A Love Letter to My Social Worker, Ms. Liu

Working as a social worker, she comes into contact with, ALL the bad things that happen to people’s lives, and so, it’s, very important, to have a supportive and understanding “better half” who will, help her through the toughness she’d encountered from her work daily, translated…

Recalling How When I First Met You, What Attracted Me to You, was Your Occupation Column that Had “Social Worker”………

Recalling how the very first time I met you, what attracted me to you, was your occupation of “social worker”.

圖/Tankthat hand, was excatly, what he’d, needed, and she’d, shown that to him, illustration from the papers onlilne…

Before you, the stereotypes I had of social workers are those instances on the news where the social workers didn’t get there in time, to stop the tragedies, how the society judged them, over critically for it; or, as my mother was hospitalized, and I couldn’t afford to pay for her care, an social worker entered into the ward, and said to us, “There are the assistance programs offered for the poverty-stricken families without the interests, just pay up the medical charges as you can slowly.” In the past, I’d not quite, understood the risk, and the hardships of a social worker, until, I’d, met up with you.

Those Talks Late at Night

The love we’d found, was sparked over the late night conversations we’d shared.

Before I knew you, I was originally, someone who’d, VOWED to leave the heartfelt stories behind in this world, a novelist, but, the four years of cutting off ALL contacts with the outside world, and focusing on my writing had, taken me, into, the deep end, I’d become someone who would have, this splitting headache, as I’d, started focusing, for an hour, or two at a time. I’d suddenly, lost the motivations of my own life, and the goals, and, what was left for me in life, was nothing but the barrenness and the emptiness of it all.

Right at the moment, that, I’d, wanted it to be over completely, your profile from an online dating site registered into my eyes, I’d decided, to work up my courage, and left a message for you, “I’m truly in awe of your courage, willing, to be someone who helps others. The love of man can bring fatigue, but, the love of God will always be there for you when you need.”, and you’d, replied back to me, genuinely, and it’d, sparked that opening of many conversation topics we’d, come to share: I’d disclosed to you how my mother’s suicide attempts in my middle school years had, affected me, and the joys I’d had, telling my students all the stories; and you’d, started telling me of a case you have, on how a mother had, refused, to show ANY love, along with a daughter who got raped, by the man her mother was, cohabiting with, and, how she’d, said she’d, wanted to go home, after being, placed in emergent custody.

With the increase in our conversations, I’d started feeling awe of your work: there was a case with the special callings, that can see “things that others can’t when s/he was younger, walking around”; there was a case whose home was, filled with recycled junk, and had, taken the rancid fish, and cooked it for lunch; and there was one who’d, abused drugs and started, hallucinating, and picked up a knife, and, jabbed it into his heart…………all of these tales, were, shocking to me, and my dear, you’d gotten involved in these stories, for a decade. I’d finally understood, how your department received the bonusses in pay, along with the pepper spray.

That evening, after you’d logged off, I’d written down: a woman’s job, is to sort through the many problems of the families, ringing their bells, knocking on their doors, say to them, “hi, I’m a social worker, here, to help you.” Suddenly, it’d, dawned on me, how you are able to, work so long, at your job, because what you’re doing, was exactly like what your beloved Father had done—giving yourself, wholeheartedly, not only saving those in need, you’d also, helped, pulled those who are, slowly sinking in the world, back up.

Meeting Up After We’d Experienced Our Separate Shares of Traumas

After I’d met you, the migraines that were, troubling me for a long time, suddenly, got cured, as if, by magic, and, in its place, was the respect, and love I’d felt for you, doing what you did. You’d, performed a miracle on me, it’d, made me believed, that you are, a god that, soothed my pains. And so, you can’t imagine how much heart ache I’d felt for you, after I’d, read through your diary postings and your FB pages.

I shall never forget, that photo which was, buried, among the endless photos, with just, you in it—you, sitting still, staring at the stone-paved floor ahead, lacking that focus in your eyes, there was, that silent scent of loss, that got, saved, in the still frame, which was, captured, by your best friend with whom you’d taken the trip with, and it’d, become, branded, into my heart too.

I’d read from your online journal, that that scent of loss came from your witnessing too much sorrows from work; although, you’d, worked hard, and used your faith, to help you handle all of this, you’d also found, that other than your faith, you had, nobody else you can, rely on, and, he who’d, left you long ago, already found, someone new.

You’d asked yourself, “Why isn’t there a man to love me? And hold me tightly, when I’m in need?” sitting at my end of the computer screen, I started crying, I’d wanted to ask: how can God, be so cruel, making an already, too brave woman, face all of this, on her own?

Perhaps, we can choose to believe, that God had, arranged for our two beautiful souls to meet, after all the pains we’d weathered through, so we can, realize, just how, precious and hard-to-come-by this love is, that what we found in one another, was worth, the promises of forever for.

After you said “I do”, I can finally, take care of you, as I’d, always hoped to, hold you in my arms every day, and hear you tell me of the various cases you’d encountered.

That day, you’d told me, that an unwed mother was in the birthing room, and hadn’t, called you back yet, and finally, you’d gotten the answer, then, you’d, carried in the lunches for two in, to visit her. “Are you her first visitor after she gave birth?” I’d inquired. “Yup, because she didn’t DARE tell her father, that she had, another child”, you’d answered. I’d smiled, and continued listening, and what you didn’t know was, I felt, so very, proud of you from deep down, because my wife is, an angel who’d, brought the hopes to the unfortunate in the world. Your name is: social worker.

And, it takes, a lot of strengths, to work in this specific area, because you are going to encounter a TON of bad things, and, everything that gets sent to the social workers’ stations are, always the awful things in the societies, and, you need to have a strong heart, that blind optimism about life, in order, to last long in this field of work that you’re in.


A Nosy Paramedic

Reasons why these nurses butted in are still NOT just because it’s their professional courtesy, but because they genuinely cared about the wellbeing of their patients! Translated…

“You know why I was willing to get the shots?” my thirty-year old patient with hypertension, diabetes, and sleep apnea, with a suspected cell melanoma asked me. “??”

“As I was admitted, didn’t the hospital tried to get me to get a shot and I’d refused?” “Yeah!”

making teh rouands, checking on the patient…photo form online still

“That day, I’d gone to the basement of the hospital, and bumped into the doctor in the metabolism health department.” “Dr. Jiang.”

“Yeah, that’s her, she’d called me to a halt, took me to her room.” “??”, I was very shocked.

She’d asked me, “Are you a V.I.P.?”, and I’d replied, “of course not.” She’d asked me again, “Are you more of a V.I.P. than the former president Lee?” “Of course not!” “Even as the former president had his insulin shots for years on end, what techniques are you using, without the shots, to keep your glucose under control?” I’d, stuttered, and thought about what she’d said, and it was reasonable, and, as I returned to the ward, I’d told you, that I was willing to get the insulin shots.

Nosy, was one of the most favorite characteristic I have for the medical professions, they’re working as they are working, NOT for the money, but for the sake of helping others, like the elderly hospital manager of Chih-Hong Hospital stated, “Money is only a complication in the realm of medicine.”

That also explained why Dr. Jiang had offered me the extra services as I gone to see him, had the professors to come to look at me, asked the radiology department to check me……a little more here, a little more there, making me feel, that we’d done all we possibly can, not for the sake of making more money, but for the sake of making the patients feel, that the doctors had done all they possibly can, to help us.

The cardiologist, Dr. Liu was also like that, I have a patient who was suspected of having lung embolisms who’d asked him to do an ultrasound of the heart, most of the doctors had just done the ultrasound, then, typed up the reports, but he’d read the man’s entire medical history records, and checked with me, “you know, the patient told me that she flew business from the U.S. back, not economy class.” He’d even reviewed over ALL of her past scans, and gotten to know her condition like the back of his own hands.

All the nursing staff I’d met, are also just like that too.

As I saw a patient’s chest x-ray had a huge white are, I’d enjoyed asking the nurses, “What do you think this is?”

And the primary nurse would tell me what she thought. When the phlegm was pink and with foams, it looked like lung emphysema; if it’s bright red, then, it’s a hemorrhage in the lungs; if it’s yellow, then, it would be an infection from pneumonia. Sometimes, with the senior nursing staff members like Mei-Huei and Hsin-Ran, they’d told me, that the lungs were probably infected with bacteria, because she’d smelled the special scent that the bacterial gave off.

with the dedications and hard work of people like these, that is what makes our recoveries possible…photo from online…

The nurse from the Guo-Yuan Nursing School found slight things that we shrugged off as a patient was walking, and helped make the correct diagnosis. Huei-Jen in ward 9A told me of a unique way that the patient interacted with the family, which helped us arranged an individualized method of treatment.

Nosy, that, is the characteristics I’d loved about the nurses. Nurse Peggy in 6B, as the patient didn’t come back, she’d phoned the station to ask where the patient went; Shu-Pen was only passing through the roads of Yangming Mountain, and she’d stopped, to perform CPR on a car accident victim; the nurse from MICU, Jia-Yi at the MRT Yuanshan Station, rushed out of the trains, and performed CPR on a visitor who’d passed out………there are, an assortment of stories of compassion, told how the blood of nursing flows through the women I worked with.

Wei-Ting, as a clinical pharmacist, at the start of when everything getting written online, she’d actively asked for the patient’s national health insurance card, and solved the mystery of his kidney failure (the patient denied having been put on any medication, but his medical records showed different).

Medicine, is a special profession, it’s not the normal 9 to 5, but based off of the interpersonal interactions, connections we’d established with one another. The nosiness of the nursing staff, sometimes it’s annoying, but you need to know, that what it showed, is that unspoken, “I care about you”

The medics may not be capable of expressing their cares and concerns toward the patients verbally, but so long as they still cared, this huge system of healthcare won’t collapse.

So, this showed, that although the nurses’ behaviors may be construed as nosy, or butting into the patients’ lives, and sometimes even, invading the privacies, but, they do it out of their care and concerns toward their patients, and we should give them a break, and stop giving them a hard time, as they’re the people on the frontlines, saving lives here.

The Engineer Turned Farmer, Teaching the Younger Generations to Plant the Crops

How a man was inspired by farming, and now, he hopes, to pass the joys he’d found to others as well, from the Newspapers, translated…

The young man, Liao from Taidong returned to his hometown and started farming, and used the environmentally friendly methods, to plant the tomatoes, the cucumbers, and other produces in his hometown.  Other than enjoying his new life as a farmer, he’d also, worked hard, to transmit the knowledge from his own experiences as a farmer, helping the younger generations who were interested in farming, hoping, to inspire them, to make them realize, that life on a farm, is, quite interesting.

The thirty-seven-year-old Liao came from a farming family he originally worked as an engineer in a well-known electronics company, but because of his intense interest in farming, in 2010, he quit his job, returned to his hometown, and started planting tomatoes.

He said, as he picked up the till, he’d realized, that farming wasn’t, as easy as he thought it was to pick up, because it’s easy to plant, but, in order to plant the high quality and easily sold produces, that, was what’s difficult.  In the process of him becoming a farmer, he’d met a ton of hardships, and, with the help of many others, he was slowly, able, to resolve each and every one of these problems, and gotten to understand the fate and place of the farm he owned.

廖家助採友善農法並與北部餐廳契作,產地直送,讓消費者吃得安心。 記者潘俊偉/攝影the man, smiling radiantly, showing off his crop, photo from UDN.com…

“Planting the tomatoes is like raising children, you can only know how with the trials and errors.”  Liao stated, that he’d originally planted the tomatoes using his forefathers’ methods, using excessive pesticides, and chemical fertilizers, to manipulate the growth of the plants, so he can have a harvest in a short period of time.

In 2013, his eldest daughter was born, he’d learned from observing her, that plants are like infants, they couldn’t tell you they’re hungry, or ill, and you can only experience, and known it, and decided, to look after his plants the way he’s looking after his own young.

Liao said, starting in 2014, he’d planted all of his plants, managed the whole process of their growths, in caring for them, to the harvest, he’d used rarely any herbicides, chemical fertilizers, and not damaged the environment, so the tomatoes he’d planted kept their original tastes, a bit sweet, with that small amount of sour bursts to them.

Liao hopes to pass his own experiences to two more younger generation farmers, so they will also, find the joys in the agricultural work, to establish their own self-confidence, to reignite their passions of life as well.

So, because this man had experienced it personally, he now hopes, to pass his joys down to younger generations of people, and this is exactly the sorts passing of the torch we need in this world, by passing not only the methods he’d learned from trial and error, but also, that respect toward the land, which is way more important, than making the harvest at the end of the season.

A First-Year Instructor

A first-year instructor, s/he is, fresh in the “markets”, just out of teaching college, with NO clue of how to deal with children, of ANY age.

And, as a first-year instructor, you may come face-to-face with a ton of challenges, in classroom management, dealing with parents who complain to you, endlessly, about how their young children don’t learn anything, blah-blah-blah!

All of these, they’d never, taught you how to handle in teacher’s college, but, you know the theories of how everything inside a classroom worked, you just, can’t quite, apply it to the teaching environment yet.

And so, it’s, NO easy task, being, a first-year instructor, and yet, all those best teachers were once, first-year instructors, and, they’d faced, all the troubles you, as a first-year instructor is currently facing, it’s just, that they’d been, teaching longer, and you’re, still, quite “fresh”, but soon enough, you’ll, get there………











I’m a Security Guard, and All I Ask For, is a Little Bit of Dignity

Off the Front Page Sections, translated…

Recently, there was an incident of beating by a resident of the homeowner’s board and the murdering of a security guard in Hsinbei City, and it’d, touched me.

There are more and more people working in the security guard industries, but, the status quos are lowered, and they’re, not getting the recognitions they deserved, a lot of people looked down on those who work as security guards, and, believed that there’s no future in the work as a security guard.  Once the security guard gets hired, he’d become an employee; especially in the residential buildings, they’d needed to, follow the commends of the residents, getting controlled by the homeowner associations, needed to watch people’s faces, and pay close attention to the ups and downs of the residents.  As they’re on duty, they’d needed to show their care and concerns, and couldn’t offend the residents, and needed to handle an assortment of business that occurred in the residences, they’re often, living under great duress.  And, the better residents would show the security guards more respect, and, there are those bad residents who would make troubles for them too, blaming them for not doing their job well enough at all, and even, beating and hackings too.long hours, with miminum pay, not my photo…

The security guards’ work is around the clock, 24/7, and, no matter what the weather was like, they’d needed to go to work, and are under enormous duress, more frankly stated, the wages earned by the security guards are among the lowest, in correspondences to their workloads, with long hours, other than the most basic wages, there are, rarely any raises, increases in their pays, or other bonuses or discounts to speak of.  But most of the workers do it without any complaints, and just, stay on their work post dutifully.

Currently, the population makeup of security guards composed of members of the younger generations who couldn’t find better work, along with some who are already retired but preferred to stay busy in their lives, and those who’d needed the extra paychecks too.  Although they don’t get paid as much, and, the level of work is considered a bit lower, but just like workers in any other industries, they’d, worked hard, to earn their own separate living.  Think about it: if a building is without any security guards, then, it would be quite, dangerous, wouldn’t it?  And this showed, the importance of the work of these individuals.

And, I hope, that the residents, the public can, show a little more respect to the security guards working, or maybe even, a little bit more encouragements; especially, I’d hoped, that the government can improve the working conditions of the security guards as well, so they can have a safer environment to work in.

watching over the local communities here…not my photograph…

So, this is based off of someone’s observations, and, the individual is right, on how the long hours, and the hard works put in by the security guards were often, taken for granted, because we expect these people who worked for us to do what they’re supposed to, and, we’re, paying them for watching over our communities, we often believed, that we can be mean to them, because they’re under us, as we’d, hired them, but hey, they might be able to, get higher paying jobs, and just, chose to, work in our buildings, keeping us safe.

The Hardworking Teachers Captured the Hearts of Students

On the dedications of the teacher here, commentaries on the Front Page Sections, translated…

The views of the article, “the best reward of a teacher is from the students”, and I want to use my two daughters and my wife’s example to show this too.

My wife is an English teacher for an elementary school, on September 28th, a young boy in her class used the limited sentence structures and vocabulary terms and wrote a note to my wife, to express how much he’d appreciated her as a teacher—“You are a good girl.”

When my older daughter was in the sixth grade, there weren’t many students in her class, and they were, the only graduating class, the instructor made a decision that was hard on herself, not carpooling in a tour bus with a nearby school, instead, taking the students by train and bus to visit the Hualien-Taidong area for two nights three days, this trip made my eldest daughter so chatty for days after she returned home.

My younger girl’s sixth grade instructor placed emphasis on essay writing, not only would she write customized comments, my youngest carried on in conversation with her teacher in writing, the more the teacher wrote back, she’d written very avidly, and, there was, almost, NO secret in her essay books.

I’m glad, that the student from my wife’s classes felt her dedication; I’m also grateful, that my daughters could have the opportunities to encounter teachers who’d touched their hearts, a focused teacher is a most beautiful one!

So, the teachers these children encountered are, very dedicated to what they do, and, it’s true, how in order for a teacher to touch the hearts of her/his students, the instructor can’t just teach in the classroom settings, they must show more cares and concerns for their pupils outside of the classrooms as well.

The Legacies of a Good Teacher

Because you had a great teacher, and now, you’re, a great teacher too, how this is passed down from teacher to student, translated…

A somewhat bad student asked me, “Why are you so nice to me?”

When I entered into the middle school years, my mother fell ill, and there were, seven of us kids, registering for school, and my school teacher had taken the registration fees from her own pockets to help me pay for my education.

During that era, we were separated into our classes based off of the grades we were making, in order to make the school or the classes look better, the awards were mostly won, by the outstanding classes, but my instructor overlooked the placements, and encouraged each of us to participate, so every single student has a chance, to shine.

One time during the morning gatherings of the school, a student from my class was called up by the disciplinary instructor to the podium, and reprimanded, because he’d shoplifted a book on the weekends in the town’s bookstore, my instructor had the student stand up in front of the class, the class fell silent, my teacher picked up a stick, that student put up his hands slowly, but, the rest of the class saw that the stick whished downward, onto the instructor’s own hands, and it’d, split up, “It’s my fault, for not teaching you right from wrong.

I’d patted my student on his head, “because I’d, had an amazing teacher from before.”

Thank you, Mr. Chien-Nan Chuang!

So, the naughty student became, a great teacher, because he had a great role model, who’d changed his life, and sometimes, that, is all it takes, for a child to turn her/his own life around, having someone who took care of him, because the child didn’t have parents who had the time, and this student, became a great teacher, just like that instructor who’d taught him using himself as a role model.