Trips Alone

Being an avid observer, of the surrounding environments, the life of a people-watcher, translated…

Because of work, I’d needed to have roundtrip travels from Hualien to Taipei and Taipei, to Hualien, in order to save up the fares, I’d often taken the “transferring commutes”, taking the double decker busses for some way, then the trains. This waiting and transferring, transferring and waiting, sometimes, I’d felt tension, and I’d, gazed out the windows, and suddenly, felt very relaxed, like it is, a sort of a miniature “trips alone” out of my ordinary life.

like this???  Photo from online…

In the process of my commute, I’d often initiate my “small theatre” mode, guessing at which seat I would be, given, would it be window seat, or aisle seat, would I get to see the sea? Or that I’d, start to observe the passengers all around me, from their ages, to what they’re wearing, to what games they’re, playing on their cell phone, the images from their FB homepage (am I being, too observant?), their LINE conversation (am I, breach someone else’s privacy?), listening in on the conversations (can someone call the police on me for that?)………all of these, are the points of origin of my imagination, I wanted to know, who the person who was, sitting closest to me was?

For a while, I’d even gotten so nutty, that I’d had to get the seat on the first row on the busses, that way, I got to, observe the driver at a close distance, and, his name would be, right up overhead, in front of me! In the age of Google, you will leave behind, an electronic footprint if you log online, and other than just imagining people’s lives, I get to, cross-check the facts, and, I’d often, lost control, in the one-hour ride, to the point that as I got off, and thanked the driver, I’d, actually became, genuine.

查看來源圖片like this???  Not my photo…

And so, this, is being a people watcher, and this person enjoys it, because, there are, NOT many other alternative “forms of entertainment”, so, he’d found fun, in observing the world around him, and, this trip alone became, more interesting, instead of just, watching that clock in the stations, wondering, when the busses or the trains will finally come and take you away!


My Son’s Chasing His Dreams of Becoming a Professional Gamer

Despite how many obstructions there were, in the path that took him to see his own dreams come true, translated…

It’d been a year since my son’s last return home, and during this period of time, I’d met up with him several times, opened up my mind, and put down the prejudices I’d held of him in the past, and just, listened to him sharing his plans of competing in computer games. Seeing how he’d talked of how hard he’d worked, I’d felt that warmth from within me, and although he’d only seen the sprouts of his own labor, but, he’d kept going on strong, I’m more than certain that he will, achieve what he’d set out to.

I’d asked him when he’d started wanting to go in the directions of online gaming competitions? Turns out, the conflicts we’d engaged in when he turned fifteen, was when his dreams first started, sprouting. Back then, he’d, ignored his school work completely, and didn’t care if he was going to graduate or not, after school, he’d, hugged tightly, onto his laptop. I’d often received calls of concerns from his homeroom instructor, but my son in his teenage rebellion couldn’t hear a word I say, and we’d often, fought like crazy.

on the path, to become a professional gamer, photo from online…on the path to become a professional gamer 的圖片結果

Because of my divorce, my son lived with me in my parents’ house since he was three; my parents felt bad, and, started, loving their grandson too much, and I’d often wondered, if my parents were, spoiling him, so I’d often, acted as the disciplinarian. And so, we’d fought in the wars when he was a teen, and, as I was on the verge of breaking down, my son’s second eldest uncle from his father’s side took him to live in the countryside.

With that distance between us, we’d slowly, sorted, through our own emotions. And, I’d contemplated, that as we’d lived together under the same roof, I’d never, given him the time of day, to hear his dreams out. I’d not tried to understand him, just kept preventing him. He saw me with a frown all day, like a porcupine, he’d not, wanted to come home anymore. Everything in his behavior, was caused by my neglect of him, and I’d, felt awful and ashamed, for not being there for him emotionally.

After he was away from my field of vision, he’d received a ton of bad words about him in the countryside, but he’d persisted in his own dreams, and even as he’d had a job that everybody felt pleased about, to chase his dreams, he’d, quit, and, he’d become, the subject of everybody else’s gossips, and they’d called him, “up to no good”.

And now, my son loved sharing with us his work, and, although his grandparents still couldn’t quite understand what exactly is gaming competition, but, they’d felt their grandson shone of that confidence and light. And, this child, in the voices that spoke against his dreams, still walked out his own path, and I wish him the best.

to this…photo from online…competing in online games 的圖片結果

And so, despite ALL those voices that spoke against his dreams, this young man still pursued what made him happy endlessly, and that takes courage, because, not a lot of people can withstand the noises from outside, and most would normally just, give up on the dreams, and do something that’s, more accepted by the families, but NOT this particular young man, and because he had the courage to go after his dreams, he’s already, a success, no matter how he’d turned out.

First Time I’d Gone Shopping

How driven this child was, once she’d, set her mind to something she wanted to get! A memorable childhood memory that’s for certain, translated…

You probably don’t recall when you went shopping for the very first time, and what you’d bought back then, right? Well, I do, amazing, right?

Your mom must’ve told you about that time. I know that’s, what you’re, thinking.

But, nope.

Before I give you the answer, to this, ultra boring question of my life, perhaps, you’d still recalled that illustrated book. Written by Ryuko Tsutsuji, illustrated by Akiko Hayashi’s “First Time I’d Gone Shopping Alone”. Keiko, who was only five, first gone shopping for her mother to buy milk, it was, such an adult task, also, a grand adventure. There were the bicycle that rammed all around, she’d, tripped and fallen, with the loose changes, rolling all over the streets…………I’d recalled how as I’d read it to my daughter, she’d, clenched her fists. After all, crossing the streets, shopping on one’s own, it’s such, a grand adventure for a young child.

And, the very first time I’d gone shopping on my own, it was, thrilling, to say the least. But, there wasn’t, crossing any intersections required of me, I’d only needed, to walk for a short bit, then, I’m, there. I’d gone to buy a pacifier for myself, wasn’t for my younger siblings, or anybody else, not the kind that you put on a bottle, the one that I’d, sucked on for comfort all day long.

what the children’s book look like, image found online…第一次上街買東西 的圖片結果

I’d still remembered what that beloved pacifier looked like to date, made of rubber, yellow, very huge, very chewy; it wasn’t like those, smaller sorts, the ones made of plastic, for the sake of comfort that came later, there was, a round board toward the middle, that looked, too weakly. My “yellow” was, thicker, with the center hollowed, not separated by the parts, very full of force when I’d, sucked on. And because it was empty from the back, I’d even fill up the pacifier with water, freeze it in the freezer, and turned it into a pacifier popsicle for myself in the summertime, and, it’d tasted, even better.

I’d turned, very innovative in how I’d, sucked on my pacifier, I’d felt so very, proud of myself, at that young an age, I could be, a GENIUS! But, this had, impacted my father even more greatly! Because I was already five, and still sucking on my pacifier. And legend had it, that if you keep sucking on the pacifiers, your lips will turn outward, your teeth would become, crooked (the term oral stage wasn’t heard of back then), back then, there wasn’t the corrections technologies to correct the crooked teeth, and my father worked really hard, to get me off of this bad habit of sucking on my pacifier, worried that I may have crooked teeth when I’m older. He’d put chili paste, mint oils, and put an assortment of stimulants on it. But, as a five-year-old, wouldn’t I, go and wash it out? Later, my father was forced, and he’d, punched a hole on the front of my pacifier. And it can only be used, to drink milk, because if I’d, sucked on it, I am only, sucking in the air. And so, I’d, cased aside my five-year-old pride, gone shopping for a brand new one.

what the writer was trying to buy from the shop…image from online…

If you’d asked me, how much a pacifier cost back then? Ahhhh, although my memories last like a goldfish’s, but, I still recalled, that shiny, cute pacifier I’d bought for myself, for half a dollar. I was like the young Keiko, with half-a-dollar coin in hand, my heart, thumping very fast, gone shopping on my own, I’d, worked up the courage, told the shop owner, “I want a pacifier, please!”, I was about, five, back in 1972-ish???

And, maybe, you’d, questioned, “LIAR, your dad wants you off the pacifier, where did you get the money for it?”

Well, that’s, another inspirational tale, for another time………

And so, this showed, the persistence of this woman at age five, and, she’s not getting off her pacifier yet, because it offered that sense of security, that sense of safety she’d needed in her life, and, there’s no need, to hurry to wean your children off things, just allow them to develop naturally, of course I’m not saying, that it’s okay, to send your third-graders to class with a PACIFIER in her/his mouth!!!


Slow & Steady Wins the Races

What this man learned, from his own old habits, and adjusted himself according to the right paces, regained his healthy, became, even healthier than he was before! Translated…

The Experience from That Time Made Me Realized, that I’m a Middle-Aged Person, without the Assets to Spend Carelessly, in Order to Regain My Healthy Status, I’d Started, Running………

Pulling Myself BACK, Toward the Right Tracks

During the summer when I was thirty-two, due to long-term fatigued, I’d, fallen very ill. I’d rarely seen any doctors, and was, taken to this Chinese medicine doctor who’s very good at treating the patients, and I’d also, bought, a ton of expensive Chinese medications. It was a shocking experience, that I’d become, a middle-aged man, without the assets to spend carelessly now, in order to regain my health, I’d started, jogging.

Recalling that very first time I’d gone to the track fields to run, as I was about to finish my first lap around, I’d become, too out of breath that I’d felt, dizzy, and I’d, managed, to bite down very hard, and finished five laps total, as I’d gone home to shower, I’d felt, that strong sense of fatigue, like I’d, just played basketball on the courts for hours. Holy! Am I, that unfit? Thankfully, my will in research had, helped me find a way quick, a lot of the elders who ran told me, “the best speed to which you run, is one that you can chat with others, and not feel, out of breath.”

illustration from the papers…圖/大裘米like a metronome, you just, kept on, ticking, ticking, ticking, and ticking away…

At first, it wasn’t, easy, for me to understand how, I’d thought, when I’m running, I’m not compelled, to chat with anybody, but I’d still, tried, to slow my own pace down, to the point that I was, about, to doze off (yes, that was, also the runners I’d met had advised me to do too!)…………so, I ran, and ran, and ran, and, suddenly, I’d, understood, what they were, talking about, because your body will let you know, what speed is most comfortable for it. Whether it be in life or at work, finding that right pace, then, you will be able to, work, in the most efficient manner.

At age 36, we had a new addition to the family, a one-and-a-half year-old baby boy, it’d, altered my life very much. What stressed me out was when our son was sent to the nanny’s, and I’d, needed to, return back to work at my desk, I’d always felt sleepy, and couldn’t focus, just wanted to watch some junk footages, or, text the useless information to my friends. I’d thought it was, just a transitional thing, but, for a long time, my productivity had, dropped, it’s time, to think of ways, to get my pace back again.

First, the “pace to writing”, I’m used to jotting down the tips and the clues that came, then, while that’s all fresh in my mind, I’d, done my first draft. But, as I’d, turned into a father, I’d often left the clues, but, after awhile, those things I’d written down became, meaningless to me. And, even as I’d, sat myself down, to think hard on what I was going to write about, I’d gotten, disrupted in my pace, and I’d, sat, dumbfounded, staring, at my computer screen, then, I’d turned on, those, junk movies, to pass the time.

So, I’d, decided, to change my own manners, whenever there’s a thought, no matter what I was working on at the moment, I’d, forced myself, to write it all out, like I would in journaling. I’d just, written things down, and didn’t care if what I wrote down was, precise and clear, at least, that way, I was, able to, record down how I was feeling at that very moment, and, as I’d, returned later, to reread it, I can have the choices, and the basis. Of course, if I can, I’d needed to utilize the time I’d sent my son to his nanny, when he was, away, to keep a steady schedule, to sleep early wake up early, and drink less, so I can, up my productivity.

What’s My Body Telling Me?

Then, it’s, the “Paces I talked at”, in recent years, I’d gotten invited to give lectures, and, although I’d gotten the acclaims after I’d made my speeches, but, each and every time I’d made a speech, I’d felt, so fatigued, and I’m thinking, that it has to do, with how fast I’d, talked. There are always some weird and wacky thoughts in my head, and, I’d, blurted out a lot of things I’d said without thinking twice on them, and, I’d often, strayed from the subjects, causing me to run over time in the seminars, and, I’d talked, faster, faster, and faster, felt very hurried, and I still couldn’t, fully give the lectures as I’d, prepared for them.

I was very curious, as to why most of the politicians talked so slowly, later on, I’d learned, that they were using, a technique of public speaking. They would, annunciate, word, for word, and looked into the audience, and adjusted their paces of speaking, and would pause at times, so the audience can look at their facial expressions. I’d decided, to slow down the pace of which I’d talked, to 80 percent of my original speed, I will, try to remind myself, to speak slower, to not hurry. It didn’t matter how much I’d, covered, but to correctly connect to what my audience was feeling, that’s more important, to lead them, into the stories I’m telling.

Finally, there’s, the pace I ate at, I’d often gotten reminded by my wife, to “chew your foods thoroughly”, but I was, so used to, just swallowing the foods too quickly, so I can, get to what needed to be done. With the coming of age, my protruding belly had, made me adjust my own way of consuming food, and I’d, started showing concerns for subjects on health. For instance, reduce the intake of starch, or, to drink a glass of fruit-based vinegar, to reduce the absorption of glucose.

The most clear change was when I’d gone to a hotpot with an older schoolmate who has gout, I’d found that he’d followed the “veggies before the meats” rule, he’d cooked all the veggies first, then, the meats, then, he didn’t, drink the soup after he’d, cooked the meats—did you notice, the fats that surfaced, from after you’d, broiled the meats? That was, the fat from the meats you’d, just cooked, not only was it an eyesore, even if, you’d, fished it out, the fats that were in the meats were, all cooked, into the soups, with the calorie count hiking up sky high. This won’t do! We must have hotpots in the winters! So, afterwards, my wife and I, followed my older schoolmate’s lead, then, we saw, how the meats in the hotpot shops aren’t that, fresh at all, and, we’d stopped, enjoying meat as much (so, this, is the real point behind all of that!).

Every time my health starts showing signs of decline, I’d taken a look at the paces to which I’d worked, and lived, to try to find the problem, then fix it. But, the conclusion almost always lands “You need to exercise more!”, like this low had, made me start running again, what’s magical is, I’d, run leisurely like I’d always done, but, I’d become, faster, and faster, it’d taken me six and a half minutes to run ten kilometers from before, and, I’d reduced the time down to five minute and a half, so, what, is my body telling me now, huh?

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, perhaps, I should, put myself up, for a complete marathon then! Run slower, you’ll, go fasters!

So, this is from this man’s own experiences, because his health started flashing red, that was what made him become, more aware of the signals that his body was, sending to him, and, he’d, adjusted his diet, changed his ways of exercising, and, regained his health, and, he might even be, healthier than he had ever been, because he’d listened to the signals his body was, sending him, and made adjustments to his lifestyle.


Stanzas on Rocks, a Poem

Doing things, that are, of no importance to us in life, how long, did we, spend, living like this again??? Too god DAMN long, is my guess!!! And yet, we still, can’t stop it, why is that, do you know??? Translated…


Look into the Open & Move Out

All the Pieces Inside Your Chest

The Oceans Will Take Over from Afar Now

like this, video from Youtube…

All of These Balls from the World

The Beaches of the World

Had Become, so Filled, with

Those, Looking Hard

for Their, Destinies

And so, you can see, how blindly, people are, searching for things, right? We’re all, picking up these, useless “rocks” thinking, that they’re, something important to us, that we’d, needed them, in our lives, in the end, these rocks that we’d, carried only, weighed us down, and we still don’t have a clue, that we’re the ones, who can, stop carrying, ALL these, rocks!


Aunty Who Loves to Paint

How this woman was, able to overcome the trials of her life by taking up a hobby, the features of a woman, translated…

As the children became independent, the aunty who’s already past fifty thought that she could, finally, graduate from her roles of a “good mother” and a “good wife”, but, my uncle fell ill suddenly, it’d, messed everything up. For the futures they’re to have after retirement, my aunt knew she couldn’t leave the workforce yet, but this didn’t stop her from mapping out her dreams.

She’d loved dancing and singing, and has a talent in art too. I’d seen her, so focused as she sketched things onto the papers, and her work consisted of classics and modern, she’d even had an exhibit with her friends who shared the same love for art. Seeing how my aunt stood in front of her canvas, in smiles, I’d felt, she looked, so radiant.

Is it because she’s not willing to lose the passions she has for her life? I’m truly in awe, of her energies, every time I’d visited or called her, I couldn’t help but ask her, when she will be showing her new work, or at least, to post them on FB so her friends and families can look at the works. And, perhaps the road to help my uncle recover is long, but I give my best wishes to my aunt, hoping, that as she gets older, her life will, be colorful as ever.

This is very important, as this article had shown, to have something you’re, really into doing, like for this woman, she has her art, and, if she didn’t have it, she will become resentful toward the things that’s happened in her life, and she’s going to have a very difficult time as she gets older, but gladly, she has a hobby, to keep her going.


He’d Switched Tracks, from the Law Department, He’d Become the Music Major Department’s Dean

Now, they’re, studying for the sake of love, instead of just, getting that degree, from the Newspapers, translated…

Are the music department, saved for those who’d studied music from their high school years? The dean of Pingdong University’s Music Department, Lien WAS a law student from N.T.U., later on he’d switched tracks, and entered onto the road to music; the digital music professor, Hsiao wasn’t a music major either, he’d graduated from the National University of Education’s psychology department, then, turned toward his interests, music, and that just showed, that even IF you didn’t have any prior trainings in the field, you still have a chance, to become a huge success in the field.

from online…

Lien said, he’d grown up around music, he’d taken lessons in violin and piano as a child, but, he’d not taken the music route, and, he’d signed on for the law department of N.T.U. as he’d filled out his major and school selection, he’d graduated from graduate school in law, but he just, couldn’t, be a lawyer. Later he’d gone to France’s Sorbon University to study music for ELEVEN whole years, and majored in composing and musicology.

He’d said, that using his fundamentals of learning music, taking the piano lessons, the violin lessons, there was, NO way he could’ve gotten past the entrance exams, but he’d always wanted to go into depth of the study of music, and so, he’d emphasized in musicology, music analysis.

Hsiao started taking piano lessons at the age of four, he’d gotten into the psychology department at the University of Education, for the sake of being closer to the music department, and all the auditable courses in the music department offered by the school, he’d gone; although he wasn’t a music major, but he was blessed, to be on this road, and now, every minute of his life is involved in music.

查看來源圖片working hard, to compose a piece…photo from online…

And so, this just showed, how if you’re interested in something, no matter if you were in the related majors, you can work hard, and reach your goals just the same.