A Fast-Food Junkie

It had taken, a woman with the STRONG hands, to finally, slowly, put an end to this junk food junkie’s “addictions”, but, every now and then, he’s still, allowed, to have his favorite sorts of foods, of course, she’d needed to, “sign off” on it first! Translated…

My younger brother, he’s amazing in everything, only that his food choice. For others, they’d have stringed pork with their bowls of rice, and he’d paired his bowl of rice with chocolates—this combination, sends chills into my taste buds just by thinking about it, but, he’d, enjoyed his choices of food paired together, based off of his taste, in our home, where healthy eating style was a focus, he’d, made a passage, paved with junk foods for himself.

Every now and then, he’d told me mysteriously, “hey, sis, how ‘bout let’s go visit the elders today?”, then, the elders he’d visited are either, Colonel Sanders, or Mr. Duroyale Ice Cream, and, as he’d had his chow-down, he’d said, “These elders are, very lonely, we’d not just had to visit every now and then, but also, throw in some cash to help them live better too, that’ll surely make them very happy.” His methods of talking of junk food, made my way of food, less salt, less sugar, less fried, less oil, sounded sinful.

查看來源圖片the man’s selections from before, image from online…

Several years ago, we’d gone to Japan as a whole family, and, after having several meals of ramen, dumplings, and sushi, my younger brother suggested, “Let’s have some tastes from home tonight!”, and, we couldn’t understand it, we were just about to, ask him if we’re headed over to China Street for some stewed meats over rice, or noodle soups?, then, he’d, added, “That familiar and homey place—Mc~~Donald’s”, I’d become, so totally, dumbfounded, thought, that this dude’s scent of home, was way too CHEAP, and yet, McDonald’s everywhere, so, everywhere is, his home.

My younger brother’s life with junk foods, got terminated by my sister-in-law. It’s just, that every now and then, they’d, gotten at it, on how he’d, snuck out for it again. But, I suppose, that’s how they kept their love going! Her husband went from a “fast food junkie”, and got turned into a “recycled junkie”; and, although his wife knew it wasn’t, healthy, but was still, willing to, compromise a bit, for his happiness. And, their days passed, between the war of chaos between a small bag of French fries and a plate of broiled veggies, they’d loved, and gone to war, and continued their lives together.

and now, after he’s, married…such, a HUGE difference, isn’t it???  Photo from online…

So, nobody was able to, reform this fast food junkie, until HIS own wife came along, and now, although, his mouth still watered as he thought of the junk food he’d once had his hands on, but, he was, willing, to compromise and eat less of it, for the sake of pleasing his own wife. How a woman, can reform a man!


Domesticating Springtime, a Poem in Three Lines

The imageries are truly, amazing in this one, translated…

I Want to Keep You in a Golden Basin

to Collect the Dews from the Grasses, Like a Pair of Quietest Birds

the Kind that Slowly, Drinks Up, the Words that are, Only Spoken by the Springtime

where spring is kept…photo from online…查看來源圖片

But, you can’t, keep springtime forever, it’s going to end, and all you can do, is to take advantage of the time you share with it, because that, is how the cycles of life works, like with our pets, or those we love too!

Parallel Conversations People are Having on My Comments Page…

Uh, did I MISS that memo or somethin’???

There are people having, parallel conversation on my comments page on here, and, it’s, odd! Why, are you having those, one-way parallel conversations on my comments page? Is it, that you simply, need to, pour your god DAMN hearts out to anybody who’ll lend you a helping ear? (go lie on that COUCH, and PAY your SHRINKS, people!!!).

查看來源圖片like the Chinese idiom???  Illustration from online…

Parallel conversations that people are having on my comments page, this always, amaze and amuse me. I mean, how O-D-D is that? And, are any of y’all having these sorts of encounters too?

Parallel conversations that people are having on my comments page, it’s, like you’re, fishing, just, casting that line into the river, without even LOOKING at where you’re, THROWIN’ it in, and, you really could care LESS, if that hook HITS that rock that’s, inside that river or not, like, there’s, this need, for you, to get whatever the HECK it is you wanna say out, like if you hold it in too long, it’ll, show up on your bodies as bruises or something!!!

查看來源圖片or this, maybe???  Image from online still…

Is that what that is, when people have parallel conversations on my comments page? Or, is it something else entirely, totally, different than what I’d, just described here?


What Flower Taught Me

Lesson learned, from an animal, translated…

About a month ago, the poodle that was owned by Aunty Chang downstairs, had “unknowingly” given birth to a puppy who’s coat color was darker, “Flower”. Reason why it was weird, was that Aunty Chang stated that Flower had been spayed, so how can she have an offspring? Could it be that she was, mistaken, that Flower never, got spayed?

And, because flower junior was born, they’d needed to look after her well, but, her mother-in-law was hospitalized, and her husband, ill, she couldn’t have the energy to care for Flower Jr., so she’d asked me to help, that she will come and pick up Flower Jr. after her mother-in-law was discharged from the hospital. I’d never owned a dog before, and, my impressions of dogs stayed at the cute puppies printed on the calendars. But, think on it, I’d only needed to feed it, take it outside, it shouldn’t, take up too much of my time, and, I can help my neighbor, and have the company of Flower Jr., so, why not?

from this…not my photo…查看來源圖片

As Aunty Chang wrapped up Flower Jr. in a towel to hand her over to me, I was stunned, by that small puppy, the size of a banana, with her eyes still closed. She wasn’t anything like those puppies I’d imagined, the ones that run and played, seeing the young Flower, I’d started regretting agreeing to care for the puppy, without getting the handle on the situation first.

Flower was very light, and yet, as I’d held my hands open to take her in, she’d felt, so heavy to me. And, Aunty Chang started telling me what I’d needed to watch out for feeding her, cleaning up her poop, and to keep her warm, along with the likes, I’d nodded my head, and told myself, that I will NOT, let Mrs. Chang down, entrusting me with Flower Jr.

The first few days, she’d stayed put inside that small quilt that covered her, and other than feeding, it’s, sleeping, there wasn’t, that much trouble. About two weeks later, her eyes became, twice their original sizes, and, every time I’d called out her name lightly, she’d, extended her neck, to see where my voice was coming from, and started, showing signs of wanting to move, moving her front legs, attempted, to, lift up her body. By the third week, she could already, stand up on her own, but still, wobbled as she walked around and about.

And, although the way she looked was very foolish and cute, every time I took her diapers off, she’d, peed and pooped all over, again, and again, and again, I’d just wiped my hands, and needed to, go wash up again, I’d felt, very annoyed by this. There were, a couple of times, that I was, impulsive, in wanting, to bring her back to Aunty Chang, but I’d, put that thought out of my mind.

to this…not my photo…letting the owner know that s/he needs to go outside to potty!

In order to train her to pee and poop in the bathrooms, I’d layered the newspapers in, then, closed the doors, thought, that it would go my way. But, I’d waited for her, and waited, and waited, nothing happened. But, as I’d, let her out, she’d, immediately, peed in the living room floors.

Once, she’d pooped at the entry of the kitchen, I’d let out a loud yelp. She’d, immediately, run and duck for cover underneath the couch. Seeing how fearful Flower became, I’d, blamed myself for being too hard on her, and thought, that I’d, hurried her too much, a dog that’s not yet a month old, how can she know what was expected of her? I’d needed to, hold my horses, and teach the ways slowly.

With this new mindset, I’d, trained her more times during the day, and, in the process of waiting for her to go use the toilet, I’d read or listen to music. And, maybe it was that I’d felt, more relaxed, or maybe, Flower had, grown, one day, she’d, peed on the newspapers. And, seeing how she’d, rubbed up against my heel with her muzzle after she’d peed, I was so happy, and so moved too.

With my careful taking care, Flower grew by the day, her curly brown coat was, soft and shiny, her eyes, bright and shiny, very cute. In a couple of days, Flower will go home with Mrs. Chang, I’m truly grateful, that during this period of time, she’d shown me the joys of watching something mature, along with, training me to be more patient as well.

So, this is what keeping a pet does for us, it trains our patience, makes us, more understanding, of the needs of others, because a puppy that young, needs a ton of care, and love, and attentive, and, if you don’t watch it closely, it will do things that will make you mad, and, when you do get mad over the things that happen when the animal was in your care, you’re actually, ANGRY at yourselves, because it’s YOUR fault, for NOT noticing what the animal needs.


Magicians in the Marriage, on Filial Relations

How we end up, complimenting one another, making up for the missing parts of one another’s personalities, that’s what made us a perfect fit in marriage, translated…

It wasn’t until I got married, did I discover, that I was, a magician.

On this day, my husband was having troubles, finding his tie. I couldn’t take it anymore, and so, I’d, put my hand into the closets, and, grabbed out that tie he’d been searching for, in the messy closet. My husband hollered out in awe, and claimed, that I must’ve, extended my arms into another space and time, otherwise, how was I able to, find the “missing” that no longer “resided” inside his closets.

Another time, the two of us sat at home, getting bored, there was the news, that someone was coming by for a visit in thirty minutes. I’d put down my cell phone, then, told that soldier to get into the dressing room, then, I’d, immediately started the covering process: cleaning, hiding the items, and, picking up the items scattered around the house, and, as he’d gotten dressed properly, I was already, in the kitchen, preparing the snacks already.

photo from online…

Seeing how he’d only gone in to change, and, the living room already became, spotless, he’d exclaimed, “Honey, you have, magic, right!”, I’d once, contemplated, how I’d become, so “magical” myself. Especially as he’d turned too lazy, and needed me to help him solve his problems a lot, and, I’d hated myself, for answering to his requests. But, think on it, perhaps, the only one he can rely on like this, there’s, just me, and so, other than feeling not wanting to do it, I’d, felt, compelled, to spoil him a little.

Late last night, I’d, stayed up with my detective noel, and, I was reading on how the protagonist had, bumped into the victim in the scary bedroom, and suddenly, a strong wind blew from outside the window, and the sharpened sound gave me the creeps, and I’d, found my way, into his arms. And, him, being, sound asleep, knew that it was my overly active imagination again, he’d soothed me, said, “Told you you’d get scared, and you still read it, you’d, learned your lessons now, huh?”, I’d played coy, and objected, “Well, it’s okay if I get scared, I can run to you and hide in your arms anytime!”

That, is when it’d, dawned on me, that everybody in marriage had, somehow, become one another’s magicians. Because of one another’s needs, we’d, toughened ourselves up, at the same time, because her/his abilities, we’re able to, be weakly because we can be. From the start, what holds the magic, had never been, me, it was, the true love I’d found in him.

a perfect fit ofr each other…not my photo…

And so, this is on how married people will complement each other, because you will make up for the lacking of the other person in the marriage, and, slowly, the two of you, became inseparable two halves of a hole.


Fish in a Bottle

With a photo attached, there’s, that scent, of being separated from the rest of the big ol’ world in this one, translated…

Thought the World Was Submerged in Water

In the Long Beaches of the Nights

Deep, in the Memories Saved

The Dreams Became Like the Seas, with the Glitters of the Waves

like this, perhaps???  Photo from online…

But, Could Never, Become the Tides Again

to Carry Them Off Farther

Only the Rain, Came Undressed

Becoming the Tears in the Bottle

Drop, by Drop


into the Echoes of Loneliness

And so, there’s, this strong hint of loneliness in this, like you’re, the only one in this world, but, you don’t, actually, belonged, as a part of this world, you’re, separated from the rest, just, watching, from outside the circles…


Where Her Persistence Came from

It wasn’t until, many, many, MANY years later, did she finally understand, WHY her mother had, insisted on, bringing her her lunch at school every day of her childhood days, translated…

During my schooling years, the school did not provide the nutritious lunches, either that the students buy their lunches out, or that they’d brought their lunches from home, I was, the latter. And, it wasn’t, necessarily accurate, saying that I brought my lunch from home, because my mother would deliver the lunches to me at school in person, and, the foods were still, hot, and, I’d never tasted those lunches that were, reheated from the heating boxes in school.

instead of letting her child have meals like this alraedy made, not my photo…

And still, it’s a bit, asking too much, having mom bring me my lunch every day. Back then, we had a small grocery shop, every morning when we wake, we’d, waited for the customers to come, we’d not have any time that’s our own, don’t know when the shoppers are coming in, or how many of them will visit the shop, or how much time my mother would have, to cook me my lunch. I could never understand, why she just, didn’t make the lunches the night before, or early in the morning on the day, and just, let me take it to school with me? What I’d not told, was how bad it’d felt, having, to wait for my lunches being delivered by her at noon, and, as the rest of the students all went back into class, to have their lunches, I’m still, waiting on her, and, it’d made me, panicky.

Until one day, I’d grown up, and my mother said to me, “dad said, that the steamed lunches didn’t taste good”, that, was when it’d, dawned on me, why she’d, insisted, on bringing me my lunches every day to school when I was younger.

this was, what her mother had done…查看來源圖片and then, taken it to school to her daughter…not my illustration

And so, it wasn’t, until many years later, did this person finally, realize, why it was, that her mother had, brought her the lunches from home, it was because of how much love the mother has for her daughter, because her husband said, that the lunches that were, reheated didn’t taste that good, and that, was why this woman had, stubbornly, kept delivering the meals for her own young to school.