Having a residence that’s welcoming to the animals and critters of the wild, these are, some of the wonderful encounters that the people had, translated…

I’d suddenly discovered, that a mother Chinese bulbul was sitting on her nest full of eggs outside my daughter’s window, I’d called out anxiously in a lowered voice, “Dad, this will be trouble!  The house is faced toward the west, and, the baby birds will get totally cooked!”

My husband came over and looked, said in a concerned voice, “Yeah, how can the mother select a place to nest so carelessly?  She should’ve considered the daytime, the nighttime, as well as the rainy days too……”

There’s this nest of “new residents”, our two girls have something to busy about now, my eldest, with her binoculars around her neck, close to her eyes, stood outside her bedroom, changed the lens focus, constantly concerned about the goings on of the nests and the baby birds: there are, two completely red, completely bald baby birds; three little yellow beaks; the furry baby birds were all squished together, they’re so cute……..”

My second daughter worried about the mom and the dad, having to constantly get the food to feed their young, and the babies never seemed to be full, she’d called out, “mom, chop up some fruit, to feed it to them, why don’t you?” in a moment, she’d started worrying about the nest being rained on, then, she’d worried about the babies falling off, and just kept ranting incessantly.

finding soemthing like this surely would be a surprise…not my photograph…

I’d not have the time, to birdwatch with them, hung up the laundry in the back, then suddenly, I was, startled, by a dark shadow, with the calls, it was, a bulbul, with red fruits, and, out of its throat, it’d still made that sound, to shoo me away; and another bulbul came, in protest towards me quickly too, and so, I can only, make my escape into the bedrooms.

Or perhaps, it’s, the breeding season for the bulbuls, early in the morning, I’d heard the raucous outside my window, I’d lifted my head and looked outward, the two bulbuls were, trying to chase the flock of sparrows away, and that was when I realized, that the trees planted on the rooftops had the bulbuls flying to and fro, getting the foods.  As I’d just pulled the screen door open, the bulbul started sounding of its warning to me, flapped its wings, ready for combat.  After I’d observed, I’d found two nests in the five trees, and, I was wondering, if they were leftovers from last year, or new ones from this.

One afternoon, the daddy and mommy birds were chirping so loud on our lanai, flying in and out of our place, like they’re, grilling us, so loud.  I’d used the binoculars to look, the nest was empty now, and, the baby birds were nowhere to be seen.  Seeing how the parents were flying all over flustered, and, the calls were more distant now, and, as my foot just got out the back, they’d rushed towards me again.  Weird, where were they hiding, watching my every move?  Is this, a payback, for my peeking at them earlier?  And, as the skies grew darker, the noises from the birds, finally, died down.

baby birds hatching 的圖片結果okay, I’m out of my shell, now where’s my food???  Photo from online…

The very next day, as the day just turned light, the mother bird started calling out to her babies, chirped endlessly, I’d heard the sounds like crickets, called back, weakly, apparently, the babies had, fallen to the rain roof close by, but, I knew, that I’m still, being closely watched by the parents, that I shouldn’t just, set foot outside.

I’d walked to the garden on the roof, and thought I’d, see what’s happening with the other bulbul family.  My!  Two larger magpies stood on the ends of the stems, and, started, pecking down at the nest, ignored the worried parents.  I’d rushed toward the gardens, “Shoooooooooo!  Away!”, I’d called out angrily, with my arms waving, to try to chase the intruders out.

The magpies usually would only stay at the water tower opposite from our building, why did they start, looking at the bulbul nests in the garden too?

My husband picked up a hose, and said, “Welcome them all, to the garden to nest, my garden is the best “green residence”, these birds surely are amazing, in selecting the spot here.”

So, this building must be very green (environmentally friendly), for all the birds to want to nest there, and, this, is just one of the many wonders of life, that one encounters, if we’re paying close attention to what’s going on in nature, we will find these small surprises from day to day.