Driver’s Ed, a Poem

I can’t sever my ties with you yet, just allow me to love you, a bit longer, please!!! Translated…

This is, the Unreturned

Miniature Version of, that Map of the First Love

I Was Once, a Slow Car, Driving According to Your Signs

Reverse, Park, Drive Forward Bumpily

The S Driving Paths, Very Well Rehearsed查看來源圖片navigateing through this obstacle fcourse of love…photo from online…

Those Spells Which Had, Stopped Working Due to the Twists & Turns Now

Pretended I was Changing Lanes, Tested Out the Safe Distances Too

Allowing that Invisible Crosswalk to Get Between the Two of Us

Brake! Don’t Park on the Lines, Ahhhhhhhhhhh, for a Very Long Time

I’d, Not Wanted to, Signal, All the Green Running Men, Stand Perfectly Still

I’m Still on that Driving Range in Your Dreams, Practicing Repeatedly

This, is what stuck felt like, isn’t it? The person you were in love with, had already, moved on, and you still couldn’t, because you’re still, too emotionally attached or whatever, and, this is going to get harder, because you still had YET to deal with that final goodbye, severing the emotional ties with whoever you’d, broken up with…


Optics, a Poem

Having someone ELSE there, AT the center of YOUR universe, this, is not going to end well at A-L-L! Translated…

We’d Polished Those Lens

Calculated the Curves of Language

Waited, for a Specific & Destined Time

That Light that Traveled Here from Afar

At that Specific Right Angle

like this, and, you WILL get B-U-R-N-E-D!  Photo from online…

Passed Through Those Layered, Transparent Hearts

Burning Me, in that Void, Suspended

That Combustible Focal Point

So, this, is what it feels like, with someone at the center of universe, because you were, lured in love, and yet, after the love is gone, what will you be LEFT with? Oh yeah, I forgot, UTTER DARKNESS, and you’d become, a sure part, of that darkness, because you’d lived your life around that other individual, and, it’s NEVER good, with someone ELSE at the focal points of your own lives…

Mosquito, a Poem

The poem on autumn, translated…

How Can the Words Manage to Carry

The Sudden Temperature Drop of Autumn?

The Papers Slowly Changed Colors

Just Like Those Standstill Yellowed Leaves

查看來源圖片like this???  Not my animation…

The Water Fowls Left that Final Reflection on the Lake This Year

The Rifles Sounded

We’re on the Race, on the Tracks of Time Now

Imagining How We Can Still, Test the Waters Before the Cold Fronts Get Here

Riding on the Moisture

So You Get to See the Light and Shadows

Made by the Sunset as Well as the Dawn on My Forehead

I Used My Trembling Hands

with the leaves fallen, into this red carpet…not my photo…

Wrote the Words on Your Skins

Hearing Carefully, and Walked Along

To See if I’d Lost the Tempos

Imagining the Differences of Time, It’s a Delusion

Words Became the Matchmakers of Time

We in the Crevasses


查看來源圖片looks beautiful, doesn’t it??? Not my picture…

the Sunlight & the Dusts

You’d Told Me

that After the Typhoon

The Drapes Wouldn’t Stop Rustling

查看來源圖片the seaonal changes, not my collage…

That You’d Often Felt that Itch Inside, Because of the Gossips in the Wind

You’d Not Known

that After the Seasons Changed

Those Words I’d Written Down on You in Secret

Already Turned

Into Mosquitoes

So, there’s that scent of how the seasons are changing, how everything is slowed down quite a bit, from the heats of the summer, slowly, entering into autumn, and soon, it will be, winter, where everything is frozen…

The Hesitant Autumn Heat

The heat doesn’t seem to subside, does it, although it’s, already the autumn now, translated…

He’d Taken the Large Strides Step by Step, Walked Along Ren-Ai Road

Recalling Everything that’s Happened in the Summertime

Like the Jungles of Africa

With that Scent of Busyness of Life

查看來源圖片like this???  Photo from online…

He’d Returned by Accident

And, Felt Compelled to Go on a Hunt Now

But Toward the Sudden Return of Summer Past

People Felt Displeased, and that’d Made Him Hesitant

He’d Found a Hiding Place Behind the Trees

Watched the Passing by Lovebirds Fought Because of the Temperatures Rising Back Up

He’d Felt, a Bit, Ashamed Now

Perhaps, He Shouldn’t Have, Returned?

with the sun, still quite fierce in the autumn season, not my photograph…

But, His Bones are Still Quite Strong and Agile

Mind, Clearer than Ever Before———

And Yet He’d Become, the Heated Days of Autumn

A Handsome, But Unwelcomed Guest

He’d Still Followed Ren-Ai Road and Kept on His Way

Recalling the Endless Wonders of the Summertime

Along with the Endless Parties

And, that Unspoken Blood in Trace Amounts

查看來源圖片the autumn sun, firece like the tiger, not my cartoon…

He’d Felt, Perhaps, He’d Gone, Sentimental?

That He’d Become, Too Keen on the Memories

And Became So Doubtful on His Hunt Now

Without Knowing

That that Street He’d Trekked Down Had, Fallen into a Deep Sleep

So, this is on how suddenly, the seasons changed, and although the seasons changed, the heat was still there, and, that is how it’ll be now, the summer gets too hot, and, the autumn that follows it, won’t get cooled too much either!





Reunion (and Play-Pretend)

As the trains start moving, slowly, then, gaining momentum, then, speeding off, a poem translated…

The Night, Spread Out, the Leather

with the Granule Salts Rubbed in

A Sort of a Smoke, Unwilling to Get Put Out

Still Lived Inside it

I’d Once See that Frosted Smile

on Your Face, Like the Birth of the First Sunlight at the Crack of Dawn

Touching the Hands, Readied to Become Softened

I’d Once Heard, the Iron Plates

Grown Out of Your Palms

Slicing Through Me, Coming from an Opposite Direction

Those Scales Slowly, Mystically, Expanding

At This Moment, Cautious, and Estranged

Surrounded Others

now we’re going somewhere here…not my photograph…

Passing Those Whispers, and Wine Glasses Too

Electricity is Silent

The Air, Mildly Numbed

Add in a Bit More Logs for Fuel

The Small Hell Had, Casted All the Ghosts to Flee

As the Smokes Flowed Freely Out

My Heart Became, Cramped Tight Like Cloves of Garlic

So, this, is how the train operates, from that first sound of the whistle, then you see the smoke coming from the top of the train, then, the train slowly starts off………

All the Way Southbound

A poem, translated…

On the Plains, Farther Off Still

The Tinier People are Pushing Along Their Tills

Taming the Fires to Even More Mildly Tempered than the Livestock

Drying Those Furs Turning to a Yellow Glow

查看來源圖片like this???  Not my photograph…

The Birds Stitched a Slanted Series of Uneven Claws

into an Undependable Stairway Up to Heaven, Look

the Sun is Falling Down

After Counting All the Enclaves

The Weeds that Filled Up the Windows Came & Receded Away

Sometimes, We’re Closer to the Cemeteries

That the Dead Can Read My Name Aloud

the various landscapes…not my photograph still…

Sometimes, that Ruin Suddenly Appeared

The Dirt and Mud from a Decade Before

Gave Life to the Newly Blooming Flowers

What Does the South Keep Still

The Young Father, the Younger Sister, a Cat,

a Dock, the Oil-Stained mast of a Ship————

The Trains are about to Arrive Now

the world, flashing by outside, photo from online…

and I will Be a Fitting Student

Coloring in the Slots of Time

Slot, by Slot

So, this, is just sitting by the sidelines, watching life blow by, there’s that sense of displacing the self, not participating in the goings on of the world, being a mere observer of the goings-on around you…

A Long Alley, a Poem

As the days come to an end, translated…

After the Raucous of the Party of the Century

A Single String Illuminated

In the Chest Cavity of the Island

See the source imagelike this???  Photo from online…

———That Single String Couldn’t Play a Tune Right

The Millions of Thousands of Troops & Steeds Rushed

Like a Warning Bell

Predicting the Desolations

The Skies of the Late Spring

It’s a Thin-Layered Tissue

Couldn’t Reflect the Cruelties of War Truthfully

The Pelicans Glided Low in the Skies

Not Knowing the Sorrows of the World of Morrow

Time Suddenly Got Bent

a place like this???  Photo from online…

Into a Philosophical Shape

The Strings Snapped, Just Before the Apex of the Century

With Those Unwavered Rocks, Crushed

into Dusts

And All that’s Left of Them, Was, this Single, Song at Sundown

And so, there’s, that sense of despair of the world ending, with everything out of its places, things stopped working the way it’s, supposed to, but, the sun still rises and sets on yet, another day…