The Era of My Son’s First Taste of Love

On parent-child interactions, translated…

The year my son entered into high school, they’d used the examination grades to see which school he enters.

With my son’s test scores, he could easily get into his first-choice, but, he’d taken a lot of time, to “brain wash” us. He believed, that his first choice had a ton of studious students, that there’s enormous academic pressure if he attended there, but, if he’d chosen his second choice, he would have no troubles at all, managing his course load and he’d be happier too. There were, FOUR other elders who’d tried to persuade him otherwise, using reasoning, and threats even, but, we just, couldn’t, deter him at all.

Later on, we’d finally known the reasons, turns out, he’d fallen for a fellow female classmate, and, her grades can only get her into her second choice, a co-ed high school. On the eve before the deadline of turning in his school choices, my son handed the card for his mother to sign, his mother took a glance at it, told him she didn’t want to sign it, wanted him to give it to me to sign. I took it, and, there was, NO way I can, change his mind, but I’d still asked him, “You never know what tomorrow might bring, this girl may well become a stranger to you in the future…………”, without me finishing my sentence, my son told me, that he knew all of this, meaning he didn’t want me to lecture on him all over again.

And so, I can only tell my son, that he needs to take responsibilities for his own life, and had him sleep on it for a night, and on the next day, I will, sign it. Then, the very next day, it wasn’t even five yet, and I was, waken up by him, “Sign it!”, he’d told me. After my son left for school, my wife asked me, with a greenish face, if I’d signed it? That was when, I’d become, completely AWAKE, and realized how serious this had gotten, I’d immediately texted his homeroom instructor, and told her what had happened. At around noon, his homeroom instructor told me, that my son had, gone to change his selections already.

But, how is this, possible?

Turns out, his teacher called him out, and asked him, “Do you think So-and-So had shown an interest in you?”, my son replied, “I suppose, yes!”, then, the teacher found the girl and asked her, but the girl replied, “No, we’re just, friends.” “And, if you’re just friends, he’d gambled his future away from you, I think, you should just, clarify it with him face-to-face.”, for the summer that follows, my son waited by the phones every single day (back then, we hadn’t gotten him a cell phone yet), and naturally, that girl who’d become, Unknown Stranger A, never even called.

Every time my wife thought about this, “The over ten years of teaching him, still can’t beat out the hormones of puberty.”, I’d replied back, “It’s expected, his stubbornness of love, like his dad, his stubbornness, like his mom!”, my son made a sound with his tongue as he heard us discuss this.

So, this, would be his first taste of love, and, this young lad was actually, about give away his better chance at a future away, for a girl, who just saw him as a “friend”, but gladly, the son knew this before he’d made his final decisions of where he’s attending high school, and this is still, parents, meddling in the lives of their own young, the parents thought they knew what’s best for their teenage son, but, what if they don’t, then, they may well have, SCREWED up the lives of their young, but gladly, this, is not the case here.


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