On the Subject of the Oceans! A Poem


The Flying Fish Used the Lustrous Scales, Made Me

Weighty; I was Still Thinking:

Should I, Let the Waves Die on the Beaches, or

Have you, Come Toward My Sharpened Knife?the fish leaping out of the oceans, photo from online…

It’s Truly, Contemplative, Eternity

And Instant, Which One is Longer?

Or, Which One’s Hidden?  The Oysters and the Hibiscuses

The Pearl, the Moonlight, Which One is

More Extravagant?  Brighter?

The Memories Felt So Unreal, Like I’m

Exaggerating!  How Do I, Declare What Goes on in the World?

the ship used by natives to fish…photo from online…

The Promises Became Like the Casted Nets So False, Yet, Still

Carried the Need, to Cross the Galaxies, to Rearrange the Stars to Your Liking

Hey Ocean!

How Do I Tell You My Location

So the Ships Will Understand that I’m Not

Like the Lighthouses that Glowed from the Shores

There’s, that sense of tired of being everything to someone, the burdens of being someone’s one and only from this, and, this, will become burdensome, if you allowed someone, to depend on you this much.


Love No Longer Lived Under This Roof…

Love’s been out, since the day we moved in, it no longer lived under this roof…

Love no longer lived under this roof, and, there’s, NO way of, ever getting it back again!  Love no longer lived under this roof, and I began wondering, WHY we had, moved into this space that formerly belonged to love?  Were we so desperate, that we’d needed to, KICK love out (as this place is too small, for all “three” of “us”???), in order, to live here, comfortably?

love moved out 的圖片結果what it’d, looked like, not my picture…

Love no longer lived under this roof, and, it’s time, that I’d started, accepting that as a F-A-C-T, ‘cuz once love moved out, well, it’s, all over for us, there’s simply, NOTHING keeping you connected to me, or me connected to you anymore, and so, we’d, broken up, as love moved out of here!

Love no longer lived under this roof, but how is that possible, we’d, moved in, on the prerequisite, that love stays here, and, on our rental agreement, love’s, signed that it won’t go, and yet, it’s, ditched us both, how awful!!!

Love no longer lived under this roof, and I guess, I need to, accept that, as a FACT, because there ain’t NO chance that I will ever, have love back in here with me again………

love had, “shape-shifted”, to loss…not my photograph…






You Gave Me a Secret to Keep…

You gave me a secret to keep, yours, and you’d not even asked me, if I was, willing, to keep it for you or not, you just, SHOVED it toward me!

Well, what am I supposed to do with your secret, huh?  It doesn’t benefit me, to keep it, within these tightened up, sealed lips of mine, so, maybe, maybe, I’ll, squeal???  Nah!  That wouldn’t work, because if you’d found out I’d, squealed, I would be in DEEP, DEEP, DEEP SHIT.

don’t tell anyone!  Not my drawing…

You gave me a secret to keep, but why?  Couldn’t you just go, and pick on someone YOUR own size?  Or maybe, because I wasn’t able to say no to you, or that I’d needed you, to love me, that was why, you’d, used me, as a vessel, to keep your secret in.

You gave me a secret to keep, well, guess what, I’m done, keeping it, I’d, spilled that huge can of beans now, and, you’ll be left, with the consequences, of giving me that secret to keep, long, long, long ago.

like this???  Exactly, NOT my photograph still

A Meal, a Poem

Willing to give his whole life to the one he loved, translated…

Allow Me to Be Your Kitchen

With the Fresh Produce Filling Up My Eyes

Just Reach Out the Window and Take What You Will

So Long as You’re Willing

Take that Step onto My Ribs

Every Organ Inside Me

gave you my heart 的圖片結果like this???  Not my sketch…

Just Cut it and Prepare it!

These Dried Up Pieces of My Lungs are Enough Yet

If You Can’t Make a Fire

Then, Use My Soul for Fuel

If the Tastes are Too Bland

or this???  Still not my sketch…gave you my heart 的圖片結果

There are Still, the Salt from

The Tears I’d Cried for You

Inside My Stomach for You to Use

So, you’d, given EVERYTHING to this woman, and yet, it’s still, NOT quite enough, is it?  You’d ended up, losing YOUR life to this woman that you’re deeply in love with, and, does she, reciprocate???

Not Love Yet, a Poem

This, of course, isn’t love, translated…

You’re, the Colorful light that Ran Away from the Curtains

Inside that Darkened Theatre

You’re the Silent Firework, Over the River

That Balloon that I Can’t Shoot Through in the Night Markets

not my photo…

You’re, that Ferris Wheel that Broke Your Promise

I, the Lie that Was, Locked in the Room in Midair

You, the Cross-Section Under Construction of My Dreams

I, the Light that Rushed to Finish the Work, Fatigued

(It’s Not Love Yet)

(Not Love Quite Yet)

You’re the New Words in the Dictionary

Refusing the Good Meanings

imprisoned by love…not my picture…

You’re that Black Hole that’s Majestic in the Words

I Will Give You the Right, to Break My Heart

You’re the Twisted Light in the Blackhole

Inviting Me to Fall in, to that Deep-Seated Wound of Yours

You’d, Wrapped Up the Ugly Life Using What You’d Learned

Will You Turn, into, that Beautiful Scar

(It’s Not Love Yet)

(Not Quite Love Yet)

not how love’s supposed to feel, is it???  Not my cartoon…

You’re the Merciful Judge

Giving Me a Guilty Verdict for My Kindness

If I Love You

I Shall Put on My Prisoner’s Outfit

(I am the Prisoner

You, My Most Gentle Penitentiary)

Yeah uh, this doesn’t sound like LOVE at ALL!!!  I mean, why would anybody willingly, turn oneself in, to JAIL, especially when the only CRIME you’d committed, was falling for that certain someone?  And besides, love is supposed to set you free, not make you feel locked up and bound!

After the Game, a Poem

How someone hints someone else that “I love you”, translated…

Where, Did Death Go?

Where, Did Life Come?


Death, is the End,

With Life Being the Name of the Game.

Unpredictable is,

there’s, bound to be a LOSER in this game, you know that, right???  Not my photograph…

We’d All, Find Death, One Day in Our Lives.

Who Says, that Life is the Measurements of Time,

With the Fortunes Being the Pieces?

And We’re All, Merely, Trekking Along the Chessboard


Slower, More Careful,

Like My Love for You,

Carefully, Planned Out Every Move;

Making Sure, that I’d, Lost to You

this game you can’t afford to play, or to lose: L-O-V-E!  Not my picture…

In Exchange, for that Smile

Smiling on How Foolish I Am, “You Silly!”.

Just Want to, Play This Game Well with You

Every Move, Every Game We’d, Played

Anybody Would Know, that I Love You So

So, this, is someone, setting up the ways of love, just to show that certain someone, how much I love you, but, wouldn’t it be easier, to skip all those elaborate schemes, and just come out and say it???

Feels, Longer than a Second…

It feels, longer than a second, I know, I know, a second isn’t, all that long, but, being apart for just one second, that’s, way too long already, every time I’m away, I can’t wait, to see you again.  I really can’t explain it, perhaps, it’s, just an infatuation that we’d, found ourselves to be in, who knows???

here’s the time, now P-A-S-S!!!  Not my photograph…

Feels, longer than a second, waiting for this SHIT to reload, god DAMN it, and, during this longer-than-a-second’s time, I’d started, thinking about, us, about what we want out of this relationship, do we even, want the same things in life?  Nope, not really, we’d never actually, been on the SAME page, we just, hit it off, and, mistook it, for something that’s, longer lasting, when it actually, shouldn’t have, gotten, dragged out this god DAMN long.

So yeah, it’s time, for me, to END this thing, for once, and for all now!!!

Feels longer than a second, doesn’t it?  How quickly, love ran out!  And, love will, keep on, seeping through our hands, like that runny water from that broken faucet that we don’t know how to fix, and, after our water bill SKY-ROCKETED, maybe, I’ll, finally figure out, that you weren’t right for me???