The Wide-Eyed Indian Scops Owl

With illustration, translated…

Your Wide and Shiny Eyes

Like a Mysterious Black Hole

Drew Me in

And I, without Any Way of Fighting Off the Temptations 

illustration from the papers…圖.鄭鈴

Your Wide and Shiny Eyes

Turning Repeatedly

Searching Toward Where the Sounds Came From

In My Eyes

You Looked, So Very, Cute

Your Wide and Shiny Eyes

what this bird actually looks like…in captivity…photo from online…

As They Looked Upon Me

They’d, Blinked, Again, and Again

And My Heart

Already, Fluttered, with Each Blink of Your Eyes

So, this, is how attractive the critters of nature can be to a person, because this species is really hard to catch, anybody who sees it is more than lucky, to have, captured the moments, in its company…