Living Up in the Mountains, a Poem

Ahh, the peace, the quiet, the solitude, makes me want to stay longer…translated…

Early Morn, We Drove Up the Mountains as a Family

the Wufeng County Already Hiked Up, without Any Shortness of Breath

However, Our Car, It’d, Seemed, a Bit, Limp

Seeing the Mountains from Behind Us

Chasing the Ones Before

Wuji Mountain, Xia Mountain, Maibarlai Mountain

They’d, Chased it Up in a Relay Race

The Rows of Cherry Blossoms Bloomed in Synchrony

Like a Dozen Peacocks, Showing Off Their Feathers at Once

Peacocks, Fireflies, Parrots, Pheasants

Cherry Blossoms, Peaches, Tea Trees, Plum Trees

Already, Moved in to This 1,200 Feet Above Sea Level

They are the Ones, Who, Lived Here

This Place

with the Nature Scenes, Offering the

Winds, the Forests, the Sunshine as the Meals

Melt in Our Mouths

The Fogs and Clouds, They Loved to Stay on Our Tongues

Turned Our Stomachs Over

In the Evenings

Nobody Wants to Get Off

Not the Teas, Nor the Coffees

Nor the Tourists’ Cars

Not the Clouds

Nor the Mountains

Let Alone, This Sense of Solitude & Quiet

Because, this, is such a peaceful place, nobody wants to get off of it, because we all want to stay peaceful, as the world down below the mountains, offered us a ton of chaos, of our daily life routines, that, is why we all, want to stay a bit, longer…


Family Trip to Tokyo

A great way, for a memorable journey to a foreign country, planning everything out on your own, allowing the children, to have some inputs on what they wanted to do there too! Translated…

Translated, what we learned, on the trips we took together…

Because of how young our children were, we’d, not traveled abroad for years on end, and now, as my son and daughter are, older, it’s time, to make our moves.

查看來源圖片the ideal vacaton to take your young children, photo from online…

In order to make everybody feel equal to each other, everybody was in charge of one day of travel, and, acted as the tour guide for the day, and, we would, follow the individual’s commands for the day. My three-year-old daughter is in love with Mickey Mouse, I’d discussed with her own touring to Disney; my seven-year-old son had the mind on the toy machines and the arcades, and so, Akihabara is a good choice; the mother of my children set up the transportations for the trip, in the mornings, we alighted the tour bus to the museum district. In the afternoon, we’d gone on the nostalgic electric trains, and, bought the grilled skillets for the children, we gained great reps for it. We’d, encouraged our son to buy the skewers on his own, I’d, intentionally stayed a few steps away from him, captured how he gestured to the Japanese vendors what he’d wanted to buy, this was, a precious experience for him.

As for me, I’d, set up the rare tours not found in the tour guides, we’d gone to visit the campus of Tokyo University, mingled into the cafeterias that the professors and students dined in; after we had our fills, we sat, in the shades of the Yasuda Lecture Hall to rest, my daughter was beat, fallen flat to take her nap, my son took out his sketch book and captured the faces of Tokyo University. In the afternoon, we’d, entered into the Design festa, the twice annually large scale event, with the thousands of booths, of artists, and we’d, bought the handmade art pieces, and, there wouldn’t be, the repeated items of the souvenirs here.

The final day’s theme was family, we’d, gone to the sumo wrestling matches. I’d gone out early, to buy the free seats, but, the seats were, all sold out, and so, I’d, proposed the backup plans, to experience the public bath houses in Japan. As we’d arrived the hundred-year-old Tsuba Meyu, it was, already 8:30 in the morn, there were, only a handful of elderly bathers, the rest, members of the younger generations; there were, handsome young lads who’d, smoothed out their hair to the camera screens, younger generations of women who came in groups, along with us, tourists, who were there, to experience the culture. My two young children couldn’t stand the heat, ten seconds in, they’d, pulled out, and we can only hand them bottles of ice cold milk, and, offered our salute, to the actor, Abe.

On the railroad ride back to the airport, my son used his art, to list out five pros of Japan and Taiwan, one that impressed me the most was my son felt the cohesiveness of the Japanese culture, and he’d, drawn out the nondiscriminatory ways of Taiwan as one of the good qualities, like if one out three men was bald, the other two wouldn’t, make fun. I’d looked at this drawing a lot, and, I’d believed, that that, was his way, of consoling his dad, a man who’d, become bald in midlife.

And so, children have a way, of documenting their own lives, and, all it took here, is a pen and a drawing pad for this young boy, and, a trip like this is, an excellent idea, for the parents to connect with their young, especially now, that summer’s here, there’s, NO better time, to plan a family trip such as this one with your children.

family vacation at Tokyo Disney…photo from online…查看來源圖片

I’ll Try, by the Coast of Amalfi, a Poem

Visiting a foreign place, and, the things that you’d, encountered, on this trip, translated…

In Order, to Prevent from Hearing

the Lowered Whispers of the Lovebirds Underneath the Trees

The Pines All Reached the Consensus

to Lift Their Heads Up, Higher, Just, a Bit, Higher Up

In Order, to Not Get Stuck in Traffic

the place that looked like paradise on earth, photo from online…查看來源圖片

All the Motors Got into a Slurred Argument

And All the Seagulls Had Agreed

that They Shall, Spread Their Wings Upward—to, Fly, Higher Up, into, the Skies

In Order to Not Get Cramped in by the Houses Sitting at the Foot of the Hills

That Chateau, Standing, at the Top of the Hill Had

Decided to Tip Its Toes Up Higher—to, Look Farther, into the Distance

Try Getting Taller, Fly, Just a Bit, Higher

driving down that one-lane freeway, with the sea, right beside you like this???  Photo found online…查看來源圖片very leisurely, wouldn’t you say???

Try, Looking Farther Off, into the Distance, and, Don’t Forget

to Try to, Keep Your Voices, to a Bare Minimum

Reduced, to a Light Whisper

by the

Amalfi Shores

So, this, is a soliloquy of sorts, I suppose, and, the poet had, painted, this picture of this ancient small township, filled, with the tracks of the people who came before her/him.

Found a Piece of Sunset

A memorabilia you’d found, at random, translated…

I’d arrived in the deserts in the early evenings.

I’d also, found a coin here. Toward the items I’d found, I’m not used, to taking them as mine, if it’s valuable, I’d sent it into the lost and found, if I figured that someone might come back to look for it, then, I’d, leave it right where I’d, found it. For instance, I’d found an iPhone on the benches of the park, and I’d imagined, that the owner may come back to look for it.

photo from…the coin the woman found…

But this time was special, I’d found a coin in the desert, I knew that it didn’t have high value, and so, I’d felt, at ease. I’d, picked it up, kept it with me, and now, it’s, on my desk. This was, a coin with, an unknown history, there were three lions on one side, on the other, the number 10, with ten teardrop shapes. I don’t know where this coin came from, nor its face value, but none of that mattered. I’d, intentionally, not found out. I’d, kept it, because of a memory, a memory, about the deserts. OF that day, I’d, arrived in the desert in the early evenings, the first time, I saw the sunset in the desert.

I looked at this coin I’d picked up in the desert, and felt, that I’d taken the sunset from the desert home with me.

And so, you’d, kept this coin you’d found as a sort of a souvenir, a memory, of you being in the deserts, seeing that sunset, and sometimes, things are like that, you’d, assigned some sentimental value to something so miniscule because there’s, a memory attached to the item that you’d, found.

Taking Mom to See the Seas

So little, what mothers really wanted, such simple wishes, and yet, it’d, taken this long, for the woman, to finally live it! Translated…

My mother is a traditional woman from an agricultural background, in her mind, there’s only her husband and her children, she’d, worked hard for the sake of her family, she’d often told, that her biggest wish was that all of her children and grandchildren are healthy, and there’s, nothing she’d, wanted.

a photo from the trip they took together…from…圖/劉秀芳(高雄三民)

For long, I kept thinking, that my mother had no other hobbies or interests, other than going back home, she’d, never been anywhere else, plus she couldn’t ride a scooter, didn’t know how to take the public transportation systems, her social circle, is only riding her bicycle to the marketplaces to shop around. And we’d believed that it’s her ordinary day-to-day living, never thought about bringing her someplace special.

One day I was sitting by her watching T.V. at home, the T.V. showed the beautiful shorelines, she’d stared at the screen for a very long time, then, asked me, “there’s water by the oceans, right?”, I’d asked her if she wanted to go? She’d nodded her head, timidly, said she’d always wanted to go see the oceans, but we’re, too busy, she’d not felt right, troubling us, and said, that her spirits would be lifted as she sees the oceans.

Ahhhhhhhhhh! This was that story from our schooling years of how mom loved the head of the fish, turns out, our beliefs were, completely, wrong. I’d already, contacted my eldest sister, this Mother’s Day, we’re, taking her to see the oceans, to fulfill her long-time wish, and, whenever we have the time, we’d, all take her to see the oceans now.

And because the past generations of women aren’t like us, so outspoken, they usually, kept what they wish for locked up deep inside their minds, and, every once in a while, they would, toss out these “hints”, hoping that those around them can catch it, and this time, this woman caught it, and, made her mother happy!

Burn, Small Universe

It took you, forever, to build up to this particular moment, and yet, you’d still, CHICKENED out!!! Translated…

Every boy, when he was young, he would imagine that he’s a super hero, and I’d, always wanted to be Saint, Seiya.

and here are the  characters from that cartoon…from online…查看來源圖片

As we were selecting our spot for the honeymoon, my wife wanted a romantic trip to Greece, I’d naturally, agreed. But, I didn’t care about Mykonos, Santorini, I’m only there, for the Parthenon! As a Seiya fan, how can I never go to, the hometown of, Athena?

That day when we went to the sight, as the tour guide introduced to us, the histories of Athens, my wife was in awe at how majestic the Parthenon was, while the other tourists were busying, taking pictures, I kept thinking, that my childhood dream was, about to, come true.

I shall, stand right before the Parthenon, and, show off the fighting pose I’d practiced for over ten years on end, and, as I throw the punches, I will be, screaming, “Burn, small UNIVERSE!”, my dreams of over twenty years ago, is about to come true on this very day, and, this small secret disclosed itself, with the smile that’s, slowly, crawling onto my face.

As my wife noticed, she’d asked me, “What are you so happy about?”

As my wife had asked, shall I, have her, tape record me? I’d, wondered.

“What, are you smiling about?”, she became, fazed.

posing, at the Parthenon, photo from online…查看來源圖片

“Of course, it’s this trip with you. Yeah, by the way, did you know, that the Goddess of Victory was, NIKE………”

Oh well, perhaps not, I don’t have the guts, it’s, simply, too, embarrassing for me to do it!

And so, this man made the very WISE decision, to NOT make a fool of himself, risking his wife getting angry at him on their honeymoon, which might (or might not!) lead to her giving him the silent treatment for the rest of the trip………

The Whales of Patagonia

Makes us feel humbler, when we’re, in the presence of these, huge, magnificent creatures, doesn’t it??? Translated…

I’d been, intrigued by the Southern Right Whale, with the odd shaped head and the odd shaped lip line, with the lower jaw resembling that of a coffee bean scoop, plus the upper jaw that closed completely, it’d become, one of the species I feel compelled, to see. They had been spotted, in the various locations of the Southern Hemisphere, like Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Argentina too, but, it’s, quite complicated, to want to dive down, to film these magnificent creatures.

查看來源圖片like this???  Photo from online…

In order to chase them, I’d started this journey to Patagonia which had kept my fancies for many years on end, and, by the peninsula of Argentina, I watched the southern ridgeback whales, blowing out water out of their blowholes. But, there came two challenges, for actually, diving down: the visibility of the oceans was low, and there was the issue of the low water temperature too.

To get more insulation of heat, the clothes are usually very fitted, and so, every time before I dove, I’d needed to spend about a dozen minutes, to stuff myself like a sausage, into my diving outfit. Wearing this sort of clothing, you can only imagine how hard it must be, to turn my head around, to raise my arms up, and because it contained a certain level of buoyancy too, I’d needed to add another nine kilograms of extra weight on me, in order to dive down successfully.

And what of afterwards, after the film’s been shot, and I’d returned back onto the boat?

Naturally, I can only, sit, in all my wetness, to wait for my next opportunity to dive in again, or maybe, with my extended lenses, zooming in, on the various behaviors of the various large size mammals that surfaced. Argentina is located on the upper latitudes, after the sun rose up at around six, seven in the morn, it’d not gone down until seven, or eight in the evenings, plus it’s the start of spring, the end of winter, during the daytime, the temperature was only fifteen degrees Celsius, but thankfully, my warm clothes were enough, my snot kept rolling from my nose, waiting for the sun to go down, to film that dying light. The temperatures dropped off sharply, the wetness, the cold hit me from outside, and I’d also, needed to cope with the elasticity of the clothes I had on, keeping that camera raise over my shoulders at all time. And, as we’d finally gone back to land, we’d shaken, shaken, shaken our bodies, with our arms, disconnected, it seemed, from our bodies.

經過種種考驗拍攝到的南方露脊鯨。the picture taken by the writer of this article, photo courtesy of…

And, low visibility was another problem for us. As we can only see about five meters, or even worse, we’re faced with these huge whales of seventeen, eighteen hundred meters in lengths, their bodies would block our views like that huge wall. And naturally, they were, swimming very slowly before us, but, I’d still felt so tense, worried about my safety.

And because of all of that, the babies are easier to film than the adults, the smaller bodies fitted in with our cameras, unlike how we were only able to film partials of the adults’ figures.

The very first time I’d encountered a southern humpback, I’d naturally borrowed my former experiences of filming another species of whale, wanted to locate the female, then, see how she’d reacted to me, the assess how I shall, film. But, these huge whale moms are usually, very slow, as their babies swam too far off in play, they’re still, standing still, unlike how the humpback whales that would follow closely next to their young—and this may have to do with the dangers in the immediate environment.

Anyways, the low temperature, the heavy equipment, heavy gears, low visibility, working long hours on the seas, had turned this trip very hard for me and my crew!

And so, this is how this man, brings environmental awareness to the world, by filming one of the world’s most magnificent mammals, and filming these wildlife is normally difficult, because there are so many things you can’t control out into the waters, and, all you can do, is to allow nature and life to take its course, and you are only, drifting along the currents and the tides in the midst of it.