All the Way Southbound

A poem, translated…

On the Plains, Farther Off Still

The Tinier People are Pushing Along Their Tills

Taming the Fires to Even More Mildly Tempered than the Livestock

Drying Those Furs Turning to a Yellow Glow

查看來源圖片like this???  Not my photograph…

The Birds Stitched a Slanted Series of Uneven Claws

into an Undependable Stairway Up to Heaven, Look

the Sun is Falling Down

After Counting All the Enclaves

The Weeds that Filled Up the Windows Came & Receded Away

Sometimes, We’re Closer to the Cemeteries

That the Dead Can Read My Name Aloud

the various landscapes…not my photograph still…

Sometimes, that Ruin Suddenly Appeared

The Dirt and Mud from a Decade Before

Gave Life to the Newly Blooming Flowers

What Does the South Keep Still

The Young Father, the Younger Sister, a Cat,

a Dock, the Oil-Stained mast of a Ship————

The Trains are about to Arrive Now

the world, flashing by outside, photo from online…

and I will Be a Fitting Student

Coloring in the Slots of Time

Slot, by Slot

So, this, is just sitting by the sidelines, watching life blow by, there’s that sense of displacing the self, not participating in the goings on of the world, being a mere observer of the goings-on around you…


Poetry & Alcohol

Poetry on a beer bottle, that’s something odd, isn’t it???  Translated…

There are a lot of poets who owned bookstores, but, they’d all sold the general books or the literary works that are in.  I’d heard, that there was, a female poet from Hong Kong who’d opened up a shop that sold only books on poetry, and hosted discussions on poetry, I was shocked.  Currently, there is only, a reduced number of folks who still read poetry, making it even harder, to sell the volumes of poetry, and how can her small shop survive?

王岫/攝影from the papers online…

I’d found the address, and paid the shop a visit.  Mmmmmmmmmmm, poetry DOES sell here, there were line of poems plastered on the walls of the store, there’s also verses by Neruda in the restrooms as well.  But, the shop had also sold notebooks with poems as the cover, the handmade books, the decorations, the stationeries, the postcards, along with the small satchels and what not, it’s, I suppose, a grocery place for poetry fanatics.  The shop also helps place orders for poetry in Taiwan for the Macau and Hong Kong regions as well, and, it’d sold coffees, teas, and all of these, are ways so the small shop can keep on surviving.

See the source imagelike this, except it’s a real beer bottle, made of glass, photo from onilne…

After my wife and I bought two volumes of poetry, the shopowner asked us if we’d wanted some drinks, because we’d just had coffee at lunch, we’d wanted no more caffeine, we were both stressing, and the woman said, “Come, there’s also beers served here, and, with the stanzas on them too!”

She’d handed me a bottle of beer, and a book called, “Fanatic about Love”, and told us, “look, the labels of this bottle had the passages from the poem in this volume.”

It was hot and we’re both, thirsty, and that was the very first time we’d encountered poems printed on the beer bottles, we were both quite impressed, and so, I’d ordered a bottle.  I’d looked closely at the lines on the bottle, and, it was a poem by a homosexual American poet, Richard Siken, and surely, I’d found the corresponding lines.

I don’t really know poetry, and, even after I drank down this beer, I’d still felt that I’d lacked the poeticism.  But, after I had the bottle, I’d, washed the bottle, took it home, and my wife placed a stem of yellow orchid into it, and, it’d, made our supper table looked, a bit poetic.

And so, this, is how unexpected literature can come into our lives, even when we’re not looking for it, when we least expected it, it’d, found its ways to us, it everywhere in our lives, we just need to, pay attention to our surrounding environments to see and to notice it.

The Dusk in Venice

Going abroad, to heal your broken heart, and, it had, just not in the way you thought it would work before you left home, translated…

The people made their ways away from the piazza, reminding me of the times I’d failed, professing my love to people.what it’d looked like, dusk in Venice, photo from online…

Actually, after puberty, I’d known, that it’s a gamble, professing my love to someone.  And those without hopes are the ones who gambled, to wait for that, already-known, but unaccepted answer.  As I passed through, or entered into the lives of more and more others, I wouldn’t fail to understand, that as the timing presented itself, we’d, hold hands, or that I’d, gently, kissed her on the forehead, asking about this and that, with so many things we can, talk about.

I’d felt that people are, scattering away around me.  The door of that church can finally, gaze upon the openings of the canal.  It was, nine in the evening.

The street artists put up their guitars and music stands, without the music accompanying, there’s, only, the wind that migrated with the gulls, what floated the boats was, the sound of the running water.  You, are what’s, left me, you, you all.  Then, becoming, a group of unrelated people, with the sun, setting in-between you, it’s, the dusk now.

Professions of love is like so: I know I needed to proclaim it, and yet, as I’d blurted it all out, it was, time for parting.  And, we’d, turned our backs toward the times we’d once shared, knowing that we won’t be, traveling together again.  My future, and yours, are still on the same side of the river, but, we’d, walked back-to-back, toward the seas now.  So, I wasn’t, willing to let you go.  That was why, I’d, dragged it out until the very last second, so I can, experience these, final moments, the skies turned dark, I couldn’t, keep you any longer, then, I’d, said I love you, so I can, leave finally.

when we can no longer hold on to each other…not my photo…

After I’d left, I’d passed that bridge between the edifices, the alleys between the residences, still holding on to the thought, of the square at the beginning of dusk.  Kept looking back, at the notes and people who still hung on, laughing, applauding, it all seemed to, stay, right there.  Until I’d gone far off, the street light glowed, then, I’d, put up my delusions, and finally, accepted: that the wonderful gathering, that closeness, wasn’t from the love, but due to serendipity.

As I returned back to my hotel, the skies are already, the deepest shade of blue.  The man standing at the check-in counter and I acknowledged one another, I’d turned to face the large window.  There were, drops appearing on the window now, and, in no more than a moment’s time, the rain poured down.  And I saw myself, the body so clean, and clear.  Recalling the past, it seemed to, take me onto that parallel plane.  Everything became, so far away now.  It all becomes, something so far away.  This time and then, you, or you, both well?

The rain continued in my mind, but, there were, moments, where the rain didn’t get to me, and there were, those couple of instances of love, and loss too.

I wasn’t rained down on, because I was lucky back then, and, as we broke up, I’d say, “Thank you”, with my tears falling from my face, I do, cherish, this lost love you’d, allowed me to experience with you.

So here, you’d, gone abroad, to try to heal up your broken heart, and yet, everywhere you are in a foreign country, you’re, reminded of the love the two of you used to share, but, in the end, you were able to, finally, let go of that lost love, because, she’d left those memories in your hearts, and you are, cherishing the experiences of finding, and losing love.

The Two People Underneath a Tree, by: Kotaro Katamura

Translated from Chinese by me…

That was Mt. Adatara

That Glowing One is the Abukuma

Like this, They Sat, Almost without the Exchanges of Words

In the Drowsy Minds

There was, only the Wind through the Pines in a Distant World, Blowing Past the Light Greens

In this Wilderness of the Mountains of the Winter Begun

I Quietly, Took Your Hands, that Joy We Shared

No Longer Would We Need to, Hide it from the Passing Clouds!

Your Unimaginable Pills Was Filled with the Souls of Keg

Ahh!  How Amazing, How Enticing, that Deep Sea of Love Truly is?

The Two of Us Walked Through the Decade Long Seasonal Changes

It’d Allowed Me to See the Limitlessness of Women

This Thing that Caused the Smokes in the Midst of Nothingness

How it’d, Rejuvenated Me, with that Fresh Springs of Youth

Like the Magical Beings, So Hard to Get a Hold of

How It’d, Changed, Constantly

That was Adatara

That Glowing River Was the Abukumakawa

Your Place of Birth

The Dots on that Small White Wall were the Wine Storage of Your Household

Then Just, Extend Those Legs,

and, Breathe in the Aromas of the Tree Filled, Northern World then

Why Don’t You, Cleanse Your Skin, in this Soft, Genteel, and Flexible Atmosphere!

I Shall be Gone by Morn of Morrow

Toward that City of Good-for-Nothing, Getting Back, into that Vortex of Love & Hate Again

Toward What I Feared, into, the Dead Center, of the Comedies of the World I’m Already, Too Deep into

This is the Place of Your Birth

It’s Another Totally Different Place Than I’ll Ever Know

The Breeze Still Travels Betwixt the Pines

Do Tell Me Once More, This Geography of the Winter Seasons

That was, Adatara,

That Glowing line was the Abukumakawa

There’s that scent of the drifter, away from her/his hometown, gazing into the distance, toward “home”, and there’s, that scent of nostalgia of missing home here.

Going Back to My Old Hometown to Find Closure…

This is, a two-step process, one, in the psyche, then, physically, and before you traveled through that old hometown of yours, filled with the memories mentally, you will NEVER be ready to, set foot, physically back then, and expect to find closure!

I’d gotten in my car, got lost, on this lonely highway that led back to my old hometown so many times I’d lost count, and, as I saw the mile markers keep on getting less and less, I’d, felt that anxiousness, rising up inside of me.a trip we must all make, by ourselves alone…not my picture…

I’m not ready to deal with this yet, why am I here?  So, I’d, sped past that city limit sign, quick as I could, and just, drove off into the distances!  Going back to my old hometown to find closure, this will surely, hurt like hell around, as ALL those monsters of my earlier years that’s, gnawed me down completely, were all, buried alive there, and, I’m just, not yet ready, to face any one of them (even though I’m an ADULT!) yet……

So, I just, drove down this long lost highway, again, and again, and again, talked myself in AND out of, heading back to my old hometown, again, and again, and again.  This, is taking me NOWHERE!

And one day, I’d, decided, that come whatever pains, angers, sadness, betrayals, along with any and everything negative, I’m going to enter this old hometown of mine, and FACE those demons of my younger years.

walking down these streets was never easy…not my sketch…

As I got closer to my old hometown, I felt that urge in my legs, to press down hard on the gas pedal, to speed past it like I’d done in the past, but, I’d, talked to myself, “hey, you need to do this, so, just treat it like a shot, only hurt upon ‘entry’, and you will be, inoculated!”

And after all of that pep talk to myself, reasoning with my sanity, I’d, slowed down the car, pulled it to a complete halt, right there, on the Main Street of my old hometown………







The Memories Attached to a Graduation Photo

Dreams, and goals, and achieving it all, finally!  Translated…

Pulling open my desk drawer, the volumes of photo albums were displayed, in order, I’d picked one up at random, and slowly, flipped through them, and one of the pictures inside had, awakened by forgotten memories.

My last year in high school was the year I felt most lost during my life.  Every time I’d, glared at the fellow students, who, for the sakes of getting into good universities, studying there day and night, I’d had, that mixed feeling inside of me.  Because as the eldest daughter, I’d had to, give up this fight, to help out with the household finances.

My father died as I was about to enter into my second year of high school because of work.  I’d told my mother I’d wanted to drop out of school, but she’d shaken her head, “You must finish your high school education, I’ll manage to get your tuitions paid.  We must have higher hopes, so we can, become someone worthy later on in life.”  That was when I’d made a vow to myself, I will NEVER let my mother’s a photo of a T.V. personnel who’d gone back to college to get her degree in her older years, photo from online…

I was able to, successfully, get my graduation certificate from a local high school, as I’d stepped out of the schools, I was lucky enough, to find a secretarial job at a firm.  In the professions, I’d, humbled myself and learned everything I could, familiarized myself with an assortment of practices in the firm, and continued studying for the tax laws, and that was how, I was able to, set up my own firm.  Although it wasn’t easy, starting on my own, but this twenty-year-old young woman, step, by step, finally, made a sky for herself.

And yet, the buried deep visions of my future, didn’t get washed away with the times.  Four years after I graduated out of high school, one day, I’d received a letter from Taichung, it was very heavy.  I’d cut it open, taken out what was inside, then, a thick photo slid to the floors.  I’d picked it up, it was my high school roommate, in her graduation gown with her boyfriend.

At that very moment, I’m so happy for her, for finding her Prince Charming, and graduating with a bachelor’s degree.  But suddenly, that scent of loss overcame me, and, there was that voice inside of myself, asking, “When will I get to live my dreams of going to college?”

The photo from my roommate roused up my dreams of going to college.  As my household economics became stabilized, I’d continued working in my own firm, and gone to school, although I’d burned on both ends, I’d felt, fulfilled on the inside.  Right before my graduation date, I’d met my husband through a matchmaking call, got married.  And after we wed, with his support of me, I’d finally, lived out my dreams of going to college, and earned my bachelor’s degree.

and this, is that piece of paper, proving that, you’d, “made it”…photo from online…

Looking at my photograph, with a pregnant belly, in my graduation cap and gown, with my son in my arms, smiling radiantly, leaning into my husband, the family of four looking so blessed, made me smile, as I’m about, to hit my sixtieth.

So, this is on chasing dreams, you’d given up your dreams from before, and, you’d found ways, to live out those dreams as you became financially capable, and that still just showed, it doesn’t take much, but determination and hard work, to make your own dreams come true.

A Wimp’s Tour Across Europe

Journey of one please, I’m, striking out on my own this time, and for the first time too!  Translated…

I’d longed to visit all the landmarks in Europe since I was a young child, but because of my leg injuries, I’d never made the trips; other than heading to the hospital, to get actively involved in my physical therapy, I’d found two treasures awhile ago, that’d finally, helped me fulfill my dreams, I’d gone on a tour of twelve days to Italy, Switzerland, and Belgium.

The first treasure was a folding stool I’d found online, and, it’d looked like a cardboard box as I’d folded it up, and pulling it open, I could sit on it, very convenient to take it with me wherever I go.  Another was the quick-freeze freezing pack that the physical therapist had advised me to get, it’d looked like a heating pack on the outside, but, as you shake it hard, hit it repeatedly, it’d become, an icepack instantly.

the fountain in Rome the writer went to see, photo from online…

The plane arrived in Rome in the morning, I’d gotten on the tour bus from the airport, and headed straight into the city for sightseeing.  The streets in Rome were very narrow, the huge tour busses can’t make their ways in, and the tourists needed to walk to see the sights on foot.

The tour guide that took us from Taiwan, as well as a local tour guide took us unstopped, to see the wishing fountains, Gian Lorenzo Bernini………the beautiful sights were breathtaking, but, I’d felt this sharp pain coming from the soles of my feet, and, it’d become, more and more serious as I trekked on, and I’d become, very anxious over it.

Finally, we’d gotten to the restaurant for lunch, but I’d, left my icepack on the tour bus, and the kind tour guide asked for a pack of ice from the restaurant, and I’d, immediately sat down to ice my feet, and the burning sensation subsided slowly, and, I’d felt, more at ease.

st. peter's basilica 的圖片結果the St. Peter’s Basilica, photo from online…

After lunch, I’d gone with everybody to the shrine of all gods and St. Peter’s Cathedral.  And yet, just like in the morning, my heels felt the pain repeatedly attacking me.  After supper we’d gone into the hotel, the first thing I did was find my ice pack, showed, then, put the anti-sore rubbing ointment on, and, as I went to bed, I’d put on my cask shoes (a kind of shoes to protect myself), to help me stretch while I slept.

And just like that, with my careful manners, I’d gotten able to, continued to travel with the group to Switzerland to see the Jungfrau, and toured the extravagant palace in Paris, and successfully, lasted until the trip was over.

This trip abroad, I’d, passed the cruel test from God, barely, although it was filled with hardships, but, I’d finally, broken free of the bondage of my aching feet, and managed, to fulfill my wishes from years ago.

the pantheon in Rome, photo from online…

So, this is the woman’s will to go on this trip to tour across the sights in Europe, and, she’d faced a ton of trials, physically, but she kept going, and made many beautiful memories, and that just shows, how if you have the heart, you can achieve just about any and everything you set your minds to.