A Fast-Food Junkie

It had taken, a woman with the STRONG hands, to finally, slowly, put an end to this junk food junkie’s “addictions”, but, every now and then, he’s still, allowed, to have his favorite sorts of foods, of course, she’d needed to, “sign off” on it first! Translated…

My younger brother, he’s amazing in everything, only that his food choice. For others, they’d have stringed pork with their bowls of rice, and he’d paired his bowl of rice with chocolates—this combination, sends chills into my taste buds just by thinking about it, but, he’d, enjoyed his choices of food paired together, based off of his taste, in our home, where healthy eating style was a focus, he’d, made a passage, paved with junk foods for himself.

Every now and then, he’d told me mysteriously, “hey, sis, how ‘bout let’s go visit the elders today?”, then, the elders he’d visited are either, Colonel Sanders, or Mr. Duroyale Ice Cream, and, as he’d had his chow-down, he’d said, “These elders are, very lonely, we’d not just had to visit every now and then, but also, throw in some cash to help them live better too, that’ll surely make them very happy.” His methods of talking of junk food, made my way of food, less salt, less sugar, less fried, less oil, sounded sinful.

查看來源圖片the man’s selections from before, image from online…

Several years ago, we’d gone to Japan as a whole family, and, after having several meals of ramen, dumplings, and sushi, my younger brother suggested, “Let’s have some tastes from home tonight!”, and, we couldn’t understand it, we were just about to, ask him if we’re headed over to China Street for some stewed meats over rice, or noodle soups?, then, he’d, added, “That familiar and homey place—Mc~~Donald’s”, I’d become, so totally, dumbfounded, thought, that this dude’s scent of home, was way too CHEAP, and yet, McDonald’s everywhere, so, everywhere is, his home.

My younger brother’s life with junk foods, got terminated by my sister-in-law. It’s just, that every now and then, they’d, gotten at it, on how he’d, snuck out for it again. But, I suppose, that’s how they kept their love going! Her husband went from a “fast food junkie”, and got turned into a “recycled junkie”; and, although his wife knew it wasn’t, healthy, but was still, willing to, compromise a bit, for his happiness. And, their days passed, between the war of chaos between a small bag of French fries and a plate of broiled veggies, they’d loved, and gone to war, and continued their lives together.

and now, after he’s, married…such, a HUGE difference, isn’t it???  Photo from online…

So, nobody was able to, reform this fast food junkie, until HIS own wife came along, and now, although, his mouth still watered as he thought of the junk food he’d once had his hands on, but, he was, willing, to compromise and eat less of it, for the sake of pleasing his own wife. How a woman, can reform a man!


Domesticating Springtime, a Poem in Three Lines

The imageries are truly, amazing in this one, translated…

I Want to Keep You in a Golden Basin

to Collect the Dews from the Grasses, Like a Pair of Quietest Birds

the Kind that Slowly, Drinks Up, the Words that are, Only Spoken by the Springtime

where spring is kept…photo from online…查看來源圖片

But, you can’t, keep springtime forever, it’s going to end, and all you can do, is to take advantage of the time you share with it, because that, is how the cycles of life works, like with our pets, or those we love too!

Trips Alone

Being an avid observer, of the surrounding environments, the life of a people-watcher, translated…

Because of work, I’d needed to have roundtrip travels from Hualien to Taipei and Taipei, to Hualien, in order to save up the fares, I’d often taken the “transferring commutes”, taking the double decker busses for some way, then the trains. This waiting and transferring, transferring and waiting, sometimes, I’d felt tension, and I’d, gazed out the windows, and suddenly, felt very relaxed, like it is, a sort of a miniature “trips alone” out of my ordinary life.

like this???  Photo from online…

In the process of my commute, I’d often initiate my “small theatre” mode, guessing at which seat I would be, given, would it be window seat, or aisle seat, would I get to see the sea? Or that I’d, start to observe the passengers all around me, from their ages, to what they’re wearing, to what games they’re, playing on their cell phone, the images from their FB homepage (am I being, too observant?), their LINE conversation (am I, breach someone else’s privacy?), listening in on the conversations (can someone call the police on me for that?)………all of these, are the points of origin of my imagination, I wanted to know, who the person who was, sitting closest to me was?

For a while, I’d even gotten so nutty, that I’d had to get the seat on the first row on the busses, that way, I got to, observe the driver at a close distance, and, his name would be, right up overhead, in front of me! In the age of Google, you will leave behind, an electronic footprint if you log online, and other than just imagining people’s lives, I get to, cross-check the facts, and, I’d often, lost control, in the one-hour ride, to the point that as I got off, and thanked the driver, I’d, actually became, genuine.

查看來源圖片like this???  Not my photo…

And so, this, is being a people watcher, and this person enjoys it, because, there are, NOT many other alternative “forms of entertainment”, so, he’d found fun, in observing the world around him, and, this trip alone became, more interesting, instead of just, watching that clock in the stations, wondering, when the busses or the trains will finally come and take you away!


Willing, to Walk Down the Aisle, for You

Finding her one true love, someone who’d, stayed by her side, through sickness, injury, who’d still, cherished her very much, translated…

My Tears Felt Heated, as They’d, Rolled Down My Cheeks, and I Couldn’t Find Any Words of Extravagance to Say…

Not Made a Scene, But, Very Memorable

One evening, my boyfriend and I stayed in the hospital wards. Because of the day that followed he’s scheduled his day off, he’d asked my parents to head home to sleep. Then, he’d, slowly, taken out a set of household casual wear from his black sports backpack, with his toothbrush, towel, then, laid them out, neatly and flattened, on the limited surfaces available to him.

That sense of security I received from my boyfriend, was like a serene, but strong kind of an atmosphere. In the six years, we’d, talked about any and everything. I’d once told him, that “in our relationship, I hoped there would be, no secrets”. So, even as we had a fight, we’d, made up on the day of the fight, I can’t feel right, sleeping with the secrets and my own tears.

But, perhaps, it’s due to his family background and his personality traits, that he’d often needed to, have some quiet time for himself first, then, sorted through what he’d needed to say to me. But, I wouldn’t allow it, and, perhaps, I’m, a bit, stubborn. But, slowly, he’d, grown, accustomed to my rules, and learned, how to express his anger towards me.

“Play a song for me!”, I’d, leaned on the bed, and made a suggestion.

“Okay!”, he’d, squinted his eyes, and, was in full smile.

A familiar tune started slow, it was, the “Wedding March”. After a few measures, pop music started playing, then, Andy Lau’s voice, “I will, for you, put on that white gown; I will, for you, walk down that red aisle; I will, build a roof from love for you, to block out the wind and the rain, to carry on in conversations, to make some teas, to play that game of chess, so long, as, you’ll, have me in your life.”

My boyfriend loved Andy Lau, and, as he’d gone to the karaoke, he’d always played and sung the songs by Andy Lau. I got to the point, of having had enough of Andy Lau, and joked, that he was, so full of, cliché, “You should be, the youngest fan of Andy in the whole universe, but, same years as my dad!” But, he always replied with full confidence, “He’s handsome, inside AND out, an idol to me, forever!”

The Most Important Part of My Life

“Walking Down the Aisle, with a white wedding gown, you’re the most beautiful promise of my entire life, I’d, made a pact with you, to count up the stars, and, all your tomorrows too. Walking in the bliss, that bell started, ringing, you are, the most beautiful decision in my whole life, I’d promised to give you all the happiness in the world, in the days in the future, I shall, love you, even more.”

This song, I’d heard, more than hundreds of times, but, being put under anesthesia, and, entered into the bottommost layer of my own dreams, and, drifted along, in the depth of that ocean repeatedly, after I was awakened, being called back out atop, at this moment, I’d, looked at that man, who’s, dark-skinned, with that light in his eyes, smiling like a fool, I’d, had that impulse of, “I do”.

It’s him, he’s, it! I’d wanted, I am willing! And that never-before sense of belonging, that, was what that felt like.

A lot of people say, “marriage is impulsive”, I’d, felt that amazing feeling, of having love rushed, into my head, it’s, so amazing, truly.

illustration from the papers online…圖/江長芳

My tears came down hot, my heart pitter-pattered, I couldn’t say a single word of extravagance. The two of us, stared at one another, and, neither one of us can see each other clearly now.

The past six years, played like that picture show, how we’d met, dated, fallen in love, had our fights, communicated, traveling all over Taiwan, introducing one another to our families, graduating, start to work, enlisting, getting involved in long-distance relationship, fight, traveling abroad, giving one another encouragements, getting injured recently, so many times, we’d, said the most awful of all things to each other, and, several times, we could’ve, broken up. But, six years, we are still, the most important part of one another’s life. This long road we’d, traveled to where we currently are, it wasn’t, the least bit, easy that’s for certain!

“Distance is not a problem. Love wouldn’t become fragile, because of the distance, people would.” the line of one of my favorite movie, “Café on Sixth Alley” stated.

Because our hearts had been true, and, we’d both, cherished what’s happened to one another these past few years, and, even IF we’re displeased with each other, we’d, just put the distances between us, cooled down a bit, then, talk it all out, then, we were, able to, get closer again. Through these fights we’d had, we’d, understood one another even more.

Turns out, the moment that I let love go to my head, wasn’t at the very moment our eyes first met, but, what we’d, weathered through, after all this time. People often, needed to, get to a certain point in their lives, to figure out the meaning of it all.

“Babe……I love you so.”, after the silence of a little over a minute, as the music was, about to stop, I’d, opened up. I’d, opened my arms, wanted him to hug me, he also, got up, walked, toward me. In the end, we’d found our ways, into each other’s arms, and, we’d, cried together.

“If I’m covered with scars all over my body, and no longer pretty, will you still, love me?” I’d sounded, flat, like pretending to be cute, then, I wouldn’t, receive the answer I was, fearing the most.

“Just let us get use to it together.”, he’d replied, in a calm and collected manner, so natural, like, he’d, contemplated on it before.

I’d started, smiling from the inside now.

Although I don’t believe in forever, but, I have the courage, to believe, that every moment of bliss we’d come to share, is true.

And so, you’d, found this man who loved you, in sickness and in health, for richer for poorer, for better, or for worse, and it’s really hard, and, through the trials of your life, he’d, stuck by your side, and, you’d, found a gem, someone who will, love you, unconditionally, regardless, of anything, because he loves you!





The Tree to Remember Nan-Nan with

Interactions, or rather, something that’s, routine, that this family shared, with their neighbor’s dog, translated…

My neighbor’s dog wasn’t kept locked up inside, and enjoyed wandering about. Every time he sees that we’re about to head out, and he’d not had anything planned, he’d, walked along with us for a bit.

It’s not a big deal, if we’re, headed into the fields or the skating rink, but, it’d become, troubling, if we’re, headed to restaurants or libraries. Because this pet looked like a dirtied dish rag constantly—he’d rarely, been bathed or groomed, and constantly, wandering. As we are about to go someplace public, we’d, had to tell him, to not “see us off” all the way there. And, although Nan-Nan’s sight is no longer as what it used to be, he’d still pretended that he’d not understood us, and, so, we’d, had to put on the skit of, “let’s ditch the dog”.

One evening as we’d gone out to dine, Nan-Nan started, trekking along behind us. The four of us decided to split up separately, too see who Nan-Nan would follow, and, he’d, ended up, following me, who’s, with the least clue of how to ditch him.

My family waited several kilometers away, to see, how I will, ditch him. After I’d, turned at the old Indian laurel fig, I’d, held my breath in, waited for Nan-Nan, to check to see where I was—and, I had, won that game of hide-and-seek!

文‧圖╱朱靜容artwork from the papers online…

And, after Nan-Nan had passed away, every time I’d passed by that old tree, I’d, remembered how I’d, played hide-and-seek with him. Typhoon Maggie once brought this large tree down, and, the local residents worked their hardest to save it, and, months later, this old tree became, brand new again.

And now, the old India laurel fig got moved, to an empty place, and, if I’d, played that game of hide-and-go-seek again with Nan-Nan, he would’ve, surely, found me, quickly and easily.

That game of hide-and-go-seek must’ve been real interesting to play, and, perhaps, the dog just, wanted some company, or he’d, enjoyed, accompanying the family to and fro, and, they’d made a game out of this dog’s tendencies, and, now, as the dog died, the memories of this game that they played, are still, very much alive in those who’d, interacted with him.


Parallel Conversations People are Having on My Comments Page…

Uh, did I MISS that memo or somethin’???

There are people having, parallel conversation on my comments page on here, and, it’s, odd! Why, are you having those, one-way parallel conversations on my comments page? Is it, that you simply, need to, pour your god DAMN hearts out to anybody who’ll lend you a helping ear? (go lie on that COUCH, and PAY your SHRINKS, people!!!).

查看來源圖片like the Chinese idiom???  Illustration from online…

Parallel conversations that people are having on my comments page, this always, amaze and amuse me. I mean, how O-D-D is that? And, are any of y’all having these sorts of encounters too?

Parallel conversations that people are having on my comments page, it’s, like you’re, fishing, just, casting that line into the river, without even LOOKING at where you’re, THROWIN’ it in, and, you really could care LESS, if that hook HITS that rock that’s, inside that river or not, like, there’s, this need, for you, to get whatever the HECK it is you wanna say out, like if you hold it in too long, it’ll, show up on your bodies as bruises or something!!!

查看來源圖片or this, maybe???  Image from online still…

Is that what that is, when people have parallel conversations on my comments page? Or, is it something else entirely, totally, different than what I’d, just described here?


My Eldest Sister

Growing up in an era of hardship, and this, was the result from the sacrifices that their eldest sister had, made, translated…

“Your eldest aunt came to Pingdong, and yesterday, mommy took her to Tainan to offer the incenses to grandpa and grandma, I saw her, patting their urn, said she’d wanted your grandma and grandpa to feel the temperature from her hands, she’s, really, a wonderful daughter.” I’d left this brief message on my family’s group page, and it’d, moved all the kids.

Awhile ago, my eldest sister who was eight years my senior came south, I’d become, the host, drove her around, to Wanluan to have the pork’s feet, and bought the layered pastries that was so famous from there, along with, other delicacies of the locale, seeing her with her satisfied smile, I’d felt, very well. “The eldest sister was like a mother”, that fitted my eldest sister’s life completely.

illustration from the papers…圖/黃鼻子

After mom married dad, who was the eldest son of his family, she’d had seven daughters consecutively, and, in the era of sexism in the 1950s, my mother felt the pressures from the relatives. Since I could recall, my mother always had bad temper, and, all of us, sisters, just, stayed far out of her way. As my eldest sister started her middle school, commuting to Hsinying from Yenshui, my mother always asked her to make a trip to the shops, to not press the family to pay up what we’d owed the separate shops, and so, my eldest sister made the wish, to help out with the household finances when she was very young.

Right after middle school, she’d not continued her education, left home, and started working, had her share of hardships, only hoping, to help the family pay up the debts that we owed. And, for a long time, all of us, family who are only able to rent the residences, in her hard work, we’d not only paid up all the debts, we’d, accumulated some savings, and bought an apartment up north.

查看來源圖片five sisters, photo from online…

What impressed me the most, was how I’d gotten into the teacher’s college and Tainan All-Girls’ High School, and, probably because I’d read too many romance novels, I’d dreamed about attending the regular high schools, to head off to college, to live a colorful life, and, bugged my parents, to give me my dreams. But, back then, we’d just, made the down payment for our home, with the installments that awaits all of us, although my eldest sister had, promised, she’ll, take care of my tuition, in the end, considering the economics, I’d still, gone to the teacher’s college, that had the scholarship programs. And back then, there were two students from my classes who’d done really well, who’d gotten into the Tainan All-Girl’s High School as secondaries, but didn’t go, because of their family backgrounds, and started working at the factories up north. Thinking about it, how many girls were, slaughtered, during that era in time.

And, of us sisters, my eldest sister was the most petit, when my mother was still alive, she’d told, that because since my eldest sister was in the elementary years, she’d helped carried us all, younger sisters, that’s what, kept her, from growing taller; plus as she was developing, we were, poor, and my parents couldn’t give her the food that helped her grow taller, and it’d, hurt, thinking about that. I’m more than grateful, that we were, lucky enough, to have our eldest sister, who was like, a second mother to us, as siblings.

And so, during that era, everything was hard, and, the eldest children in each families were often, forced to give up their dreams, to help out the families, and this, was exactly what the eldest sister of this family had done, and, her siblings appreciated her for it, now that they’re, older, and understood more about life in general.