Maybe, It’s Time, We Said, “Goodbye”…

I’d, given it, a lot of thought, that maybe, it’s time, we said, “goodbye”…’cuz, we are, NOT good for each other, but, knowing that, is till can’t help but feel, that strong attraction toward you, and I don’t know, how to, turn it off!

Maybe, it’s time, we said, “goodbye”…before either one of us gets damaged completely, beyond repair? But, we can’t, we’re, too entangled, in body, mind, soul, and heart, to part, and as you, draw me in, I felt, very good, but at the same time, that sense of panic, arose!

Maybe it’s time, we said, “goodbye”…yeah, it’s, for the best, we weren’t, quite right for one another anyhow, and, staying together will only, cause more damage to both of us, and so, I have to be, the stronger one, to PULL the plugs while I still can.

Maybe, it’s time, we said, “goodbye”…staying together won’t do us any good! After all, I already, SAW into the future, and it ain’t, pretty one bit!!!



Found a Piece of Sunset

A memorabilia you’d found, at random, translated…

I’d arrived in the deserts in the early evenings.

I’d also, found a coin here. Toward the items I’d found, I’m not used, to taking them as mine, if it’s valuable, I’d sent it into the lost and found, if I figured that someone might come back to look for it, then, I’d, leave it right where I’d, found it. For instance, I’d found an iPhone on the benches of the park, and I’d imagined, that the owner may come back to look for it.

photo from…the coin the woman found…

But this time was special, I’d found a coin in the desert, I knew that it didn’t have high value, and so, I’d felt, at ease. I’d, picked it up, kept it with me, and now, it’s, on my desk. This was, a coin with, an unknown history, there were three lions on one side, on the other, the number 10, with ten teardrop shapes. I don’t know where this coin came from, nor its face value, but none of that mattered. I’d, intentionally, not found out. I’d, kept it, because of a memory, a memory, about the deserts. OF that day, I’d, arrived in the desert in the early evenings, the first time, I saw the sunset in the desert.

I looked at this coin I’d picked up in the desert, and felt, that I’d taken the sunset from the desert home with me.

And so, you’d, kept this coin you’d found as a sort of a souvenir, a memory, of you being in the deserts, seeing that sunset, and sometimes, things are like that, you’d, assigned some sentimental value to something so miniscule because there’s, a memory attached to the item that you’d, found.

The Macaroons of My Childhood

How you came into being, and, what those childhood experiences meant to you right now, translated…

I was a captain, of the “Gourmet and Beauties Association” when I was a child.

My mother loved breads, and every time she passed by a bakery, she’d gone in to buy something, the breakfasts that we had were mostly, bread or cakes with milk. But, growing up, I’d, hated the breads, the pastries, I’d loved something with a stronger flavor, like McDonald’s, ice cream, chips; but, every time my mother took me to shop in the bakeries, I’d needed to, get that three-colored traditional cakes.

The best part about this cake was the chocolate sprinkles, but reason why I wanted it, wasn’t because of its taste, but because of the way it looked, it’s, very colorful! Back then, I’d, especially loved the foods with the bright colors, everything from my attire, to my foods, needed to be, colorful. (my favorite color back then, as I’d remembered, was pink, so I’d loved, the cotton candies of that color too!”

查看來源圖片remember all of these?  So, which one’s your favorite???  Photo from online…

As I ate the tri-colored cakes, I’d needed to, split the squares up with my hands and eat (but as I enjoyed the cotton candies, I’d needed to, go face in!) and as we’d bought the cakes, I’d, started eating on the way, then, get the cakes all over me, and that’s when mom would say, “I’m not getting it for you again.” Actually, I’d, forgotten what the cakes tasted like, they’re, so ordinary.

And when I wanted to reminisce, I’d, bought a piece, and, I’d always, waited until I arrived home, set it on a plate, then I was, able to, enjoy it. This cake, tasted just as I’d remembered it to, like that traditional tastes and the buttery tastes; not like the French pastries, not like the English scones, it was, the flavor of my mother’s favorite cakes—my mother loved sweets, but, refused to spend any money, and she’d loved buying that bag of “cake sides”. I’d loved it when I was a child, it’s just, I’d only, selected the chocolate flavored pieces. And, on this very day, I’d finally realized, so that was, what memory tasted like.

I worked in Beijing last week, on the very last day, I’d had, the classic lamb hotpot, and had, the traditional sesame baked pastries. Before I left, I’d had the restaurant pack twenty of those so I can take them back, plus a bag of rice crispy treats, and I’d, carried them back here, to my parents. For them, that traditional taste of the flour, was closest to their memories.

I’d asked my students, what their most memorable item of childhood was, I’d received a ton of names for the items, and, not one of them coincided with other students’. I’d looked on, and felt it was, interesting, there were, so many stories attached to these items, and I’d found suddenly, compared to the love stories, the childhood may be, even more colorful. Back when we were young, the very first time we got picked on (or the first time we’d picked on someone); the first time we were, betrayed by our best friends; first time we’d experienced loss…………all of these, small beans were, forced down our throats, and, at first, they may, get STUCK on their ways down, and, the more serious became, the shadows of our childhoods, and, it may take us, until we finally grow up, to sort through them.

all the “essentials”, covered here!  Photo from online…

“Remembering childhood” and “Remembering our pasts”, was totally different. Remembering the past to me, was like still hung up on the self at a period in my life, and those whom I couldn’t, quite let go yet. But remembering my childhood, was using dissociation, to really, look, at how I became, who I am today. My childhood is, unicolored, sometimes, a bit darker, sometimes, lighter. But, the details, as I’d, examined them closely, they were, all very, colorful.

Being so sensitive toward foods, it’s, caused by my elders. They’d never cared about my school performances, they’d not cared if I was in a bad mood, they only always asked me, “Did you eat yet?”

And so, the reason why you’re so insistent about food, probably has something to do with your family, because that was how they’d, shown care for you, asking if you’d eaten, and, somehow, you’d, internalized that, and, as you grew older, you’d, become, more intrigued with the items of food that reminded you of a time, when you felt cared for and loved by your families.

The Man in D208, the Principal in the Wheelchair Wrote a Book on Overcoming the Obstacles of His Own Life

Using his life, to inspire others, what this man had done, from the Newspapers, translated…

The retired principal, Chang-Chi Wu from Jiang-Tsuei Elementary School, although diagnosed with Parkinson’s, and became immobilized because of a car wreck, he’d still, kept at his post in school, and, he’d filed for early retirement, at the prime of his life, at the age of fifty this year, and, wrote about his experience of working hard, climbing the ladder, into the book “The man in Room D208”, to encourage the students to overcome the trials in their lives too.

Wu said, that he’d worked as an educator for thirty years in the city of Hsinbei, that he’d not wanted to leave. He believed, that education is the business of helping people, as the students were troubled, he could help them find that spark to overcome the difficulties in their separate lives, but, the diagnosis of his Parkinson’s Disease had, severely impacted the quality of his life, plus he’d become, paralyzed after his car accident, he’d not feel right, troubling those around him, he’d, decided to retire.

Wu said, he grew up in a poverty stricken background, didn’t have the resources to take up any extra talents, and so, he’d, put all his energies into his studies. He hoped that all of the students can respect her/his own worth, that was what drove him to write his own biography.

the man, with his published book, photo from online…前江翠國小校長吳昌期因罹患巴金森氏症離開教育界,但他退而不休,除傳承教育初衷與經營學校的經驗,還要持續栽培校長的志業。中央社記者黃旭昇新北市攝 107年5月30日

He was diagnosed with an illness, and so, he’d focused even more on the students from the poverty stricken homes, to fight for the funding for their talent courses, and encouraged the students to take as many talent classes as they possibly can.

During the time he’d worked in the Clouds Elementary School in Shijr, he’d turned the school into the “princess that Cinderella was always meant to become”, the broken structures of the school were replaced, one by one, he’d, made the school into a comfortable place the students go to study in, and, after school and in-between classes, the students loved shooting hoops in the courts, and there were also the full-scale afterschool programs set up, so the parents can pick their young up after their work, and, the parents stopped sending their kids to the city of Taipei for school.

He’d once counseled a special needs student, he thought the student was a bad seed, then, he’d turned, to find the source of the student’s bad behaviors, and set up the plans, to help the student improve in his studies, “He’d taught me a lot of things.” Wu said, that there’s, great demands made on education by the society, and the parents all looked closely to the school teachers for it, hoping, that the instructors don’t back down, to have the passions, to do things to help the students be better, “Don’t give up so easily, you won’t achieve all of your goals”.

his newbook, sharing it with his teaching staff…photo from online…

So, this man had, set a good example for the students, using his own life as a good example, showed them that they’re able to overcome whatever difficulties in their lives, so long as they study hard, and work hard, and just keep on improving oneself.

The Chef Strangled His Own Ex-Wife After She Refused to Take

The Mother’s Day Presents I’d Received Over the Years

The thoughts, are what counts most! Translated…

The very first time I’d ever received a Mother’s Day present was when my daughter was in kindergarten, the teachers taught them to make paper stars with strips of colored paper; my daughter made over hundreds, and put them into a small glass jar, and I’d cherished this first Mother’s Day present to this very day. All the blessings from these stars, had my daughter’s purest love, hope, and they were also, a symbol of her own, shiny dreams too.

handmade items from when they were younger like this…photo from online…查看來源圖片

On the Mother’s Days that came later, the two of them would make the beautiful, creative cards by hand to give to me, with the words they’d, written inside, I was surprised each and every year, moved to tears too. After they got into college, and started part-timing, the presents became, practical; sometimes, it’s a book, a box of chocolates, a couple carnations, one year, the two of them treated me out to a steakhouse supper.

Before Mother’s Day last year, I’d sighed, on how I’d, aged, that there were, crow’s feet by the corners of my eyes now, that if I have a bottle of that magical serum to reduce the years, how wonderful might that be? And, without knowing, that my daughters, took my words to heart. Early morning on Mother’s Day, there was, a set of cosmetic counter products, with the eye cream, lotion, toner, along with a pink card. I was surprised, and moved, I actually, felt very bad over it, they’d worked hard outside of class, and didn’t get to spend what they’d earned, instead, they’d, spent it all, on buying me the presents. And, as their birthdays came, I’d, given them back the money in red envelopes. Their hearts were, what moved me the most, actually, I didn’t care if there were, presents or not, so long as they’re, happy in life, I’d feel, blessed.

to when they made the money from their part-time jobs…查看來源圖片photo from online…

People say that daughters are closest to our hearts, I’m glad to have two. They’re, in the primes of their lives, and just like all the younger women, they’d, cared a lot about the way they looked, chased after the fashion trends, and knew which products are cheap and good to use, and, it’d, benefitted their mom too. Like from before I was going back to my old reunion, they say that I looked too old-school, and searched online for the more fashionable clothes and accessories, it’d made me, the center of the attention at my reunion.

Awhile ago, my eldest went to get her eyebrows done, I’d said it’d made her looked, even more beautiful, I watched her put on her makeup the other day, and, couldn’t help, but commend her own the Korean style eyebrows looked so fitting on her face. The very next day, I’d heard my daughters discussing quietly, they seemed to have decided on paying for my eyebrow treatments for Mother’s Day too, I’d immediately told them, I do NOT want to get my eyebrows done, I’d liked mine natural. My daughter’s heart, I’d taken in, I really don’t want them to spend any more money on giving me the presents for Mother’s Day.

Every year around Mother’s Day, the female coworkers would always compared the gifts their children gave them, and gloated about it, and they’d all said in synchrony, actually, mothers don’t need any gifts, so long as our young are very well-behaved, independent, with a bright future, that, is all that us, mothers can want!

to treating their mother out to dine…photo from online…

And so, the daughters giving their mother the gifts, were the ways they showed their appreciation to her, and, the mother was grateful, to have two daughters who showed her the love, but sometimes, you can show love, without the gifts, by being kind and gentle toward those closest to you on a regular basis, and that would be, enough!

Let Me Take Your Pictures for You

查看來源圖片one taken, like this???  Photo found online…


“Do you need me to take a photo of you?”, I’d asked my fellow travelers a lot. After I’d gone to war at work on the weekdays, I’d, enjoyed my single trip, packing in my cell phone, my camera, and my tripod, then, I’m, off.

I’d not liked the selfie rod, with the limited angles, but, using the tripod, it’d, given me a wider view; finding that location I want to stand at, put something there, set up the time, run to that spot and pose, click, then photo taken! And, I was even able to, take shots of me, leaping up in the air too, the only photo I couldn’t take of me alone, was the kind that is, draped in the mysteriousness, and I’d, needed someone to help me with these.

Looking at the cameras taking the selfies, just looking over at the display, then I’d know if I needed to reshoot, and sometimes, as passersby saw how I’m having so much fun, taking selfies, they’d even hollered aloud, “1, 2, 3”, or, “are the melons sweet”, and, made me crack up, but, I was able to, get that youthfulness of my self, looking so happy too.

And, as I’d wanted that mysteriousness in the shots, I’d, asked the passersby to help me focus my lens, and, as I’d found various people to do it, I would have breathtakingly beautiful photos too!

A lot of people are like me, enjoy traveling alone, but most would use the selfie rods, some people saw I was, fully equipped with everything I need, having a grand time, taking my own selfie, they’d come and inquired, “Can I be in it too?”, I’d be more than happy to oblige, one horizontally, one, vertically, one close up, one, in the distance, and if I’m not going anywhere in a short time, I’d, get the pictures to perfection for my “clients”.

And so, as I’d seen those trekkers, walking around with the selfie rods, I’d always gone up and asked them, “Do you need me to take a shot of you?”, seeing how radiantly the individuals smiled on, I’d feel, very blessed.

And so, this, is how although we can do things on our own, we would, prefer someone else’s help, because we are a social animal, and, thrive on social interactions, and, even IF we are able to do things by ourselves, on our own, we wouldn’t mind, having someone else to help us out, would we? Nope!


The guessing games we’re, sometimes, forced to play with our pets, because they can’t tell us, verbally what they need from us, translated…

He’s looking at me, those all-knowing eyes, does he, really know, that I’d, forgotten to buy his, cat food? Or, does he, have something he wants to say to me?

The cat always behaved like this, stares at you quietly, wagging his, lazy tail, without a single sound, as you’d, guessed what he’s, thinking about, trapping you, in that predicament. “Did I, forget to do something?” “Did I, do something wrong?” As you got closer to him, he’s, smacked his tail around, left you behind, or, starting to, meow, with that stressful look inside his eyes, too pressed, that you couldn’t, understand what he wanted from you? But sometimes, he’d, rolled to his back, to play coy with you.

This is similar to how two people are flirting with one another, in that blurred boundary, his thoughts, covered up, by a thin layer of cloth, and only the speculative winds blew, hoping, that it could, make the cloth rise up some. Wanted to get closer to each other, but, as we almost touched, we’d shockingly discovered, that there’s, still that thin film of cloth that’s, still intact, but looking at it closer, it seemed, invisible, and so, we can only, return back to where we were, to look at each other from a distance.

what DO you want, kitty???  Photo from online…查看來源圖片

He still stared at me. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, can’t believe how I’d, overinterpreted the situation, having him stare me down like that, it should be best, that I go out, and get him his can food then!”, at this time, he’d, yawned, then, fell, deeply into his sleep.

So, you’re, sleepy, my kitty!

And so, because animals can’t tell you what they want for you, it’s all, a hit-and-miss sort of a guessing game, and, sometimes, you’d hit the right things that your cat wants from you, and sometimes, you don’t, and yet, if you’d had this animal long enough, I’m sure, that you will come to know its tendencies to the point, that as he started to move a muscle, you can, already, correctly, guess what it wants from you then…or, at least, that, was how it was, with my dogs as we’d, lived longer together…