The Mangroves at Zhuwei, a Poem

Something that’s, painted, with the words, translated…

The Wetlands

Lying, on the Northern Shores of the Danshui River

Becoming, an Extra-Large Paintbrush

Brushing Across the Horizon

A Few Water Fowls Splashed in

查看來源圖片what the place looks like, photo found online…

The Far End of the Smoky, Mangroves Where the Ocean Meets the River

The Originally Quiet Mangrove Patch

Became Roused Up Suddenly

Focusing the Eyes

I’d Found

The Red Setting Sun on the Canvas

Was, Slowly Sinking Downward

in the Muddy Swamps

查看來源圖片the species of plant that’s found there…photo found online…

the Sketch Artists Were, Picking Up Their Materials

And, Packed in the Sound of the Tides

the Impressions of the Waves, Hitting the Shores

with the Painted, Colorful, Not-Yet-Dried Sunset

into the Bags

with the artists, painting by the river…photo from online…查看來源圖片

This is the importance, of we humans, being just the observers of the nature scenes, to NOT get overly involved into the habitats, to just, stay on the sidelines, and capture what we see with our minds, our paintbrushes, our words…


No Longer, the Tripping Queen

The changes in your habits, with age, because, as we get older, we can’t afford to trip and fall again, as everything is slowly lost by the year, translated…

Two months ago, I’d had my surgery, with my two hiking canes, I’d gone with the tour group to visit the Taichung Literature Museum, the Donghai University, the Zhongxing University, and the Wufeng Literary Library, and places, although I couldn’t walk swiftly enough, but I’d not slowed the whole group down. My companions worried I may have it too hard, I’d answered, “No problem, if you don’t believe me, I’ll run to show you!”

In recent years, I’d, tripped and fallen repeatedly, it’d made my families worry. I’d tripped by accident in front of the plaza before the deity temple, like I was, a worshipper, and thankfully, I’d not sustained any injuries, and was able to finish my trip; after watching my classmate performed in traditional Chinese opera, I’d wanted to go and congratulate her, on the way to backstage, the moment the door swung open, I’d, suddenly, fallen, flat on my face, it’d, thrilled my companions, thankfully, not a scratch.

查看來源圖片like, this???  Photo from online…

One more time, I’d agreed to meet by the Nanggang Exhibition Hall MRT stations, I was on a bicycle, then, transferring to the MRT, and, I’d, slammed on the brakes of the bicycle, and, the bicycle flipped over, I’d, fallen, but thankfully, I was agile enough, I got up immediately, continued heading to my meet with my classmate. After we’d met, I’d gone to the restrooms, I thought that it was more sanitary, the squatting toilets, but, as I’d extended my foot, I’d, kicked and tripped on the steps, and my eye bumped onto the toilet flush! Thankfully, I’d only sustained a bruise on my eye, and, was healed up after days of rest.

At the end of last year, I’d rushed out to take out the trash, on the way, I’d, tripped, and, in the excruciating pain, I’d, headed over to the nearby hospital; my right shoulder had a complete fracture, and needed the titanium to hook it up in place, and, I’d had herniated discs on my fourth and fifth spinal columns, and needed the titanium plates, and four nails to stabilize.

After these major surgeries, my son begged me, his seventy-seven year-old mom to not act tough anymore, he’d, given me a hiking cane made from carbon. Mmmmmmmmmmm, I’d gotten, two extra “legs”, and, it’d become, safer for me to get around. In order to save my loved ones the worries, and still be agile, getting around, I’d reminded myself, to watch where I’m going, to walk step by step, slowly, that way, I would be rid of the nickname of the “Queen of Tripping”, so I get to, enjoy every day that I will come to have.

And so, you were, careless when you walked from before, and now you’re, getting older, you would need to remind yourself, to walk slower, to walk carefully, so you won’t have so many accidents as you had when you were younger, that’s a good change with age, I suppose…

Public Telephone

Reading too much into it here! Translated…

There was a public phone by the outside of the bookstore, hung on the walls, like a punctuation mark, and nobody ever comes to use it. In this era where everybody has a cell phone in hand, who will be so nostalgic, and used the public phones to call someone up? Or maybe, it’s for the foreign nurses’ aides pushing the elderly out for a stroll? Or, the younger generation of men and women who call each other up in the middle of the nights?

Nope, none, perhaps? The migrant workers, the members of the younger generation, they ALL have cell phones now.

There were two recycle clothing boxes by the old phone, where everybody would drop their used items in. Because as I moved in, the afternoons were leisurely for me, and I’d often, stared at that public phone, which nobody ever uses, and felt sympathy toward it. There would be passersby outside, and would look at me with curiosity, and I’d wondered, if they feel the pities for me, like I feel the pities for the public phone? Was the secondhand book store too retro, and it’s, right next to the library.

Perhaps, I’d, over interpreted it, the bookstores aren’t as sorrowful as the public phone, and I’d liked to keep on believing optimistically, that this, was the life I’d wanted, and I’d still needed to, set things up in it.

Looking at the public phone, born, in the era of Internet and cell phone, it’s hard for you to imagine, how much emotion had, passed through them. Even Superman changed into his cape inside a phone booth, before he’d, flown up to the skies to save lives.

On the more ordinary occasions, during my years as a student, I’d pretended to go out to buy things, to take out the trash, to use the public telephones to call up my lover, because I’d not wanted my family to spy on me for it. And, the even more nostalgic scene, at the army bases, every time there’s break, the group of men, lined up by the phone, to talk to the ones their hearts belonged to. The phone started disconnecting after three short minutes, no more money left, and, even if there are so many things left unsaid, what’s left, was to say “goodbye”. And, heaven only knows, how difficult the goodbyes really are.

In the era of the public telephones, the nostalgia wasn’t only just elongated, it can also, be measured too.

And now, everything’s happening too fast, too instantly, nobody would write a song for a public telephone, like Joan Baez, because she’d received a call from Bob Dylan, and fallen into that older time, recalling the cufflinks she’d bought for him once, that prodigal son who’d, drifted into her arms once, the loves in the past became forever like the diamonds.

something that looked like this…photo from online…heading into EXTINCTION here…

Or like in the movies, where Andy Lau’s character in the movie, although he’d never imagined the female lead calling him up, but every time he’d passed by a phone booth, he’d stopped for a bit.

And now, probably nobody holds that imagination, expectancy, loss or ecstasy toward the public telephones anymore. Except for me, because there it stood, night AND day, outside of my shop.

One day, I’d finally stood by the public phones, and recalled how a friend I’d missed very much, but had lost in touch because of a misunderstanding, and I’d felt, just like this public phone that’s waiting for the call, but never gets it.

Suddenly, the woman from the homeowner association that lived on the second floor wanted to head up, she’d stared at me who’d become, dumbfounded by the public phone. And so I’d asked her, does anybody use this phone? She said, sure, a lot of people, in fact, Chungwha Telecommunications just came by to replace the machines. Look, it was originally green, and now, it’s blue, isn’t it?

But I’d thought for a long while, and still can’t come up with who uses the public telephones now.

And finally, it’d, dawned on me, in this huge housing complex, perhaps, those who are out forgot their keys and cell phone, and they’d called up their families or the locksmiths. The public telephones are for the sakes of emergencies only, there’s NOT that many emotions attached to them as I thought.

And so, you’re, probably right, there’s NOT that many sentiments attached to the public telephones, and you’d, read too much into it, but that is how we get our inspirations in our day to day living, sometimes, the smallest, barely noticeable things, are what rouses up that strong feeling inside…

With the Children Accompanying on the Trips, Better than the Gourmet Restaurant & the Gifts on Mother’s Day

What our elders really wanted, and yet, do we, give it to them??? From the Newspapers, translated…

From when my parents were still around, on Mother’s Day, we’d often gone to the restaurants to celebrate the occasions, eating and chatting away, very loud, especially when we’d gone to the all-you-can-eat buffets, we’d carried on in conversations, and eaten the foods, it’s so very fun. But, since we’d gotten the unlimited cheap online access, we’d become mutes as we ate, stared at the screens, ignoring each other’s existence, and as we’d gotten older, we don’t eat as much anymore, usually, a plate’s worth of protein, two plates worth of vegetables, that would do it, and so, we’d stopped, wasting the money, to stuff ourselves, and estrange ourselves from one another.

My family loved tiramisu, and so, we’d used the cakes, singing to celebrate the occasion, the cheesecakes, the mango puddings, chocolate mousses, with a wide variety of flavors, sliced to thin slices, and shared with each other. And yet, as my kids started caring more about their looks and gone on diets, the elders had the issues of hypertension, high glucose, high cholesterol, then after the “Happy Birthday” was sung, after we said our well-wishes everybody spread out, the cake became lonely, left, on the tables.

like this???  Photo from online…

And so, as I’d become the best actress, no restaurants, no cakes, I’d chosen to have a family outing, time and place, mine to decide, the kids accompanying by, as company and tour guides, more importantly, the BEST Mother’s Day present, “with children accompanying!”

That time, we’d gone to the Wu Gardens in Tainan, with the reputation of one of the four must-see gardens in Taiwan, and it lived up to the name, underneath that blue sky, the European style building looked even more majestic, the ancient site hadn’t lost its appeals at all, there’s that classic sense of aestheticism all around, the green grasses, the colorful flowers, made us all feel very joyous, there were a lot of people who did their wedding photos here too.

My kids had trekked alongside me, viewing these beautiful nature scenes, I was pleased, with that sense of comfort, and serenity. Nothing, including the gourmet dining experiences, the gifts, can give me satisfaction comparing to what I’d felt, that peace, that fulfillment on that day.

family outing here, photo from online…查看來源圖片

This year, I’d already planned to walk the old streets, or head to the beaches to see the sunset, this is how Mother’s Day should be spent, “with the kids ‘accompanying by’, enjoying the bliss.”

And so, with the coming of age, you’d realized, that the most important on these special occasions is to spend the time with your loved ones, to have your kids around you, and you’d refocused on what is truly important on these holidays and special occasions too.

The Taste of Avocado

How the end of a season was, “marked”, translated…

Last summer, there was an abundance of avocados, I’d ordered a few casings from the farmers. Every morning I wake, I’d gone to the case, and squeezed the fruits, shaken it, and once there’s that sound, I’d known, that it was, ripened.

Avocadoes can be used as a main star of the dish, or only a side, mixing it with yogurt, or blending it with milk, I’d enjoyed using it in my sandwiches, it’d balanced out the dryness of the toast, with that buttery taste, and, if I’d added the eggs and soy sauce, I could eat several servicing.

what a ripened avocado looks like…photo from online…

And yet, a lot of times, with my heart full of hope, and, as I’d cut open the fruit, there was that black, the never-ripened fruit. I’d recalled how Murakami wrote in “Hard to Choose Avocado”, “there are a lot of difficult things in life, but the hardest was probably, knowing whether or not an avocado was ripened.” I’d felt that connect at the moment I’d read those lines, ot me, perhaps, it’s doing something I’ll never get good at in my lifetime.

At the end of the harvest season, I’d washed each and every fruit clean, and cut it open, took out the flesh, and, sealed it up with plastic bag, and, calculated if I can have the fruit for the next six months. At this time, I’d known, that the heated days were gone, that it’s, toward the end of the autumn seasons.

and here are some, still on the trees…photo from online…查看來源圖片not yet ready for the picking…

So, this is how this person knows the seasons had come and gone, by using the ripeness of a fruit, and, there are, multiple ways we all marked our days down, this is just one of many that someone uses.

From the Cow Dungs on Yangming Mountain

How things have altered, since the last time we were here, it’s not as we’d, remembered it, and it’s all, caused by M-A-N!!! Translated…

The herds of cows grazing on Chingtien Hilltop, almost became extinct. Months ago, the Yangming Mountain Park & Recreations worried that the cows might injure the tourists, they’d planned to move the herd elsewhere, and after they’d consulted the experts, they’d, canceled that plan, and, changed the hiking pass, based off of the migratory patterns of the herd that the scholars had researched and found.

At the start of January, I’d hiked from the Fengguitzui hiking entrance, gone to the top of the mountains, hiked up the stone steps, all the way to the Cold Water tourist center. And, on the passes, there were often sightings of cow dung, and, as a group of young students saw the cow dung as dirty, waste materials, I’d educated them, that cow dung was once, a cherished treasure for the farmers, that as they see the cow dung, they should hold that heart of gratitude toward the cows.

陽明山上的牛糞 的圖片結果these things used to be everywhere we stepped, and when we trekked the grasses, we had to be very careful, NOT to step on things that are on the grasses, photo from online…

Fifty years ago, when Taiwan was mainly agricultural, the tilling up the fields are solely reliant on manpower, and help from the oxen, and most of the farming families kept the oxen, and the oxen were herbivores, and, the dung they produced didn’t smell bad, they were like mud, compared to the smellier feces of pigs and fowls, it’d gained, popularity from the people, and, people had, used some fallen leaves, and fermented them with the cow dung, and made it into fertilizers.

And, the cow dungs contained fibers, and they can be used, like a paintbrush for the exterior walls of the farm houses, to add the adhesives, or after drying up, being used as fuel, in the age without the supply of natural gas, a stick of weed, a pile of cow dung, they’d become, necessary as fuels.

The oxen are the best helper of man, but, after all, they’re still, animals, and, they’d not eaten and defecated at specific times, and oftentimes, they’d be pulling on the carts, then, suddenly, made their pitstops, opened up their legs, then, a pile of gold fell, then, they’d moved forward, as if, nothing had, happened. And, some people had kept a shovel in the carts, they’d, hollered for the oxen to stop moving, then, scooped up the cow dung and took it home. What, what would they do, without the tills?

They’d pulled a twig off the trees to the side, stuck it onto the cow dung, to show that it’d belonged to someone. And, if the owners of the oxen were willing to share, and someone saw the cow dung, and they could, stick a twig on, and claim it as her/his own. And, although someone else saw, naturally, they wouldn’t know who marked it, but would naturally, avoid. And, this “mark” would be temporary, in one to two days, the one who’d claimed ownership would have to haul it home, in case there would by flying when it gets sunny, and, wet and loose when it rained, to destroy the sanitation of the environment.

查看來源圖片what the area looked like from before…photo from online…

Back when we were children, our elders encouraged us to study hard, and told us, “If you don’t study hard, you’ll only be collecting cow dungs in the future.” And now, agriculture had become, mechanicalized, and there would be rare sights of cows in the farms, and, even if you don’t study hard, there wouldn’t be any cow dungs for you to pick up anymore.

And so, all of this, is but, a distant memory, and, from this, you can see how the world had changed, how things are altered, and never the same again, due to industrialization…

Springtime is Here, a Poem

A picturesque scene, painted by these words, translated…

The Lotus Leaves Decorated the Stream

The Poet from the T’ang Dynasty Fu Du’s Summer’s Start Hadn’t Arrived Yet


查看來源圖片the flowers blooming…phoot from online…

It’s Still Springtime

Let’s Just be Like the Poem of Shih Su

The Warmed Spring Streams, Known only to the Ducks

the signs of springtime…photo from online…

The Ducks Came to Visit the Crisp Green Lotus Leaves

to Visit that Lost Painting

Who Had, Entered into the Treks of Time at the Wrong Time

and Hidden Oneself

Spring is the starting point, the renewal of life, and sometimes, these new forces of life just, take a little extra time, to pop out of the ground, like how those budding plants don’t flower overnight?