Wanting to Protect Lost Children, the Sunny Twenty-Four Year-Old Girl Passed the Exams to Become a Legal Guardian

She has a dream, and set the goals, and step-by-step, she’d finally, achieved her dreams of becoming a legal guardian, to help more children in need, from the Newspapers, translated…

She’d Part-Timed Through University to Help Lighten the Burdens of Her Family, the Motivations of Taking the Government Exams in the Justice Department Came from Her Camp Activities, She’d Wanted to Work Directly with the Cases, to Help Them More

Tsai, who took the specialized examinations from the justice department to become a legal guardian, when she was in school, she’d gotten involved in the teams that went back to her hometown, to help give the assistances needed in the distant region schools, she’d found, that children growing up in those circumstances are easily influenced by their environments, that they may get bullied, or may have established the wrong kinds of values, and go down the wrong paths in their lives, she’d wanted to become a legal guardian to help show the lost children the way from the experiences.

She’d graduated from the public administrations major from Danjiang University, being active and optimistic, she’d once volunteered with the Huashan Foundation, in her freshman and sophomore years, she’d gone back with the teams of volunteers to help bring better education to the children in the distant regions, being warmhearted, and always spreading the kindness, she’d hoped, that in the future, she could, work in related areas of helping others too.

“Attending the squads became my motivation of taking the specialized judiciary exams!”, Tsai said, back then as she’d gone back to her hometown, she was the counselor of the volunteers, she’d found, that most of the kids in the camps were very well-behaved, but there were, a few who were, mischievous, always picked on others, and cussed a lot, and after she’d gotten to understand them, she’d found, they were only, looking for the attention of adults.

And so, she’d set up a small role, asked these children to help maintain the orders, to give them an opportunity, and the kids started working harder, to do better, the same can be applied to adolescents, even adults too, bad behaviors and criminal actions, don’t happen overnight, so long as a chance was given, there’s a way, to direct the behaviors.

Tsai said, she was also from an economically ill family, in order to help take the strains off her own family, she’d part-timed through college, worked in the cram schools, the malls, the restaurants, as well as telemarketing and insurance sales too, she could understand the pressures of being from a family with economic problems, she’d hoped, that one day, she gets to use her own abilities and strengths to help those in need.

“If I want to help someone, I should, get to know the separate cases well then!”, Tsai said, because she had an affluent part-timing experiences, and worked in sales, she was confident of her own articulateness, plus the experiences of her interacting with the children at the camps, she’d found that being a legal guardian fitted to her abilities the best, as opposed to the judges or the attorneys.

Before she graduated from college, she’d started preparing for the services exams, and although she went to take the exam, with full confidence, she’d scored one point lower the first time she took it, she’d gave herself another year to take the exams again, and, after she’d realized she’d become the legal guardian, working with the district attorneys, she was so happy she’d cried, and felt glad, that her hard work had, paid off.

Tsai planned to test into the criminology graduate department of Taipei University, hoping to earn her master’s, and get into the field of education, she said, her job is where her interests lie, and it’s still forty years from retirement, she will be working very hard, and learning and helping people at the same time.

And so, because of how she grew up, she’d realized, that there are, children who needed that boost, to excel, and, with that in mind, she’d set her goals, and, she’d passed the exams, and became a legal guardian, and she will keep on marching toward the direction of helping people in the future, with her plans of furthering her education.


Route Number 11

Living from day to day here, translated…

The first time I saw Route No. 11, I couldn’t help but laugh, the conversation I had with a friend surfaced, clear as yesterday———— “hey! How did you get here?”, “I took Route 11!”

In the era where there weren’t that many busses, there wasn’t a Route 11 where you lived, and, taking Route 11 means you’d walked, the 11 were the two legs, it’s NOT the route number.

what is meant, by “route 11″…photo from online…and you dont’ even have to wait, you can just go!!!

The world back then, the economics wasn’t going so well, being from an ordinary family, going to school, going to bookstores, visiting friends, you’d, relied, on your own Route 11, you couldn’t recall having your parents picked you up when you were younger, you’d, paced outward, to discover the world around you, and you’d, cherished that very much.

You’d left the workforce two years ago, your daughter entered into university then too, nothing is pressing you to hurry, you’d become, a commuter by bus in this city now; and, the Route 11 that’s labeled as environmental friendly, became a hybrid bus that used gas and electricity, making you loving it a little more. You didn’t know if the route’s number was a symbol of an alternative for the legs, to help you get around in the city, to visit all the cool places here………you’d, slid open the cell phone screens, and, look at the route, and, you’d started on your mini-trips.

trips by bus 的圖片結果another way to see the city…photo from online…

After the New Year’s, you’d put on the walking shoes, with that yoga mat on your back, slowly, walked toward the bus station. Leaving behind your home temporarily, alighting Route 11, you’d felt like a sojourner. Looking at the familiar streets, seeing the crowd dissipate from the Peking duck shop, and the street vendors, the street performers started getting more active, this was the scene, framed by the window of the bus, a realist sort of a piece of art. People working away, living leisurely, their varied emotions, so very real to you. The bus took a turn, and, you saw the yellow bellflower blooming early, they’d glowed like gold in the warmth of the sun, you’d imagined this to be an impressionist painting now. You’d recalled those stanzas from the poems, and, things will eventually change, people and flowers, we’re, all travelers in this world, leaving our treks, in the river and the light of time.

The shifting light passed with the bus, Route 11 will take you to the neighborhood of your yoga course, you know that you will have a wonderful afternoon in stretching your muscles out, relaxing time there. Before you got off the bus, you’d, scanned your MRT pass, and you’d, thanked the driver.

And so, this is, leisure living, you’re no longer pressed by time, like when you were working, you are now retired and, have a lot more of the spare time you didn’t have, and so, you can, enjoy riding around on the busses through the cities, going to and from.

Mom’s Book of Stories

The legacy you’re, leaving for your children, the most priceless of all possessions, and it still wasn’t measured by those dollars or cents! Translated…

As I learned that I could go to Taipei to attend the Mobile Creations Awards ceremonies, I’d invited my youngest son who is studying in Chiayi to come along. My youngest also took his leave of absence from his work in the cram schools to accompany me. Other than being proud as his mother, mostly, he’d wanted to see who the judges are. Seeing how excited I was, he’d asked, “Did you sort through your articles? If you’re gone, then, the articles would be gone too!”

I’m already used to my son’s insulting ways, and hearing how he was concerned, I was, glad over that; finally someone had, thought about this, I’d replied, “All my articles are, classified, and I’d placed them all inside the cabinets.”

Many years ago, I’d told my son, “I can’t leave you any money when I’m gone, I’d only written the stories from when you guys were little, after you read them, you would know, how trying it was, for me, to raise you guys up.” As I’d spoken these words, my son let them pass through his ears, but today, he’d, mentioned it without me asking!

Back when I’d started to write, I’d wanted to capture my son’s aging processes, and, I’d wanted to earn a little more money for food on the tables. As I wrote, I’d added in the encounters I had at the local marketplaces, and the interesting things that’s happened in my parents as well as my in-law’s homes, and the fool I’d made of myself from work back when, and naturally, something stupid my husband had done as well.

And, my family took the “quieter approach to what I put down”, and there was only one faithful fan, who got all excited about everything I’d written, my dear old mom—every time I’d read my writings to her, she’d always laughed hard, commented, “Such wonderful proses!”

Last year I’d started working again, and entered in the line of workers in the nursing homes, and wrote down my stories with the elderly folks I’d worked with at the home, and my classmate, “Bull” read, left the message, “You now have more stories to write on.”

But, I’m, aged, and, as I’d gotten home from work, I’d become, way too fatigued, to start writing, but I’d wanted to leave the markings, and so, I’d written few lines on FB, thought, that I’ll sort through them eventually sometime in the future!

But, because I had a closed fracture of my femur last month, I can only take my leave of absence and stay home and rest, and now, I get to have the time, to pass in front of the computer screens, now, the inheritance for my son had the “elderly and mom” stories filed in.

And so, this woman documented her own life with her writings, and, she will keep on writing, and leave this legacy of her own memories to her own children to have after she is dead and gone, and, I’m sure, that in the futures, as her children read their mother’s writing, they will discover a side of their mother they never knew existed.

The Retired Volunteer Was Passionate, Became a Second Mom to Children Who Have Cerebral Palsy

Giving back to the community, and helping those in need surely does put that meaning back into your life after you’d retired, doesn’t it??? From the Newspapers, translated…

“Volunteer in exchange for room” is no longer a specialty for the younger generations, the sixty-three-year-old volunteer, Mei-Jing Tsai looked after the cerebral palsy patients, the elderly, not only did she receive the opportunity of “Journey with the Heart Volunteer Program” from Eden Welfare Foundation, she’d also regained that feeling of being needed.

Mei-Jing Tsai worked in the banking industries from before, her husband died early, and her children are all grown up and with their own families now, and there’s just her back home, and she’d become, a hotblooded elderly with no need to worry; seven years ago, she’d started volunteering, she’d volunteered in the hospice ward in Veteran’s Memorial Hospital, as well as on the suicide prevention hotlines too.

Three years ago, she’d learned that the Yilan Home took in people with Downs’s Syndrome, cerebral palsy as well as severely mentally and physically ill residents, she’d gone across half of Taiwan, to care for these “elderly children”. Tsai became the eldest volunteer in the Yilan Home, but she’s full of compassion and patience, and stayed with the patients as they get trained to learn the basics in living.

重度腦麻患者小娟(右)很喜歡志工蔡美瑾,見面常給一個大擁抱。 記者張芮瑜/攝影photo of the womean with cerebral palsy interacting with the volunteer, showing how much she’d appreciated her for volunteering…photo from UND.com…

The thirty-year-old Juan who’s diagnosed with the severe sort of cerebral palsy, her mature mind was, kept locked up by her distorted body, she’d stayed for ten years in the Yilan home, but her families rarely came to visit her; every time she’d missed them, she’d, pointed to the telephone, and Tsai became like a second mother to her, helped her learn to dial the phones.

Juan couldn’t talk, but can point to the cards to communicate. Tsai said, once Juan used her trembling hands to point out “I love you” on the picture charts, it’d made her cry.

Tsai met the Vietnamese nurse’s aide who’d worked in Taiwan for nine years too, her son came to Taiwan to work just seven months ago, but one of them worked in Yilan, the other, Nantou, the two of them were separated by the Central Mountain Range, and never saw each other. Tsai used her spare time from work, to lift her son from Taichung to Yilan, so they can meet up, the mother and son cried and held each other tight when they met up.

“I want that feeling of being needed again,” Tsai told, that the elderly handicapped patients were reliant on the hired staff, and when they see new volunteers, they’d become, very excited, every year coming to the home was like a homecoming, she’d treated the residents like they were her families too, she’d never felt that it was, trying one bit. Next year, she’d wanted go deeper into the mountains, to go to Datong County in Yilan, to accompany the native elderly who’d needed the services more.

And so, this woman is giving back to the community, because she saw a need, and it’d made her feel more satisfied, because that is what helping others brings you, it makes you more fulfilled, it makes our lives become more meaningful.

“You’re Amazing, Son”, the Coach’s Words Made the Child Who Was Sponsored by the Taiwan Fund for Children & Families Go for His Dreams of Playing Soccer

Mentoring a child, giving him hope for his own futures, inspiring him to excel in what he loved, sports, from the Newspapers, translated…

The first-year-middle school student, Lin from Yilan’s Fuxing Middle School had dreamed of becoming a soccer player to compete on behalf of the country, in order to train, he’d taken the trains from Tocheng to Yilan to study every day; yesterday he was given an award by the Taiwan Fund for Children & Families, he saw his coach from elementary school, he’d hugged his coach who’d inspired him and instilled the love of the game into him.

國一生林仁傑(右)獲家扶中心表揚,看到教練林振基現身,當場落下男兒淚。 圖/宜蘭...the boy, hugging his soccer coach, photo from UDN.com…

There are a lot of children in Lin’s house, his parents had a hard time raising six children on just one salary, the family was listed by the Yilan chapter of Taiwan Fund for Children & Families. Even so, Lin’s dreams didn’t go away, starting in his second grade year in elementary school, he’d joined the soccer team, and worked towards his dreams of becoming a soccer player one day.

“The coach said that I’m pretty good!”, as the captain of his elementary team, he said, back then, it was because of his coach, Lin’s encouragements, that’s helped him persisted in playing up to date. He’d selected the Fuxing Middle School with the soccer team to attend, although he had to wake up to get on the 5:41 trains to arrive to school to practice, and every evening, he doesn’t get home until eight, he’d never said he was tired, and wanted to go all the way playing soccer, into Yilan High School.

The social worker from Taiwan Fund for Children & Family, Lee said, that as Lin just entered into middle school, he’d rarely had any opportunities to play on the fields, he’d gotten benched a lot, and only picked up the balls after the games were over, there was that look of disappointment on his face often, but, he’d not gotten discouraged, still worked hard toward his dreams.

As he was called up to the podium to receive an award, for having stamina and persistence in sports, the social workers had his elementary coach make a special appearance. Seeing his mentor, Lin naturally cried out of joy, as his coach hugged him.

Lee said, that coach Lin was like Lin’s dad, looked after him, and, since graduating from elementary school, they’d still kept in contact, sometimes, as Lin needed to go out of district for his games, and his families couldn’t give him a lift, he’d only needed to call up his coach, and, without another word, his coach would pick him up, Ren-Jie was grateful and respected his coach a lot.

And so, this, is amazing, seeing how this young man persisted in his goals of playing soccer, despite how his families couldn’t give him what he’d needed, he had a mentor, his coach, who was there for him.

Trips Alone

Being an avid observer, of the surrounding environments, the life of a people-watcher, translated…

Because of work, I’d needed to have roundtrip travels from Hualien to Taipei and Taipei, to Hualien, in order to save up the fares, I’d often taken the “transferring commutes”, taking the double decker busses for some way, then the trains. This waiting and transferring, transferring and waiting, sometimes, I’d felt tension, and I’d, gazed out the windows, and suddenly, felt very relaxed, like it is, a sort of a miniature “trips alone” out of my ordinary life.

like this???  Photo from online…

In the process of my commute, I’d often initiate my “small theatre” mode, guessing at which seat I would be, given, would it be window seat, or aisle seat, would I get to see the sea? Or that I’d, start to observe the passengers all around me, from their ages, to what they’re wearing, to what games they’re, playing on their cell phone, the images from their FB homepage (am I being, too observant?), their LINE conversation (am I, breach someone else’s privacy?), listening in on the conversations (can someone call the police on me for that?)………all of these, are the points of origin of my imagination, I wanted to know, who the person who was, sitting closest to me was?

For a while, I’d even gotten so nutty, that I’d had to get the seat on the first row on the busses, that way, I got to, observe the driver at a close distance, and, his name would be, right up overhead, in front of me! In the age of Google, you will leave behind, an electronic footprint if you log online, and other than just imagining people’s lives, I get to, cross-check the facts, and, I’d often, lost control, in the one-hour ride, to the point that as I got off, and thanked the driver, I’d, actually became, genuine.

查看來源圖片like this???  Not my photo…

And so, this, is being a people watcher, and this person enjoys it, because, there are, NOT many other alternative “forms of entertainment”, so, he’d found fun, in observing the world around him, and, this trip alone became, more interesting, instead of just, watching that clock in the stations, wondering, when the busses or the trains will finally come and take you away!

My Son’s Chasing His Dreams of Becoming a Professional Gamer

Despite how many obstructions there were, in the path that took him to see his own dreams come true, translated…

It’d been a year since my son’s last return home, and during this period of time, I’d met up with him several times, opened up my mind, and put down the prejudices I’d held of him in the past, and just, listened to him sharing his plans of competing in computer games. Seeing how he’d talked of how hard he’d worked, I’d felt that warmth from within me, and although he’d only seen the sprouts of his own labor, but, he’d kept going on strong, I’m more than certain that he will, achieve what he’d set out to.

I’d asked him when he’d started wanting to go in the directions of online gaming competitions? Turns out, the conflicts we’d engaged in when he turned fifteen, was when his dreams first started, sprouting. Back then, he’d, ignored his school work completely, and didn’t care if he was going to graduate or not, after school, he’d, hugged tightly, onto his laptop. I’d often received calls of concerns from his homeroom instructor, but my son in his teenage rebellion couldn’t hear a word I say, and we’d often, fought like crazy.

on the path, to become a professional gamer, photo from online…on the path to become a professional gamer 的圖片結果

Because of my divorce, my son lived with me in my parents’ house since he was three; my parents felt bad, and, started, loving their grandson too much, and I’d often wondered, if my parents were, spoiling him, so I’d often, acted as the disciplinarian. And so, we’d fought in the wars when he was a teen, and, as I was on the verge of breaking down, my son’s second eldest uncle from his father’s side took him to live in the countryside.

With that distance between us, we’d slowly, sorted, through our own emotions. And, I’d contemplated, that as we’d lived together under the same roof, I’d never, given him the time of day, to hear his dreams out. I’d not tried to understand him, just kept preventing him. He saw me with a frown all day, like a porcupine, he’d not, wanted to come home anymore. Everything in his behavior, was caused by my neglect of him, and I’d, felt awful and ashamed, for not being there for him emotionally.

After he was away from my field of vision, he’d received a ton of bad words about him in the countryside, but he’d persisted in his own dreams, and even as he’d had a job that everybody felt pleased about, to chase his dreams, he’d, quit, and, he’d become, the subject of everybody else’s gossips, and they’d called him, “up to no good”.

And now, my son loved sharing with us his work, and, although his grandparents still couldn’t quite understand what exactly is gaming competition, but, they’d felt their grandson shone of that confidence and light. And, this child, in the voices that spoke against his dreams, still walked out his own path, and I wish him the best.

to this…photo from online…competing in online games 的圖片結果

And so, despite ALL those voices that spoke against his dreams, this young man still pursued what made him happy endlessly, and that takes courage, because, not a lot of people can withstand the noises from outside, and most would normally just, give up on the dreams, and do something that’s, more accepted by the families, but NOT this particular young man, and because he had the courage to go after his dreams, he’s already, a success, no matter how he’d turned out.