With or Without You

With or without you, it doesn’t, really matter now…

With or without you, it’d become, all the same to me, unlike how at the very beginning, I’d had, a very trying time, coping, living this life of mine, without you by my side, but now, everything’s, settled, and, I’m adapted, to, without you.

not my picture.

With or without you, I’ll still be me, there’s nothing to that, it’s just, the way it is.  I’d lived, with you for so very long, gotten used to everything about you, and, all of a sudden, you were, taken out of this equation of my life, and, it was, hard, for me, to live on, without you, but I’d had to, pick myself up off the floor, and carry on.

With or without you, I really don’t care now, because I know I survived, on my own here, and, even IF you do come back to me (I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you don’t!!!), we can never be the way we once were.  With or without you, I’d moved on, and now, if you come back, you’d become, this huge annoyance to me, so, it’s, better, that you stay as far away as you can from me………

 not my picture still.

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