“I Shall be the Eyes for My Parents”, the Young Man Led His Parents Up the Podium as the Family Was Awarded for Being Wonderful

A child, who realized how hard his parents had it, and genuinely wanted to help them out, a good example of how the offspring should behave, from the Newspapers, translated…

The elementary school student, Chen, whose parents are both visually impaired, starting in his preschool years, he’d watched over his own parents, very understanding, in following the unspoken rules of filial piety, his family received the model family nationally for the city of Keelung, he’d gently led his mother by the hand, with his father, led by his mother’s shoulders, he’d become his parents’ “eyes”, the three of them step by step, walked onto the stage to receive the awards. Chen said, “I will become my parents’ eyes forever,” and it’d moved everybody who was there.

Of the fifty-eight families who won the awards, both Chen’s parents were severely visually impaired, they own and massage shop, Chen had been independent since he was a young child, starting in his preschool years, he’d helped sweep the floors of the shop, done the laundry, made the beds, he’d also helped his parents made the meals too, was his parents’ left and right hand.

Chen said, “When we go out, I’d taken my parents’ hands, to help them cross the streets”, as the awards were being given out, he’d taken his mother’s hand, and his father placed his hand onto his mother’s shoulders, the three moved along slowly toward the podium, he’d also given the warnings of “be careful where you step”, and it’d moved everybody in attendance at the ceremonies.

獲獎的陳韋仁(左)挽著母親的手,父親再把手搭在母親肩上,他當起雙親的眼睛引導他們...photo from UDN.com…

“My mother would prepare the foods I loved, and dad would teach me the values of life,” Chen stated, that he’d not gotten any less love from his visually impaired parents at all, he said, he’d led his parents to their doctors’ appointments, to stroll the night markets, “I will be my parents’ eyes forever!”, being so young, and yet, he’d, behaved so much like an adult already.

His school principal told, that he was very mature for his age, understanding, in order to help their son grow up healthy, the parents overcome their visual impairment, and went outdoors, he was their eyes, very independent at a young age, taking his parents outside, so they can know, the wonders of the world they live in.

And so, this young man took on the task of taking care of his parents, without any word of complaints, because his parents couldn’t see, and, he took up the responsibilities to care for them, and that, is the actions of a child who fitted perfectly into the filial piety values of Asian societies.


When I’m Home Alone

Finally, she has time to herself, because her husband and her son are both, working late, this is, a hard-to-come-by mini “vacation” all right, and she really needed the recharge too! Translated…

My husband’s on shift tonight, my son working overtime, there’s only me at home at night, it’s, such a rare opportunity, that I get to be, alone on my own.

查看來源圖片what we’re, in need of…photo from online…

Ordinarily, everybody’s there, I couldn’t have a breath to myself, I’d need to, get my apron on, and entered, into, yet another battlefield—the kitchen, to take over my husband’s not yet finished up supper, and I’d needed to, get myself so dirty, before I’m able to, sit down to eat, and, I’d turned into, a worm, after I’d done, busying, too spent.

Tonight, I’m the only one home, very leisure, I’d changed into my relaxation outfit, I’ll get some snack, to keep the feelings of hunger away, I suppose! Then, sort through the newspapers, see what’s happened today. After reading the papers, I’d, opened up the fridge, to see what there is for me to eat, heated the plates up, an easy supper.

It’s really easy, just me, no need to, go out of my way, I can also, slow my own paces down, at this time, I have the opportunities, to finish everything slow, this was, such, an extravagance, for a working woman! After I’m full, I’ll, watch a few episodes of Korean soap, and after the soaps, my husband, my son should be, home, and, I shall, turn back to Cinderella, from a princess then.

here’s a woman, relaxing…photo from online…查看來源圖片pampering herself, because she EARNED it!!!  Image from online…

Even though life is like so, I’d already, gotten, recharged, and my fatigue, taken away by half, and I have, more energies, to embrace all the challenges that come towards me then. I love being at home alone, only during this period of time, would I feel, that I’m my own person. Turns out, spending time alone, slowing my own paces down, is the best sort of a gift for a career woman.

And so, this showed, how hard we women (yeah, I’m still one!!!) work, in, and OUT of our homes, unlike how you LOSERS (as that is what you all are!!!) can just, kick off your dress shoes, start turning into a POTATO on the couch after you come home from work, we women are still running, running, running NONSTOP, and when our husbands (yeah right, as if I got one??? GET REAL here!!!) and our young are away, we get the spare time to OURSELVES…

How We Celebrate Mother’s Day

Splitting up our schedules, so we would have time with our separate families, translated…

My wife is from Kaohsiung, she’d married me at age twenty-eight, and lived with me in Taipei, living alongside me, focusing her life on my family of origin and I, every year around the New Year’s or the holidays, the parents’ and elder’s birthdays, we’d spent in Taipei; and we’d only gone back to her home in Kaohsiung on New Year’s and winter and summer vacations, most of the other times, we can only make the phone calls back to her parents.

Several years ago, things started changing, my wife finally received her doctorate, and luckily, she’d found a teaching position in Kaohsiung, and so, she’d taken our younger daughter back home to live, and I lived with my college age son in Taipei. My wife’s scheduling was way more flexible than my schedules in the high school I’m teaching in, and so, she was the one, traveling to Taipei from Kaohsiung, and back.

The very first Mother’s Day after we’d, “split up”, in order to make the time for Taipei’s schedule, she’d especially have a Mother’s Day celebration in Kaohsiung for her own mother. Before Mother’s Day the following year, my mother opened up, said that we lived in Taipei, that we can gather at any time, that we should be the ones, having the Mother’s Day celebration a week early; that way, on Mother’s Day, my wife would be able to stay in Kaohsiung, to spend the day with her parents.

And this, is how we spent Mother’s Day now.

And so, this mother-in-law was very kind, and thoughtful, and, her act of kindness made the family work even better together, because I’m more than certain, that the man’s wife appreciated her mother-in-law’s kind gestures, to let her go back home to spend Mother’s Day with her side of the family.

Wanting to Protect Lost Children, the Sunny Twenty-Four Year-Old Girl Passed the Exams to Become a Legal Guardian

She has a dream, and set the goals, and step-by-step, she’d finally, achieved her dreams of becoming a legal guardian, to help more children in need, from the Newspapers, translated…

She’d Part-Timed Through University to Help Lighten the Burdens of Her Family, the Motivations of Taking the Government Exams in the Justice Department Came from Her Camp Activities, She’d Wanted to Work Directly with the Cases, to Help Them More

Tsai, who took the specialized examinations from the justice department to become a legal guardian, when she was in school, she’d gotten involved in the teams that went back to her hometown, to help give the assistances needed in the distant region schools, she’d found, that children growing up in those circumstances are easily influenced by their environments, that they may get bullied, or may have established the wrong kinds of values, and go down the wrong paths in their lives, she’d wanted to become a legal guardian to help show the lost children the way from the experiences.

She’d graduated from the public administrations major from Danjiang University, being active and optimistic, she’d once volunteered with the Huashan Foundation, in her freshman and sophomore years, she’d gone back with the teams of volunteers to help bring better education to the children in the distant regions, being warmhearted, and always spreading the kindness, she’d hoped, that in the future, she could, work in related areas of helping others too.

“Attending the squads became my motivation of taking the specialized judiciary exams!”, Tsai said, back then as she’d gone back to her hometown, she was the counselor of the volunteers, she’d found, that most of the kids in the camps were very well-behaved, but there were, a few who were, mischievous, always picked on others, and cussed a lot, and after she’d gotten to understand them, she’d found, they were only, looking for the attention of adults.

And so, she’d set up a small role, asked these children to help maintain the orders, to give them an opportunity, and the kids started working harder, to do better, the same can be applied to adolescents, even adults too, bad behaviors and criminal actions, don’t happen overnight, so long as a chance was given, there’s a way, to direct the behaviors.

Tsai said, she was also from an economically ill family, in order to help take the strains off her own family, she’d part-timed through college, worked in the cram schools, the malls, the restaurants, as well as telemarketing and insurance sales too, she could understand the pressures of being from a family with economic problems, she’d hoped, that one day, she gets to use her own abilities and strengths to help those in need.

“If I want to help someone, I should, get to know the separate cases well then!”, Tsai said, because she had an affluent part-timing experiences, and worked in sales, she was confident of her own articulateness, plus the experiences of her interacting with the children at the camps, she’d found that being a legal guardian fitted to her abilities the best, as opposed to the judges or the attorneys.

Before she graduated from college, she’d started preparing for the services exams, and although she went to take the exam, with full confidence, she’d scored one point lower the first time she took it, she’d gave herself another year to take the exams again, and, after she’d realized she’d become the legal guardian, working with the district attorneys, she was so happy she’d cried, and felt glad, that her hard work had, paid off.

Tsai planned to test into the criminology graduate department of Taipei University, hoping to earn her master’s, and get into the field of education, she said, her job is where her interests lie, and it’s still forty years from retirement, she will be working very hard, and learning and helping people at the same time.

And so, because of how she grew up, she’d realized, that there are, children who needed that boost, to excel, and, with that in mind, she’d set her goals, and, she’d passed the exams, and became a legal guardian, and she will keep on marching toward the direction of helping people in the future, with her plans of furthering her education.

The Nostalgia Runs Long, Like a Flowing River

His father’s old clothes, as a reminder of the love of his parents, now that his parents are, gone, translated…

It was, a few months after my father-in-law passed away, while we were back home, my mother-in-law sorted through my father-in-law’s clothes, had her sons pick a few, as memorabilia. The rest of his siblings turned it down, said it wasn’t necessary, told my mother-in-law immediately, took back all the clothes for recycling, or donated the items to the needy. My mother-in-law wasn’t willing to, with her sorrowful eyes, looked toward my husband for console, my husband took the clothes from her, like holding something treasured, told her that they’re all very new, and that he shall, keep them to wear. My mother-in-law didn’t say another word, walked back into her bedroom, but, she seemed, to feel comforted by my husband’s actions.

查看來源圖片something this ordinary, with so much sentimental values attached, photo from online…

Actually, my husband was one size larger than my father-in-law, and, those clothes became, too short at the sleeves, the pant legs for him, he’d asked me, to pack all of it up, to bring them home with us, I’d guessed, it was, to help make my mother-in-law feel better!

In a blink of an eye, my mother-in-law had passed on for many years. And, my husband missed his parents more and more by the day, and, as he’d talked of my mother-in-law, he’d felt emotional, recalled all the fun things that happened between him and his mother when he was just a young child, a second ago, he was just, laughing out loud, then, the following, he was, turning his head, quietly, wiping his tears away; as he’d accompanied me to my parents, he’d always looked lost, told me, “I’m so envious of you, still have a mom.” Seeing how I was, helping my mom with something, he’d sighed, on how now he’d wanted to, fulfill his filial piety duties to his parents, he was, no longer able to.

At the start of the year, I’d taken my son to clean out the closets, my son asked where those old clothes came from, I’d mentioned it to him, he’d fallen, silent, I don’t know how much he’d understood about the loss that his dad experienced over losing his parents. On the especially colder days, I’d see my husband, take out my father-in-law’s jacket, and put it over his shirt, and I’d known, he was, missing his dad, putting his old clothes on, it was like, he was, in his father’s arms again; I’m sure, that my mother-in-law was more than thoughtful back then, knew my husband’s mind like a child’s, how he would, long for their love for him.

And so, this, is the kindness that’s, passed from one generation to the next, the husband took his father’s clothes from his mother, to ease her mind, and now, whenever he’d missed his parents, he’d, put on the clothes that was passed down to him from his own father, to reminisce how much love they loved him and he loved them too, and that, is the only thing he could, hold on to, because his parents are, both gone…

The Familiar Backsides

What had stayed with you, after each and every one of your breakups, not those ex-boyfriends, but the members of their families who’d treated you well, translated…

Sometimes, I’d see that familiar backside of someone.

What’s meant by the “familiar backside” is that I’m often, reminded of those with whom I’d felt so close with. I’m the kind of person that once I’d broken up with someone, I’d stopped being friends with the person, and I’d often convinced myself, “Hmmmmmmmmmm, I don’t need him as my friend!”, and cut off all my contacts with the individual.

this is what you remember, when you think of your ex-boyfriends, their families…photo from online…

Before the Internet and the SmartPhones were developed, a person is representative of a phone number and an address, and it’s very easy to lose the contacts. But, this sort of a behavior that made me looked so unfeeling, it’s just my own laziness, didn’t want to keep repeating the same old ways, and giving myself the troubles. Not long thereafter, being forgetful as I, I’d stopped thinking of my exes, unless I see that familiar backside again on the streets.

It’s like I saw A, for a period of time, then, B for another. When I saw what seemed to be A’s backside, I’d not missed him especially, but I’d be reminded of his families. The ex-boyfriend I’d thought about a lot lately, his father was a chef, very good with seafoods. There wasn’t enough seafoods in my home, and I’d not gone to the Japanese restaurants a lot, and so, when I’d dated him, it’d, tapped into my glutton potential. Every time I’d gone to hang out at his home, I’d gotten to savor the fully prepped meals like I never had the chance of having at home; the roasted prawns that I recalled the most, perhaps, it’s because of that, I’d been labeled at someone who only selected the best shrimps to eat.

like this???  Photo from online…

My mother would from time to time, bring out a plate of prawns too but because I was lazy to strip the shells off, often, I’d only had two, to three, then, given up on eating it, and so the very first time I’d had the prawns at my ex’s, I’d felt, that it was, more than cost-beneficial, and his dad always bought the freshest, unlike how the shrimps my family bought, were the frozen and farm-raised variety, and so, every time I’d gone over to his house, I’d had a great time eating the prawns.

His parents saw how I’d become, so intoxicated with the seafoods that they’d made, they’d suggested that we go to the wharf and order up the freshly caught seafoods, and, I’d, tagged along several times too. His mother was a traditional housewife, she’d prepared the meals, to the levels of the New Year’s celebrations to offer to the guests, and, after the meals, there would be three plates of sliced up fruits, to help us with digestion too.

I’d often thought about his older sister too. There’s that sexist atmosphere at his home, a lot of things that I’d observed, I’d felt uneven for his older sister, felt that my ex was a spoiled brat. His older sister would carry on in conversation with me in private too, she’d talked trash about her younger brother to me, later, as we broke up, what made me feel the loss was my connection with his older sister, because she’d become, a friend to me.

Another ex I’d had also had an older sister. But the older sister stayed abroad to study, she was mysterious and cool, studied architecture in England for many years alone, from the fundamentals. There were Italian dictionary on her bookshelf, knew how to play the piano, and the viola too, she was the kind of a girl with the talents, that’s, distanced from the rest of the world, the kind of person I wanted to become. And the ex-boyfriend’s father is a successful businessman, but without the barbarisms, instead, he’d behaved more like a gentlemanly scholar. Back then, I’d started modeling to make the money to get myself abroad for my studies, he was the one who’d given me tips and pointers on investment, took us to get our own bank accounts, and taught us to buy the lowest costing mutual funds. His mother loved reading, and when we sat down for the meals, she’d often shared with us what books she’d read, his dad was mostly quiet, just sat and listened in silence, and would inquire his son about his plans for the future.

Seeing those familiar backsides, I’d started missing those elders. There are what’s gained and what’s lost in love, whether it be left behind, or the ones that decided to stay, recalling them now, it’s all about my interactions with other people’s parents and families, and I’d felt, that I was, cherished and loved.

Because you’d established that closeness with all your ex-boyfriends’ families, that is why what you now recall when you think of all your past relationships, are NOT the guys you’d dated, but their families, and perhaps, you’d lacked that closeness, that connection with your own family members, that is why, you now recall all your close relationships with all the members of your exes families…

The Age of Our Regrets…

This is, a brand NEW E-R-A of our lives: the Age of Our Regrets…

The age of our regrets, comprised, of ALL of our broken dreams, all of those, could’ve, would’ve, should’ve been’s, they’d, finally, gotten, caught UP with us through the years which had, flown past too quickly.

The age of our regrets, there’s, no way we can, rid ourselves of them, they’re, everywhere now, just like, how they were, everywhere before, it’s just, we’d, failed to, NOTICE their presences in our lives is all.

The age of our regrets, let’s count them, shall we??? I regret…being BORN (for starters), having gotten RAPED as a young child (still NOT my fault!!!), not killing myself successfully back in high school (STRIKE T-H-R-E-E!!!), meeting UP with you (not my fault, it was FATE, in MY defense!!!), and the list just runs on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, you get the “picture”, don’t you???

The age of our regrets, you can take ALL your regrets, and you can, EAT them all up, and CHOKE on it, I have ZERO regret, period! Because that, is HOW I CHOOSE to live this god DAMN F***ED up (it was, but not anymore!!!) life of mine!