Once, Inside a Reflection, a Poem

a painting of Narcissus from online…

On falling in love, and the timing was, WRONG!!! Translated…

I Once Saw You in a Reflection

The Skies Then Were, Bluer, than Blue

The Flowers, More Aromatic than Ever Before

And, You Appeared, So Breathtaking

For My Sake

And Those Sorrowful Tunes, Became Like the Funeral’s March

The Marches Became, Like the Whitened Towns

With Each Sunset, Imprinting Those

Elongated Shadows, into the Rivers

You’d, Stepped in the Innocence of Unknown

And I, Was Merely, Passing by, as the Sun Sets, a Careless

Piece of the Puzzle, and Just so Happened

I Caught a Gaze of Your Fiery-Red Hair

Back then, Life Was Multi-Dimensional

And Life Became, Geometric Shapes

Made by the Strokes of Picasso

They’re, All Blue

Not Collecting the Bitterness

Without Any Laws

Just, Taking Over the Heart, that Multi-Colored Arch

Poured the Birds, All Over the Skies

Not Knowing What Sorrow is

Or what Happiness Entailed

Those Heavy Days, the Sorrows

Were All, Separated, by a Thin Film

Why Had I, Seen You

In a, Reflection

The Spring Learned to Be Lonely

The Clouds of Worries, Rose Up to Your Brows

Time Became a Heavy Chain

And Since, I’d, Learned to Look Out

From the Vents

Why is it, that I’d

Met You Inside

A Reflection

So, there’s, that sense of regret, perhaps??? Because, had the narrator not met this other person the way that s/he had, then, maybe, there’s, a chance, for love to keep going, but, because, the narrator had met that person in a reflection, that, is why, the relationship was, doomed, because, unless you want to DROWN like Narcissus, you should KNOW better, than, to fall in love, with a reflection, because it’s NOT real!!!

Out of Time — Max Meunier

shards of sanity scattered intermittently across the glass-like surface shades of unfamiliarity fade into permanence the strangest of our thoughts condemned to feeling only the past remains unchanged perhaps it is inconsequential as words are as they ever were stinging our jaded eyes with the distortions of our dreams forever dangling out of reach and […]

via Out of Time — Max Meunier

The Wall, a Poem

The philosophies from life, translated…

That Ancient Cement-Paved Wall

Became So Spotted Like an Ancient Piece of Paper

The Spots Seemed to Cause People to

See Certain Images Underneath the Sun

a wall like this must have stories to tell…photo from online…

Those Art Classes from Our Middle School Years

After Passing Through the Accumulation of Time

Became Like Shiny Stars High Up in the Skies

Sometimes, They’d Looked Like the Broken Stems of the Lotuses in the Ponds

The Architect Measured the Totems of the Land

That Wall Often Attracted Me

And Metamorphosed into Various Stories in My Mind

It’d Stood, Few Feet Away

Colliding, Changing into Various Things with Time

Entered from My Pupils

or like this…photo from online…

Started Growing within Me

Becoming, an Endless World of Wonder

Like Stories that the World

Has Disclosed to Me

So, so many things are, written down, not in words, but in images, every place has its own history, and you just need to, listen, or look closer, to hear those silent words that these places are telling to you…

Taking the Monsters, from Underneath Our Beds…

Originally posted on Brave and Reckless: When I can’t sleep I lay on the floor and hang out with the monsters under my bed I finally introduced myself after I got tired of them poking me in the middle of the night mustered my courage took a peak ? They are quite the motley crew ?…

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Travel, a Poem

This love that’s no longer an equal GIVE AND TAKE, someone took too much, and not gave enough, translated…

We Had Made a Pact with One Another

That We Would, be the Luggage One Another Carried

what this love turned into…NOT my photograph…

At the Moment Our Journey Ended, I Found Myself, Unable, to Put You Down

I’d Discovered, that You’d Never Even, Picked Me Up

This, is when a person gives TOO much in a relationship, with the other “party” (and your point being???) just takes and takes and takes endlessly, without EVER putting anything BACK, and so this so-called love, became lopsided, and, it should BE over!




The Bondages of Humanity

Understandings that came, from walking into the past, translated…

The English heritage of Hailes Abbey is located in Winchcome in Central England, the monastery was built circa 1245, the tall and erected monastery from back then, withstood the baptisms of time and weather, and now, all that’s left, are partial of the broken down walls. The following was the schedules of the monks who lived there

Sleep: five hours

Eat: two hours.

Work: three hours.

Prayers: eleven hours.

Reading: three hours.

If the lives of all mankind is like this, wouldn’t this world be more peaceful then?

The photo showed the multiple keys that archaeologists had dug up from the ruins, of the items dug up, there were, many keys. The importance of keys had been proven through time, and, it’d seemed, that humanity, hadn’t made any progresses yet, but the locks and the keys are more and more modernized, and they’d become sturdier and sturdier still. Could it be, that we’re all, walking backwards in humanity now?

Hailes Abbey古蹟位於英格蘭中部的Winchcome,該修道院創建於西...photograph from the papers…

So, this, is from the sights seen on one’s trips, and, it’d posed a vital question, back then, the monks in the monastery had such ordered lives, there’s a time slot for every activity in their days, and, without ANY forms of entertainments, extracurriculars, and yet, they’d lived on, very fulfilled, and, look at us now, this modern day world has EVERYTHING we can possibly want, an assortments of entertainments (movies, music, etc., etc., etc.), and yet, we don’t seem to feel easily satisfied, compared to those 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th Century monks who lived with very little possessions, why is that???

a photo of Hailes Abbey, from online…

The Ideologies of Carnival Mirrors, a Poem


After I’d Squeezed Outside, I’d Forgotten

How, to Become Shorter than I Am

Even the Stars, Became So Short Like the Golf Balls

What Else, Can’t We, Compress

Everything IS distorted!  Not my photo…

Even Time Gets Refracted

So, Who Am I, to Complain

That the Burdens of My Life is, Way Too Heavy

If I Can’t Reduce it, Then at Least

Becoming Fat Would be Easier——

Toward the Endlessness, Hearing the Wind

Beating on the Drums at the Dented Places

reflections in a carnival mirror 的圖片結果which of these reflections show the REAL you???  Photo from online…

Actually, This, isn’t So Difficult to Understand

I’d Just Needed to, Stand in Front of the Grand Schemes of Things

And, Squeezed Everything Out from My Self

And, All Those Twisted, Frowning Faces

Turned into Smiles & Grins

So, this, is how hard it is, to understand the world, because NOTHING IS as you perceive it, because life is NOT so simple, everything gets complicated by our putting our own interpretations into things, instead of just, examining the F-A-C-T-S that are presented in front of us!