The Man in D208, the Principal in the Wheelchair Wrote a Book on Overcoming the Obstacles of His Own Life

Using his life, to inspire others, what this man had done, from the Newspapers, translated…

The retired principal, Chang-Chi Wu from Jiang-Tsuei Elementary School, although diagnosed with Parkinson’s, and became immobilized because of a car wreck, he’d still, kept at his post in school, and, he’d filed for early retirement, at the prime of his life, at the age of fifty this year, and, wrote about his experience of working hard, climbing the ladder, into the book “The man in Room D208”, to encourage the students to overcome the trials in their lives too.

Wu said, that he’d worked as an educator for thirty years in the city of Hsinbei, that he’d not wanted to leave. He believed, that education is the business of helping people, as the students were troubled, he could help them find that spark to overcome the difficulties in their separate lives, but, the diagnosis of his Parkinson’s Disease had, severely impacted the quality of his life, plus he’d become, paralyzed after his car accident, he’d not feel right, troubling those around him, he’d, decided to retire.

Wu said, he grew up in a poverty stricken background, didn’t have the resources to take up any extra talents, and so, he’d, put all his energies into his studies. He hoped that all of the students can respect her/his own worth, that was what drove him to write his own biography.

the man, with his published book, photo from online…前江翠國小校長吳昌期因罹患巴金森氏症離開教育界,但他退而不休,除傳承教育初衷與經營學校的經驗,還要持續栽培校長的志業。中央社記者黃旭昇新北市攝 107年5月30日

He was diagnosed with an illness, and so, he’d focused even more on the students from the poverty stricken homes, to fight for the funding for their talent courses, and encouraged the students to take as many talent classes as they possibly can.

During the time he’d worked in the Clouds Elementary School in Shijr, he’d turned the school into the “princess that Cinderella was always meant to become”, the broken structures of the school were replaced, one by one, he’d, made the school into a comfortable place the students go to study in, and, after school and in-between classes, the students loved shooting hoops in the courts, and there were also the full-scale afterschool programs set up, so the parents can pick their young up after their work, and, the parents stopped sending their kids to the city of Taipei for school.

He’d once counseled a special needs student, he thought the student was a bad seed, then, he’d turned, to find the source of the student’s bad behaviors, and set up the plans, to help the student improve in his studies, “He’d taught me a lot of things.” Wu said, that there’s, great demands made on education by the society, and the parents all looked closely to the school teachers for it, hoping, that the instructors don’t back down, to have the passions, to do things to help the students be better, “Don’t give up so easily, you won’t achieve all of your goals”.

his newbook, sharing it with his teaching staff…photo from online…

So, this man had, set a good example for the students, using his own life as a good example, showed them that they’re able to overcome whatever difficulties in their lives, so long as they study hard, and work hard, and just keep on improving oneself.

The Chef Strangled His Own Ex-Wife After She Refused to Take


The Memories, Gone Forever

Forgetfulness that hits us all, as we get older, and it makes us fear: are we going to become, demented too, like our parents? Translated…

My neighbor who’s ten years my junior, Sis, took along her seventy-year-old mother to the hospital, to get her scanned for the symptoms of dementia. The doctor mentioned the names of three items at random to her mother, like apple, pencil, glasses, then, he engaged in conversation with her on whatever, then, as the conversation came to a halt, he’d asked her, “What three items did I have you remember from awhile back?”, my neighbor’s mother stuttered, and, my neighbor, Sis felt odd too, because…she couldn’t even recall the items, how was her mother supposed to?

Forgetfulness became a common illness, with the coming of age, more are, “diagnosed”.

That night, as I’d gone to the roof to pick up my dried clothes, and returned to my bedroom, I couldn’t find my cell phone anymore. Odd, I was just, talking on it, I’d had my husband call me, he’d called, repeatedly, but I couldn’t, hear my own cell phone ringing. I’d become, flustered, where is it? Odd, my stupid mind. It wasn’t until the following day as my husband went up to the roof to pick something up, he’d found my cell phone, all alone, lying there, on the washer, weathered through the cold of the night.

like this???  查看來源圖片image from online…

I’d often heard the stories of my friends and families on being forgetful too, like as they’d thrown the dishrag into the freezers, to keep it “fresh” while they were cooking; or how they were holding the keys on their left hand, and with their right hand, they’d, rummaged through the drawers to find their keys; and, there was the incident where after one of them made a withdrawal from an ATM, after they’d read the printed details, they’d, thrown that wad of cash into the recycle bins. Or, as I’d opened up the refrigerator door, and stumped: what am I doing? What do I want to get? And I couldn’t recall, and so, I’d, slammed the door of the fridge, returned back to the cutting board, banged my head, come on, think! So many incidents, other than smiling on them bitterly, I’d felt, that we’re, all the same, in our own forgetful ways.

I don’t want to forget, I feared dementia, I’d needed a way, to strengthen my memories.

Reading up on that plan in the section of the newspaper, “reading the classical poetry”, the analysis was so beautiful, why not begin training my memories with that! That was, it was a poem by Po Li, I’d recited it, over, over, over, and over again, only about no more three dozens of characters, why did it sound like a tongue twister! Sigh……… these poems when I was young, I’d only needed to read through them, three times tops, and I’d have them, committed to memory, but now, it’d taken me two whole days, and I’m still, remembering the words wrong.

查看來源圖片found it!  Not my illustration…

I’d heard the Chinese medicine doctor said that an acupressure point is helpful, that wasn’t hard, and so, I’d, pressed, pressed, pressed down on the point, three days later, this poem, reciting, and writing it out by rote memory, I’d finally, memorized it. Don’t laugh at me, there’s nothing I can do about that.

Before the New Years, my mother fell ill, became even more severely demented, she’d always mistaken her own sister as my older cousin, this is so worrisome. Thinking on if one day, I’d suddenly forgotten who I am, forgotten everybody around me, troubling myself, and others around me, wouldn’t that be awful? Up to here, I guess, I should, stop writing, go out, exercise, walking, is said to be a cure-all, how can I not walk at least 10,000 steps per day!

And, of ALL the ways you had, to prevent memory loss, none would be useful, because if dementia is meant to come find you in the elderly years, then, there’s, NO escaping it, but we can still, use our brains every day, to hopefully, delay the onset, or even, believing that if we use our mind more, we’ll, ward dementia off our elderly years, but if you’re meant to have a condition, there’s NO way you can, escape it, at least, that, is what I believe!

The Do-Gooders of the World

The social workers are, angels on earth that’s for sure!!! Translated…

Back when I was younger, there was an elderly who lived alone in the neighborhood, he was very eccentric, as the social workers brought him the lunches to have conversations with him, he’d always used sarcasms and mockery. But I’d recalled the social worker always wore that radiant smile, and used her ill-spoken Taiwanese to hold the conversations, and although the elderly laughed at how broken she’d spoken the tongue, he was still willing to, keep conversing with the social worker.

Why did the elderly love and hated talking with the social worker? That kept bothering me, until as we all moved away to school, to work, left home, and my grandmother started talking to herself more and more frequently, I’d understood, that it was, the fear of loneliness. Because she’d feared lonely, and couldn’t hear as well, and so, she’d turned the volume on the T.V. loud, so there would be more noises in the house, that she no longer felt abandoned by the world. At this time, I would recall the social worker from way back when, and understood finally, the good work they were doing, and how they have the gentlest of all hearts.

like this???  Photo from online…查看來源圖片

My younger sister is in the social work majors, and people asked her why she selected the major, she said she’d gone to volunteer many times, and going to the nursing home to accompany the elderly made her felt most fulfilled. “So long as I think about those whom I’d helped are my loved ones, I’d felt my heart ache, and I can’t help, but be nicer to them.” My younger sister was close to my grandparents, and she felt bad for those elderly who lived alone. And I couldn’t help but wondered, that social worker who was bad in Taiwanese, was she also, reminded of her elders back home too?

The importance of the social workers, I can’t put into words, but I’m sure, that a lot of people, had felt the warmth of support from them.

And so, this, I suppose is an ode to social workers, because they go in and out of the most dire of situations, and still managed to keep the hope flowing, they’re like angels, who touched as many lives as they can, bringing that smile to that elderly who lived alone’s face, showing care and concerns for everyone else in the world.

Parallel Conversations People are Having on My Comments Page…

Uh, did I MISS that memo or somethin’???

There are people having, parallel conversation on my comments page on here, and, it’s, odd! Why, are you having those, one-way parallel conversations on my comments page? Is it, that you simply, need to, pour your god DAMN hearts out to anybody who’ll lend you a helping ear? (go lie on that COUCH, and PAY your SHRINKS, people!!!).

查看來源圖片like the Chinese idiom???  Illustration from online…

Parallel conversations that people are having on my comments page, this always, amaze and amuse me. I mean, how O-D-D is that? And, are any of y’all having these sorts of encounters too?

Parallel conversations that people are having on my comments page, it’s, like you’re, fishing, just, casting that line into the river, without even LOOKING at where you’re, THROWIN’ it in, and, you really could care LESS, if that hook HITS that rock that’s, inside that river or not, like, there’s, this need, for you, to get whatever the HECK it is you wanna say out, like if you hold it in too long, it’ll, show up on your bodies as bruises or something!!!

查看來源圖片or this, maybe???  Image from online still…

Is that what that is, when people have parallel conversations on my comments page? Or, is it something else entirely, totally, different than what I’d, just described here?

My Eldest Sister

Growing up in an era of hardship, and this, was the result from the sacrifices that their eldest sister had, made, translated…

“Your eldest aunt came to Pingdong, and yesterday, mommy took her to Tainan to offer the incenses to grandpa and grandma, I saw her, patting their urn, said she’d wanted your grandma and grandpa to feel the temperature from her hands, she’s, really, a wonderful daughter.” I’d left this brief message on my family’s group page, and it’d, moved all the kids.

Awhile ago, my eldest sister who was eight years my senior came south, I’d become, the host, drove her around, to Wanluan to have the pork’s feet, and bought the layered pastries that was so famous from there, along with, other delicacies of the locale, seeing her with her satisfied smile, I’d felt, very well. “The eldest sister was like a mother”, that fitted my eldest sister’s life completely.

illustration from the papers…圖/黃鼻子

After mom married dad, who was the eldest son of his family, she’d had seven daughters consecutively, and, in the era of sexism in the 1950s, my mother felt the pressures from the relatives. Since I could recall, my mother always had bad temper, and, all of us, sisters, just, stayed far out of her way. As my eldest sister started her middle school, commuting to Hsinying from Yenshui, my mother always asked her to make a trip to the shops, to not press the family to pay up what we’d owed the separate shops, and so, my eldest sister made the wish, to help out with the household finances when she was very young.

Right after middle school, she’d not continued her education, left home, and started working, had her share of hardships, only hoping, to help the family pay up the debts that we owed. And, for a long time, all of us, family who are only able to rent the residences, in her hard work, we’d not only paid up all the debts, we’d, accumulated some savings, and bought an apartment up north.

查看來源圖片five sisters, photo from online…

What impressed me the most, was how I’d gotten into the teacher’s college and Tainan All-Girls’ High School, and, probably because I’d read too many romance novels, I’d dreamed about attending the regular high schools, to head off to college, to live a colorful life, and, bugged my parents, to give me my dreams. But, back then, we’d just, made the down payment for our home, with the installments that awaits all of us, although my eldest sister had, promised, she’ll, take care of my tuition, in the end, considering the economics, I’d still, gone to the teacher’s college, that had the scholarship programs. And back then, there were two students from my classes who’d done really well, who’d gotten into the Tainan All-Girl’s High School as secondaries, but didn’t go, because of their family backgrounds, and started working at the factories up north. Thinking about it, how many girls were, slaughtered, during that era in time.

And, of us sisters, my eldest sister was the most petit, when my mother was still alive, she’d told, that because since my eldest sister was in the elementary years, she’d helped carried us all, younger sisters, that’s what, kept her, from growing taller; plus as she was developing, we were, poor, and my parents couldn’t give her the food that helped her grow taller, and it’d, hurt, thinking about that. I’m more than grateful, that we were, lucky enough, to have our eldest sister, who was like, a second mother to us, as siblings.

And so, during that era, everything was hard, and, the eldest children in each families were often, forced to give up their dreams, to help out the families, and this, was exactly what the eldest sister of this family had done, and, her siblings appreciated her for it, now that they’re, older, and understood more about life in general.

Where Her Persistence Came from

It wasn’t until, many, many, MANY years later, did she finally understand, WHY her mother had, insisted on, bringing her her lunch at school every day of her childhood days, translated…

During my schooling years, the school did not provide the nutritious lunches, either that the students buy their lunches out, or that they’d brought their lunches from home, I was, the latter. And, it wasn’t, necessarily accurate, saying that I brought my lunch from home, because my mother would deliver the lunches to me at school in person, and, the foods were still, hot, and, I’d never tasted those lunches that were, reheated from the heating boxes in school.

instead of letting her child have meals like this alraedy made, not my photo…

And still, it’s a bit, asking too much, having mom bring me my lunch every day. Back then, we had a small grocery shop, every morning when we wake, we’d, waited for the customers to come, we’d not have any time that’s our own, don’t know when the shoppers are coming in, or how many of them will visit the shop, or how much time my mother would have, to cook me my lunch. I could never understand, why she just, didn’t make the lunches the night before, or early in the morning on the day, and just, let me take it to school with me? What I’d not told, was how bad it’d felt, having, to wait for my lunches being delivered by her at noon, and, as the rest of the students all went back into class, to have their lunches, I’m still, waiting on her, and, it’d made me, panicky.

Until one day, I’d grown up, and my mother said to me, “dad said, that the steamed lunches didn’t taste good”, that, was when it’d, dawned on me, why she’d, insisted, on bringing me my lunches every day to school when I was younger.

this was, what her mother had done…查看來源圖片and then, taken it to school to her daughter…not my illustration

And so, it wasn’t, until many years later, did this person finally, realize, why it was, that her mother had, brought her the lunches from home, it was because of how much love the mother has for her daughter, because her husband said, that the lunches that were, reheated didn’t taste that good, and that, was why this woman had, stubbornly, kept delivering the meals for her own young to school.

Slow & Steady Wins the Races

What this man learned, from his own old habits, and adjusted himself according to the right paces, regained his healthy, became, even healthier than he was before! Translated…

The Experience from That Time Made Me Realized, that I’m a Middle-Aged Person, without the Assets to Spend Carelessly, in Order to Regain My Healthy Status, I’d Started, Running………

Pulling Myself BACK, Toward the Right Tracks

During the summer when I was thirty-two, due to long-term fatigued, I’d, fallen very ill. I’d rarely seen any doctors, and was, taken to this Chinese medicine doctor who’s very good at treating the patients, and I’d also, bought, a ton of expensive Chinese medications. It was a shocking experience, that I’d become, a middle-aged man, without the assets to spend carelessly now, in order to regain my health, I’d started, jogging.

Recalling that very first time I’d gone to the track fields to run, as I was about to finish my first lap around, I’d become, too out of breath that I’d felt, dizzy, and I’d, managed, to bite down very hard, and finished five laps total, as I’d gone home to shower, I’d felt, that strong sense of fatigue, like I’d, just played basketball on the courts for hours. Holy! Am I, that unfit? Thankfully, my will in research had, helped me find a way quick, a lot of the elders who ran told me, “the best speed to which you run, is one that you can chat with others, and not feel, out of breath.”

illustration from the papers…圖/大裘米like a metronome, you just, kept on, ticking, ticking, ticking, and ticking away…

At first, it wasn’t, easy, for me to understand how, I’d thought, when I’m running, I’m not compelled, to chat with anybody, but I’d still, tried, to slow my own pace down, to the point that I was, about, to doze off (yes, that was, also the runners I’d met had advised me to do too!)…………so, I ran, and ran, and ran, and, suddenly, I’d, understood, what they were, talking about, because your body will let you know, what speed is most comfortable for it. Whether it be in life or at work, finding that right pace, then, you will be able to, work, in the most efficient manner.

At age 36, we had a new addition to the family, a one-and-a-half year-old baby boy, it’d, altered my life very much. What stressed me out was when our son was sent to the nanny’s, and I’d, needed to, return back to work at my desk, I’d always felt sleepy, and couldn’t focus, just wanted to watch some junk footages, or, text the useless information to my friends. I’d thought it was, just a transitional thing, but, for a long time, my productivity had, dropped, it’s time, to think of ways, to get my pace back again.

First, the “pace to writing”, I’m used to jotting down the tips and the clues that came, then, while that’s all fresh in my mind, I’d, done my first draft. But, as I’d, turned into a father, I’d often left the clues, but, after awhile, those things I’d written down became, meaningless to me. And, even as I’d, sat myself down, to think hard on what I was going to write about, I’d gotten, disrupted in my pace, and I’d, sat, dumbfounded, staring, at my computer screen, then, I’d turned on, those, junk movies, to pass the time.

So, I’d, decided, to change my own manners, whenever there’s a thought, no matter what I was working on at the moment, I’d, forced myself, to write it all out, like I would in journaling. I’d just, written things down, and didn’t care if what I wrote down was, precise and clear, at least, that way, I was, able to, record down how I was feeling at that very moment, and, as I’d, returned later, to reread it, I can have the choices, and the basis. Of course, if I can, I’d needed to utilize the time I’d sent my son to his nanny, when he was, away, to keep a steady schedule, to sleep early wake up early, and drink less, so I can, up my productivity.

What’s My Body Telling Me?

Then, it’s, the “Paces I talked at”, in recent years, I’d gotten invited to give lectures, and, although I’d gotten the acclaims after I’d made my speeches, but, each and every time I’d made a speech, I’d felt, so fatigued, and I’m thinking, that it has to do, with how fast I’d, talked. There are always some weird and wacky thoughts in my head, and, I’d, blurted out a lot of things I’d said without thinking twice on them, and, I’d often, strayed from the subjects, causing me to run over time in the seminars, and, I’d talked, faster, faster, and faster, felt very hurried, and I still couldn’t, fully give the lectures as I’d, prepared for them.

I was very curious, as to why most of the politicians talked so slowly, later on, I’d learned, that they were using, a technique of public speaking. They would, annunciate, word, for word, and looked into the audience, and adjusted their paces of speaking, and would pause at times, so the audience can look at their facial expressions. I’d decided, to slow down the pace of which I’d talked, to 80 percent of my original speed, I will, try to remind myself, to speak slower, to not hurry. It didn’t matter how much I’d, covered, but to correctly connect to what my audience was feeling, that’s more important, to lead them, into the stories I’m telling.

Finally, there’s, the pace I ate at, I’d often gotten reminded by my wife, to “chew your foods thoroughly”, but I was, so used to, just swallowing the foods too quickly, so I can, get to what needed to be done. With the coming of age, my protruding belly had, made me adjust my own way of consuming food, and I’d, started showing concerns for subjects on health. For instance, reduce the intake of starch, or, to drink a glass of fruit-based vinegar, to reduce the absorption of glucose.

The most clear change was when I’d gone to a hotpot with an older schoolmate who has gout, I’d found that he’d followed the “veggies before the meats” rule, he’d cooked all the veggies first, then, the meats, then, he didn’t, drink the soup after he’d, cooked the meats—did you notice, the fats that surfaced, from after you’d, broiled the meats? That was, the fat from the meats you’d, just cooked, not only was it an eyesore, even if, you’d, fished it out, the fats that were in the meats were, all cooked, into the soups, with the calorie count hiking up sky high. This won’t do! We must have hotpots in the winters! So, afterwards, my wife and I, followed my older schoolmate’s lead, then, we saw, how the meats in the hotpot shops aren’t that, fresh at all, and, we’d stopped, enjoying meat as much (so, this, is the real point behind all of that!).

Every time my health starts showing signs of decline, I’d taken a look at the paces to which I’d worked, and lived, to try to find the problem, then fix it. But, the conclusion almost always lands “You need to exercise more!”, like this low had, made me start running again, what’s magical is, I’d, run leisurely like I’d always done, but, I’d become, faster, and faster, it’d taken me six and a half minutes to run ten kilometers from before, and, I’d reduced the time down to five minute and a half, so, what, is my body telling me now, huh?

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, perhaps, I should, put myself up, for a complete marathon then! Run slower, you’ll, go fasters!

So, this is from this man’s own experiences, because his health started flashing red, that was what made him become, more aware of the signals that his body was, sending to him, and, he’d, adjusted his diet, changed his ways of exercising, and, regained his health, and, he might even be, healthier than he had ever been, because he’d listened to the signals his body was, sending him, and made adjustments to his lifestyle.