Willing, to Walk Down the Aisle, for You

Finding her one true love, someone who’d, stayed by her side, through sickness, injury, who’d still, cherished her very much, translated…

My Tears Felt Heated, as They’d, Rolled Down My Cheeks, and I Couldn’t Find Any Words of Extravagance to Say…

Not Made a Scene, But, Very Memorable

One evening, my boyfriend and I stayed in the hospital wards. Because of the day that followed he’s scheduled his day off, he’d asked my parents to head home to sleep. Then, he’d, slowly, taken out a set of household casual wear from his black sports backpack, with his toothbrush, towel, then, laid them out, neatly and flattened, on the limited surfaces available to him.

That sense of security I received from my boyfriend, was like a serene, but strong kind of an atmosphere. In the six years, we’d, talked about any and everything. I’d once told him, that “in our relationship, I hoped there would be, no secrets”. So, even as we had a fight, we’d, made up on the day of the fight, I can’t feel right, sleeping with the secrets and my own tears.

But, perhaps, it’s due to his family background and his personality traits, that he’d often needed to, have some quiet time for himself first, then, sorted through what he’d needed to say to me. But, I wouldn’t allow it, and, perhaps, I’m, a bit, stubborn. But, slowly, he’d, grown, accustomed to my rules, and learned, how to express his anger towards me.

“Play a song for me!”, I’d, leaned on the bed, and made a suggestion.

“Okay!”, he’d, squinted his eyes, and, was in full smile.

A familiar tune started slow, it was, the “Wedding March”. After a few measures, pop music started playing, then, Andy Lau’s voice, “I will, for you, put on that white gown; I will, for you, walk down that red aisle; I will, build a roof from love for you, to block out the wind and the rain, to carry on in conversations, to make some teas, to play that game of chess, so long, as, you’ll, have me in your life.”

My boyfriend loved Andy Lau, and, as he’d gone to the karaoke, he’d always played and sung the songs by Andy Lau. I got to the point, of having had enough of Andy Lau, and joked, that he was, so full of, cliché, “You should be, the youngest fan of Andy in the whole universe, but, same years as my dad!” But, he always replied with full confidence, “He’s handsome, inside AND out, an idol to me, forever!”

The Most Important Part of My Life

“Walking Down the Aisle, with a white wedding gown, you’re the most beautiful promise of my entire life, I’d, made a pact with you, to count up the stars, and, all your tomorrows too. Walking in the bliss, that bell started, ringing, you are, the most beautiful decision in my whole life, I’d promised to give you all the happiness in the world, in the days in the future, I shall, love you, even more.”

This song, I’d heard, more than hundreds of times, but, being put under anesthesia, and, entered into the bottommost layer of my own dreams, and, drifted along, in the depth of that ocean repeatedly, after I was awakened, being called back out atop, at this moment, I’d, looked at that man, who’s, dark-skinned, with that light in his eyes, smiling like a fool, I’d, had that impulse of, “I do”.

It’s him, he’s, it! I’d wanted, I am willing! And that never-before sense of belonging, that, was what that felt like.

A lot of people say, “marriage is impulsive”, I’d, felt that amazing feeling, of having love rushed, into my head, it’s, so amazing, truly.

illustration from the papers online…圖/江長芳

My tears came down hot, my heart pitter-pattered, I couldn’t say a single word of extravagance. The two of us, stared at one another, and, neither one of us can see each other clearly now.

The past six years, played like that picture show, how we’d met, dated, fallen in love, had our fights, communicated, traveling all over Taiwan, introducing one another to our families, graduating, start to work, enlisting, getting involved in long-distance relationship, fight, traveling abroad, giving one another encouragements, getting injured recently, so many times, we’d, said the most awful of all things to each other, and, several times, we could’ve, broken up. But, six years, we are still, the most important part of one another’s life. This long road we’d, traveled to where we currently are, it wasn’t, the least bit, easy that’s for certain!

“Distance is not a problem. Love wouldn’t become fragile, because of the distance, people would.” the line of one of my favorite movie, “Café on Sixth Alley” stated.

Because our hearts had been true, and, we’d both, cherished what’s happened to one another these past few years, and, even IF we’re displeased with each other, we’d, just put the distances between us, cooled down a bit, then, talk it all out, then, we were, able to, get closer again. Through these fights we’d had, we’d, understood one another even more.

Turns out, the moment that I let love go to my head, wasn’t at the very moment our eyes first met, but, what we’d, weathered through, after all this time. People often, needed to, get to a certain point in their lives, to figure out the meaning of it all.

“Babe……I love you so.”, after the silence of a little over a minute, as the music was, about to stop, I’d, opened up. I’d, opened my arms, wanted him to hug me, he also, got up, walked, toward me. In the end, we’d found our ways, into each other’s arms, and, we’d, cried together.

“If I’m covered with scars all over my body, and no longer pretty, will you still, love me?” I’d sounded, flat, like pretending to be cute, then, I wouldn’t, receive the answer I was, fearing the most.

“Just let us get use to it together.”, he’d replied, in a calm and collected manner, so natural, like, he’d, contemplated on it before.

I’d started, smiling from the inside now.

Although I don’t believe in forever, but, I have the courage, to believe, that every moment of bliss we’d come to share, is true.

And so, you’d, found this man who loved you, in sickness and in health, for richer for poorer, for better, or for worse, and it’s really hard, and, through the trials of your life, he’d, stuck by your side, and, you’d, found a gem, someone who will, love you, unconditionally, regardless, of anything, because he loves you!





Our In-Laws from Germany

the union like this one, maybe???  Photo from online…查看來源圖片

Seeing the newlyweds, and the parents of the groom, expressing their love to one another, translated…

With her head of blonde hair, smiling so radiantly, with that sky-blue, red collar dress, she’d looked, very much like a cartoon character out of a Northern Europe animation—and that was, the first impression, our in-law, Emma gave to us. As she saw us, rushing up from Taipei to pick her up, she’d, immediately, gave us hugs, and kisses on our cheeks, and, it’d, lowered that unsettlement of not knowing how to interact with an elder, it’d, made us connected. Hugging is truly, the way, to break the ice between the various cultures that’s for certain! As for the father-in-law, Emma’s dad, he’d, acted, more reserved, I suppose, it’s something to do with his profession, being an attorney and all, he’d worn a light smile, and nodded, to acknowledge us, in a white suit, he’d, resembled Gandalf in Lord of the Rings!

That was the very first time my wife and I’d, gone to a wedding in Europe, and it was, a German-style wedding too, my youngest sister-in-law, Ping, and Abbey Bear is about to walk down the aisle. The loved ones flew in, from all over, my wife’s second eldest sister and we were, “representatives from Taiwan”, we’d taken over ten hours’ flight, from the Netherlands, to Hamburg, then, drove to gather at Copenhagen, six hours away; Abby’s mom and dad took Abby Bear’s classmate’s ride, came from the Sylt on the west of Germany.

with the bride and the groom togehter, pouring itno the same glass!  Photo from online…

The very next morn, the huge group of relatives gathered, to head to the location of the wedding, city hall, and, it truly was, like in the movies, all the way there, we’d, received blessings from strangers. And of course, the happiest was, no other than Abby Bear, for he’d, waited, more than three autumns, to make this forever promise.

Since we’d arrived from Denmark, we saw Abby’s mom leaning close to Abby’s dad. Abby Bear told us, because his mother wanted to cherish every single moment she has with him—Abby’s father was diagnosed with an illness similar to Lou Gehrig’s Disease, couldn’t sit a long time, and, his neck became, weakened too, and so, as they’d heard that Abby Bear was getting married, they were, too excited. As the wedding ceremony draws to an end, hearing the father announcing that Abby and Ping were then, husband-and-wife, Abby’s parents were, grinning ear to ear, like they don’t have, any regrets anymore.

The joyous atmosphere of the wedding extended all the way to the outside of the plaza outside city hall, Abby Bear’s classmate poured the champagne, and, at this time, Abby’s dad, who’s actually, very uptight suddenly, led his friends and families, to sing that folk song in German, to bless the union, they were very moved, and, it’d, moved all the tourists who’d trekked across the plaza. This wedding was like that strong shot of morphine for the two elders, Abby’s dad who’d been sick a long time looked very alive, and, Abby’s mom, looked deep, into his eyes, like they’d, just, fallen in love together.

The westerners’ show of their love for each other, was totally, different from the Asians’. Seeing how Abby’s dad danced around with Abby’s mom, looking deeply, and lovingly into one another’s eyes, it was, such a sight of joy. But, as I’d, looked back toward my wife, she too, was, gazing at me, using that same way too; the way her curled eyebrows looked when she smiled, it was, comparable, to Abby’s mom, and, thinking of how I still have this, teenage girl who’d, loved me, and looked upon me with that sort of admiration, what else, can I ask for in life?

And so, from this experience of a wedding abroad, you’d realized, how the westerners’ show of love is quite different from the easterners’ show of love, but, love is felt, no matter which way you chose to express it.

Magicians in the Marriage, on Filial Relations

How we end up, complimenting one another, making up for the missing parts of one another’s personalities, that’s what made us a perfect fit in marriage, translated…

It wasn’t until I got married, did I discover, that I was, a magician.

On this day, my husband was having troubles, finding his tie. I couldn’t take it anymore, and so, I’d, put my hand into the closets, and, grabbed out that tie he’d been searching for, in the messy closet. My husband hollered out in awe, and claimed, that I must’ve, extended my arms into another space and time, otherwise, how was I able to, find the “missing” that no longer “resided” inside his closets.

Another time, the two of us sat at home, getting bored, there was the news, that someone was coming by for a visit in thirty minutes. I’d put down my cell phone, then, told that soldier to get into the dressing room, then, I’d, immediately started the covering process: cleaning, hiding the items, and, picking up the items scattered around the house, and, as he’d gotten dressed properly, I was already, in the kitchen, preparing the snacks already.

photo from online…

Seeing how he’d only gone in to change, and, the living room already became, spotless, he’d exclaimed, “Honey, you have, magic, right!”, I’d once, contemplated, how I’d become, so “magical” myself. Especially as he’d turned too lazy, and needed me to help him solve his problems a lot, and, I’d hated myself, for answering to his requests. But, think on it, perhaps, the only one he can rely on like this, there’s, just me, and so, other than feeling not wanting to do it, I’d, felt, compelled, to spoil him a little.

Late last night, I’d, stayed up with my detective noel, and, I was reading on how the protagonist had, bumped into the victim in the scary bedroom, and suddenly, a strong wind blew from outside the window, and the sharpened sound gave me the creeps, and I’d, found my way, into his arms. And, him, being, sound asleep, knew that it was my overly active imagination again, he’d soothed me, said, “Told you you’d get scared, and you still read it, you’d, learned your lessons now, huh?”, I’d played coy, and objected, “Well, it’s okay if I get scared, I can run to you and hide in your arms anytime!”

That, is when it’d, dawned on me, that everybody in marriage had, somehow, become one another’s magicians. Because of one another’s needs, we’d, toughened ourselves up, at the same time, because her/his abilities, we’re able to, be weakly because we can be. From the start, what holds the magic, had never been, me, it was, the true love I’d found in him.

a perfect fit ofr each other…not my photo…

And so, this is on how married people will complement each other, because you will make up for the lacking of the other person in the marriage, and, slowly, the two of you, became inseparable two halves of a hole.


A Love Letter to My Social Worker, Ms. Liu

Working as a social worker, she comes into contact with, ALL the bad things that happen to people’s lives, and so, it’s, very important, to have a supportive and understanding “better half” who will, help her through the toughness she’d encountered from her work daily, translated…

Recalling How When I First Met You, What Attracted Me to You, was Your Occupation Column that Had “Social Worker”………

Recalling how the very first time I met you, what attracted me to you, was your occupation of “social worker”.

圖/Tankthat hand, was excatly, what he’d, needed, and she’d, shown that to him, illustration from the papers onlilne…

Before you, the stereotypes I had of social workers are those instances on the news where the social workers didn’t get there in time, to stop the tragedies, how the society judged them, over critically for it; or, as my mother was hospitalized, and I couldn’t afford to pay for her care, an social worker entered into the ward, and said to us, “There are the assistance programs offered for the poverty-stricken families without the interests, just pay up the medical charges as you can slowly.” In the past, I’d not quite, understood the risk, and the hardships of a social worker, until, I’d, met up with you.

Those Talks Late at Night

The love we’d found, was sparked over the late night conversations we’d shared.

Before I knew you, I was originally, someone who’d, VOWED to leave the heartfelt stories behind in this world, a novelist, but, the four years of cutting off ALL contacts with the outside world, and focusing on my writing had, taken me, into, the deep end, I’d become someone who would have, this splitting headache, as I’d, started focusing, for an hour, or two at a time. I’d suddenly, lost the motivations of my own life, and the goals, and, what was left for me in life, was nothing but the barrenness and the emptiness of it all.

Right at the moment, that, I’d, wanted it to be over completely, your profile from an online dating site registered into my eyes, I’d decided, to work up my courage, and left a message for you, “I’m truly in awe of your courage, willing, to be someone who helps others. The love of man can bring fatigue, but, the love of God will always be there for you when you need.”, and you’d, replied back to me, genuinely, and it’d, sparked that opening of many conversation topics we’d, come to share: I’d disclosed to you how my mother’s suicide attempts in my middle school years had, affected me, and the joys I’d had, telling my students all the stories; and you’d, started telling me of a case you have, on how a mother had, refused, to show ANY love, along with a daughter who got raped, by the man her mother was, cohabiting with, and, how she’d, said she’d, wanted to go home, after being, placed in emergent custody.

With the increase in our conversations, I’d started feeling awe of your work: there was a case with the special callings, that can see “things that others can’t when s/he was younger, walking around”; there was a case whose home was, filled with recycled junk, and had, taken the rancid fish, and cooked it for lunch; and there was one who’d, abused drugs and started, hallucinating, and picked up a knife, and, jabbed it into his heart…………all of these tales, were, shocking to me, and my dear, you’d gotten involved in these stories, for a decade. I’d finally understood, how your department received the bonusses in pay, along with the pepper spray.

That evening, after you’d logged off, I’d written down: a woman’s job, is to sort through the many problems of the families, ringing their bells, knocking on their doors, say to them, “hi, I’m a social worker, here, to help you.” Suddenly, it’d, dawned on me, how you are able to, work so long, at your job, because what you’re doing, was exactly like what your beloved Father had done—giving yourself, wholeheartedly, not only saving those in need, you’d also, helped, pulled those who are, slowly sinking in the world, back up.

Meeting Up After We’d Experienced Our Separate Shares of Traumas

After I’d met you, the migraines that were, troubling me for a long time, suddenly, got cured, as if, by magic, and, in its place, was the respect, and love I’d felt for you, doing what you did. You’d, performed a miracle on me, it’d, made me believed, that you are, a god that, soothed my pains. And so, you can’t imagine how much heart ache I’d felt for you, after I’d, read through your diary postings and your FB pages.

I shall never forget, that photo which was, buried, among the endless photos, with just, you in it—you, sitting still, staring at the stone-paved floor ahead, lacking that focus in your eyes, there was, that silent scent of loss, that got, saved, in the still frame, which was, captured, by your best friend with whom you’d taken the trip with, and it’d, become, branded, into my heart too.

I’d read from your online journal, that that scent of loss came from your witnessing too much sorrows from work; although, you’d, worked hard, and used your faith, to help you handle all of this, you’d also found, that other than your faith, you had, nobody else you can, rely on, and, he who’d, left you long ago, already found, someone new.

You’d asked yourself, “Why isn’t there a man to love me? And hold me tightly, when I’m in need?” sitting at my end of the computer screen, I started crying, I’d wanted to ask: how can God, be so cruel, making an already, too brave woman, face all of this, on her own?

Perhaps, we can choose to believe, that God had, arranged for our two beautiful souls to meet, after all the pains we’d weathered through, so we can, realize, just how, precious and hard-to-come-by this love is, that what we found in one another, was worth, the promises of forever for.

After you said “I do”, I can finally, take care of you, as I’d, always hoped to, hold you in my arms every day, and hear you tell me of the various cases you’d encountered.

That day, you’d told me, that an unwed mother was in the birthing room, and hadn’t, called you back yet, and finally, you’d gotten the answer, then, you’d, carried in the lunches for two in, to visit her. “Are you her first visitor after she gave birth?” I’d inquired. “Yup, because she didn’t DARE tell her father, that she had, another child”, you’d answered. I’d smiled, and continued listening, and what you didn’t know was, I felt, so very, proud of you from deep down, because my wife is, an angel who’d, brought the hopes to the unfortunate in the world. Your name is: social worker.

And, it takes, a lot of strengths, to work in this specific area, because you are going to encounter a TON of bad things, and, everything that gets sent to the social workers’ stations are, always the awful things in the societies, and, you need to have a strong heart, that blind optimism about life, in order, to last long in this field of work that you’re in.


From an “Outsider” to Being a Member of His Family

The brickworks, laid by the husband, to make his wife look good in front of his own parents, and the wife is learning the ways of her husband’s home too, and, because the foundation by the husband was lain well, that is why, she’s, getting perfectly along, with her in-laws now, translated…

Back then, as my husband took along his parents to my home to ask my father for my hand, my father who’d, spoiled me like a princess, kept bloating and bragging about how good I was, like I was, out of my husband’s league. During which time, I saw my in-laws who’s not the least bit articulate held their straight faces, but still, smiled courteously.

After I married, my father-in-law treated me, “the Princess” and “daddy’s girl” with great courtesy, never asked me to perform any actions. And, as my husband and I moved out of their house, my father-in-law came by to see our place, and, turned back to my mother-in-law, “Come by to clean up this place for them at another time!”, once I’d gone to my in-laws’ for supper, and, I was slicing up some radish, and accidentally, cut off my nail, and I’d let out a yelp, my father-in-law came, and, I’d gotten my mother-in-law nagged by him, “Just do it yourself, how could she know how to handle these sorts of household chores?”

My mother-in-law treated my father-in-law’s words like they’re, from God, and ever since, she’d treated me with a ton of kindness, never let me into the kitchens to help out with the chores, and had, come to our home from time to time, to clean up after us. And, although I’d felt, blessed by this “gift”, I felt, a bit upset too—I’d felt, that I was, treated like, an outsider, and not a member of my husband’s family.

My husband is the quiet type, rarely talked to his parents, he’d refused, to give them the money he saved up to serve them in person, and I was, the middleman of the deliveries. And, every month as my mother-in-law received the envelope, she’d kept pushing it back into my hands, and thanked us repeatedly, and, through time, this “pushing the envelope” became, a time we’d shared together, and, through our conversations, my mother-in-law learned, that I, who was cherished by my father like a princess, wasn’t locked up in an ivory tower at all, that I was someone with whom she could have great conversations with.

And slowly, anything that’s occurred in my in-laws, I was the very first one my parents-in-law called up, whether it be businesses at the banks, or, needing a replacement of the old appliances, they’d discussed it with me, their daughter-in-law, instead of their own son. And, naturally, I’d loved, being, a “window” for helping my in-laws with the nitty-gritties of their lives, and so, they’d not, seen me, as an outsider anymore!

Once, my husband’s aunt who lived alone, and was under economic duress came to my place to pour her heart out to my mother-in-law, I was using the internet inside the study, and suddenly, I’d heard my mother-in-law stated, “Take these……it’s okay! We have more than enough, my daughter-in-law had given me money to keep……yeah, she’s, truly, wonderful! We have more to talk about than the conversations I’d had with my son!” I’m more than certain, that my mother-in-law who’s a straight shooter, wasn’t saying it because I was in the next room and can hear her.

Perhaps, I have my husband to thank, he’d told my mother-in-law, that I was the one, putting in the money to give to them per month, that he wasn’t the one putting up the money, and, although I’d still not gotten a handle on how to do the household chores well, but I’m noted as a good daughter-in-law in the neighbors’ and the relatives’ minds. Perhaps, I should be grateful, that my husband is very strong and silent, because of his quiet, his cherishing every word that came out of him, I’d become, the family with whom my in-law felt comfortable, telling things to.

So you see, the reason why this mother and daughter-in-law got along quite well is because of the son’s doing. The man had, paved the way for his own wife, to work as a “public relations” between his own wife and his own parents, and, that is a good husband does, being kind to his parents, and at the same time, acting as a bridge between his parents, AND his own wife, after all, the household harmony is the most important thing, when you live in a sort of an extended family like this, isn’t it???


Do You, Like Me?

On, finding a man who really, truly loved her, a love that’s, built to last forever! Translated…

As I’d just reached the front doors, the aromas of the taro came, with the scent of celery. I took a deep breath, it was, my mother-in-law’s best dish: salted pork taro cabbage porridge, with the dried fish pieces with the chilis, it’d, casted my thought of needing to be on a diet far, far, far away.

She was, given away by her parents at the age of four, to a household, to care for an ailing women, at the age of eight, she’d, stepped on that stool, to reach the stoves, and started, preparing the meals for the family she was, living with, and, she’d cooked, up until now, at the age of eighty-five, her passions for cooking were still, very much, INTACT.

Back then, my father-in-law followed the troops and stationed in Penghu, my mother-in-law’s home was right next to the army base, from ages eighteen to twenty-three, my father-in-law went to my mother-in-law’s place every single day, just to take a look at her. One day, he’d asked her, “Do you, like me?”, my mother-in-law replied lightly, “I don’t hate you.”, and insisted that a “lady should be courted in the right way by a gent”, my father-in-law who’s very handsome, finally won her heart.

My father-in-law loved my mother-in-law very much, didn’t want to let her ride out alone, and he’d, started, being her chauffeur, he’d driven her to the salon each and every week, to get her hair washed, to get a manicure; when she’s upset, he’d, taken her to town, to buy some clothes to make her a brand new dress, and, no matter how cold it was in the winter, my mother-in-law still wore her traditional Chinese dress out; my mother-in-law wasn’t educated, and so, my father-in-law would read the papers to her, to teach her to read.

Back then, my mother-in-law was a beauty that everybody knew of in town, with pale complexion, and about 5‘6, she’s very good at handiwork, with sweet lips, all the elders loved her. There were, so many superiors who’d wanted to match her up, but, she’d always worried that the men were already, elderly, and she’d be left, all alone on her own, she’d loved that younger serviceman who’s 5’9, and four years her senior. But, their days of, living in love didn’t last, my father-in-law died in a car accident, and she’d, become a widow at the age of forty-eight.

The items on the supper table were, still my father-in-law’s favorites, the stewed beef, the cow stomach, the dried up orchids, the steamed salted pork, the sausage with tofu, the sticky rice, the hot and sour soup, each dishes contained my mother-in-law’s nostalgia toward my father-in-law, as she’d prepared the meals, she’d, recalled the youthful years they’d, shared together, remembering her husband, who’d, read the papers to her, who’d, brushed her hair. The love from sixty years ago was like a small fire cooking on the stoves, slow to cook, becoming, this eternal, savored, everydayness.

The thousand year-old stone stacks, that gentle sea breeze slowly started off, with the waves, rushing up to her feet, as if asking, “Do you, like me too?”

This sort of love, is unlike how love in modern day worked, it’s, very slow, and, it’s that, everydayness, there’s no, that heated passion in their relationship, no strong sexual attraction toward one another, there’s however, that sense of, comfort, of loving one another, of, sharing as much of their lives together as they, possibly can, and that, is the sort of love that’s, made to last!








Message in a Bottle, from Outerspace

Testing, to see, if the love she found in her man, is true, translated…

She’d stood, by my bed tonight, quietly stated, “I’m a message in a bottle”.

“What message?”

“I’m a message in a bottle, drifted from the civilizations in outerspace to Earth.”


like this???  Ohoto from online…

Rewind please. I’m an independent international reporter, my job is, getting the news, as it’d, happened in the present tense. And she, the woman I’d loved so deeply, for the past, twenty years.

“What’s that you say? I can’t understand it.”

She’d smiled like she always had, slowly stated, “You should know, that this earth we reside on right now, kept sending messages to outerspace, and, some of these messages included the human greetings, the sounds of nature, and even, the funny recordings of the presidents of the bigger nations in the U.N. too……………so, they’re, probably, wanting to, communicate with living beings outerspace.”

She said, “We’d, received all the messages. And you’d all, collected the electromagnetic waves, and analyzed our signals, to seek out possible living beings in outerspace, and all the moves you made, we’re, very much aware of, although, we’d felt, that your actions aren’t, useful or fruitful, but, we’d, commended you all, for trying as hard.”

“You, you are, from outerspace, an ALIEN!………and so?”

“So, I have to admit, our union, was for, a purpose.”


“My maker from outerspace, made me into a ‘message in a bottle’, sent me to outerspace You all thought: there are, many aliens living on earth already, nope, only me, I’m, the one, and only, there are, messages of civilization from outerspace inside of my body, but, since the beginning of man, I’d been set, adrift on the seas, no humans ever, discovered me, read me, how many centuries had it been, how old am I now? And, it’s, pointless, for you, to guess that, I’d looked the same in the past, and in the present, the one you’d, loved.”

“I…love…you”, I’d, stated, timidly.

“Since humans can’t find me, I’d, come and found you. I love you too, this, is the truth, but there’s, another more important reason—you are, an independent reporter of international news, needed to travel around the globe, to interview and to write out your reports, and you’d, needed to be doing it, LIVE!”

like this???  Photo from online…

“What does it have to do with doing it LIVE?”

“Just be patient and hear me out. Every time we were together, for short periods of time, I’d, saved some messages onto you, I’d not dared put too much on, fearing, that you couldn’t, handle it, little by little, do you know how many messages I’d, saved on you already? You can imagine me as, the digital binary codes that kept coming, the history of all civilizations in the universe, is all on me.”

“So, to be clear~~~there’s that digital letter from the universe inside of you then, and your body is, like the bottle (a vessel) then.”

I’d continued, “No wonder I’m growing more and more interested by the astronomy no matter where I go, when I’d gazed up at the stars, I’d, found the comfort I’d, longed for, no longer was I in fear, even if I was in the midst of a war with myself or with the outside world, I’d not, feared.”

“You said, that you can’t write the news unless you’re, right there in the actions. I’d arrived to the scenes through you, and, passed the codes in my body through you, to all corners of the world. You’d asked me, why don’t I, do it myself? It’s simple, because the messages needed to have the help from the compassions and the love to be able to get sent. I know, that being a reporter, you can’t just, go on your curiosity, you’d, loved your job so much, because of your compassion toward others, and how much you’d, cared for the world, isn’t it?”

“I’m not so sure.”

“In these twenty years, you’d become, a middle-aged man, you’d once smiled and told me how amazing it was, I could, keep looking young, I’m sure, that being a journalist like you, you would’ve, already, figured it out. And, as I’m telling you this tonight, you may believe it, or don’t, it’s the truth. As a ‘message in a bottle’, drifted to earth from outerspace, my mission is, expired now, the order I’d received was, to persuade you, to become, another ‘message in a bottle’, you now have, all the codes of the civilizations from outerspace, I just need to, kiss you, then, you’d, get activated. If you’d not accept, then, everything will become, digitized, and become, an oracle (to prevent your contact with another human being, and spilling out the secrets I’d, shared with you).”

“What I care about right now is…are you……leaving me?”

“Dearly, if your body becomes a message in a bottle, then, I’m, inside of you.”

“Can I still, work as a reporter?”

“You can still, work as an independent reporter for international news.”

“But, after hearing you out, I’d wanted to become, an ‘universal independent reporter’, I wanted to, interview the ‘higher being’ that’s, turned you, into a message in a bottle………”

“Ahhh, I’d, forgotten, about your occupational hazard!”

“I wanted to take you along, to love, to care about, this entire universe.”

“Uhhh, I’d been, joking with you tonight, there’s, NO truth in what I’d told you tonight.”

“You know what, reason why I’d become, an international independent news reporter, is because I’m in search of that ‘message in a bottle’ from outerspace all over the world.”

So, do you think this woman is playing with this man? I don’t think so, she’d, shared, that most intimate part of herself, to test if he’ll, still love her, and, he does, and, from her mini-“experiment”, she knew, she’d, found herself, a good man, who’d, cared about the rest of the outside world.