Are All Taiwanese Girls Like You?

Love’s boundary being, blurred here, and, she still has no way of knowing, if this younger guy liked her, translated…

How Do I Tell Him, that When He’d Asked Me Out, He Looked So Serious, Like a “Man”? That He No Longer Looked Anything Like that Little Boy I Felt Secure with………

A Successful Foreign Relations?

The first time I’d met him from across the straits, his mother who looked only a little bit had him call me “older sister”. I thought, this boy looked so childish, he’s probably not yet twenty? And, him calling me an “older sister”, it’d, made me feel bashful, but, if the first time we’d met, I’d opened with, “I’m old enough to be his mother, he can call me ‘aunty’.”, wouldn’t that be, even more, awkward.

第一次和來自對岸的他碰面,他那看來大我不了幾歲的媽媽,客氣地要他喚我「姊姊」。我...illustration from the papers online…

Later, I’d learned, that his parents divorced when he was quite young, his mother married to Taiwan, while he’d stayed in China with his father, but he wasn’t cherished or loved, and, almost sent into an orphanage, and, in the end, he was, sent to a relative’s to live. And, because I’d felt bad over what he’d gone through, and I’d wanted to show him how welcoming the Taiwanese people are, I’d treated him like he was my younger brother for real, hoping, that there’s nothing but good memories for his time here.

Once at the end of a gathering, I’d asked him if he knew how to take the bus home, he’d told me he didn’t yet, and I’d, told him, “I’ll give you a lift home!”, he was a bit, surprised, but quickly nodded okay. But, we’d, gotten lost! And of course, this was, my fault, forgotten how he just arrived here, that all the streets looked alike, and I’d not confirmed it with him, and, wasted a lot of time.

I kept apologizing to him, but, he’s not, the least bit angry, and told me that he was, in an especially good mood, felt that sitting behind me was like going for a ride, then he’d asked loudly, “Are all the girls in Taiwan like you?”, like me? Because I was busy, trying to find the way, and didn’t want it to become awkward, I’d not asked him further, and stated that, “Taiwanese people are helpful to those in need.

And, it didn’t matter how I’d answered him it seemed, he’d continued ranting on, if that all the girls in Taiwan are like me, then, he’d definitely like the girls in Taiwan, unlike the girls there, all they cared about were themselves, and ignored people. Although I had my back towards him, couldn’t see his face, but, from his lifted tone, I could feel, that he was, very happy. As he’d said, he’d announced further, “I originally hated it here, but because of you, I’m now, in love with Taiwan!”

After hearing all of these “professions of love”, I’d become, flustered. But I’d told myself, that maybe, the people from the Mainland are straight forward, that he probably not meant anything by it, just treat this as a successfully international relation.

Do You Want to Go Out for a Walk Later?

The times we’d met up, although we’d met in groups, he’d especially loved striking up conversations with me, one day he’d even asked me quietly, “Do you want to go out for a bit a little later?”, I’d made up some bullshitting reason, turned him down, not long thereafter, he’d opened up again, “Give me your cell phone number then!”, I’d become, stunned, then, stuttered, “Maybe later.” “Why?”, he’d pressed me, and seeing how I’d grinned so awkwardly, he’d finally, stopped asking me.

I knew he was angry, anybody can get angry, after getting shot down twice. But how do I tell him, that he’d looked so serious, like a man when he’d asked me, he was, no longer that naïve boy with whom I felt comfortable, letting my guards down? I panicked. I was, afraid, what if, I couldn’t, handle it?

And in the end, he’d gone, like that wind, leaving behind, the regrets I’d felt about what happened with him.

Had I just told him, that our age differences is too great…if I can, control my passions toward him more…not led him on…maybe, maybe, he had, only wanted, to make friends with me, perhaps, I’d, read too much into it, and, chosen, to make my escape.

But, that, was it, no amount of assumptions is going to change a thing. And now, I can only, wish that he is, no longer, tied up by those, unpleasantries of his past, no matter where he is, he can, live his days happily.

And, maybe, this woman read too much into the signs, maybe, the guy had, liked her, and, the woman kept her guards down, because she didn’t want to lead this younger man on, and so, she’d, tried to turn him down gently, that, was the only thing she could do, at that time, and now, as she thought back, there’s nothing she could’ve done differently, to know more, and so, all she can wish was that this younger guy is living his life with everything he wants in life.


As the Two Hearts, Drifted Too Far Apart…

As the two hearts, drifted too far apart, there’s, nothing that anybody can do, to pull the two separated hearts back together again, it’s just, nowhere near, possible.

like this???  Not my animation…

hearts, drifting apart 的圖片結果

And, the next step that these two separated hearts will take would be, dropping, five-thousand feet downward, with NO mattress, or trampoline, to catch, or to break their falls.

As the two hearts, drifted too far apart, just, let them separate completely, severing ALL the ties, stop trying to, recombine them back as one, because there’s no way, that that crack that’d come between the two hearts will, EVER be fixed to invisible again.

or this, even???two hearts, separating 的圖片結果not my photograph…

As the two hearts, drifted, too far apart, let’s just, let nature take its course, see where they both end up, ‘cuz it may not be a bad thing, after all, we’d all, bore witness to how those two hearts were at war with one another, making this “home” a total mess, and now that they’d, drifted too far apart, maybe, it’s, a brand new opportunity, for both of these two hearts that were, no longer, connected, to find a brand new life on their own.

As the two hearts, drifted too far apart, we’d all, wanted to save them from falling apart, but, we mustn’t, because, it’s only right, that fate takes its course with those two hearts that had, drifted too far apart, and besides, nothing good ever comes, of messing with F-A-T-E, you should know that by now!!!


The Retired School Teacher Wrote Her Own Biography & Found that Missing Part of Herself

How this woman finally found closure, to her own past, knowing that her parents had, loved her, in their own ways! And it’d, taken her SEVENTY years, that’s still HER WHOLE life, to get there! From the papers, translated…

The seventy-year-old Sho-Ju Chou was originally a Chinese teacher at a high school, after she’d retired, she’d started, volunteering at the Evergreen Center. back when she was a child, her parents were, separated, and formed their separate families, that kept, taking up a huge corner of her heart, made her feel, that she was “a worthless person”. It wasn’t until two years ago, the Chou started drafting up her own biography, she’d, flipped through those, already dusty photographs, and found the secrets which had been, buried too long, and in her elderly years, she’d, found peace with her younger self.

The Life in the Fast Lanes, Recalled Her Seventy Years of Life

“Because of this book, it’d, made the originally fragmented me, whole again”, Sho-Ju Chou took two whole months, and finished drafting up her biography, “Life, in the Fast-Lanes”, she’d written, illustrated, and, scrapbooked her own old photos, as a memoir of her seventy years of life.

She said, she grew up in a blended family, her father took along an older brother, her mother, the four older sisters, remarried, and started having children from their second families, and had her and a younger brother. Sho-Ju Chou, only recalled the fights of her parents in her childhood years, because they lived in poverty stricken backgrounds, the parents separated, she’d felt she was never loved.

“I kept on waiting for mom to come home”. Chou stated, that when she was young, her father became, unemployed, she and her older siblings were over ten years apart, and, they weren’t, well connected at all, and after she got older, her parents had, separated, and her mother rarely, came home.

Thought that She Was Unloved, and Conquered Her Childhood by Writing

On the day of her college graduation, she’d finally saw her mother whom she’d rarely seen in her childhood years, but her mother stated, “Finally, I’d had it, I’d had to, wait until you’re, out of college, and now, I can, finally FILE for divorce with your father.” And that, was when she was, shocked to discover, that she’d been the baggage of her parents’ lives. On the same year, she’d started having depression, then, married, but twenty years later, she was, divorced, and she’d felt, that she was, a valueless person in the world.

In order to draft up her own biography, Chou had, conquered that difficult part of her own childhood, flipped through that photo album her mother left for her. And found, that she was, really, cherished by her parents growing up, that she’d, forgotten her own childhood.

Chou flipped opened her own biography, smiled and said, “Look, back when I was a child, my father fed me my meals, and my mother, she’d, held me too”, and, she’d, realized, that there was, such an harmonious time in her younger years, “I also had a pet turkey”, “Look at how happy I was, eating that watermelon”, “And, my mother, painting an oil of the whole family”, and all of these photos made Chou realized, that her parents had, been carefully, recording down her coming of age with their hearts, that she’d been, very much, loved by them.

Sorting Through the Old Photos, She’d, Fallen in Love with Herself Again

Chou wrote out all these photos, all these words, inside her own biography, looking at those old photographs, she’d, slowly, overcome that gloom of her former, childhood years, felt, that she also, has the ability, to offer the love she’d received to someone else, and in these past years, she’d slowly, fallen in love with herself, found closures, then, let go.

And so, you see, how important it is, for a child to grow up, feeling s/he was loved, and, the love that children felt from you, god DAMN stupid (‘cuz that, is what you ALL are!!!) parents, is NOT based off of what YOU fucking (and your point being???) ADULTS believed to be love, it’s HOW we feel it’s love, because, it’s still, ALL in the EYES of the BEHOLDER and we, the CHILDREN, ARE the B-E-H-O-L-D-E-R-S!!!

Mika Nakashima Severed Off Her Three Years’ Marriage, Because Her & Her Husband Couldn’t Find Enough Time to be Together

They looked so happy together in those, faded photographs too! And yet, look at where they currently are! From the Celebrity section of the news today, translated…

Mika Nakashima and the former volleyball star, Kunihiro Shimizu had announced their divorce yesterday! Yesterday, the couple appeared together, to announce this to the press, that they’d already filed for divorce on the second, and terminated their, three years of marriage.

In the statement, they’d said, that, they’d lived separately in Osaka and Tokyo, they’d rarely had time to be together. That after communicating with one another long term, they’d finally decided, to divorce, believing, that “choosing a different road would benefit both our futures.” They’d not had a fallen out, and were both, grateful for one another’s company for these days, that in the future, they will be, showing care and concerns for one another.

The 34-year-old Mika Nakashima fell in love at first sight with her husband who’s three years junior at a volleyball game, they’d started dating back in 2013, and in Christmas of 2014, they’d, walked down the aisle. Because Kunihiro Shimizu needed to stay in Osaka with his volleyball team, the two of them had a long-distance relationship from before. And, Mika Nakashima was the one, traveling from Tokyo to Osaka and back, but with her music career taking off, the two of them couldn’t spend enough time together, making it harder, for them, to make their marriage work.

look how sweet they once were, photo from onilne…

From before, when Mika Nakashima had her ear conditions, her husband stayed by her side, and, gave her encouragements. As she’d mentioned her husband on the interviews, she’d always looked, very blissful, and posted photos of them showing affection to one another, but, they’d not had any children, and their marriage was, taken by the physical distances between them.

And so, I’m sure, that there must be more than the physical distances, that’s broken up this “it” pair, because if you really truly, loved one another, then, physical distance couldn’t affect the distance of the two hearts, that were, connected by love, and maybe, it was, the physical distances between them, that’s made the love die slowly, who knows???

A Widow, Back, in the Dating Scene

Attempting, to fill up that void from the death of her beloved husband, by dating men, and this woman still hadn’t figured out exactly, that what she’s missing was inside of her self, and she CANNOT find it outside of her self, with the men she’d been, dating, translated…

The Trophies of the Ballroom Dancing Class

Jie-Ruo, she was the very first friend I’d made in London, she’s passionate, friendly, but her husband, Barry who teaches in a middle school is very quiet, rarely smiled, they’re, totally, opposites.

That year on my birthday, I’d originally asked Jie-Ruo out to lunch to celebrate with me, but that very morn, I’d received a call from our friend, telling me, that Barry had, died of a myocardio infarction the night before.

illustration from the papers online…國標舞班的戰利品潔若,是我到倫敦認識的第一個朋友,她熱情友善,但在中學任教的...

Barry didn’t leave any words behind, and, Jie-Ruo became like a phantom, not knowing, what she is to do now. Thankfully, Barry bought the homeowner’s insurance that’s a part of his life insurance plans, the house is still theirs, the three of them, mother and sons, wouldn’t be out on the streets; the retirement pension of the teachers, his surviving wife can still receive, barely enough, to make ends meet. But, the eldest son just entered into his freshman year in college, and his father died, he’d become, depressed and locked himself up inside, refused, to go back to college for his courses, became a stay-at-home geek; the second son was in his puberty, had emotional ups and downs, and the two children had given Jie-Ruo a ton of headaches. The only consolation was she had two dogs, I’d often gone with her to the parks to walk them, allowed her to pour her heart out to me, to help resolve that loneliness she feels inside after the loss of her husband.

And, five, six years flew by, the kids became, more stabilized, and she’d worked, very hard, to get out from the glooms of the loss of her husband. I’d recommended her to attend the ballroom dancing classes offered by the community center, isn’t that a great place, for single people, to find a partner again?

Not long thereafter, Jie-Ruo came knocking on my doors, with that smile I hadn’t seen crawling up her lips for a very long time, with a yellow Chinese style dress I’d given her as a gift from before, with a gentleman close by. I’d, immediately guessed, that that, was one of the winnings she’d gained, from the ballroom dancing class with the number of women being MORE than the number of men in the class—Richard.

But, Richard, who’s about fifty, is a bit eccentric, he’d lived alone in the countryside, in England, where winters tend to last very long, he’d not had a heater system; sometimes, he’d vanished for a very long while, cut off contact with Jie-Ruo completely, but as Jie-Ruo was going through something like the loss of her mother or aunt, he’d immediately shown up to comfort her. And the way they’d interacted on and off, on and off, with no consistencies, it’d made Jie-Ruo really insecure.

Moving into the New Estate Next to the Beach

After her elder passed on, Jie-Ruo inherited a huge sum of inheritance, at this time, Barry had been gone for ten years, as the kids graduated from college, she’d slowly, become more at ease, more confident too.

One day, as I was walking the dogs with her at the park, as we’d carried on in casual conversation, a Tony popped up. “Sorry, who’s Tony again?”, I recalled, that after Richard, there was, John, Simon……………

I saw that light of happiness flickering in Jie-Ruo’s eyes, as she’d chimed on, “Tony is a partner in my ballroom dancing class. He took care of his ailing wife for many years, became a widower just last year. He is very funny and outgoing, I’m really happy with him. You know, I have this dream, of living close to the seas, and Tony was willing to sell his estate, and I, using a part of my mother’s inheritance, we’d, bought a mansion by the seas together. Actually, we’d already found a property, if we break up, or there were issues on the inheritance right for the children, we’d found an attorney to draft up the wills already too……………” as she’d talked, she’d become, more and more excited.

I thought, man, you are, a widow that just refuse to settle down, back then, Barry, was too quiet, perhaps, Tony, who’s very outgoing and upbeat can make you happy. It’s just, that not knowing each other for six months yet, and you’re already, buying an estate together, are you sure you thought this thing through completely? But, seeing how happy Jie-Ruo was talking about this, I couldn’t possibly, rain on her parade.

Just as they were about to buy their estate together, Jie-Ruo came to me, with worries on her face, “Tony is very ill now, maybe, it’s, cancer…………”, I’d felt that tightening in my heart, my dear Jie-Ruo, why do you have such bad luck, you’re about, to take on, a sick, ailing, and even, dying man.

But, they’d already signed the papers for the house, they can’t turn back now, and so, they’d, followed the plans, Jie-Ruo took her two Papillons, Tony, with his huge German shepherd, they’d, moved in to that new house on the beach. The three dogs got along quite well, and, Jie-Ruo took good care of Tony like she’d promised. And, thankfully, after the health exams, Tony didn’t have cancer, but a heart condition, and all he’d needed was, rest.

But, living together, it’d, caused the frictions, and how to split up the costs, and, the methods of dealing with their separate children weren’t consistent enough, they’d started fighting a lot, and, a little over a year, they’d, sold the property, and split up.

“It’s been so many year, I’d gotten fearful, of living this life alone. Steven who’s very straight-forward was, my Forrest Gump, he’d danced with me, gone out with me on walks, and we’d, gotten along quite well with each other. Life, is all about, being happy in the now, who knows what’ll happen tomorrow, right?”

I’d, squeezed her hand, knew her heart, she’d been through the trials of losses from death, so, what if, she’s, dating a lot right now, right?

And so, this, is what this woman learned, from the losses in her life, she’d attempted to fill up that void that came with the loss of her beloved husband, with other men, and it might work for a short while, as the article showed, but, because this widow didn’t dig DEEP enough inside of herself, to find out WHY exact it is that she fears being alone, her relationships will always be, short-lived…

If Only We Can be Strangers Again…

If this life we’d, already shared, had never, occurred, if only, we can be strangers again, then, all would be, well, but, we can’t, ‘cuz, we can turn back that clock, can we???

So, here’s, where it’s, led us to, down this broken road, paved with lies, hurt, and betrayal, and, it’s neither of our, faults, or, perhaps, it’s only fair, that we share, the blame together, divide it up, 50/50.

If only we can be strangers again, but we can’t. We can’t even, be perfect strangers to one another, we know each other, too well.

If only, we can be strangers again, wouldn’t that be grand? I mean, just think, how wonderful life would be, we can just, live our colliding lives, like, parallel lines, and never know how close we got to, goodbye.

But, I can’t pretend, I won’t! It’s just, no point for me to do so, I already HATE you, with EVERY single FUCKING (and your point being???) cell in my body. If only, we can be strangers again, but we can’t, we’d, moved PAST being just, strangers now………


The Breakup, a Short Prose

Guess W-H-O-S-E fault it is here??? Translated…

They were having supper.

She’d struck up a conversation casually with him, “You’d ruined my youthful years. Let’s break up!”

“It will do just fine,” he’d stated, peacefully, “Your vanity already, strained me completely.”

She’d not finished the food inside her bowl, and gotten up to pull out the metallic 29-inch suitcase out that’s waiting, for a brand new start in life, “Honestly, all your jeans, they’re all, outdated.”

He’d nodded, “This late in the game, there’s, NO need to hide anything from you anymore………I really HATE how you’d used those stainless steel chopsticks to eat.”

Without the goodbyes, the doors just, shut.

Later, the next man she’d met, was, better.

Later, he’d started using the stainless steel chopsticks to eat. The clinking of the sounds, like the BGM rhythms that’s received over millions of hits, echoed on, at the supper table for one.

And so, in this case, the woman WAS the problem of WHY the relationship failed, the first guy got exed out, because he didn’t eat with the stainless steel chopsticks (and that may be just the mask for whatever actually was wrong with the relationship), and the second time this woman thought she’d found love, it still didn’t work out, and this time, the man DID do things her way, and so, the problems rest with the woman here.