I’m a Security Guard, and All I Ask For, is a Little Bit of Dignity

Off the Front Page Sections, translated…

Recently, there was an incident of beating by a resident of the homeowner’s board and the murdering of a security guard in Hsinbei City, and it’d, touched me.

There are more and more people working in the security guard industries, but, the status quos are lowered, and they’re, not getting the recognitions they deserved, a lot of people looked down on those who work as security guards, and, believed that there’s no future in the work as a security guard.  Once the security guard gets hired, he’d become an employee; especially in the residential buildings, they’d needed to, follow the commends of the residents, getting controlled by the homeowner associations, needed to watch people’s faces, and pay close attention to the ups and downs of the residents.  As they’re on duty, they’d needed to show their care and concerns, and couldn’t offend the residents, and needed to handle an assortment of business that occurred in the residences, they’re often, living under great duress.  And, the better residents would show the security guards more respect, and, there are those bad residents who would make troubles for them too, blaming them for not doing their job well enough at all, and even, beating and hackings too.long hours, with miminum pay, not my photo…

The security guards’ work is around the clock, 24/7, and, no matter what the weather was like, they’d needed to go to work, and are under enormous duress, more frankly stated, the wages earned by the security guards are among the lowest, in correspondences to their workloads, with long hours, other than the most basic wages, there are, rarely any raises, increases in their pays, or other bonuses or discounts to speak of.  But most of the workers do it without any complaints, and just, stay on their work post dutifully.

Currently, the population makeup of security guards composed of members of the younger generations who couldn’t find better work, along with some who are already retired but preferred to stay busy in their lives, and those who’d needed the extra paychecks too.  Although they don’t get paid as much, and, the level of work is considered a bit lower, but just like workers in any other industries, they’d, worked hard, to earn their own separate living.  Think about it: if a building is without any security guards, then, it would be quite, dangerous, wouldn’t it?  And this showed, the importance of the work of these individuals.

And, I hope, that the residents, the public can, show a little more respect to the security guards working, or maybe even, a little bit more encouragements; especially, I’d hoped, that the government can improve the working conditions of the security guards as well, so they can have a safer environment to work in.

watching over the local communities here…not my photograph…

So, this is based off of someone’s observations, and, the individual is right, on how the long hours, and the hard works put in by the security guards were often, taken for granted, because we expect these people who worked for us to do what they’re supposed to, and, we’re, paying them for watching over our communities, we often believed, that we can be mean to them, because they’re under us, as we’d, hired them, but hey, they might be able to, get higher paying jobs, and just, chose to, work in our buildings, keeping us safe.


The Hardworking Teachers Captured the Hearts of Students

On the dedications of the teacher here, commentaries on the Front Page Sections, translated…

The views of the article, “the best reward of a teacher is from the students”, and I want to use my two daughters and my wife’s example to show this too.

My wife is an English teacher for an elementary school, on September 28th, a young boy in her class used the limited sentence structures and vocabulary terms and wrote a note to my wife, to express how much he’d appreciated her as a teacher—“You are a good girl.”

When my older daughter was in the sixth grade, there weren’t many students in her class, and they were, the only graduating class, the instructor made a decision that was hard on herself, not carpooling in a tour bus with a nearby school, instead, taking the students by train and bus to visit the Hualien-Taidong area for two nights three days, this trip made my eldest daughter so chatty for days after she returned home.

My younger girl’s sixth grade instructor placed emphasis on essay writing, not only would she write customized comments, my youngest carried on in conversation with her teacher in writing, the more the teacher wrote back, she’d written very avidly, and, there was, almost, NO secret in her essay books.

I’m glad, that the student from my wife’s classes felt her dedication; I’m also grateful, that my daughters could have the opportunities to encounter teachers who’d touched their hearts, a focused teacher is a most beautiful one!

So, the teachers these children encountered are, very dedicated to what they do, and, it’s true, how in order for a teacher to touch the hearts of her/his students, the instructor can’t just teach in the classroom settings, they must show more cares and concerns for their pupils outside of the classrooms as well.

The Legacies of a Good Teacher

Because you had a great teacher, and now, you’re, a great teacher too, how this is passed down from teacher to student, translated…

A somewhat bad student asked me, “Why are you so nice to me?”

When I entered into the middle school years, my mother fell ill, and there were, seven of us kids, registering for school, and my school teacher had taken the registration fees from her own pockets to help me pay for my education.

During that era, we were separated into our classes based off of the grades we were making, in order to make the school or the classes look better, the awards were mostly won, by the outstanding classes, but my instructor overlooked the placements, and encouraged each of us to participate, so every single student has a chance, to shine.

One time during the morning gatherings of the school, a student from my class was called up by the disciplinary instructor to the podium, and reprimanded, because he’d shoplifted a book on the weekends in the town’s bookstore, my instructor had the student stand up in front of the class, the class fell silent, my teacher picked up a stick, that student put up his hands slowly, but, the rest of the class saw that the stick whished downward, onto the instructor’s own hands, and it’d, split up, “It’s my fault, for not teaching you right from wrong.

I’d patted my student on his head, “because I’d, had an amazing teacher from before.”

Thank you, Mr. Chien-Nan Chuang!

So, the naughty student became, a great teacher, because he had a great role model, who’d changed his life, and sometimes, that, is all it takes, for a child to turn her/his own life around, having someone who took care of him, because the child didn’t have parents who had the time, and this student, became a great teacher, just like that instructor who’d taught him using himself as a role model.


My Angel in White

The nursing occupation, it’s hard all right!!!  From a mother’s observations, translated…

The night is deep, with the raging rains and howling wind outside, the powerful typhoon draped over southern Taiwan; the cries of the wind, broke the quieted night, the roads, attacked by the flooding rain, I can’t even see the roads anymore.  I’d started, panicking, because my daughter gets off at midnight.

illustration from the papers online…夜深了,窗外仍是狂風暴雨,颱風威力籠罩著整個南台灣;淒厲的風聲劃破了夜的寧靜,受...

During those two days, there were, two typhoons that hit southern Taiwan one right after the other, although the government’s announced that schools and work are off, but my daughter still made it out to her shifts, as her mother, I’d wanted to tell her, “With the rain and the wind, please stay in.”  But, as the words got to my lips, they’d become, this gentle sigh, my husband had, driven my daughter to around from work in the storms, and he’d not spoken a word of worries to her, fearing that it may affect her moods.

My daughter is a nurse.

That year, she just graduated from middle school, told us she wanted to go into nursing, being surprised, I wouldn’t agree, because this was, a difficult path.  I know, that this, is a noble job, saving lives, but I couldn’t, feel at ease.  This sacred work, because of the matters of the job requirements, the workers would be on shifts continuously!  Seeing how my daughter’s made up her mind, in the end, I can only, accept her choice, told her, that she can’t quit half way because the work’s too hard; that not only because of how important this job is, more that it was because it was, her choice, I wouldn’t want her to become an escapee from the nursing fields.

In her five years of study, she’d had a hard time, getting through it all.  The very first internship at the hospital, the very first time she went into the O.R., it’d impacted her so, as a mother, I can only be, her strong backup support system, giving her boosters.  Later she’d transferred to the various hospitals, the various departments, she’d still, bitten down hard and weathered through it all, and successfully gotten certified, putting the perfect ending, to studying nursing; and the schooling she’d received afterwards, it’d made us see how much she’d grown, how hard she’d, worked, and, upon entering into the workforce, that was, another different kind of a test for her.

the nurses, not the easiest job in the world that’s for certain!!!  Photo from online…

Once, we’d asked her to take a leave of absence because of her health or the weather, but she’d never gone according to our wishes, because in the shifts, if she doesn’t go to the hospital, the one working couldn’t take off.  She’d told me, “Mom, if I’m the person who’d worked for eight, nine hours on end, and still have to take the shifts, you can imagine, how I would feel?”  For the patients suffering, for those working alongside her, helping to cure the illnesses, this was the price she must pay.  I’d recalled awhile back, my daughter couldn’t work because of a car wreck, her coworkers, without another word, took up the shifts for her, this sort of a compassion, I’m sure, that my daughter had, taken to heart!

The night is deeper now, nothing but black outside, the shops were all closed already.  It’s midnight, my husband went out in the raging storms, to pick up my daughter, I stood by the window, watching the wind and rain attacked the roads, and from time to time, there would be, headlights, speeding by, I imagine, they’re all people who needed to head outside for needed reasons!

That familiar headlight slowly approached, stopped, and, my heart that was in the air, settled down too, the two of them had, arrived home.  Seeing how with a fatigued look, with her clothes all wet, I’d felt, a bit, muffled.

My own angel in white, you’d, worked very hard; all those angels in white, you’d all worked, very hard.

So, this, is the requirements of the nursing staff, they are still on duty even when the rest of the public can take days off from the typhoons or adverse weather conditions, because that is the nature of their work, and, this young woman had CHOSEN her path as a nurse, and, took the needed responsibilities of her work duties, she’s taking the responsibilities for her own life.

The Most Dependent-Upon Kind of Care & Concern

A woman who KNOWS what she wants out of life, and goes after it, the goals she set out to achieve, and had, achieved it too!!!  Translated…

My relatives called, asked about which department of the military that their child can serve that fitted him the best.  They seemed to lean toward having their son as a pencil pusher.

And after I’d inquired, I’d learned, that they have a daughter.  It’s in the mindset of all parents in the world, I get it, but, their concerns aren’t pressing, and it’s too early, for them, to worry over such matters.

The young woman’s taking the examinations to enter into the military schools, clearly, it’d shown, how she had plans for her own life; and she was able to get in too, which showed, that she is more than qualified for the job.  I’m more than happy, that the country has this outstanding woman, serving it, I’m also, glad for the young lady too, afte4r all, she’d already, found the direction to her own life, she’s about to graduate, and start working soon.

women in the armed forces, photo from online…

The parents’ concerns for their young, but, from their inquiries of the armed services, it’d shown, just how little they actually know about the military.  The four years of study in the military, with the trainings specialized in various areas, and the candidate couldn’t evade from the paper works, or the physical trainings in the military units.  And, after the individual gets the position, there’s, a set of rule that the military goes by, in assigning of the duties, and, no matter what unit the individual gets sent to, there are, a ton of various tasks that one needed to hone up on, and needed to continue one’s own education; only through the multifaceted trainings, with the accumulation from the work experiences, will the individual become, outstanding, and get promoted.

And so, I’d, suggested them, that child had selected the military as her lifepath, then, they should just, show her all the support, give her all the encouragements, that would be, the best form of show of concerns for their daughter.

women in the services 的圖片結果we’re equally capable as you men are!  Photo from online still…

So, this young woman KNOWS what she wants in life, and enlisted into the military, and, her parents are worried, which is normal, as there are, instances of gender inequality in the military, but, if the daughter puts herself up into the programs of training, and gets through it, then, she MUST have the qualities, to excel in the military units, and, the parents’ worries become, excessive, and, who can blame them, they only wanted what’s best for their own young!

Her Life as a Nurse’s Aide, the Features of a Woman

Her positive attitude helped her rise above all the troubles she’d encountered in her life thus far, translated…

When my father-in-law was hospitalized, the former nurse’s aide had an altercation with the family, and A was asked, to take over, the stresses on her was unimaginable.  From before when my own mother fell ill, we’d hired the nurse’s aides, and it’d given me less worries, and I’m, too grateful for them; and, if we can’t take care of the daily living needs of our elderly parents ourselves, then, we must, trust those whom we’d hired to look after them, otherwise, when there’s misunderstandings, the patients suffered the most.

part of her responsibilities from work, picture from online…

Every time I’d gone to the hospitals to visit with my father-in-law, I’d always chatted with A.  Back then, after A’s ex-husband took up with another woman, she’d realized, that she’d needed to have a set of skills, so she’d started taking computer courses, learned to cook, until a friend recommended her for the job of a nurse’s aide, did her work become stabilized.  At first, she’d learned everything from square one, it was, truly, very difficult, but, as she thought she’d be able to make a living on her own, she’d felt, fulfilled.  One day, her father-in-law tripped and had a hemorrhage, she’d tried to contact her husband, but he was nowhere to be found, until her father-in-law died, he still didn’t show.  Several days later, her husband came back to Taiwan with his spare, A already made up her mind on divorce.

With the packed up bags, she’d moved out of her home, and told her three children she would maintain contact with them, and, thankfully, the owner of the nurses’ aide company she worked for gave her a hospital bed to crash on temporarily.  As the slips came, the hospital became her home, she always told herself, to cope with whatever comes her way, that she can’t let anybody look down on her.  After a year’s worth of working nonstop, she’d managed to save up some money, rented a small suite, and, as she gathered with her child, they finally had their own special space to share, and she could also, cook for them too.

working with people in need, not my picture still…

And after she’d learned that as the spare started living at her former home, she’d had an opinion with the children’s tuitions, A decided to pay for their education.  “Am I very stupid?”, suddenly, she’d, asked me.  Her friends called her a fool, as that, was the responsibilities of the father, why did she comply to the other woman’s requests?  She’d fallen silent for a little bit, then, started, “The children are mine, rather than getting into argument, why not, just do what I can for them.  Working in the hospital for a long time, I’d seen everything from life to death, and, I’d, reminded myself, that there’s no need, to calculate too much, I need to be happy, and see things on the brighter side.”

A still didn’t stop working, and, my thoughts can’t stop running either.

So, this, is the woman’s positive attitude toward life, and, she accepted fate’s plans for her, and, although there were so many trials in her life already, she’d, faced them one by one, and, it’s with this positive attitude and proactive way she’s tackling everything, she will be, very successful in her own life.

Boss, a Short Prose

Awful boss, so why don’t you just, QUIT???  Translated…

While she was part-timing, she couldn’t bump into her boss, but, she knew just about, what sort of a man he is.  She’d often heard other coworkers talk about him, that they’d had mental breakdowns talking with him.  She’d understood that he is, a difficult man, but she felt, somewhat lucky, to have this sort of a man as a boss.  Because there’s always that DEAD air in the office, and the office only comes to life when the coworkers are talking trash about him.

So, this, is quite odd, I mean, I get, that you have an awful boss, and because he controls your paycheck, you’re not able to say anything awful to his face, and working in this sort of an office long term, it’s only going to make yourself sick, and the best option you will have, is to get another job, with a better boss!