The Day & Night Cafe, No. 4

Life, as a fake, translated…

After Sipping Up that Final Sip of Café Vienna, I’d Gotten Up

Decided to Take the Trains Southbound to Vienna in the Night, He, Who’s Japanese-German

Fluent in German, Recalled How His People Were Defeated in World War II

Life was Like an Auction, with the Highest Bidders Winning

like this???  Not my photograph…

And, After the War, Those Who’d Made the Low Bids Dropped out One by One

The Two Still Standing, Fighting to Win;

The Auctions of Love is Full of Dangers

The Auctioneers can Only Laugh & Make Fun of Themselves

And, There May be, Falsified Love Here as Well

We Needed to Wait Until the Show’s Over to Know the Truth

Understanding, How Every Move is Hinting at Something Else

Like a Kiss, that was, a Kiss Goodbye

A Hug, for the Final Last Time

which one is the real me, I’m totally confused here!  Not my photograph…

That Keyring of Happiness, is a Memorabilia

Continuous, the Beginning is the End, the End, Beginning

But, I Couldn’t Get at, that Tear I’d, Wiped Off My Cheeks

From that Bath I’d Taken Before

Pushing the Doors Outward, Feeling the Fourth & Fifth Spinal Column Ache Lightly

Was Virgil, Was Aldermann, Elderly?

Must be, Confused with the Time then?  Everyone Was Once Young & Pretty

The Young Lovers, Flew Away Together, But it Never Lasts, He’d Insisted

the distorted versions of the self, not my artwork…

That Giving Up is Not Giving in, She Does, Love Him, Just Couldn’t, be with Him Forever

Turned Out, that Was, Their Last Time, Especially, Arousing, Especially, Sexual

He’d Walked Toward the Crowd in the Clock Tower, Fully Dressed

The Fakes Looked Good on the Outside, and Only He Knew, His Own, Worthlessness

Afterwards, there Shall be, No Clocks, No Way to Tell Time

Nobody Shall, Ever Know, Nothing Had, Happened Here

So, this, is someone’s realizations, that everything s/he desired, was absolutely, NOTHING of importance, and, instead of changing the ways, changing one’s own behaviors, this character just, keeps on living, in the untrue forms of himself…


On the Subject of the Oceans! A Poem


The Flying Fish Used the Lustrous Scales, Made Me

Weighty; I was Still Thinking:

Should I, Let the Waves Die on the Beaches, or

Have you, Come Toward My Sharpened Knife?the fish leaping out of the oceans, photo from online…

It’s Truly, Contemplative, Eternity

And Instant, Which One is Longer?

Or, Which One’s Hidden?  The Oysters and the Hibiscuses

The Pearl, the Moonlight, Which One is

More Extravagant?  Brighter?

The Memories Felt So Unreal, Like I’m

Exaggerating!  How Do I, Declare What Goes on in the World?

the ship used by natives to fish…photo from online…

The Promises Became Like the Casted Nets So False, Yet, Still

Carried the Need, to Cross the Galaxies, to Rearrange the Stars to Your Liking

Hey Ocean!

How Do I Tell You My Location

So the Ships Will Understand that I’m Not

Like the Lighthouses that Glowed from the Shores

There’s, that sense of tired of being everything to someone, the burdens of being someone’s one and only from this, and, this, will become burdensome, if you allowed someone, to depend on you this much.

Thoughts on Poetry

The life that poetry takes and gives back, translated…

It’s shocking, the process a boa constrictor feeds.  The boa constrictor’s methods of wrapping its body around its prey, and, swallowing the prey whole, it had that deadly, bloodless sort of swiftness, that steadiness, that precision, to it.

It’s a wonder, that in the sculptures of Ancient Roman times, there would often be a python, wrapped around a man, or an animal.  The most famous, was the Laocoon Group—he and his two sons were strangulated to death by a python, the desperation, their fight for life, it’s, shocking to see, you will never forget it.the statue that the writer is talking about…photo from online

But the serpent in Greek mythology is a symbol for life, and the Greek god of medicine, Asclepius had a staff with a serpent around it in his hand.  The modern day man’s interpretations of it, is that snakes shed skins, and believed it to be, a symbol of rebirth.

A living organism that’s life and death at the same time.  It’d reminded me of poetry.  Poets were wrapped around, and strangled to death by the poems, and, they’re able, to gain a brand new life from their work at the same time.

So, this is a philosophical approach to see poetry, isn’t it?  Based off of this, poetry is something that takes and gives, it takes the life out of the poets trying to write it, and, it also gives the poets a way, of expressing themselves in their own choosing too.

By the Sea, a Poem

The memories, of his younger years, fighting in the war, translated…

The Elderly Stood by the Seas

Danger!  A Younger Military Man Called Out

Sounding Like the Cannons Firing in the Distance

The Elderly Stepped Closer to the Sea

not my artwork…

Danger!  Another Young Military Man Told Him

Sounded Like the Guns Firing Off in the Past

The Elderly Turned His Head to Look

There Was, Only the Shadows He’d Casted, Elongated

And, the Scattered Footprints He’d Made

So, these voices might be memories of this elderly’s younger years, as he’d weathered through the wars, and, the sea here, might be a symbol of his passage home.

Train Staton, a Poem


Our Realms

Is Right Inside This Quarter

Right on the Boundaries of the Self

Where He and He Used to Sit

The Remaining Picture Frame and Weed

are Both Quite Spirited

something that looked like this, with the tracks of time, written all over it…not my photo…

Like the Wooden Materials of the Japanese Era

The Picture of the Half-Risen Sun

And the Color Represented the Hesitations of that Era in Time

The Spotted Blue Was Our Hometown

The Evenly Spread Dust, is Loving Him

To How the Tracks Had Lost the Evenness of the Wooden Frames

On the Message Board of the Adolescent Girl

parting ways, not my photo still…

Only the Traces of the Moon Who’d Cried Left Behind

Everything Else, Anything Else that’s, Happened

Close to Seven Kilometers’ Distances of Even Closer

As I’d Left Once

Time Became, the Rod that Disciplined the Chaotic Times

The Artist Needed to Use His Straightened Spine

to Line the Tracks Which are Stubborn Straight

So in this, there’s, the changes in the times, and, you can see the tracks of time through visiting the old stations that were set up long ago, and get into the historical tales of how they come about…

The Wide-Eyed Indian Scops Owl

With illustration, translated…

Your Wide and Shiny Eyes

Like a Mysterious Black Hole

Drew Me in

And I, without Any Way of Fighting Off the Temptations 

illustration from the papers…圖.鄭鈴

Your Wide and Shiny Eyes

Turning Repeatedly

Searching Toward Where the Sounds Came From

In My Eyes

You Looked, So Very, Cute

Your Wide and Shiny Eyes

what this bird actually looks like…in captivity…photo from online…

As They Looked Upon Me

They’d, Blinked, Again, and Again

And My Heart

Already, Fluttered, with Each Blink of Your Eyes

So, this, is how attractive the critters of nature can be to a person, because this species is really hard to catch, anybody who sees it is more than lucky, to have, captured the moments, in its company…





The Wind and Love, a Poem

The similarities between the wind and love, both intangible, and what else???  Translated…

The Wind is, Shapeless

But We Can Still See its Whereabouts

The Leisurely Flowing Cloud

unless you’re paying attention, you will miss it, like the wind through the plains…not my photo…

The Slightly Trembling Grasses and Flowers

Those Shaken Up Trees

Or Those Street Signs Floating in Mid-Air

Love is Also, Shapeless Too

But We Clearly Know that it Exists

The Meowing of Kittens

Art Anime Love Wallpaper Picture Wallpaperlove is, physically, expressed…not my anime…

The Tail of the Puppies, Wagging

The Children’s Bright Laughter

The Kind Hello from the Neighbors

That Gaze of Kindness from an Unknown Stranger


The Heart Beating Fast & Slow of Our Lovers

So, love IS like the wind, both unseen, but are both felt, and, the poet used vivid imageries to help the reader see these ordinary things in life we normally don’t pay that much attention to…