve each and every one of these problems, and gotten to understand the fate and place of the farm he owned.

廖家助採友善農法並與北部餐廳契作,產地直送,讓消費者吃得安心。 記者潘俊偉/攝影the man, smiling radiantly, showing off his crop, photo from UDN.com…

“Planting the tomatoes is like raising children, you can only know how with the trials and errors.”  Liao stated, that he’d originally planted the tomatoes using his forefathers’ methods, using excessive pesticides, and chemical fertilizers, to manipulate the growth of the plants, so he can have a harvest in a short period of time.

In 2013, his eldest daughter was born, he’d learned from observing her, that plants are like infants, they couldn’t tell you they’re hungry, or ill, and you can only experience, and known it, and decided, to look after his plants the way he’s looking after his own young.

Liao said, starting in 2014, he’d planted all of his plants, managed the whole process of their growths, in caring for them, to the harvest, he’d used rarely any herbicides, chemical fertilizers, and not damaged the environment, so the tomatoes he’d planted kept their original tastes, a bit sweet, with that small amount of sour bursts to them.

Liao hopes to pass his own experiences to two more younger generation farmers, so they will also, find the joys in the agricultural work, to establish their own self-confidence, to reignite their passions of life as well.

So, because this man had experienced it personally, he now hopes, to pass his joys down to younger generations of people, and this is exactly the sorts passing of the torch we need in this world, by passing not only the methods he’d learned from trial and error, but also, that respect toward the land, which is way more important, than making the harvest at the end of the season.

He Dreamed of Flying, at Age 64, He’d, Started His Own Business, and Made His Own Dreams Come True

This still just showed, how it’s NEVER too late, to go after your dreams!!!  From the Newspapers, translated…

The sixty-four year-old Yao-Chang Lin was a professional mechanic for the Airforce, he’d started as a fixer-upper, and in the end, he’d entered into the National Space Center and worked on the developments of satellites, and took charge of the liftoff of Fu-Wei #3 spacecraft, he’d started his own business after his retirement, and taught in the universities as well.  He’d had such huge transitions from his career, and, weathered through an assortment of difficult challenges as well.  He’d laughed and told, from a mechanic, to a professor, to a space expert, nothing IS impossible, it all depends on how much you wanted it.

Lin’s whole life was dedicated to the flying aircrafts, since he was younger he’d dreamed of flying; when he was younger, he’d tested into the airforce’s mechanic department, but because of his eyesight, he couldn’t become a pilot, he’d fixed the planes instead, he’d started, as a mechanic of the airplanes parked in the gullies, he’d fixed everything from helicopters, fighter planes, passenger aircrafts, and rockets too.

Lin said, that he’d gotten more and more into fixing the planes, and decided to challenge himself, he’d signed up for the entrance of the Aerospace-Aeroengineering Graduate Department of Chenggong University, after he graduated, he’d taught at the Airforce Academy’s Department of Aerospace.

新竹市蜂鳥飛行器公司董事長林瑤章研發的蜂鳥風行器模型。 記者郭宣彣/攝影the man, with his first, made-made airplane model…photo courtesy of UDN.com…

Later, because the Formosa Satellite No. 3, he’d entered into the National Space Center, and put his heart and soul into the development of the satellites.

He’d laughed and told, that devising the “Hummingbird Flying Machine” was only to fulfill his dreams in the younger years of flying, and, met the requirements of the demands of the international flyers’ market, although he’d become an “entrepreneur”, it was using the knowledge he’d already, acquired, and putting it to use, he’d used it as a hobby, something to help pass his time, and proved to the world, that flying machines made in Taiwan can really work.

Lin has a ton of friends, and all of his friends loved him, other than being welcoming, in order to research and develop, he’d made the airplane models himself, and now, he’d made over a hundred model airplanes, and as his friends saw and liked them, he’d, given the assembled model airplanes away, not keeping even one.

So, this man really has an interest in the airplanes, he’d made his own dreams come true, by working hard, studying about the related knowledge, and, that still just showed, how if you put your hearts into it, anything IS possible, as this man had shown.

The Memories Attached to a Graduation Photo

Dreams, and goals, and achieving it all, finally!  Translated…

Pulling open my desk drawer, the volumes of photo albums were displayed, in order, I’d picked one up at random, and slowly, flipped through them, and one of the pictures inside had, awakened by forgotten memories.

My last year in high school was the year I felt most lost during my life.  Every time I’d, glared at the fellow students, who, for the sakes of getting into good universities, studying there day and night, I’d had, that mixed feeling inside of me.  Because as the eldest daughter, I’d had to, give up this fight, to help out with the household finances.

My father died as I was about to enter into my second year of high school because of work.  I’d told my mother I’d wanted to drop out of school, but she’d shaken her head, “You must finish your high school education, I’ll manage to get your tuitions paid.  We must have higher hopes, so we can, become someone worthy later on in life.”  That was when I’d made a vow to myself, I will NEVER let my mother down.here’s a photo of a T.V. personnel who’d gone back to college to get her degree in her older years, photo from online…

I was able to, successfully, get my graduation certificate from a local high school, as I’d stepped out of the schools, I was lucky enough, to find a secretarial job at a firm.  In the professions, I’d, humbled myself and learned everything I could, familiarized myself with an assortment of practices in the firm, and continued studying for the tax laws, and that was how, I was able to, set up my own firm.  Although it wasn’t easy, starting on my own, but this twenty-year-old young woman, step, by step, finally, made a sky for herself.

And yet, the buried deep visions of my future, didn’t get washed away with the times.  Four years after I graduated out of high school, one day, I’d received a letter from Taichung, it was very heavy.  I’d cut it open, taken out what was inside, then, a thick photo slid to the floors.  I’d picked it up, it was my high school roommate, in her graduation gown with her boyfriend.

At that very moment, I’m so happy for her, for finding her Prince Charming, and graduating with a bachelor’s degree.  But suddenly, that scent of loss overcame me, and, there was that voice inside of myself, asking, “When will I get to live my dreams of going to college?”

The photo from my roommate roused up my dreams of going to college.  As my household economics became stabilized, I’d continued working in my own firm, and gone to school, although I’d burned on both ends, I’d felt, fulfilled on the inside.  Right before my graduation date, I’d met my husband through a matchmaking call, got married.  And after we wed, with his support of me, I’d finally, lived out my dreams of going to college, and earned my bachelor’s degree.

and this, is that piece of paper, proving that, you’d, “made it”…photo from online…

Looking at my photograph, with a pregnant belly, in my graduation cap and gown, with my son in my arms, smiling radiantly, leaning into my husband, the family of four looking so blessed, made me smile, as I’m about, to hit my sixtieth.

So, this is on chasing dreams, you’d given up your dreams from before, and, you’d found ways, to live out those dreams as you became financially capable, and that still just showed, it doesn’t take much, but determination and hard work, to make your own dreams come true.

A Wimp’s Tour Across Europe

Journey of one please, I’m, striking out on my own this time, and for the first time too!  Translated…

I’d longed to visit all the landmarks in Europe since I was a young child, but because of my leg injuries, I’d never made the trips; other than heading to the hospital, to get actively involved in my physical therapy, I’d found two treasures awhile ago, that’d finally, helped me fulfill my dreams, I’d gone on a tour of twelve days to Italy, Switzerland, and Belgium.

The first treasure was a folding stool I’d found online, and, it’d looked like a cardboard box as I’d folded it up, and pulling it open, I could sit on it, very convenient to take it with me wherever I go.  Another was the quick-freeze freezing pack that the physical therapist had advised me to get, it’d looked like a heating pack on the outside, but, as you shake it hard, hit it repeatedly, it’d become, an icepack instantly.

the fountain in Rome the writer went to see, photo from online…

The plane arrived in Rome in the morning, I’d gotten on the tour bus from the airport, and headed straight into the city for sightseeing.  The streets in Rome were very narrow, the huge tour busses can’t make their ways in, and the tourists needed to walk to see the sights on foot.

The tour guide that took us from Taiwan, as well as a local tour guide took us unstopped, to see the wishing fountains, Gian Lorenzo Bernini………the beautiful sights were breathtaking, but, I’d felt this sharp pain coming from the soles of my feet, and, it’d become, more and more serious as I trekked on, and I’d become, very anxious over it.

Finally, we’d gotten to the restaurant for lunch, but I’d, left my icepack on the tour bus, and the kind tour guide asked for a pack of ice from the restaurant, and I’d, immediately sat down to ice my feet, and the burning sensation subsided slowly, and, I’d felt, more at ease.

st. peter's basilica 的圖片結果the St. Peter’s Basilica, photo from online…

After lunch, I’d gone with everybody to the shrine of all gods and St. Peter’s Cathedral.  And yet, just like in the morning, my heels felt the pain repeatedly attacking me.  After supper we’d gone into the hotel, the first thing I did was find my ice pack, showed, then, put the anti-sore rubbing ointment on, and, as I went to bed, I’d put on my cask shoes (a kind of shoes to protect myself), to help me stretch while I slept.

And just like that, with my careful manners, I’d gotten able to, continued to travel with the group to Switzerland to see the Jungfrau, and toured the extravagant palace in Paris, and successfully, lasted until the trip was over.

This trip abroad, I’d, passed the cruel test from God, barely, although it was filled with hardships, but, I’d finally, broken free of the bondage of my aching feet, and managed, to fulfill my wishes from years ago.

the pantheon in Rome, photo from online…

So, this is the woman’s will to go on this trip to tour across the sights in Europe, and, she’d faced a ton of trials, physically, but she kept going, and made many beautiful memories, and that just shows, how if you have the heart, you can achieve just about any and everything you set your minds to.