Just Enjoy Bickering with You, the Love Between Siblings

See how close this pair of sibling is to one another, how they related to each other regularly, translated…

Growing up, the way I’d interacted my younger brother by four years was getting into constant arguments with him; but, we’d only, bickered a lot, and not really gotten into any serious fights.  After I married, I’d moved away from my own home, and slowly, my younger brother and I didn’t get enough chances to get together, and, our connections seemed to be held together, by the jokes we’d, exchanged with one another.

we may be like this every now and then…not my photo…

Not long ago, I took mom to Japan, and, we’d gotten the chance to look at Mt. Fuji, and, the two of us couldn’t help, but have a photograph of us together with Mt. Fuji in the background, and naturally, we’d, immediately shared the photo with our groups on LINE, and yet, my younger brother who’d always been insulting said, how mom and I should’ve been outside the frames of the photo, that way, the picture would’ve been perfect, hinted that we had, destroyed the makeup of the photo, and I don’t know whether I should laugh or get angry at him.

Because our hotel is by a lake, so we could have our breakfasts leisurely and watch the scenes, it surely, was one of the best moments in my life.  We couldn’t help, but share it with our families, our good moods, and yet, my younger brother foolishly asked, if Mt. Fuji would erupt?  This was, surely, possibly, because I’d read related reports, that Mt. Fuji was still an active volcano, and it hadn’t erupted in a long, long time, and, if we’re, unfortunate (or blessed) enough to have it erupt, then, we can only, leave everything up to fate.

After he’d read my replies, he’d immediately joked that mom and I go take out some insurances on ourselves, that if the volcano did erupt, he will be coming in with money then.  I’d told him, surely, and that he should, set up the insurances for us, he’d also commented on how I enjoyed looking pretty, that before the volcano took us over, that I’d needed to, pose beautifully before I die, I can’t help but laugh aloud, he’d wanted me to, go from start to finish, going out, beautifully.

but, we’re always going to be like this…not my photo still

The two of us always talked on everything, rashly and calmly too, and we don’t have any taboos over death either, and so, I can always laugh at his jokes, there’s no raining on my parade one bit, instead, it’d, added that extra fun in my ordinary life.

I want to cherish how I’m able to talk so openly to my younger brother about these sorts of things, because we’re, deeply connected, in synch, that was how we’re able to, blurt out what we’re thinking about to one another at the moment.  I guess, I’ll be willing to, have these insults and exchanges with my younger brother for the rest of our lives!

So, this, is how close the two of you are, you two insulted each other, and, nobody feels offended, because you’d gotten, used to this mean of interaction with each other, and this sort of relating to one another must’ve started when you were, very young, that it’d carried into your adulthood years…



One-Hundred-Percent Sister Control

and no, not my photograph…

Being the youngest in the family here, translated…

I have four older sisters, and naturally, since I was younger, I’d started taking their hand-me-downs; and still, as I got older, my older sisters still treated me like a kid, and would often, bring an assortment of clothes, or buy tasty treats, or buy me fun toys to play with, they’re treating me, like a young child.

Several years ago, my eldest and second eldest sister were both diagnosed with breast cancer, and, when the cancers were found, they were at 2.1 centimeters and 1.5 centimeters; and, because of them, my third and my fourth older sisters would go for their physicals regularly each and every year, only I, got too buried in work, and had, forgotten about it completely.

A short while ago, because of my older sisters’ urgings, plus the free examination truck was servicing my neighborhood, and, under the added small gifts, I’d finally, gone in for a mammogram.  A few days later, the office of sanitation sent me a notice, and there was a person from the call center, who’d told me to get examined ASAP.  The Chinese reports stated, “Seemingly malignant, requiring further examinations”, then, they’d sent me a report in English, I’d had a person who was better in English than me to help me look it over, as the jargons had given me a headache.  After my friend thumbed through the report, she’d told me, “You have a tumor that’s 2.8 centimeters.”

After my older sisters learned, they were, very shocked.  “Wouldn’t that be terminal?”, one of them told me, to not tell dad before I went in, to make sure, another told me to find my son a mate quickly, another consoled me, that there are advances in medicine today, that I shouldn’t give up hope yet.

They’d called one another, to discuss my conditions, the four of them all started to cry.  I was very moved by them, as my life is about to end, I’d found someone who really cared about me, they were, my sisters; with these amazing sisters, I’ll die, happy.  And I’d started, preparing my final affairs too.

As I’d gone to the hospital, with my report in hand, asked the doctor, and he did confirm, that something WAS up, with my charts, but he couldn’t tell if it was, malignant or not, that I’d needed further tests to know; and that report in English stated: from the X-rays, there is, a black dot that’s about five centimeters in size just 2.8 centimeters from the nipple.  My older sisters had cried, for days on end, because my friend had, misread it, and after they’d learned, that it was, a misread, they’d started, laughing again.  My third eldest growled at me, “I’m really angry at you, even IF it’s just 0.5 centimeters, even if you didn’t know if it was, malignant or benign, how could you wait five years to get checked out, you’re too careless with your body!”, and I’d cried, as I apologized, over and over again, to them.

Turns out, that in my sisters’ beliefs, no matter how old I’d become, I’m still their “silly little sister”, I can forget all else, when I buckled down to read and to write.  After this, I’d learned, that I am not the only one who’s concerned about my body, that my four older sisters cared a lot about my body too, if something were to happen to me, my sisters would be devastated.  I’d recalled how much my older sisters loved and cared for and about me since I was young, I guess, they’re all, “control freaks” when it comes to me.  And now, other than waiting for my further biopsy, I will, start to, take good care of my body, to NOT let my older sisters’ cares and concerns go to waste.

So, this, is what it took, for you, to realize, how much your older sisters cared and loved you, and that just shows how closely knit the sisters are, they looked out for each other, cared a whole lot about one another, and that, is good sibling relationships………

Looking Forward to Our Next Get-Together

Closeness of the siblings, without the rivalry, of course, translated…

The winter vacation from three years ago was most unforgettable to me.  Having moved back to Taiwan for a little over three yers, I’d had a hard-to-come-by opportunity to gather with my two older brother who stayed in the U.S.  The whole family decided to travel to our old stomping grounds, the home in Houston, Texas, and we’d found, that everything no longer looked the same as we remembered.  The very next day after my parents and I arrived, my two older brothers drove from Austin to see us, I can’t put the joys I felt finally seeing them again into verbal descriptions.

The very next morning, our whole family headed out to the Natural Science Museum, these couple of years, the museum had set up new exhibitions, and, I’d heard, that it’d become, the must-see place.  There was the fossilized trilobites from the Ice Age, and, it’s the largest in number in collection across the U.S. too.  There were also, other real-life dinosaur fossils and models, they look very lively, very eyecatchi8ng, it’s hard, to imagine, that such a large animal once roamed the earth.

The following couple of days, we headed to NASA to tour, and, shopped until we dropped at the malls, my parents still remembered, to buy the clothes for my brother and I, and, told them, to remember to eat their meals regular, to not forget to call home; and I had, stuck close to them, to reminisce the happy time we’d spent together while we were growing up.

The time we have fun always flashes by so quickly, in a blink of an eye came time for us to return back to Taiwan again.  As I looked out of the airplane window, seeing how small things became, and, the distance between my brothers and I are maximized too; but, at the same time, I felt, so very close to them, because my older brothers will always and forever be in my heart.

The trip to return to the U.S., although too brief, but, being able to reunite with my older brothers, it was, amazing, or maybe, I can go there again next year in winter, expecting to reunite with them again!

So, this, is the closeness of the siblings, and, because the family got along well as a unit regularly, that, is why the reunion is that much more special to the members, and, you can see how tight-knit the siblings’ love for one another is, can’t you???

and no, NOT my family, OR my picture either!!!

My Older Brother is Different From Everybody Else’s Older Brother, on the Love Between the Siblings


Could it be, that not only everybody else’s is better, in NOT just the things that they may have, but also the families that they belonged to?

That day, I’d watched some anime with my younger sister, and my younger sister started sighing, “someone told me, that older brothers would feel that someone else’s younger sisters are cuter than their own.”  I thought to myself, surely, all the older brothers are all the same here.

I knew this to be the “law” of siblings, but, I’d still wanted to test the theory, on how my older brother felt about this, plus, as his younger sister, I just enjoyed making troubles for him.  I’d showed my small sense of discontent, grilled him, “hey, brother, do you also feel that other people’s baby sisters are cuter than your own younger sister?”

He was stunned for a short bit, and, regained his cool, told me, “no, not really, I think that the cutest younger sister in the world is mine!”

I thought, what a SUCK up!  I felt doubtful, continued pressing him, “then, tell me, what, is so cute about us, younger sisters?”, at this time, he’d started smiling, with the looks of “I won’!”, told me, “like this question you’d posed, that’s cute to me!”

And so, this, is how close the siblings here are, they’re able to connect with one another, and, they may share moments that they disagree on things, because ALL siblings fight, and that, is a F-A-C-T, but, this older brother was smart enough, to DEFLECT his baby sister’s inquiries.

The Love that’s Behind the I-Pad from My Younger Brother

Siblings here, without the rivalry, translated…

My mother who lived alone, because of a trip and fall, had gotten bruised, my younger brother picked her up, and had her stay with him, and I’d often gone to his home to visit with my mother.

At first, my mother who was diagnosed with dementia would place the electric rice cooker onto the stove to cook, I was so shocked; when she’d fought against taking a bath, and started shouting at me, I’d gotten stressed out; and, when my eighty-seven year-old mother started grilling me about, “Where did my mom go?”, I’d felt, saddened even more so.

I’d recalled how my younger brother and sister-in-law had to take even more time to look after her, to deal with the multitude of situations, my heart filled up with gratitude toward them.  And my giving my time one day out of every week, is very important to them also.  So many times, my younger brother showed me his gratitude, and my sister-in-law had even given me a portion of her stewed beef or pork chops.  We’d started spending more time together, and, it’d brought us closer to one another.

“I have an i-Pad that I’m not using, would you like to have it?  I’ll teach you how to use it.”  Awhile ago, I’d gotten an e-mail from my younger brother, I’d thought about it, and told him okay.  When I’d gone to his place, he’d taken out a brand new iPad, and told me that it was a present for me.

I was shocked and inquired, “Didn’t you tell me that it was a used one?”, he’d told me, “In case after you’d learned to use it, there’s a brand new one out, it’s troublesome that way!”, I think, my brother knew, that I wouldn’t accept his gift for no reasons at all, he was truly thoughtful indeed.

From before, I’d gotten up early and read the scriptures on my own, since I’d downloaded the “New American Standard Bible”, and the reading software bought by my younger brother, I seemed to have an excellent companion.  It’d not only annunciated, it was quick paced, and the voice, was pleasant too.  And, I’d found, that the way I’d used to translate was really outdated, and so, I’d immediately e-mailed my younger brother, “Thanks for putting up the money, and the energy, as well, as the wisdom too!”

In these couple of months, I’d used all my energies, used my iPad, and listened, to the beautifully written “Book of Isaiah”.  On the one hand, I’d hoped, to up my standard in writing in English, on the other, I’d not wanted to waste my younger brother’s thoughts of kindness.  Through supporting one another, and splitting the responsibilities of taking care of my mother, it’d filled our lives with gratitude and joy.

And, when I’d used my iPad regularly, I’d felt my younger brother’s encouragement, and love, like a southern wind, it’d managed to warm up my heart so.

And so, from this, you can imagine, how well they’d gotten along from before, because this sort of kindness still doesn’t happen overnight, and, it’s the younger brother’s thought that touched this woman, and, so, she’d reciprocated the kindness he’d shown toward her back to him.

Nice to Have You Around

Another award-winning essay here, translated…

When we were younger, my older sister would always take me along, on her many adventures, and I was, like a tag-along, always followed behind her close, at her beck and call.  Once, she’d had a thought, wanted to see what it felt like, to float on the clouds, she’d persuaded me to unwrap all the toilet paper in the house, and, I’d pulled out those tissues with my two small hands nonstop, until the room is filled with nothing but white………

That time, my sister got beaten up badly, and because I was an unknowing accomplice, so, I didn’t get blamed.  We’d both remembered this event quite deeply.

Recalling how a once smart and acting up little girl became an able-bodied, married woman, it’s really interesting for me to note.  In my mind, my older sister is filled with wisdom, I’d envied how she could manage the relationships she has with others so very well.  I’m very stubborn, not as easily going, felt that I’m living alone, on an island from time to time.  Seeing how my older sister is surrounded by a ton of other people who admired and looked up to her, I felt loss, as well as lonely too.

My older sister probably didn’t know, that I looked up to her so, there are so many good qualities that she has, that I needed to take from.  Emotionally, she’d worried over me for quite awhile, because I was way too immature, gladly though, she never gave up on me, although her advices are always harsh to my ears, but, the bitter medicines are the best, I knew, that she’d said those things, for my own benefits.

“……where to go next, I’d always relied on you, you are my sense of direction…I can be certain, that you will, lead me to the right directions…”

My dearest older sis, I will take your advice into my heart and my mind, and hope that you won’t worry over me so.  It’s amazing, to have you, to share this journey of life on.

So, despite the mischief of their younger years, and how the younger sister had caused the older sister to get punished, they’re still very close, because the younger sibling took the older one as her role model, and, their bond was close from the beginning, says WHO siblings always have to rival?

Because My Eldest Brother Looked After My Mother, Therefore, the Property Should Go to Him, on the Love of Siblings

So, there’s no fighting over the property between the siblings here, huh???  Translated…

After my father passed away, my eldest brother immediately took my mother to Taipei, to live with him, so my eldest sister-in-law, who was, without a job outside the home, could take care of her daily living.

One day, mom called, wanted me to come up north with my other siblings, and announced, “I have something important to discuss with you all.”

When we’d all gathered together, my mother said seriously, “Your father had spent ALL his life savings, bought that house, I wanted to give it to your eldest brother, do you all have anything else to say about it?”

My youngest sister started first, “mom and dad, you’d provided for me until after college, to allow me to have a viable skill, and pass the examinations for a public office post, with a steady career, I’m more than thankful, I’d NEVER thought about the assets from my side of the family, and so, I totally respect mom’s wishes.”

My second eldest brother said, “Eldest brother and sister-in-law, for all these years, took good care of mom, and had taken mom all over to travel, plus, we both had steady sources of income, and, I have NO objections, of this property, going to the eldest brother.”

I said, “The three of us, siblings, other than the New Year’s and mom’s birthday, rarely came to visit with her, we’d both felt very awful about that; and we knew, how much goes into eldest brother and sister’s care and concerns in taking care of you, so, I believe it to be reasonable, that mom wants to give the house to my eldest brother.”

After my mother heard the opinions from the three of us, she’d said, “You all are very respectful, I’m truly touched, then, have your eldest go to the land offices, to transfer the deeds in a couple of days then.”

At which time, my eldest brother was red in the eyes, very moved, stated, “Thank you, all three younger siblings, from here on out, I will keep on, taking good care of mom, I will NOT let you down!”

And, the reason why this worked out so well was because the mother told the other children of her decisions, and explained to them WHY she’d given the deeds to the house to their eldest, and, because the other siblings understood that the mother is constantly under the care of the eldest brother, that, was why they had NO objections.