A Toy Gun, a Short Prose

How much someone’s life can change, with a switch of a thought here???  Or maybe, she’s just, refusing to see the truth, so she won’t hurt at all…translated…

She went to a wholesales mart, saw a young boy running excitedly with a toy gun.  She’d thought, he has NO idea what’s in store for him for the futures, that was why he’s so, excited.   Perhaps, if we knew a little less, then, we can be, happy.  As she got home, she’d stopped using her cell phone, and found a job that doesn’t involve her using a computer.  She’d taken up gardening with an elderly man, spending her days as a green thumb, she’d felt peaceful and happy.  Because she doesn’t know, that he’s found a new love, and is about to get married soon.

like this???  Not my photo…

So, this, is how this woman deals, with the fact, that the man she loved had found someone new, she’d used distractions, and pretended that nothing’s happened, by forcing that scent of childish innocence on herself, and that little boy with a toy gun, running happily is a sort of a threshold guardian to her life, for the child had, led her into this naïve, this innocence way of living, and, we just don’t know, how long her state of mind will last…


My Father’s Companion at Old Age

The re-adjustment after one’s spouse passed away, translated…

After my mom died, I’d often see my dad, sitting, in front of the television, staring, into space.

Back when my mom was still alive, even though they’d rarely exchanged words, but, their gazes would always drift to what one another is doing around in the house, and they’d nagged one another, to show care and concern.

After my mother passed on, it’s as if my father had lost his focus in life completely, would often sit and stared into space on his own bed with the television turned on, and, after sitting there, not moving for a long time, tears would start to flow from his eyes.

After we’d gotten through my mother’s funeral, I’d returned back to my busy working schedules, one time, on a business trip abroad, I’d gotten a thought, bought my father an I-Pad. Before the flight took off, I’d quickly made an order for one at the duty-free shops, and, after I’d returned home, I’d quickly, delivered it to my father.

Every time my younger sister and I were using our laptops in the living room, my father would always circled around us, asking us, how to play the films, and how is it that we’re able to view our relatives’ photos? After we’d explained, my father was seemingly still in the clouds, as he’d nodded, the next day, he’d asked the same questions all over again. I didn’t know, IF he’d really actually forgotten what I’d told him the day before, or was he just trying to strike up a conversation. And so, if he’s interested in computer, then, I’d given him one, so he could figure it out on his own.

My younger sister had downloaded some applications without being asked, my father loved playing Sudoku and chess to, even those photoshop programs of “beautifying photos”, it’d added the dilated pupils, the smoother skins, on my father’s self-taken photographs, making my father into a “hottie”, and the finished photograph, we’d all gotten a huge laugh over.

Later, my father became intrigued with online games. I’d often seen my father in his bedroom, with the volume of the television turned UP loud, and he was laying FLAT, on the bed, playing “Candy Crush”. Asked him why he’d turned up the volume on the television, he’d blushed and said, “I didn’t want you to know that I’m playing computer games.”, the way he’d looked when he’d gotten caught, it was exactly identical to the way we’d looked as children when we were caught, playing our Game Boys.

My father, after getting that I-Pad, he’d treated it like a treasure. Originally, my two younger sisters had nothing to say to him, but because of the online games, they’d started engaging in the talk of tactics.

My father would also surf the online photo albums too, and share with me, the funny footages he’d found. I couldn’t believe, that before signing my dear old dad up for the basics of I-Pad, he was already very capable in using it, by experimenting on his own.

Recently, I’d bought my father a small backpack, so he could take his bicycle out, and his I-Pad, to take photos of the scenes along the way, to take shots of his gatherings with friends and families. Sometimes, my father would even joke, that “it’s NOT at all bad, having this sort of a ‘companion’ at old age too!”

And so, the parent here merely needed something, to OCCUPY his mind, to get his thought off of the loss of his wife, and, the children came UP with a viable solution too, and, who SAYS that the older generations can’t learn?

If On the Way


If, I took along a book of poetry

Get on my way, arrived——

The next place I arrived in

Would be exactly where I’d wanted to go

If all the bushes, all the views, the shadows, and the lights that passed me by

Is like how the pages of my life turned and hid away

If, on my way, …………

The sentences of a poem, waiting to be completed

And so, I’m willing

Willing to wait and keep

Wait, for that book of poetry

That’s still on its way

And so, this, is the philosophies of life, because life is made up of small trips, and, on these trips, because you may NOT have expected that it was going to be so long, and you were going to be so far from home, you’d neglected to bring along something, for distraction, and, you ended up, being even MORE into the scenery, than compared to when you’d planned your trips, and brought those books to read, music to listen to, along with an assortment of distractions.