Good Morning, Mr. Tsai!

The daily encounters, seeing the changes in a man who works for your community, translated…

I thought he wasn’t going to make it, but now, I’m truly glad, that he’d, stayed.

I live in a medium-sized community with three buildings, the front gates and the parking lot was guarded by the security guard company personnel, there’s usually that three to four individuals at a time, rotating the shifts.  It’s not at all easy, for the security personnel to rotate in the shifts, so, there’s this high turn-over rate, and nobody can know, when there’s going to be a new face one day.

like this?  Photo from online…

The good security guards are like the sales, if they’re active and sociable, they would blend into the community quickly, for instance, as the members of the community go in and out of the front doors, greeting them by their first names, and seeing the housewives with the groceries, would help them carry the bags to the elevators, and, as they’d received the packages, they would hand them over to you as you returned home………in this sort of interactions, as time goes by, the security guards became more like members of our family.

And, that day, there’s someone new working, he was a bit shy, a bit introverted, followed behind the security guard who’d worked here for a while, and would nod and complied as he heard the man said who is very good.  It’s just, that this new person seemed to have something in his mouth, and we’d had difficulties, hearing his words, and sometimes, when it came his that isn’t so strange that he’d not let the rails down, but, as he’d directed the traffic, he resembled that of a robot figure that were used to direct the traffic from the roadside constructions.

As I worried that if his personality would be fitting for this job, a miracle happened!  That was one morning as I drove out to work, as I drove to the security guard’s office from the basement garage, he’d stopped me shortly.

Turns out, in my blind spot, there came an elderly couple strolling slowly forward.

As he’d made sure it was safe, he’d signaled for me to keep going, at the same time, he’d articulated, “Good morning, Mr. Tsai!”, I’d immediately lowered my window completely, and replied, “Thank you, for your hard work!”

keeping an eye on everything that’s going on…not my photo…

That day, on the way to work, I’d felt, especially lighthearted, because I’d felt glad, that a young man had, survived in the workforce.

So, this man is not slow, he just, takes a bit longer, to warm up, and, that still just showed, what you see, may NOT be the whole truth, so, we need to be sure, that we don’t rush to judgment, before we get the WHOLE story!

The Multiple Taste of Life

The encounters of a job, that helps you stay motivated working, translated…

As Hong opened up her eyes, the very first sentence she’d spoken to Wong was, “I’m awake now, you don’t have the chance to get a brand new wife, hahaha!”, and so, Wang laughed along with Hong.  Such a couple with a shared sense of humor they are, that’s so unforgettable to me to this very day.

something like this???  Not my collage…

Late that evening, Hong had an aneurysm, was rushed to the hospital for emergency resuscitation, Wong first took his wife to the nearest hospital, and, after they’d stabilized her, they’d, transferred her to a medical center.  During the period his wife stayed in the hospital, Wang would go to the hospital every single day to look after his wife, helped her pass her long and arduous road of recovery, actually, they’re, a low-income family, the enormous medical bill is a huge burden for the family, but Wang didn’t desert his own wife.

Back then, I was still an intern, I’d always feared, that I may not be skillful enough, that I might hurt my patients, not daring, to do anything at all, but, Wang was encouraging to me, “You’d needed the practices for your skills to get better.  Don’t be scared, just do it, the biggest thing about being a nurse is having the guts, with the delicate mind.”

being in love, not my photo…

During my internship, I’d felt how deeply Wang and his wife were so close to one another—surely, having a life that’s enjoyable is good, but, that’s, the only taste of life; and, being poor and falling ill, that is a hard life, but, you’re able to, get the various tastes out of life too.

Looking back to my nursing school days to now, a lot of the classmates or coworkers had, given up their profession as nurses due to the pressures and stresses from the job, but, if you ask me what’s made me stick to it, I’m thinking, that one of the sole sources of inspiration I draw from, was this couple who loved one another so deeply.

So, this, would be an encounter you have from work, that’s made a huge difference in your life, and that still just shows, how we encounter strangers who have huge impacts on our lives by chance, and, because of these unknown strangers’ presences in our lives, our lives turned for the better!

The Staff Working in the E.R., a Poem

How the hospital workers are now, standing

UP, to fight for their rights of lower pay, and long hours, translated…

I’d, Rolled up the Newspapers into a Long Stethoscope

Listened, for the Heart Beat of the E.R.

From the Severed Off Sentences, I’d, Leisurelyreadying themselves, for an assortment of situations, not my phootgraph…

Weighed & Measured the Values of Their Pains

So, this, is on the matter of how because the E.R. workers were overworked AND underpaid, they’d become dissatisfied with the systems, and started to walk off their jobs, and, not only are the patients taken into the E.R. in distress and pain, the workers in the hospitals are experiencing same sorts of strains on their minds, their paychecks too!

coming into contact with an assortment of emergency situations, photo from online…

X, Who Part-Times at McDonald’s

The key, to being happy in life, translated…

The show which I’d met X, was performed in the Environmental Theatres.  What it was was that we’d used the environment we were in as a stage, for instance, if we’re in a place with mountains, creeks and rocks, and we’d used the forces of nature to perform.  That day we were in the Salty Mountains, Tainan, it was a heated June day, everybody wore their completely black weighty costumes—the surfaces of the Salty Mountains were rough on the surface, if we fall, we’d gotten scraped, and, between being injury and sweating like crazy, we all agreed on the latter.

There was a huge group of troupe members, a group of younger male actors, very energetic, and, the pure and always going against the crowd X was among them.  X is the fittest of the bunch I believe, but he’d said he was too fat, that every night he’d broiled some chickens for supper.  He’d had it for a week, it was too expensive for him, he’d stated, that in order to lose weight, you’d first needed the money for it, then he’d, cleaned out the entire boxed lunch.

this would be considered as a menial job, but, it’s, absolutely necessary, that someone does it, to keep the environment clean!  Photo from online…

We didn’t have that many opportunity to play opposites to one another, but I was assigned this action of getting onto someone’s shoulders, but, my performance partner was way too tall, I couldn’t practice the actions, he’d stood up, said he will be my shoulders (he was about my height).  And so, before many words were, exchanged, I’d gone on and off his shoulders using my belly already.

The time to wait for the makeup usually is very long, so I had a book with me, he saw me reading, scratched his head, and told me he was envious of me.

“Envious of what?”

“I have dyslexia, I can’t even read through a page.”

“Is that so?  If you someone read it to you, will you take it in?”

“I wouldn’t know, because nobody’s ever read anything to me before.”

“Then what do you like to do?  Play video games?”

“Not really, I guess, I loved, squiggling around.  I was diagnosed with ADHD from when I was younger, but now, I’m taking anti-depressants.  I really want to read what you’re reading.”

“This is why I’d read the novels like they were plays I suppose, to serve those who want to read, but really can’t.”

“Don’t you think, that people have the tendency to beautify things?  Like when they see someone reading, they would say, that the person reading is very individualistic in thoughts, but, a lot of those who aren’t studious, children, or those from the past generations, they have interesting things to say too.  Even though by stating this, it seemed like I’m just finding an excuse for myself.”

“No, I think you’re right now.  Reading for me, it’s a hobby, like how some liked playing sports and going to the movies.  I don’t think much of it at all.”

“I’m also envious that you have many shows to perform in too.”

“Aren’t we performing together right now?”

not my picture…

“Oh, yeah.”

“Don’t think too far ahead, just think about the present, that, is the secret to happiness in our industry.”

These years, the more I’d come in contact with friends who are emotionally troubled, I’d become more and more certain of one thing: most people seemed normal, but, they’d all had certain levels of emotional problems.  X in my eye, was a sunny boy.  Loved to smile, enjoyed helping other people, has a great appetite.

Later on, as the gig ended, I’d still read about his happenings on FB.  He’d only just started performing, his work wasn’t quite stable yet, and he’d often pondered, if he should, continuing performing.  Once I’d read that he’d part-timed in McDonald’s, as he’d flipped the burgers and made the fries, and waited for the opportunities of call backs, that he’d felt lost.

After I saw the stream, I’d wrote something to him, “I’d met a Spanish teacher whom I loved a lot in England, he’d started a weekend clown course, told us that after he’d graduated from school, he’d worked in endless number of jobs, and the longest lasting was a trash collector.  During that period of time in his life, he saw his city, through the most menial ways.  Then one day, he’d realized, that he existed as he had, that, was what made him into a clown.  So alone, so blended in, so humorous, yet, so very sad.  Later on, he’d become, an outstanding clown.  Clown is just a general term, each and every clown in the world, is unique.  Making the French fries, flipping the burgers can give you that sense of stability too, at least, it’d made you live, securely.”

He’d replied, “Jiu-Yun, thank you.  When I started demanding myself, to make each and every French fry perfect, and seeing the customers have one right after another, and another, I’d felt very accomplished, your secret, I’d caught it!”

satisfied over life here, not my photo…

It’s fine you’d, learned that, just be sure, you apply it often to your life.

So the secrets of being happy is not that difficult at all, you don’t necessary need a TON of high-end stuff (cars, properties, electronic gadgets, jewelry, etc., etc., etc.) you just have to be comfortable, in your lives, feel satisfied every single day after the end of working hard, knowing that you’d done, a wonderful job at work, that, should be enough, to keep you satisfied.








The Principal of Liugui Elementary Worked in the Distant Region Schools for Forty-Five Years, Had Slept with Nothing More than a Straw Mat for a Whole Year in the Classrooms

This just showed, the dedication of school officials here, from the Newspapers, translated…

The principal of Liugui Elementary School worked as a classroom instructor for forty-five years, and turned to work as principal for Liugui and Taoyuan, these two distant region schools, the first school was located in Tengji, Taoyuan, back then, there was NO busses, he’d had to walk for five hours uphill to work, he’d stayed in that school for sixteen years before he came back down slopes.  Long-Chuang Huang qualified for the retiring age at the end of this month, he said, he will keep working in the disaster prevention centers, to give all he can, that he wasn’t going to leave his educational post that easily.

Huang was born under the fires of Kinmen, graduated from Teacher’s College back in 1972, was sent to the tallest and farthest Baoshan Elementary’s Tengji Branch to teach, back then, the mountain regions of Tengji was still under construction, there were NO busses, he’d needed to walk, or hitch a ride from the forestry cargo trucks.

“With the steep slopes on one side, a sharp drop on the other, it’d, left a deep impression on me”, Huang told, that back then, it would take him a total of five whole hours, to walk into the Liugui city district, that if he’d hitched a ride from the trucks, it would save him half the time, but, heading downhill was what scared him, the passengers needed to hold on to the wood, to steady themselves, and there were incidence where the natives were crushed to death by the logs; and, being trapped in the mountains by typhoons for months on end became norm, and, the letters he wrote to his families took one whole month to get to them, and vice versa.

六龜國小校長黃龍泉將畢生歲月貢獻在偏鄉學校,手上拿的「多功能防災頭套」是他所發明...the phto of the man, with the disaster prevention device he’d invented, photo courtesy of…

Back when he’d started teaching, not only was the traffic quite inconvenient, there weren’t any dormitories for the school instructors, Huang had taken a straw mat, and just camped out in the classroom floors for an entire month, it wasn’t until he got transferred back to the Baoshan Elementary School’s main campus, did his career of camping out on the floor end.  Three, four decades ago, there were a lot of school teachers from the cities who couldn’t adapt to this way of life, but Huang stayed on teaching for sixteen years totally, he’d started teaching closer to the cities back in 1987 at Liugui Elementary School.

As he’d started working as a school principal, Huang had worked in schools in Taoyuan’s Zhangshan, Jienshan, as well as Liugui, and part-timed as the elementary school principal for Baoshan Elementary, and, he’d had a total of twenty-four years spent in Baoshan Elementary.  In his teaching career, he’d worked as the principal of Liugui Elementary twice, the second time he’d returned, was because of how nobody wanted to return back to the school after the Morakot Typhoons that nobody wanted to go to the distant region of Liugui to work.

Because his mother is elderly, three years ago, Huang wanted to retire, back then, the city government had twice attempted to have him stay on, even the close by school’s officials came to ask him to work a bit longer.  Huang said, that there’s a high transferring rate for the instructors teaching in the distant region schools, that children in these areas should have their fair chance at a good education too, that only when the newcomers hold on to this belief, will they last long enough there, that after he retires, he’d intended to work as a committee member of the disaster preventions unit set up by the Department of Education.

This, would be how dedicated this man is to what he does, he’d started out as a school instructor in a place that needed his services the most, and became a principal, worked in the distant region schools, and weathered through a lot of dangers going to and from work, but that still didn’t ruin his passion about offering the services he was offering to the locals.  And that, is the dedications of school officials we all want to have, in the schools all around, isn’t it?





U, Who Uses His Body to Express Himself

The path, of a performer, it’s, never going to be easy!  Translated…

Since my trip to Denmark last year, I’d become, more than willing, to take a long commute, to see the performances.  Back then, in a certain Modern Arts Museum in Denmark, the light in my mind suddenly, turned on, it wasn’t just a light, a star, more of, twinkling on and on, never dimming—it’d, arrived, to the other end of the world, even, there’s, no reason for me, to slack off in Taiwan, this tiny island.  And so, I’d alighted the MRT, transferred onto a train, arrived to the “wilderness”.

photo from online…

This is a café normally, at the cramped up alley between old apartment buildings.  A performance arts space, in this sort of an desolate, older residential area, this place should be called “Savannah”!  The café is spacious, which the place was made out of, with the audience, arriving, the show can begin—a table, a percussionist, two dancers, one man one woman, this, was a dance created by U.

U has a special background, born in Taiwan, raised in Indonesia, went to U.S. to study films, danced in the Netherlands.  He said he’d become, multi-lingual as a kid, but, felt, that he couldn’t, clearly express the innermost meanings well enough, until he’d discovered dance, like how I’d found my own way, to communicate with the world.  This unique, made-up way of “original language”.

Shortly after my return to Taiwan, U found, that the modern dancers here are just as good as those abroad, but, there’s, a small market for audiences, and, the field doesn’t look optimistic at all.  He’d asked, how come such great things, you just brush aside?  He’d seen a free performance at Bellavita, the dancers performed in the halls of a high-end shop, as he was really into watching the performances, he realized, that there was, a young boy, who was also, intrigued, the child asked his mother, “what, are they doing?”, the mother glanced over, said impatiently, “They’re CRAZY!”, then, pulled the child away.

male dance solo 的圖片結果like this???  Photo from online…

“As I heard that, I was, heartbroken.  How come this, was what the arts education in Taiwan had been reduced to?  I know, a lot of people would tell me, modern dance is hard to understand.  But why must it be understood?  The process of watching the performances, there would be an emotional response, something that’s, beyond verbal expressions, that, is what’s, most important.”  He’d, told me.

U’s performance was short, afterwards, he’d gotten the audience involved in a small activity.  We’d needed to, remain silent, for our partners to perform the actions we’d, wanted them to, or have them understand, what we’d wanted them to do.  My partner was a beautiful girl, she gave up easily, after one to two charades and she’d not guessed it right, she’d felt anxious, and it’d, forced me, to think of an alternative way, to express myself.  In the process, I’d found, that we were, staring deeply, into each other’s eyes than usual, and, worked harder, to listen to each other, than we normally would.

U said, he’d planned, to perform in Taiwan, at the same time, he’d wanted to, direct some short films on dancing.  I know the hardships he’s weathering, what is unsure is, the path he’d, walked on, or the path he’s about, to walk onto, which one would be, harder?  As the performances are over, I’d wanted to, walk over to him and tell him, but, I’d feared, that staring into my eyes, U may see my worries for him, so, I kept, to myself.

As I walked slowly, back to the station from the wilderness, then, transfer on the MRT back to Taipei, this almost-an-hour ride, doesn’t feel, that long at all.

like this show for the public???  photo from online…

So, this, is on chasing one’s own dreams, the writer is also a performer like the person U, so, she’d, understood the hardships that he is facing, has faced, and is about to face for his future, because she’d, weathered through it, or is, weathering through it right now, and, there are, NO easy way, if you want to be successful, you can’t find shortcuts, you just have to, bite down, and, take the trials as they come, and, fight hard, and, you might (still not a definite though…) be successful in the end!

It’s a Blessing, Changing Tracks

Quitting, because of a misunderstanding had, opened up a door of opportunity for the woman, while those who’d stayed at her former job, well, they’re not, doing so well, translated…

That day, I received a call from my former coworker, May, she’d told me she wanted to talk to me about something, and I’d known right away, that she’d hit a bump at work again.

At first, she’d worked as an accountant at her last job, she’d gotten along with her two assistant at first, but later on, they’d gotten on bad terms because of the assignments of tasks, they’d started blaming me for not making the right calls; it’d put me, who was stuck between my manager and my subordinates, in a difficult position.

May who works in the auditing department who started working four months before I had, because of our age, we’d become, the best of friends, and had spent lunch and gotten off work together often. I’d originally thought, that May understood me, but once, my assistant had gone over me, to complain about me, May didn’t stand up for me right away, and believed in the exaggerated claims of my assistant. Later on, we’d argued for almost an hour in the manager’s office, as I’d stepped out of the office feeling disappointed, I’d bumped into my boss, and, I told him, that I wanted, to quit, and, not knowing what had happened, he’d not said a word, and signed off on my resignation.

On my last day of work, I’d asked May to head to the rooftop restaurant for lunch with me. During the time, May was displeased at how I’d just, quit my job, not consulted her first. She’d believed, that there is, room for discussion still, but I was already, a defeated soldier, ready, to leave.

After a month of break time, I’d started working at my current company as an executive accountant, although I’d made a lower pay compared to before, but, the coworkers got along very well with each other. During this time, I’d still kept contact with May, and she’d from time to time, told me of the office goings-on since I’d left.

Later on, May finally learned what her assistance was all about, and felt bad about having misunderstood me from before. Every time she’d told me about the happenings at my former workplace, I’d felt, so very glad, that I’d, quitted that job from before.

I’d heard, that the new executive accountant was excellent working, and the superior depended greatly on her, and the two assistants both left the job one by one, because they have different ideals about the company. And because the workers came and went too quickly, May started becoming left out by the boss, and from time to time, she’d become, the scapegoat of things, she’d felt trying.

Tonight, May lined me, and we’d shared the goings-on of our separate lives, I’d told May, that I’d not blamed her for misunderstanding me from before, instead, I was, more than grateful toward her. Having tripped and fallen, it’d made me realize a lot of things, and now, I’d learned, to become more humbled in interacting with others, and I’d not evaded my responsibilities, when troubles come up in the workplace either. I know, that maybe, May’s future may be filled with bumps, but I believe, that she too, will be like me, finding her own path in life as well.

So, this, is the goings on of an office, because the woman’s manager misunderstood her, didn’t hear both side of the story, and caused her to quit, and, this just shows, that there’s, problem from the top down, because if it’s a company that runs well, meaning that the CEO, the boss, oversees everything, then, everything and everyone below the CEO should also, work out smoothly, but it didn’t, so, it’s the operations of the company that’s having the problems, and, the narrator had, quit, and switched to a better job because of it.