I am Santa at My House

It took someone from outside, of this woman’s physical body, to point it out to her that what she does, is valued, and important, translated…

I had too much spare time on my hands, and so, I’d started, flipping through my Facebook account, and I’d found, that a younger schoolmate whom I’d helped trained at the office is now, a department manager of a well-known American tech company, I was, feeling a mixtures of emotions then, other than being in awe at her outstanding work performances, I’d started, feeling sorry for myself too.

From before when I’d passed the examinations and entered into my work, led the younger generations, and now, they’d all become high-up managers, and now, I’m only, a professional “manager of family”. I’d felt, that if I’d not been stubborn, with my mind set on “being there for my son as he grows up all the way”, exited the workforce, I’d probably be, a professional manager of the human resources department, I suppose!

a mom dressed up as Santa here…not my photo…

At supper, I’d shared with my son, my mixtures of feelings, my son told me, “What’s so amazing about the head of HR? Aren’t you, working in an even MORE stressful and higher UP position now?” “Says who? I’m only a yellow-faced housewife who take care of the younger and older men in my life.”, I’d not felt the gentle caring and concerns shown to me by my son, I’d replied to him, depressed, because the distance between “the head of HR” and “housewife” was filling up my mind.

“Hey, you’re the Santa at our house! What bigger job IS there?”, my son raised the pitch of his voice and continued.

Because I’d wanted my son to keep his beliefs of Santa alive, so, I’d never owned up to who put the gifts by the head of his bed; although being old enough, he’d already, known who that gift was from, but, every year, we’d still, pretended that Santa does still, exist, and, managed to, deliver the presents secretly to him, that, was the secret that the two of us, mother and son shared.

Hearing my son tell of the “job” I’d done, and given me affirmations, I’d not felt, the least bit surprised, but, I was, moved. I’d, settled myself down, thought hard, on my son’s words, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, compared to “Head of HR”, if “Santa” was in my work histories, it would be, even cooler!

and this, is what, we, modern day women are, faced with from day to day, not my photo here.

So, this, is the thoughts of a stay-at-home mother and a housewife, she’d quit her job, to give to her family, and because she no longer brought in a paycheck, she’d, belittled her own work, and it took her son, pointing it out to her, that what she’s doing, is WAY more important, and a HELL of a lot harder, than being the HR manager at an office, for her, to realize, that she is, contributing to the world, even though, she’s, no longer, working for pay anymore!


I Hope My Daughter Gets to Live Out Her Own Dreams

Finally, the child decided, that enough IT enough, and lets go of her own mother’s expectations of her, translated…

After my daughter graduated from university, she’d stayed in the university, worked as an executive assistant, then, she’d followed my advice, and started studying for the national examinations; and still, after so many years of hard work, she’d not gotten a high enough score.

This year, as the test scores were, posted out, she’d finally made up her mind, to NOT take the examinations again, to NOT waste any of her parents’ money and her precious youth away. Being beaten down, she’d told me, with this seriousness, “Mom, I’m just, not good at studying, I’d worked so very hard, and, it still didn’t work, I don’t want to do it anymore, please, allow me to find my own path now!”

just follow the roadsigns…not my photo

Seeing how my daughter was tearing up, and, spoken those words aloud bravely, right at the moment, I felt like there were, knives, stabbing at my heart, and I can’t manage a word of encouragement to her, I can only, nod to agree with her ways.

At this time, as a mother, I can only, give her my blessings, and hoped, that she will find her own paths in life, I’m more than positive, that she will!

So, this time, the mother FINALLY got it, and allowed her child, to fly on her own, because the daughter was merely taking the exams for the mother’s sake, and she knew that her mother wanted the best for her, but, she just, couldn’t take the exams and get a high enough grade, which was why she’d decided, to find her own path in life, instead of keep walking down this road, that others had, planned out for her, and it takes a LOT of bravery to do so.

a young woman, chasing her own dreams, not my photograph…

The Keeper of the Crop Circles

許詠翔    的圖片結果the baker who wrote the article, photo from online…

Having someone, to support your dreams, someone right there, for you, to lean on when the times got touch, on opening up shop, translated…

I’d started, journeying on this path of no return, baking, because I was raised around it.

My mother has this persistence and insistence of bread, and, although back then, there were, those soft, fluffy breads, she’d loved those European style breads with the chewiness and the scent of the grains, she’s, very thought forward in it.

My mother originally worked as an account at my father’s business, and, when I’d started opening my restaurant “Chef Friends”, I’d naturally asked her to help me out with the books. For seventeen, eighteen years, the workers came and went, only she’d stayed.

It is really hard, being a business owner that’s for certain, she saw the hardships I’d weathered, and felt awful for me. And, in order, to help me live my dreams, she’d given me, unconditional supports, and, just stood behind me silently, and now, she’s, seventy-three, and still the most energetic worker in my company, and, she’d become, my pillar of strength without herself knowing it.

We’d passed through all the ups and downs, and, faced all the trials that came head on. As we approached a difficult time, she’d asked me, “Can you manage? Do we, give up now?”, and, I’d always replied, in a settled tone, “No, let’s, keep on going!”, she’d replied, “Okay then, no problem, I will back you up!”, and, during the answering and asking, it’s, as if, she’s, setting up a foundation to be strong for me.

A small bread, because of the love that’s, kneaded into it, it’d contained, a ton of energies, and, this, happening every single day, had, made me into who I am, and, I’d found, that in the process of kneading, leaving the breads, baking the breads, taking the breads out of the ovens, placing it onto the shelves, and, having them taken away by the customers, sharing, is what brings us, the most satisfaction.

let’s bake bread!!!  Photo from online…

To this day, a simple thank you wouldn’t suffice, I’d hugged tightly to my mother, “Mom, this patch of wheat field, we’d made ourselves!”, the taste I wanted to make for my mom, started with a grain, and, planting it down once more, into this soft land.

I’d had ups and downs on the path to baking, but, because of how there’s always this shiny light in front of me. No matter how long or dark the road, because of my mother’s company, I no longer feel that I’m fighting alone. She’s like the keeper of the patches, forever standing there, watching over the small saplings as they grown, to keep them from being destroyed.

So, this, is how intimate you are with your mother, she’s the supporter of your dreams, and, without her, you couldn’t possibly, own a shop now, and, it’s because of her never-ending love, unchanging support of her child’s dreams, that’s made your shop a success.

The Pains of the Foster Care Families: the Long Road to Adoption

There are really good parents, who actually want these children, and gave them that sense of stability, and yet, the adoption priorities goes to the people from abroad, why is that, huh??? From the Front Page Sections, translated…

“Baby said Don’t Go,” Mama Yeh cried and pleaded, “How can the foreign parents love them like we do?”

“Mama, don’t let me go…”, the five-year-old foster child, “Baby” (a false name) was led away from his four-year foster home by the social workers; he was about to be adopted by American parents, waving goodbye to his foster mom crying. It’d been six months since, his foster mom, Yeh, as she’d recalled how hard it was to say goodbye, she’d still felt that wrenching pain inside.

not my poster…

In order to fight for Baby’s adoption, Mama Yeh started battling the Pingdong County Government that believed that it would better for Baby to be adopted out of country in court; the District Courts of Tainan recently took back the permit for Baby’s adoption abroad, but the Pingdong County Government fought the rulings; it’s still an unknown, if the foster mom will pass through the requirements for adopting “Baby”.

“Why is it so hard, from fostering children to adopting?”, Mama Yeh just couldn’t understand it, she’d started crying ever since Baby was taken from her, lost over twenty-two pounds already; she’d questioned, why are the laws that were supposed to protect children’s rights, those laws that are used to prevent selling children, giving the foster families such a difficult time?

She’d stated, that ever since her forced separation from Baby, she’d not heard from him, and she’d inquired about him to the related agencies, the agencies all refused to tell her anything, later on, she’d learned from the social workers, that after Baby was taken to his second foster care family, as the family members took him out for a walk, he’d once asked a pedestrian for help, “I was taken away by the bad people, I’m going to get sold…”, and hearing the thoughts of this young boy, it’d broken, Mama Yeh’s heart.

a child being taken away from her foster family in a tribal battle because of her heritage, this was from the States…photo from online…

Mama Yeh said, that since Baby was just two-months old, he’d come to live with her, that she’d taken him to the hospitals a lot since he was weakened as a young child, and had the ritualistic temple exorcisms done on him until he was almost three years old; she’d told the social workers several times that she’d wanted to adopt Baby, but the County Government and the Welfare for Children Funds ignored her again and again, “No matter how outstanding those foreign parents are, are they as close to Baby as we are?”

She’d stated, that based off of the rules of fostering children, they’d needed to file for adoption through Welfare for Children Funds first, and after the Welfare for Children Funds had told them the procedures of adoption, and they’d showed that wi8ll to adopt, then, they’d needed to get examined, to go through interviews and a series of procedures too, to evaluate if the family was fitting enough to take the child in, then, the process of adoption in or out of country will finally begin, but the social workers never gave her any forms to fill out.

This March, the social workers told her, that Baby was already adopted out by the courts to an American couple, and showed her an agreement for her to sign, “It was like, the world came to an end all of a sudden!”; there was a space that’s left blank, but later on, it was added, that she had “no intentions of adopting”, and the interview notes stated, that she and her husband “were inconsistent on adopting the child.”

children waiting to be adopted, looks sad, doesn’t it???  Photo from online.

So, this, is some sort of a conspiracy, that children here, who are placed in foster care wanted to be adopted by the foster care parents, but, the courts had, given the foreigners the priorities to adopt, and, they’d pulled this young child away, from a stable home background, and there was nothing that these loving foster parents can do, because they were only supposed to give these kids a safe environment to live in for a short while, as foster parenting is something that’s temporary…

A Knot, on How the In-Laws Don’t Get Along

and yes, that, is what it looks like…


My daughter’s in-laws live in Taoyuan, but because my daughter and son-in-law both worked in Taipei, after they married, they’d stayed with us. This decision made my daughter really happy, it’s just, that every Friday night, she’d not carried that excitement, ushering in the weekends, instead, she’d gotten, into a foul mood; because the very next day, she’d needed to watch the fruit stand set up by her in-laws in Taoyuan, but she’s not trained in knowing the prices, and how to weigh the fruits either, she’d often added to their troubles, it’d made her mother-in-law angry, and naturally, my daughter was in a foul mood too.

not my photo…

Sometimes, her mother-in-law would tell her to go home early to rest, and my daughter would prepare the meals, but after they’re done with the business, it would already be past two o’clock in the afternoon, and, the no longer savory dishes, became a turn off to their appetites, plus the in-laws were very traditional, when the younger generations disobey them, they’d told her husband and her to get down on their knees in front of the shrine that they have in their home.

Of course I’d not believed just my daughter’s words, I’d always consoled with her, that if she loved her husband, then, she must also love his parents, that it’s only natural, that the families with the different upbringings use different methods to handle the various matters in life, that they’re not spending time together every single day, only once every week on the weekends. And just like so, she’d gone back to Taoyuan, with a heavy heart, and every Sunday morning, she’d, snuck back to Taipei again, this made me nervous, I felt, that my daughter didn’t fulfill her duties as a daughter-in-law, I’d told her, to understand her in-law’s feelings of how their son is married, but, his wife isn’t with him.

not my photo still…

Recently, her mother-in-law had a serious twist in her spine and needed the steel nails to get implanted, the couple immediately looked for the nurse’s aides with the experiences, and gladly, a friend recommended someone who’d looked after her mother, I’d phoned the person up to ask, and felt, that the nurse’s aide was experienced and passionate about her work, I’d introduced her to look after my daughter’s mother-in-law; but, that very first night, her mother-in-law and the nurse’s aide had an altercation, and my daughter’s mother-in-law blamed her, “how can you find a random stranger to take care of me!”

My daughter was upset, and I got in the middle too, the kind thoughts ended in a bad way. I’d considered that my daughter’s mother-in-law just had surgery and needed painkiller shots every single day I’d decided to visit her at the hospital after she felt better, but my daughter relayed the message, “my mother-in-law thinks you’re not coming to see her is because of the displeasure with the nurse’s aide.” Now I’m taken! In order to show how genuine I am, I’d taken a huge red envelope, and a fruit basket, rushed to the hospital, and sat my butt down, next to her, to hear her rant on about the bad experiences she’d had for the surgery, this sort of can’t use reason to knock some sense into your in-laws, is truly, something!

So this, is how the in-laws got along, not at all, and, it usually started with something so minor too, and, if you let that something minor remain unresolved, then, that something minor will escalate, and before you know it, something MAJOR is between you and your in-laws, and, it will always be your daughters who suffer for it, because they are the ones, living close to the in-laws!

Part-Timing in the Summers to Visit, Seeing the Bottom Layers of Pingdong

A program sponsored by the local government, from the Newspapers, translated…

The Pingdong County Government is providing 354 part-timing opportunities for the summer time, encouraging the students to get involved in public affairs, there were college students who’d gone to the distant regions and visited nearly two thousand elderly who live along, to push forth the long-term care programs, and there were students from college who volunteered in sorting out the histories of physical education in Pingdong, to get to know the participants of the Summer Olympics in Rio, the part-time opportunities carried a ton of different things you can sign up for.

not my comic.

As the county governor, Pan started working in office, he’d worked hard, to push to change the contents of the part-time opportunities, changed the pasts’ sweeping up the offices, delivery of the documents. He’d asked the various offices to come up with more different opportunities for part-time, to allow the students to get hands-on experiences in government, for them to get to know their hometowns better.

Yesterday, was the results’ show, Ding and Dong who live in Mudan, visited nearly two hundred elderly people in the nearby tribal regions, used a questionnaire, to understand the elderly’s needs, and push forth the policies in long-term care.  Ding said, after actually getting into the community, did she learn of the needs of the tribes.

a group of students, volunteering…not my photograph…

And, the college students, Hong, Chen, Chen, and Lee started archiving the documents for the local office of the Department of Education, help set up the kinesiology data for the county of Pingdong.  Other than visiting the famous teams, like the soccer teams in Nei-Shih, Muling, the junior baseball team of Hengchun Middle School, and they’d even collected the students who participated in the Olympics this year too, they said, “The more we got into it, the more we felt, that there’s so much to tell others about Pingdong”.

And so, this, is a great program, getting the college students involved, in pushing forth the goings on of the local counties, and by getting into the programs that the counties offered, the students got a firsthand look at how things worked, and, they were also able to, have an enriching summer.

A C.E.O. of a Garage with Only an Elementary School Education, Earned His Doctorate at the Age of Seventy-Three

This just shows, that if you worked hard, you can achieve anything, NO matter how old you are, the beliefs of a man, from the Newspapers, translated…

The seventy-four year-old Lin was born into a poverty-stricken home front, after he’d graduated from elementary school, he’d started working as a mechanic at a garage, and now, he’s the C.E.O. of Chuang-Hua Car Industries, eight years ago, he’d returned back to school to work on his doctorate, and last year, he’d successfully, earned his doctorate, became the eldest doctoral degree holder from the mechanics department in the university.

Lin’s father passed away young, his mother had to take care of the family of five, he was the eldest son, after elementary school, he’d gone to Taipei, to learn auto repair, and worked hard all the way, until he’d made a name and established a good reputation for himself in business, set up an auto parts company.

高齡74歲的林啟同(右),日前回母校祝賀曾經擔任他教授的馮展華(左)榮升中正大學...the man on the right is the person this newspaper article is about…

By age thirty, Lin’s career is on the rise, he thought he wasn’t educated enough, decided to go back to school again, he’d started at the middle and high school departments, to getting his community college education, his master’s degree, then, his doctorate too.

“Having to handle my career and my coursework was the hardest thing I ever did!”, Lin stated, that as he was going to study in the mechanical engineering department of Zhongzhen University, he’d always gone to bed, later than two in the morn.

As Lin received his community college degree, he was, already sixty, then, he’d earned his master’s, and at age sixty-four, he’d gotten into the EMBA program of Chiayi University, and was asked by Zhongzhen University, to take up the role of coursework planner, the counselor for the developments of careers, and at sixty-six, he’d finally, gotten in, to the doctoral program at the mechanical engineering department of Zhongzhen University.

it’s never too late to start working toward your dreams, no matter how old you may be!  not my photograph…

The school told, that Lin was older, plus, there was a need for real-life experiences for the mechanical engineering department, it’d caused Lin to drop out for a year and a half, and in the encouragement of his advising professor, he’d finally, returned, back to school, last year, he’d earned his doctorate, and he was already seventy-three years old.

“If we don’t change with the times, then, we will, get eliminated by it immediately,” Lin said, that learning was like the dual tracks of the trains, you can’t have only one, he’d worked in the auto repair realm, he’d also taken up the role of being the primary car examiner of the car safety for the nation’s regulatory codes, he’d felt, that learning constantly, making oneself add on the knowledge base is extremely important in life.

So, despite how this man started in life, he’d worked hard, established himself in business, and, he took the attitudes he had of conducting business, and worked hard in his studies, which was how he was able to, achieve what he already did, and this still just shows, that it’s, never too late to live one’s dreams!