Domesticating Springtime, a Poem in Three Lines

The imageries are truly, amazing in this one, translated…

I Want to Keep You in a Golden Basin

to Collect the Dews from the Grasses, Like a Pair of Quietest Birds

the Kind that Slowly, Drinks Up, the Words that are, Only Spoken by the Springtime

where spring is kept…photo from online…查看來源圖片

But, you can’t, keep springtime forever, it’s going to end, and all you can do, is to take advantage of the time you share with it, because that, is how the cycles of life works, like with our pets, or those we love too!


Six in the Morning, a Poem

The first to wake the world up, putting what little animation, back into, this sleepy world here, translated…

The Snow Covered Ground, that Nobody Stepped on Yet

Inhaled in ALL the Lights Left Over from Last Night

Became Bright

like this, maybe???  Photo from online…

at This Time, a Man in a Thick Coat and Heavy Boots

was Led Across by His Dog

So, you can imagine this scene, where the ground is covered with snow, and then, something that made the scene come to life: it’s a dog, out with its owner, doing the morning rounds…

Rain, What Did She Say

How that WALL was, set up, ERECT, between us, men AND women, translated…

There Were, More than One Kind of Emotions

Flowing Through Rains Mind When She Came Down

All Through the Night, She’d, Talked, Incessantly

Until the Morning Light, I Still

Couldn’t, Quite Understand What She was, Talking about………

Yeah uh, I don’t think that this one is actually, about rain, I’m thinking, that it’s about, a woman getting angry at a man, and the man has absolutely NO clue what she was mad about, as that, is how it usually is, because men can’t get a C-L-U-E!!!


Stanzas on Rocks, a Poem

Doing things, that are, of no importance to us in life, how long, did we, spend, living like this again??? Too god DAMN long, is my guess!!! And yet, we still, can’t stop it, why is that, do you know??? Translated…


Look into the Open & Move Out

All the Pieces Inside Your Chest

The Oceans Will Take Over from Afar Now

like this, video from Youtube…

All of These Balls from the World

The Beaches of the World

Had Become, so Filled, with

Those, Looking Hard

for Their, Destinies

And so, you can see, how blindly, people are, searching for things, right? We’re all, picking up these, useless “rocks” thinking, that they’re, something important to us, that we’d, needed them, in our lives, in the end, these rocks that we’d, carried only, weighed us down, and we still don’t have a clue, that we’re the ones, who can, stop carrying, ALL these, rocks!


Finally, a Poem


The Lights……Dimmed

The Daylight……Died

People All Gone Separate Ways

The World

Kept Trekking Onward

in the Loneliness

An Old Oak Waved Outside the Window

Come, My Child

You’re Not the First

Nor Will You be, the Last

So, there’s, that scent of solitude, that everything is, finally calmed back down, like how after the dark, things quieted down, and the hustles and bustles of the busyness of the days are, long behind us in this, and there’s, that continuation of life, that keeps on going endlessly too…


These Secret Words, a Poem

Found off of the side of a drink carton, translated by me…

I Kept Searching Hard to Find

That Secret Code that Can Get Me into Your Heart

As the Moment the Call was Picked Up

words of secret 的圖片結果like what these two children are “sharing”???  Photo from online

That Gentle Tone of Voice, It’d, Entered into My Ear Canals

I Shall be

Your Most Faithful Audience

Hearing You Sing Those, Sweet Lullabies

You’d Smiled, Sweeter, in Your Dreams

Compared to All Other Times

This probably from a parent, watching a child asleep in dreams, or from when a person watches someone s/he loves in dreams, and, when the other person is so peaceful, asleep next to you, the whole world is right, isn’t it???









The Stars Disclosed

Conversations with the stars in the nightly skies, translated…

That Star, Far Off, in the Distant Night Skies Said

My Existence

Made Possible by My Own Stubbornness

Existing Purely

without Anyone Else’s Telling Me to

查看來源圖片like this???  Not my photo…

You’d Best, Stay Far Off from Me

In Case, that One Snow White Morn

After Many, Many, Many Starless Nights Passed

Before You Could, Go to the Bathrooms, to Get Yourselves Cleaned Up & Off

As My Light is Still Outside, Keeping the Skies

Rolling My Eyes

at You

or this???查看來源圖片looking up at the stars, not my photo still…

So, this, I guess, would be a sort of a confession from a star? And, the narrator reflected her/himself, into the interaction s/he had with that distant star, like s/he was, talking to and with oneself.