The Changes in Dad

Making an adjustment to one’s own beliefs, and making a change for the better, translated…

Dad’s been visiting the furniture shops a lot lately, turns out, he’d wanted to switch the double bed in his bedroom that he’d shared with mom into two single beds.  Sleeping separately from mom, was a huge breakthrough for him, who’s very traditional, and, it’d, surprised us all.

A few years ago when my dad started getting ill, mom started wanted to sleep separately, because both their qualities of sleep weren’t so well, and they’d needed the sleeping pills to help them sleep at night; and after my father fell ill, he’d become, emotionally unstable, would get up a lot in the middle of the nights, causing mom’s to sleep even worse.  And, fearing dad’s bad tempers, she’d, kept everything in.

In order to help mom out, I’d found an excuse, to shop for the drapes, to change up the settings of their bedrooms, hoping to make them both more comfortable, but, it didn’t help at all.  Perhaps, dad found my signal, that was why, he’d made this, unexpected decision; although mom said it wasn’t that big a deal, but, she’d looked, softer now.  The changes in dad, it’d made us realized, that he can, be a gentle man too.

So, the gestures of love of this man toward his wife, finally came, and, because the man realized, that he’d, kept his wife awake through the nights, and, that was what probably caused a lot of their fights, and, sleeping well is the key, to a healthy lifestyle, and so, this man made a change, to help improve the interactions between his wife and himself.


Finding the Self, Through the Lost Love

You were the bones and I was the flesh, our homes were like war zones I guess, that’s where we learned to be so inauthentic, lost my identity so I had to re- invent it. You told me they created a soldier with no feeling, that’s what you attested to being. When I was with […]

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The Dreams that Were Once, So Simple…

Remember when there once, was a time when the dreams were, so simple, we’d not, wanted much, just enough, to get us by???  Where did those days go?

With the pursuits of that higher step on that corporate ladder, we’d, lost sight, of what made us happy, and, lost ourselves, in the pursuits, of these, fame, fortune, reputation, blah, blah, blah.  The dreams that were once, so simple, they don’t seem, quite enough, to satisfy us anymore, do they?  And why is that?  Do you ever wonder?  Did we, outgrow these, simplistic dreams of our, former years of youth, or, did they simply, become, too outdated as we reworked our dreams, into the equations of our lives, huh?

simple dreams 的圖片結果picture from online…

The dreams that were, once so simple, and because of how simple they all were, we’d, lessen the level of importance, after all, the value we’d learned, is that, we all want, what’s hard to come by to us, what someone else has.

The dreams that were, once so simple, they’re, NO longer now, we’d, rearranged our dreams, to fit our current living standards, and, in our current living standards, we won’t take anything that’s too simplistic, something that’s so easily, gotten, because, if it ain’t worth us working our asses off for, then, what good is it, right???

 Dreams that were once, so simple, they’re, no anymore, so, what’s changed?  Did we, the dreamers, outgrew these simpler wishes that were once, more than enough, to satisfy?  Or, did these dreams just become, outdated, like those 486s (don’t ask me what those are!!!)?










Finding the Self, Through the Lost Love

You were the bones and I was the flesh, our homes were like war zones I guess, that’s where we learned to be so inauthentic, lost my identity so I had to re- invent it. You told me they created a soldier with no feeling, that’s what you attested to being. When I was with […]

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The Colors of Autumn, a Poem

A lot of imageries in this one…translated…

The Cool Breeze Roused Up the Mountaintops

Lifting Up the Colors, to Make that Passionate Color Shine

Taking Off the Green Skirts

Putting on that Yellow Shirt

Pulling Aside, that Red Underwearthe world, taken over by autumn…photo from online…

The Shaw Draped Over the Shoulders of the Hilltop

Showing Those Cracked Skin

The Mountain Said:

Sitting Still, is a Lie

The Clouds, Were Too White, Becoming Unsettled

Wanted to Rush

some autumn colors here…not my photograph…

Using Their Moves, Looking Slanted at the World

The Awakening in the Morn

Past the Clouds & Fog’s Intertwining Together

Gazing Backward

The Colors of Autumn, All Cleared Away

So, there’s, a lot of imageries from the poem, with the scenes of nature changing, with the coming of autumn, and all of that, was made possible, with the words from this poem…

The Legacies of a Good Teacher

Because you had a great teacher, and now, you’re, a great teacher too, how this is passed down from teacher to student, translated…

A somewhat bad student asked me, “Why are you so nice to me?”

When I entered into the middle school years, my mother fell ill, and there were, seven of us kids, registering for school, and my school teacher had taken the registration fees from her own pockets to help me pay for my education.

During that era, we were separated into our classes based off of the grades we were making, in order to make the school or the classes look better, the awards were mostly won, by the outstanding classes, but my instructor overlooked the placements, and encouraged each of us to participate, so every single student has a chance, to shine.

One time during the morning gatherings of the school, a student from my class was called up by the disciplinary instructor to the podium, and reprimanded, because he’d shoplifted a book on the weekends in the town’s bookstore, my instructor had the student stand up in front of the class, the class fell silent, my teacher picked up a stick, that student put up his hands slowly, but, the rest of the class saw that the stick whished downward, onto the instructor’s own hands, and it’d, split up, “It’s my fault, for not teaching you right from wrong.

I’d patted my student on his head, “because I’d, had an amazing teacher from before.”

Thank you, Mr. Chien-Nan Chuang!

So, the naughty student became, a great teacher, because he had a great role model, who’d changed his life, and sometimes, that, is all it takes, for a child to turn her/his own life around, having someone who took care of him, because the child didn’t have parents who had the time, and this student, became a great teacher, just like that instructor who’d taught him using himself as a role model.


Ice-Skating Lessons, a Poem

On autumn, translated…

The Moonlight in Autumn is

Just Like the Moonlight in Springtime

Wearing the Ice Skates of Moonlight

Today, I’m Grateful to It

skater on a pond in winter 的圖片結果what awaits, after autumn…not my art…

For Skipping Past the Years that My Lover Had Been Gone Away

Faced Itself Towards Ms. Lee’s Windows Opposite of Mine

And Ignoring All the Neighbors Close by

The Ripples from the Pond & the Laughter

Using My Heart

As an Ice Skating Rink

Knowing that it’s Vast Enough

To Keep the Stuck-on Sorrows All the Way

And Allowing it to Pat off the Dusts from the Stars Easily

Changing the Laces of the

Various Colors & Temperatures

leaves from autumn to winter 的圖片結果winters, with the “hints” of autumn, not yet completely, gone, not my photograph…

Defeating All Challengers with the Various Styles of Ice-Skating Tricks

Saying Goodbye, to an Undeclared Champion

“Ah, the Championship Cup of the Universe, Named”

“Quietly”, it’d Said

“It’s, Junior Universe………”

There’s a lot of personification in this one, and the poet is very good, at describing the scenes outside the window as the seasons changed from autumn to winter…