An Unforgettable Overseas Trip Together, on Family Vacation

Traveling with young children, this may prove, to be challenging, let’s see how this couple managed it, translated…

These couple of years, the two of us kept planning a trip abroad, but we’d not known what to do with the children, and so, we’d decided, to take along our two three-year-old young daughters on our vacations, to Singapore.

a vacation with the whole family, young children and all, photo from online…

Dragging along two young children on an airplane, that was something we’d never, done before, and, there were a lot of voices advising us against it from before we set out.  The grandparents started first, “Why are you taking them abroad they’re so very young still?  What happens if they start crying, or fall ill?”, and my in-law chimed in too, “If you want to travel abroad, go with a tour group, it’ll make your lives easier!”, and even as we tried to explain, “We’d considered how the children may get fussy or ill, that, was why we’d selected to go to Singapore, for the good flowing traffic and the well-established medical facilities!”

“The self-help trips give us more freedom, we can adjust our itinerary to our kids’ needs.”, and the relatives, friends, families still didn’t believe we could manage this, and yet, the four of us, two adults, two children, set out, for Singapore, as planned.

Although our friends, relatives, and families have doubts, I’m still more than grateful, for their inputs, making us plan the trip even more thoroughly.  This trip was, so smooth, that was out of my expectations, all of us had a leisurely and a fun trip.  We’d toured the well-known sights in Singapore, and the most unforgettable was the tour by the river, we rode the subways to the wharf, and selected to set out as the sun sets, and we’d, entered into the night, filled with neon lights, looking at the glowing lights.  Our daughters became so intrigued by the sights, it’d made me feel this unspeakable sense of wonder, and I’d felt glad, that I wasn’t swayed, by our families and loved ones’ opinions of traveling with my young children, otherwise, I would’ve never had the opportunities, to experience this wonder.

As the trip ended and we’d returned home, the two of us felt more confident about the future; after all, we were successful, in taking our two three-year-old children abroad on a self-help trip, what else can’t we tackle, right?

So, this, is your family’s big step out into the world, and, because you were successful, in taking your two YOUNG kids abroad, without much troubles, that, would make you more than likely to, plan another trip for you and your family the next time, wouldn’t it???


Time Spent with Family


That day, I was able to, doze off for a little while, underneath that warm afternoon sun of southern Taiwan.

Normally, around this time, I’d engaged myself in war with the keyboards at the office, and, every now and then, I’d be in search of inspirations, lifted my head up.  But this time, I’d taken a short vacation from work, not only am I in Kaohsiung, I’d also, taken my wife and children with me too, given myself and my family, a week off of vacation time.  The most excited of us all, were my four-year-old and six-year-old daughters, it was, the very first time they got on the HSR.

As I arrived in Kaohsiung, my best friend whom I’d known for several decades took a day off from work, and showed us his hospitality, he’d even cleaned up a guest room in his house, so we could stay there, saved us a bundle on the hotels.  More importantly, there’s that friendship that’s immeasurable with money.

On this trip, we didn’t visit too many places, getting back in touch with my old friends in Kaohsiung took up the majority of time we’d spent there.  Of course, these emotional connections are, more profound than the connection to the places.  And the sights visited are usually to satisfy our physical hunger, and our visual aesthetics, and the connections, satisfied our souls and hearts.

On top of that, time spent with family is even more precious.  The kids started picking the flowers, with a few weeds as embellishments, ran over to my wife and I, told us, “I love you the best!”, and because of this, it’d reminded me of what teacher Weng had shared with us.

She said, that her nephew went to her house for the summer, he had a great time, but, as she’d looked at the child’s young face, she’d reminded of what his parents reminders: six times remaining—there are, rarely any children who would follow and tag-along the parents to travel, to hang out, it’s six times on average, meaning, that from the first to the sixth grades of the elementary years.  If the child is a late bloomer, than, maybe, eight, to ten times, but eventually, they will, leave, with their friends.

And, some of the chances would become reduced with the passing of each and every year, and, as they’d gotten older, it would be, hard to make up for.  Some may say, “After they’re grown, they’d still travel with us!”, but, the “unquestioned trust” I’d spoken about is, already gone; the sweetest, the most real, “I love you the best”, will slowly, be reduced too, or they’d become, awkward.  Like how, would you still, put your heads to your parents’ chests, and tell them “I love you” right now?

There are different significant others in the stages of the growth of a child, at the very start, it’s the parents, then, their classmates, then, lovers, then, their husband or wife.  And, if we examine all these relationships, they’d spanned from six, to ten years.

Some asked, isn’t the time shared by spouses for life, how come it’s only six to ten years? Actually, other than having your spouse dying off before you or breaking up, it is, actually, six, to ten years, it’s just, that the way to count it, is backwards; six to ten years is for the adaptations, the adjustments made, to live together, and, in the end, patience and “the one” came from this.

And so, I’d found, the strength, to keep going, from this trip with my young.

The time you “spent with the family”, can and should be paid close attention to.  Give yourselves a vacation, stay with the family, interact, and this time, stop worrying about how many places you’d visited on your trips, instead, slow down, pay more attention to one another.

And so, we often think, that hanging out together, like going on a family vacation counts as spending time together, but, not according to this writer’s views, spending time together should be when everybody is undistracted with the things going on in their separate lives, and, focusing on establishing or re-establishing that bond you share with your loved ones.

On a Family Trip, I Saw…

Family vacations, YAY US!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

After the kids are done with their exams, we’d gone to Hokkaido to travel.  These couple of years, we’d started going on summer trips with the kids, it’d become the most cherished time and the memories we shared.  Before last summer’s Alaskan cruise was over, we’d all agreed that twenty years from now, it would be the two of them, brother and sister, who take us, the parents back on the visit again, recalling that, it’d made me feel all warm on the inside.  This year, we’d even gone bolder, we’d rented an RV and drove it ourselves, we’d camped inside the vehicle at nights, and, we’d gone to places and slept inside the car, without any traveling plans, and if we needed a bath, then, we’d tried to find a spa, and if we needed to go to the bathrooms, we’d find public restrooms, for the family, this, was an all-new experience.

At first, I was worried about not adjusting to the signaling of turns, before we’d gone abroad, my friend taught me a key phrase, “Left Near, Right Far”, I’d found it to be more than useful.  Usually, driving straight ahead was no problem at all, but, making a turn, that, is when things can go wrong.  And so, when I made a left turn, I’d turned to the lane closest to my original lane, and right turn, I’d turn on the farthest one from where I was before, that way, everything IS cleared up.  What I forgot to do the most, was use my signals, the right signal was on the left, the left signal, on the right, and, often, when I wanted to signal, I’d turned on the windshield wipers instead.  And, the best part about Japan is that you can use cell phones to or the map codes to input the destination you wanted to go to, I hope, that the Taiwanese navigation systems can do that too, but it can’t.

Another thing I was worried from before the trip was, the need to go to the bathrooms, but, as I drove on there were many public and clean restroom areas, and if we were lucky, we’d find one of the restrooms that are beautifully decorated too, and it puts the four-star hotels to shame.  And, a kind of work ethics that the Japanese people carried had made me in awe for a very long time.  In the restrooms of a campsite, the cleaning lady not only worked hard, to keep the environment spotless, she’d even folded the toilet papers into triangles, and, the quality is comparable to that of a four-star hotel.  When everybody works hard, to fulfill one’s own duties best as one can, that, would be the MOST beautiful scenery.

The most impressive city on this trip for me was Otaru City, next to the Otaru Canal, there lay bronze sculpture after bronze sculpture paintings, and, it’d kept the passersby intrigued by the moving sceneries, and also get touched by the beauty of the local ways.

We stood by the canal and held conversations with the artists themselves, after hearing that we’re from Taiwan, they’d thanked us for the donations for the Tsunami.  We’d bought two very well-designed toy guns, made from wires, and it can shoot out countless robber bands.  This artist said, that it would take him one to two weeks to make a batch of products, then, he’d taken it out to the streets to sell them, and, the most joy he got was from the smiles on the children’s faces as they played with the toys he’d made.  Seeing how there was this dent on his hands, from holding his tools, working with them long term, I thought that he got that from an injury, but it was from making the items, and, I was in awe at how much mind he’d put into making his product, along with the hardships he must’ve weathered.

We’d taken the gondola up the steep hill, and witnessed another kind of beautiful scenery.  The gondola ride was smooth, after we’d gone up that first section, we could go up another section, with two people per gondola.  Even though it is the summer seasons, but the snow from the winter had yet to melt off, and the kids were making snowballs and having a snowball fight, having tons of fun.  After we were taken down, I realized that my child forgot his hat, I asked the station staff to help me look, and, the station staff even allowed us to take another trip up, to look for it ourselves, and, it’d given me a closer look at how nice the Japanese people are.

Of course, the trip is NOT entirely positive, the English ability in Japan is really awful, and, we’d gone into a shop, and spoke in English to the staff, and they’d waved their hands at us, NOT selling food to us.  But, on a general level, most people we met were extremely nice.

How long was it, since you’d taken your last vacation?  Especially one that involves the whole family?  For me, the destination isn’t as important as the company.  NO matter how busy life gets, how many hardships are facing you, how much responsibilities you’re carrying, do make the time, to take a family vacation together.  The shared memories of the family, can be replaced by nothing else.

The writer of this article is right, when you go to a new place, what’s most impressive would NOT be the sights, like the buildings, the nature, but the interactions with the locals that you have there, but, I disagree on what he said, that vacations must be taken with members of one’s own family, in fact, I’d rather travel ALONE on my own, that way, I wouldn’t have to listen to a WHOLE lot of SHIT, but that, is just me, and, maybe you would think differently, because you’d had great family experiences in the past, but I never had, and so, it’s still different for everybody.