Living Up in the Mountains, a Poem

Ahh, the peace, the quiet, the solitude, makes me want to stay longer…translated…

Early Morn, We Drove Up the Mountains as a Family

the Wufeng County Already Hiked Up, without Any Shortness of Breath

However, Our Car, It’d, Seemed, a Bit, Limp

Seeing the Mountains from Behind Us

Chasing the Ones Before

Wuji Mountain, Xia Mountain, Maibarlai Mountain

They’d, Chased it Up in a Relay Race

The Rows of Cherry Blossoms Bloomed in Synchrony

Like a Dozen Peacocks, Showing Off Their Feathers at Once

Peacocks, Fireflies, Parrots, Pheasants

Cherry Blossoms, Peaches, Tea Trees, Plum Trees

Already, Moved in to This 1,200 Feet Above Sea Level

They are the Ones, Who, Lived Here

This Place

with the Nature Scenes, Offering the

Winds, the Forests, the Sunshine as the Meals

Melt in Our Mouths

The Fogs and Clouds, They Loved to Stay on Our Tongues

Turned Our Stomachs Over

In the Evenings

Nobody Wants to Get Off

Not the Teas, Nor the Coffees

Nor the Tourists’ Cars

Not the Clouds

Nor the Mountains

Let Alone, This Sense of Solitude & Quiet

Because, this, is such a peaceful place, nobody wants to get off of it, because we all want to stay peaceful, as the world down below the mountains, offered us a ton of chaos, of our daily life routines, that, is why we all, want to stay a bit, longer…


Corner of Bliss

Needing some peace and quiet, from the noisy workplace, and, you’d, stumbled across, this small piece of heaven on earth, and found your peace there! Translated…

Having a work environment that resembles a garden, it’s, an amazing thing, but, as I was, about to transfer to the office surrounded by the mountains, I was, a bit, hesitant, it isn’t, at all, convenient, the closest 24/7 mart is over ten minutes by foot, and so, it wasn’t, my ideal workplace. But, the move was set, and, I can only hope, that I will, get adapted to this new location quickly.

a place like this one, maybe???  Photo from online…查看來源圖片

The moment I’d set foot into the office, to the moment I left the community, all day long, I got stuck, in the office spaces. When the air-conditioning wasn’t running, if other coworkers complained of the loud traffic from the nearby freeways, or that the construction was too loud, refusing to open up the windows, I’d felt, a bit, depressed, sitting in the center of the office. After a day, my body and mind, completely, stressed out, and, I’d, taken all of my displease from the office home with me, week, after week, after week, it’s, so damaging to my health.

One day after lunch, I had the thought, of escaping from this stuffed up place. I walked down to the lobby, and, as my curiosity urged me, I’d, pushed the backdoor open, walked toward the other end, I’d, strolled to the big pond. The gentle sun kissed my face, and, I’d heard the concerto of quacks, I’d focused my eyes, there were, geese, ducks, and mergansers, leisurely enjoying the afternoon. As I approached, they’d, started their impromptu performance, the white geese started with their waltz, very elegant, such amazing dancers in the water. The ducks’ singles dances were, very cute and lively, I, the member of the audience, was enticed, to start dancing myself. And, the couples dances by the mandarin ducks, were intoxicating to me, they’d taken turns on the dancefloor, kept my complete attention, and, would waddle to the shores, and sat with me in the audience, to give the performers, the biggest kind of applause.

The sonata sounded off by the tips of the branches, it was, the embellishments of the spring breeze, the various colors, the flowers that bloomed out of the branches, became, the must-have stage setting for these dances on the waters. Everything that entered into my eyes, were the breaths of springtime, very relaxing, intoxicating, it’d, helped me wave goodbye to the stresses I was, feeling.

Every time I was hit by the pressures, I’d, walked over, to this garden in the back, a sonata performed by nature, a dance on the waters, it’d, helped alleviated my stresses instantaneously. If you want a recharge, come, to the pond, what a, corner of bliss, I’d found!

meditating by a pond…photo from online…查看來源圖片

And so, because you’re, STUCK where you worked, that is why, you’d, needed to, find a place where you can go, to relax, and you’d, accidentally, stumbled upon this small haven for yourself, and, in the few minutes you have away from work, you’d, come to this particular spot, to relax.

Family Trip to Tokyo

A great way, for a memorable journey to a foreign country, planning everything out on your own, allowing the children, to have some inputs on what they wanted to do there too! Translated…

Translated, what we learned, on the trips we took together…

Because of how young our children were, we’d, not traveled abroad for years on end, and now, as my son and daughter are, older, it’s time, to make our moves.

查看來源圖片the ideal vacaton to take your young children, photo from online…

In order to make everybody feel equal to each other, everybody was in charge of one day of travel, and, acted as the tour guide for the day, and, we would, follow the individual’s commands for the day. My three-year-old daughter is in love with Mickey Mouse, I’d discussed with her own touring to Disney; my seven-year-old son had the mind on the toy machines and the arcades, and so, Akihabara is a good choice; the mother of my children set up the transportations for the trip, in the mornings, we alighted the tour bus to the museum district. In the afternoon, we’d gone on the nostalgic electric trains, and, bought the grilled skillets for the children, we gained great reps for it. We’d, encouraged our son to buy the skewers on his own, I’d, intentionally stayed a few steps away from him, captured how he gestured to the Japanese vendors what he’d wanted to buy, this was, a precious experience for him.

As for me, I’d, set up the rare tours not found in the tour guides, we’d gone to visit the campus of Tokyo University, mingled into the cafeterias that the professors and students dined in; after we had our fills, we sat, in the shades of the Yasuda Lecture Hall to rest, my daughter was beat, fallen flat to take her nap, my son took out his sketch book and captured the faces of Tokyo University. In the afternoon, we’d, entered into the Design festa, the twice annually large scale event, with the thousands of booths, of artists, and we’d, bought the handmade art pieces, and, there wouldn’t be, the repeated items of the souvenirs here.

The final day’s theme was family, we’d, gone to the sumo wrestling matches. I’d gone out early, to buy the free seats, but, the seats were, all sold out, and so, I’d, proposed the backup plans, to experience the public bath houses in Japan. As we’d arrived the hundred-year-old Tsuba Meyu, it was, already 8:30 in the morn, there were, only a handful of elderly bathers, the rest, members of the younger generations; there were, handsome young lads who’d, smoothed out their hair to the camera screens, younger generations of women who came in groups, along with us, tourists, who were there, to experience the culture. My two young children couldn’t stand the heat, ten seconds in, they’d, pulled out, and we can only hand them bottles of ice cold milk, and, offered our salute, to the actor, Abe.

On the railroad ride back to the airport, my son used his art, to list out five pros of Japan and Taiwan, one that impressed me the most was my son felt the cohesiveness of the Japanese culture, and he’d, drawn out the nondiscriminatory ways of Taiwan as one of the good qualities, like if one out three men was bald, the other two wouldn’t, make fun. I’d looked at this drawing a lot, and, I’d believed, that that, was his way, of consoling his dad, a man who’d, become bald in midlife.

And so, children have a way, of documenting their own lives, and, all it took here, is a pen and a drawing pad for this young boy, and, a trip like this is, an excellent idea, for the parents to connect with their young, especially now, that summer’s here, there’s, NO better time, to plan a family trip such as this one with your children.

family vacation at Tokyo Disney…photo from online…查看來源圖片

A Local Young Man from Bitan Gave Up His High Salary at a Firm, and is Now, Living His Dreams of Entrepreneurship, Making the Dragon Boats

林子鈞放棄百萬年薪,就為了堅持他的龍舟夢。 記者陳珮琦/翻攝

the man, very  enthusiastic about what he does for a living, and that, is the key to his success!

This man realized, that there’s, MORE important things than making the high pays, that it is, more important, that he enjoys, doing what he loves for work! From the Newspapers, translated…

Who says that only on Dragon Boat Festival can you row the dragon boats? The only and first sports company focusing on the dragon boat races, “Seeker”, uses the customizations of the courses, it’d, started up the trend of the companies’ interest in the activities.

The company, “Seeker”, hidden in the old shopping streets of Bitan in Hsintien, is the very first, and ONLY sports company that trains the dragon boat racers, its founder, Dzi-Jun Lin is a child who’d grown up by the side of Bitan, every time he’d recalled how the earlier years of his life when the dragon boat races, involving tens of thousands of participants, it’d, roused up his dreams of becoming a dragon boat rower too, and so, a year ago, for the sake of his own dreams, he’d given up on his million-dollar salaries, and set up “Seeker”, the water sports company.

“Seeker” means “seeking a dream”, with an MBA, when Lin studied in the U.S., he’d gone on the dragon boat races sponsored by the enterprises in Taiwan, all around the U.S. to compete, “there are the races being held year-round in the U.S.”; later he’d started working in Taiwan for two years, and although he’d made around a million dollars annually, “but I was unhappy”, because his dream of racing the dragon boat still lived inside of his mind, and so, he’d, quitted his job, went to China, to observe the developments of the dragon boat races in China, and saw enormous potentials, and decided, to turn his dreams into action.

“Because of that sense of cohesiveness”, Lin told, that the reason why the dragon boat races are so attractive was “it takes everybody onboard the boat to work together, the racers hearts needed to beat as one”, and because many of the workers from various companies, who’d started racing the dragon boats, fell in love, they’d not set up the groups on their own, with their own teams, and they’d even, bought the boats to race for practice on their own.

Lin said, that the establishment of his company, “Seeker”, not only provided the trainers, the equipment, the boat that the races needed, it’d also appealed to the outstanding watersports competitors to sign on, so they can put their skills to good use, and it’d taken this celebratory competitive sport toward a global realm as well.

So, because this young man loved the sport so very much, and he saw the potentials of setting up the establishment for the sport, he’d, followed through the steps, to make his own dreams come true, and that just showed, that if you have a dream, you should, go out, and pursue it, given that your dreams, don’t hurt anybody else.

Maybe, It’s Time, We Said, “Goodbye”…

I’d, given it, a lot of thought, that maybe, it’s time, we said, “goodbye”…’cuz, we are, NOT good for each other, but, knowing that, is till can’t help but feel, that strong attraction toward you, and I don’t know, how to, turn it off!

Maybe, it’s time, we said, “goodbye”…before either one of us gets damaged completely, beyond repair? But, we can’t, we’re, too entangled, in body, mind, soul, and heart, to part, and as you, draw me in, I felt, very good, but at the same time, that sense of panic, arose!

Maybe it’s time, we said, “goodbye”…yeah, it’s, for the best, we weren’t, quite right for one another anyhow, and, staying together will only, cause more damage to both of us, and so, I have to be, the stronger one, to PULL the plugs while I still can.

Maybe, it’s time, we said, “goodbye”…staying together won’t do us any good! After all, I already, SAW into the future, and it ain’t, pretty one bit!!!


The Macaroons of My Childhood

How you came into being, and, what those childhood experiences meant to you right now, translated…

I was a captain, of the “Gourmet and Beauties Association” when I was a child.

My mother loved breads, and every time she passed by a bakery, she’d gone in to buy something, the breakfasts that we had were mostly, bread or cakes with milk. But, growing up, I’d, hated the breads, the pastries, I’d loved something with a stronger flavor, like McDonald’s, ice cream, chips; but, every time my mother took me to shop in the bakeries, I’d needed to, get that three-colored traditional cakes.

The best part about this cake was the chocolate sprinkles, but reason why I wanted it, wasn’t because of its taste, but because of the way it looked, it’s, very colorful! Back then, I’d, especially loved the foods with the bright colors, everything from my attire, to my foods, needed to be, colorful. (my favorite color back then, as I’d remembered, was pink, so I’d loved, the cotton candies of that color too!”

查看來源圖片remember all of these?  So, which one’s your favorite???  Photo from online…

As I ate the tri-colored cakes, I’d needed to, split the squares up with my hands and eat (but as I enjoyed the cotton candies, I’d needed to, go face in!) and as we’d bought the cakes, I’d, started eating on the way, then, get the cakes all over me, and that’s when mom would say, “I’m not getting it for you again.” Actually, I’d, forgotten what the cakes tasted like, they’re, so ordinary.

And when I wanted to reminisce, I’d, bought a piece, and, I’d always, waited until I arrived home, set it on a plate, then I was, able to, enjoy it. This cake, tasted just as I’d remembered it to, like that traditional tastes and the buttery tastes; not like the French pastries, not like the English scones, it was, the flavor of my mother’s favorite cakes—my mother loved sweets, but, refused to spend any money, and she’d loved buying that bag of “cake sides”. I’d loved it when I was a child, it’s just, I’d only, selected the chocolate flavored pieces. And, on this very day, I’d finally realized, so that was, what memory tasted like.

I worked in Beijing last week, on the very last day, I’d had, the classic lamb hotpot, and had, the traditional sesame baked pastries. Before I left, I’d had the restaurant pack twenty of those so I can take them back, plus a bag of rice crispy treats, and I’d, carried them back here, to my parents. For them, that traditional taste of the flour, was closest to their memories.

I’d asked my students, what their most memorable item of childhood was, I’d received a ton of names for the items, and, not one of them coincided with other students’. I’d looked on, and felt it was, interesting, there were, so many stories attached to these items, and I’d found suddenly, compared to the love stories, the childhood may be, even more colorful. Back when we were young, the very first time we got picked on (or the first time we’d picked on someone); the first time we were, betrayed by our best friends; first time we’d experienced loss…………all of these, small beans were, forced down our throats, and, at first, they may, get STUCK on their ways down, and, the more serious became, the shadows of our childhoods, and, it may take us, until we finally grow up, to sort through them.

all the “essentials”, covered here!  Photo from online…

“Remembering childhood” and “Remembering our pasts”, was totally different. Remembering the past to me, was like still hung up on the self at a period in my life, and those whom I couldn’t, quite let go yet. But remembering my childhood, was using dissociation, to really, look, at how I became, who I am today. My childhood is, unicolored, sometimes, a bit darker, sometimes, lighter. But, the details, as I’d, examined them closely, they were, all very, colorful.

Being so sensitive toward foods, it’s, caused by my elders. They’d never cared about my school performances, they’d not cared if I was in a bad mood, they only always asked me, “Did you eat yet?”

And so, the reason why you’re so insistent about food, probably has something to do with your family, because that was how they’d, shown care for you, asking if you’d eaten, and, somehow, you’d, internalized that, and, as you grew older, you’d, become, more intrigued with the items of food that reminded you of a time, when you felt cared for and loved by your families.

Let Me Take Your Pictures for You

查看來源圖片one taken, like this???  Photo found online…


“Do you need me to take a photo of you?”, I’d asked my fellow travelers a lot. After I’d gone to war at work on the weekdays, I’d, enjoyed my single trip, packing in my cell phone, my camera, and my tripod, then, I’m, off.

I’d not liked the selfie rod, with the limited angles, but, using the tripod, it’d, given me a wider view; finding that location I want to stand at, put something there, set up the time, run to that spot and pose, click, then photo taken! And, I was even able to, take shots of me, leaping up in the air too, the only photo I couldn’t take of me alone, was the kind that is, draped in the mysteriousness, and I’d, needed someone to help me with these.

Looking at the cameras taking the selfies, just looking over at the display, then I’d know if I needed to reshoot, and sometimes, as passersby saw how I’m having so much fun, taking selfies, they’d even hollered aloud, “1, 2, 3”, or, “are the melons sweet”, and, made me crack up, but, I was able to, get that youthfulness of my self, looking so happy too.

And, as I’d wanted that mysteriousness in the shots, I’d, asked the passersby to help me focus my lens, and, as I’d found various people to do it, I would have breathtakingly beautiful photos too!

A lot of people are like me, enjoy traveling alone, but most would use the selfie rods, some people saw I was, fully equipped with everything I need, having a grand time, taking my own selfie, they’d come and inquired, “Can I be in it too?”, I’d be more than happy to oblige, one horizontally, one, vertically, one close up, one, in the distance, and if I’m not going anywhere in a short time, I’d, get the pictures to perfection for my “clients”.

And so, as I’d seen those trekkers, walking around with the selfie rods, I’d always gone up and asked them, “Do you need me to take a shot of you?”, seeing how radiantly the individuals smiled on, I’d feel, very blessed.

And so, this, is how although we can do things on our own, we would, prefer someone else’s help, because we are a social animal, and, thrive on social interactions, and, even IF we are able to do things by ourselves, on our own, we wouldn’t mind, having someone else to help us out, would we? Nope!