I’ll Try, by the Coast of Amalfi, a Poem

Visiting a foreign place, and, the things that you’d, encountered, on this trip, translated…

In Order, to Prevent from Hearing

the Lowered Whispers of the Lovebirds Underneath the Trees

The Pines All Reached the Consensus

to Lift Their Heads Up, Higher, Just, a Bit, Higher Up

In Order, to Not Get Stuck in Traffic

the place that looked like paradise on earth, photo from online…查看來源圖片

All the Motors Got into a Slurred Argument

And All the Seagulls Had Agreed

that They Shall, Spread Their Wings Upward—to, Fly, Higher Up, into, the Skies

In Order to Not Get Cramped in by the Houses Sitting at the Foot of the Hills

That Chateau, Standing, at the Top of the Hill Had

Decided to Tip Its Toes Up Higher—to, Look Farther, into the Distance

Try Getting Taller, Fly, Just a Bit, Higher

driving down that one-lane freeway, with the sea, right beside you like this???  Photo found online…查看來源圖片very leisurely, wouldn’t you say???

Try, Looking Farther Off, into the Distance, and, Don’t Forget

to Try to, Keep Your Voices, to a Bare Minimum

Reduced, to a Light Whisper

by the

Amalfi Shores

So, this, is a soliloquy of sorts, I suppose, and, the poet had, painted, this picture of this ancient small township, filled, with the tracks of the people who came before her/him.


The Gifts of Surprise from My Husband

The gifts this woman received from her husband, it’s still, the HEART that counts, more than what she’d, received from him, translated…

At the start of the month, my husband came to me with a package, with that mischievous smile, said, “here, consider this, a Mother’s Day Present”. It was still, over fifteen days from Mother’s Day, I’d, looked at this package, with unknown content, flashed my awkward smile at him, and, I was, reminded of how, he’d, surprised me from before.

One day, he’d placed a bar of soap looking all excited on my desk, told me, “here, the soap is made with nanotechnology, it can clean things deeply, take away the dirt, it’s also, antiseptic, can become this protective film on your hands, it’s, from the newest nanotechnology.” It was, as if, I was, hearing an infomercial, I’d thought, “How dirty am I, that I’d, needed something like this, to wash myself”, I’d, rebutted, “I don’t CARE what special effects it had, I only care about if I smelled! And, why did you, give me soap?” At this time, he’d, stuttered, “Didn’t you tell me you liked the various scented soaps? Happy Valentine’s Day!”, I’d, gazed over at the calendar on the walls, and, it’d, hit me.

illustration from the papers online…圖/黃鼻子

There was once more, after my husband returned from his business trip, he’d, pulled out a small box as he came home, to give to me, I’d, opened up the box, and, gazed at the necklace with the pendant, and, I’d, pondered, that the object looked, like an animal, and, my son moved in, and stated, “Why is this duck so black?”, my husband immediately leapt up, stated, “How can this be a duck? The neck of a duck is way shorter, it’s a swan, can’t you see, the longer neck on it?” He’d gloated, “You’d told me, that your necklaces turned black after you’d worn it for long, but, this black swan is originally black, so, even if it’d become rusted, you can’t tell!”, after I’d heard, should I not, laugh hysterically, at how well-thought out it was of him?

Coming back to that package in my lap, I’d, opened it, it was, a navy blue piece of cloth, as I’d, tried to figure out what it was, my husband started, doubting what he’d, bought, and, immediately, searched for that photo that’s, caught his eyes online, it took him some time, to finally find the display on a model, and, I’d, put it on, but, as soon as my daughter saw, she’d, pointed at me, said, “Mom, you are, wearing an apron?” Don’t know if it was that I’d lacked that flair, or if the clothes were, mistaken for something else, anyways, the two of us, started laughing, with my husband, lost, in his own mistakes.

In the days of getting mixed in with the nitty-gritty of life, it’s, easy to construe our partners into another us, and, we’d, taken things for granted, and, life became, nothing but routines. And yet, these surprise gifts from my husband became like a “pause button”, in the interesting misunderstandings, I saw his true heart, and, we’d, both gotten, reminded of how important we are, to each other in life.

I’d, found one day, put on that mysterious skirt with the suspenders, put on the black swan necklace, seeing how satisfied my husband looked when he gazed upon me, like he was, seeing a world class beauty!

And so, this, is how thoughtful the husband was toward this woman, he’d wanted to give her something to show her that he loves her, and, there were, times when she’d, misunderstood him, and, yet, it still, didn’t take away from the love the man showed toward his own wife.

A Local Young Man from Bitan Gave Up His High Salary at a Firm, and is Now, Living His Dreams of Entrepreneurship, Making the Dragon Boats

林子鈞放棄百萬年薪,就為了堅持他的龍舟夢。 記者陳珮琦/翻攝

the man, very  enthusiastic about what he does for a living, and that, is the key to his success!

This man realized, that there’s, MORE important things than making the high pays, that it is, more important, that he enjoys, doing what he loves for work! From the Newspapers, translated…

Who says that only on Dragon Boat Festival can you row the dragon boats? The only and first sports company focusing on the dragon boat races, “Seeker”, uses the customizations of the courses, it’d, started up the trend of the companies’ interest in the activities.

The company, “Seeker”, hidden in the old shopping streets of Bitan in Hsintien, is the very first, and ONLY sports company that trains the dragon boat racers, its founder, Dzi-Jun Lin is a child who’d grown up by the side of Bitan, every time he’d recalled how the earlier years of his life when the dragon boat races, involving tens of thousands of participants, it’d, roused up his dreams of becoming a dragon boat rower too, and so, a year ago, for the sake of his own dreams, he’d given up on his million-dollar salaries, and set up “Seeker”, the water sports company.

“Seeker” means “seeking a dream”, with an MBA, when Lin studied in the U.S., he’d gone on the dragon boat races sponsored by the enterprises in Taiwan, all around the U.S. to compete, “there are the races being held year-round in the U.S.”; later he’d started working in Taiwan for two years, and although he’d made around a million dollars annually, “but I was unhappy”, because his dream of racing the dragon boat still lived inside of his mind, and so, he’d, quitted his job, went to China, to observe the developments of the dragon boat races in China, and saw enormous potentials, and decided, to turn his dreams into action.

“Because of that sense of cohesiveness”, Lin told, that the reason why the dragon boat races are so attractive was “it takes everybody onboard the boat to work together, the racers hearts needed to beat as one”, and because many of the workers from various companies, who’d started racing the dragon boats, fell in love, they’d not set up the groups on their own, with their own teams, and they’d even, bought the boats to race for practice on their own.

Lin said, that the establishment of his company, “Seeker”, not only provided the trainers, the equipment, the boat that the races needed, it’d also appealed to the outstanding watersports competitors to sign on, so they can put their skills to good use, and it’d taken this celebratory competitive sport toward a global realm as well.

So, because this young man loved the sport so very much, and he saw the potentials of setting up the establishment for the sport, he’d, followed through the steps, to make his own dreams come true, and that just showed, that if you have a dream, you should, go out, and pursue it, given that your dreams, don’t hurt anybody else.


You broke me!…查看來源圖片like this???  Sketch found online…

From a blog in Chinese I’m a subscriber to, translated, by me…

On the Green Pastures

I’d, Lost My Self

During the Long & Winded Season of Rain

I’d, Allowed Myself Go

On a Night, Populated, by No Other

查看來源圖片hurt, doesn’t it???  Sketch found online…

Thought I Could, Forget………

But I’d Become, Red-Eyed

the Moment I’d, Met You

You’d, Walked Right Through Me

I Know I Should, Give Up

But, I Stood Still

in the Crossing

Staring, at Your Backside

And so, this, is how someone TORTURES oneself, the person your in love with no longer loves you, but you can’t, quite let him go yet, and, there’s, nothing you can do, but to just, wait, and cry, as hard and as frequently as you may need to, until one day, that person, no longer roused up any sort of an inkling of an emotion from you again, then, you’d, successfully, gotten over the person!










From a blog in Chinese I’m a subscriber to, translated, by me…

On the Green Pastures

I’d, Lost My Self

During the Long & Winded Season of Rain

I’d, Allowed Myself Go

On a Night, Populated, by No Other

Thought I Could, Forget………

But I’d Become, Red-Eyed

the Moment I’d, Met You

You’d, Walked Right Through Me

I Know I Should, Give Up

But, I Stood Still

in the Crossing

Staring, at Your Backside

And so, this, is how someone TORTURES oneself, the person your in love with no longer loves you, but you can’t, quite let him go yet, and, there’s, nothing you can do, but to just, wait, and cry, as hard and as frequently as you may need to, until one day, that person, no longer roused up any sort of an inkling of an emotion from you again, then, you’d, successfully, gotten over the person!









Winning, is Being Happy

The philosophy of this visually impaired street performer’s life, translated…

She said, “I have flexible schedule, we can go out for coffee anytime you want to……”

We’d arrived at a café she loved, and, we were careless, spilled the coffees, the owner of the shop quickly went to get the dishrags, “no, it’s not necessary, I’ll wipe it myself!” the two of us were like in a race, before the shop owner got back, we’d, wiped the table off with the napkin, she was so happy she’d, won, she’d, let out a hooray!

Being completely blind, she’s a street performer, and only worked on the two days of the weekend, just like she’d told me, work wasn’t busy one bit, there would be five days of the week that belonged to just her, “I loved to sing, not to be famous, just hoped, that I have the chance to perform for someone is all.”

As she’d started performing, she’d only sung her favorite songs, later, she’d told her audience, “You can make a request, and see if I know it”, this small turn was like how the chef hated chopping the onions, but for the sake of his guests, he’d still needed to do it.

There would be the period of time when she’d just talked before she’d performed, completely matched her character, her mode of work was she’d sung a song, then started a monologue, sometimes, she’d struck up a conversation with a member of the audience.

“Do you like your job?”

She’d raised up her pitch, “I love it, I’m very happy, I can be, free as I wish!”

She’d worked hard singing, at least, keeping this lifestyle going. Although it’s quite hard for someone who’s visually impaired to live, but it’d not, troubled her one bit.

Actually, I’d come into contact with a lot of street performers, on the sunny days, it was all right, but on the rainy, it was, like going to war, “Yeah, happened a couple of times.” If it were a sudden downpour, it’d, made the performers panic, especially when the equipment are expensive, but there would always be the kind souls, that came to help. And her cart, containing all of her necessities, electric keyboard, microphone, electric bottle, a set of stereos………over thirty kilograms in weight. Naturally, she couldn’t, possibly haul it all out on one try by herself, so she’d, split the items up into six, seven trips, and as she’d moved the equipment, she’d, hollered aloud, “Excuse me, excuse me”, walked to about ten minutes away to take a cab, and, after she got out of the cab, she’d moved the equipment onto the trolley, with the cane, moved to her spot, set the items up. As for the route she took, she’d learned from a visually impaired professor, it wasn’t hard for her. After she was done performing, she’d put up all her equipment, the placed them onto the cart, then, went to the place where the cabs were waiting in shifts……………I’d become dizzy, just hearing her tell of it, but, she’d stated, with that steady tone, “Although it’s hard, but I love it.”

查看來源圖片here’s a photo of a street performer, from online…

She kept stressing, that this, was her ideal job, although she’d only worked two days per week, and not made quite enough money, but she really, loved it. “I look forward to the weekends everyday, that way, I can, head out happy, to sing for others……” Her voice was infectious, and, she’d not just carried that lifted tone when she said “happy”, her face was, smiling too.

That was, enough, being happy, is winning in life.

And so, this, is how easily satisfied this woman is, she’d needed very little, just to do what she enjoyed, performing in front of others, for what little money she could make. Job satisfaction is EVERYTHING, if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, no matter how well it pays, it’s, still a DRAG!!!

Maybe, It’s Time, We Said, “Goodbye”…

I’d, given it, a lot of thought, that maybe, it’s time, we said, “goodbye”…’cuz, we are, NOT good for each other, but, knowing that, is till can’t help but feel, that strong attraction toward you, and I don’t know, how to, turn it off!

Maybe, it’s time, we said, “goodbye”…before either one of us gets damaged completely, beyond repair? But, we can’t, we’re, too entangled, in body, mind, soul, and heart, to part, and as you, draw me in, I felt, very good, but at the same time, that sense of panic, arose!

Maybe it’s time, we said, “goodbye”…yeah, it’s, for the best, we weren’t, quite right for one another anyhow, and, staying together will only, cause more damage to both of us, and so, I have to be, the stronger one, to PULL the plugs while I still can.

Maybe, it’s time, we said, “goodbye”…staying together won’t do us any good! After all, I already, SAW into the future, and it ain’t, pretty one bit!!!


He Had Closed Up His Store, to Accompany His Own Younger Brother to School, to Help Him Live the Dreams of Going to College

The love this man has for his younger brother, willing to put up the shop he’d owned and operated, to help him live his dreams, it’s, truly, amazing! From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The graduate of the applied math department from Chiayi University was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy, his older brother by twelve years, Nai-Wei Kuo entered into college with him four years ago, took care of his living. As the school hosted its graduation ceremonies, Kuo received the award of being a good student; while his older brother, although not a formal student, the university still gave him a “Friends-Brother Award”, to applaud how close the siblings are.

郭乃誌對桌遊有興趣,曾在嘉大主辦桌遊活動,哥哥郭乃維在一旁當助教。圖/郭乃誌提供in the extracurricular activities together, photo from UDN.com…

Kuo was born with the conditions, but he’d, never given in to his own fate, after he passed the entrance exams for the university, he’d gone to the classes on time, never missed a day, and, worked toward his five-year college degree, and, worked as a part-time help as they data entry in the student center, to broaden his social circle.

The parents of these young men are in business, they are economically well. Four years ago, Nai-Ji Kuo passed the entrance exam and got accepted into the Chiayi University, his older brother decided to close his vegetarian food shop at the malls, and entered into the university alongside his younger brother, to take care of his daily living, along with the three meals.

Chiayi University stated, that Kuo worked hard, to live in the moment, had been awarded the scholarships each and every semester. His older brother was even more outstanding, just kept giving to him, without any complaints, that he needed to get noticed for it.

After Kuo graduated from the university, he’d, gone on into the graduate department, and, his brother will be, accompanying by his side, fighting this “war with mathematics” for the next two years. He said, in the future, whatever his younger brother wanted to learn, he will be, right there besides him, in his pursuits.

國立嘉義大學應用數學系大四生郭乃誌患有先天脊椎性肌肉萎縮症,長他12歲的胞兄郭乃...going to the classes togehter, photo from UDN.com…

And, this is the devotion of this man toward his younger brother, because his younger has a dream, he’d, stopped everything he was doing for his own life, to help his younger brother live his dreams, and, it’d, made the younger brother’s dreams of attending university come true, and, they will be, going to grad school together next!